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"What?" Jane asked a shocked frost. They were sitting at their desks on an extremely slow day, checking e-mails and processing paperwork, when she noticed his eyes widening at his screen and his head crooking to the side.

"Nothing. Just an e-mail." Her partner answered, his cheeks actually blushing. Frost never blushes.

"Crow sending you porn again?" The brunette asked laughing.

"Yeah, something like that" He'll take that explanation if she'll buy it.

Unfortunately for him, Korsak, unaware of the exchange just walked behind his desk, looking at his computer screen "Wow" He exclaimed and looked straight at Jane.

"OK, what is it?" Jane stood up and started walking towards her partner's desk.

"N..Nothing" He hurriedly switched the screen "Just some girl on girl action, you wouldn't wanna see it anyway" He explained immediately praying she would leave it at that.

But he had no such luck. "Oh no you don't! Show it to me!"

"Trust me, you don't wanna see it." Frost was going with honestly, it must be really bad...

But the look on his partner's face assured him she was going to find out what he was hiding one way or another.

"Fine. Ok. But I had nothing to do with it! And I didn't wanna show it to you." The look on his face was pleading with her.

"Just show it to me Frost." Jane was losing her patience.

The look on the brunette's face when her younger partner switched windows on his screen was quite similar to the one Frost wore just a few minutes ago. The screen was covered by a drawing of two women, strikingly similar to Maura and herself. The woman she rightfully assumed was supposed to be her, was sitting on a desk wearing a grey suit and blue buttoned shirt, and in her lap, knees on either side of her body was a gorgeous, dominating, honey blond, clad in a tight black dress, obviously about to kiss her. Jane's hands, or rather - the drawing of Jane's hands were placed on the lower back and ass of her best friend.

Much like on the screen, Jane's cheeks grew a darker shade of red than she knew possible. She was shocked, and angry, and, well a little turned on, but mostly embarrassed "Who sent you this?" The question sounded more like a demand than an actual question.

"I don't know" Frost answered immediately, he knew better than to stall.

"What do you mean you don't know? It was e-mailed, wasn't it?" Jane was getting irritated.

"Yeah, but it's a bogus address." He really wanted to have a better answer for her.

"haa. I got it too" Korsak breathed from his desk, causing both detectives to glare at him. "And apparently so did everyone else. Wait. No. You're not on the list Jane, and neither is Maura" He only know raised his head to see the 'really' expression plastered over his former partner's face.

"Frost, find out who sent this! And forward it to both Maura and me. She needs to know if everyone else is getting a copy of this." She said walking to the hall.

"Where are you going?" Frost called out after her.

"Where do you think?" She didn't even turn around to say this.

The only person that was allowed to barge into the M.E.'s office uninvited was Jane. Everyone in the morgue knew this, so she hardly ever got any scolding or surprised looks when she did this. But this time they all lifted their heads, hiding smirks when she walked into the morgue. They all got the e-mail. Shit. "Yeah, yeah, you can all get back to work now." She said walking into Maura's office and closing the door behind her.

"Hello Jane" Maura said without lifting her head from the autopsy form in front of her.

"Did you check your mail?" The detective asked flopping down on the chair opposite Maura's.

"Care to attach a specific time frame to that question?" The M.E. teased still not giving Jane her full attention.

"Check your e-mail Maura." She leaned back and waited. Maura gave her a confused look and turned to her computer when she saw how serious her friend really was.

"The one from Frost" Jane helped when she saw Maura was taking a little too long.

"Oh?" She said reading his e-mail. She then opened the attachment. "Oh. Oh my."


"Oh my." Maura repeated.

"Yep. apparently everyone has a copy." The detective smirked.

"That's a very nice color on you." The honey blond said admiringly.

"Really? real... Maura, someone drew us making out and sent it to the entire department. And you're talking about my cloth?"

"Yes I can see that." The M.E. laughed "This is a really nice dress."

"And you're laughing?" Jane was dumbfounded.

"Well, we do look quite good. It's nice to know this is how people perceive me. I always thought I might come off a tad prudish..." She was actually quite proud.

"Oh my God. OK. I'm gonna go find out who did this, while you stare proudly at an image of us making out." The brunette didn't know if she found her friend's response annoying, funny or just plain weird. But she stood up and started walking towards the door.

"Oh relax Jane. Give it a day and it'll blow over. It's not like it's the first time someone thinks we're together, it's just the most graphic time." Maura looked at Jane for the first time since the image appeared on her screen.

"Goodbye Maura" Jane said and left the office.