Amy had gone through a lot in the TARDIS. She'd been to the distant future, the long-ago past, and complete other planets. But, in all her adventures with the Doctor, she'd never experienced the TARDIS acting in the way it had been acting now. Sirens whirring, engines buzzing, bells blaring, lights flashing... She knew something was wrong.

"Doctor!" she cried, clinging onto the railing to keep from falling over, "What's going on!"

"No idea!" replied the Doctor over the sounds of the malfunctioning TARDIS, "It's like... It's like the TARDIS is going somewhere... But she doesn't know!"

"The TARDIS doesn't know her own destination?" asked River. "Are you sure you didn't just forget to recalibrate the-" River's words were cut off as the TARDIS rocked with another wheeze of the engines.

"Oh boy..." Rory dropped to the floor as the time machine rocked again and continued to fly through the vortex.

The Doctor looked at the monitor, and announced, "I think we..."

"Yes, Doctor?" prompted Amy.

"I think," he replied, "We're leaving the universe!"

"Like before?" asked Rory, screaming to be heard.

"No," the Doctor replied.

"What's different this time?" asked Amy, anxiously.

The Doctor sputtered slightly on his reply. "The first time... It was intentional!"

The TARDIS continued to shake and rock and make horrible groaning noises. After a time, the control room was shaken by a tremor so large, the Doctor feared it damaged the TARDIS inside and out. But, when the quaking was done, the lights flickered out and everything was still.

"Is that it, Doctor?" Rory asked tentatively standing up. "Is it over?"

"Where are we?" asked Amy.

The Doctor didn't answer right away, but ran to the door and flung it open. He held finger up to test the air, and took a couple long inhales. Then he sighed and nodded.

Turning back to Amy and Rory, illuminated by the emergency lights on the TARDIS floor, he said to them, "Well, we've landed. We've landed in a parallel universe."

Amy, Rory, and River crowded behind him to peer through the door at this new universe. They were all disappointed when, instead of an interesting alien terrain, they found themselves gazing upon a hillside of gray and green, leading down to a little town.

"Parallel Earth!" announced the Doctor. However, his companions were a tad bit less impressed.

"Well," said Amy, "That's all fine, but I'd rather go somewhere more... exotic."

The Doctor huffed, and replied, "We're in a whole different universe! What gets more exotic than that?" Exiting the TARDIS, he added, "Plus, the TARDIS can't use the energy in this universe to fly, so, we're sort of stuck here."

Following him, along with Amy and Rory, River asked, concernedly, "Stuck here?"

"It means we can't leave."

"I know what it means," River retorted, adding to Rory on the side, "I hate him when he does that!"

"No you don't," said the Doctor. "Besides, I usually figure things out in the end, don't I? But, while we're here, we might as well poke around a bit, eh?"

So, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River set out along the trail leading down from the hill, trying to avoid asking too many questions. The Doctor seemed to be having a perfectly good time, trusting he'd find a way to get the TARDIS working in this universe. He'd done it before, he can do it again! However, he was also pulled to the village because of another reason, a reason he couldn't place his finger on.

"Call it a hunch," said the Doctor at some point along the short walk down, "But I think there's someone in this town that we need to see."