"Moving day, everyone!" Rose called out, as she rounded the corner at the bottom of the staircase into the kitchen, where the others were busily eating breakfast, chatting excitedly at the move back to London.

"Joey said," called Russell from the table, "that when we get back, we can go over to play. He's got a new Hoverboard!"

"Dad won't let us get one," Steven added, to explain to the guests. "Says they're too dangerous."

Rose laughed, and told them that she agreed with John that it was too dangerous. But the boys were dead-set to go play with Joey's, so they let the topic rest for a minute. It'd been a week since the photo shoot, and the summer was winding down. Already, Summer Top was draining from the bustling summer town back to the tiny village it was during colder months, as the families were leaving back to city life, and the starting school year.

Amy and Rory were thrilled to be going to London, having grown up in the miniscule Leadworth. Even though it wasn't exactly their version of London, it was exciting to see the city. And, in a way, the fact that it was parallel-world London made it so much more adventurous. River and the Doctor were used to fantastic things like that, but still found a flutter in their stomachs to be seeing parallel London.

"Ethan's been gone for days," Julie complained during breakfast. "I'll be seeing him back in town, too!" She grinned at how it made her parents squirm to see her talking about having a boyfriend. When it was just puppy love, they thought it adorable, but, after the photo shoot, it all began. The confidence, the boyfriend, the shopping sprees that yielded much different results than before. They were delighted to see their daughter grow so rapidly in just a couple days, but it was sprung on them all at once. She'd been talking nonstop about the press conference, too. She was actually, as hard as it was to believe, excited.

"But first," John reminded the family, "Packing."

The boxes were stuffed quickly, suitcases loaded into the van. With nine people working instead of five, everything was loaded except for one thing. They'd rented a large van, which provided enough seats for most of them, and plentiful trunk space for all the packing needs.

"Doctor," asked Rory, when everyone was checking through the house for something they might have forgotten to pack, "How will we get the TARDIS back to London? It can't fly using this universe's energy, remember?"

Just as the words passed his mouth, a honk was heard from outside on the road. They filed out to see John Smith pulling up in a truck, with the TARDIS strapped down into it. He'd drive it over, along with the Doctor, it was decided, while Amy, Rory, and River would drive with Rose and the kids. The trip wasn't too long, but just long enough so that, by the time they all got home, all three children were in sour moods, and the adults were just glad to be able to stand again.

Tyler Manor was huge and elaborate, with so many halls and doors that it reminded the Doctor of the TARDIS, but to a much tinier scale. They had hired people to unload the truck, so the kids all went their separate ways, awaiting the delivery of their possessions back to their rooms. All except for the TARDIS, which was brought directly to the Torchwood Centre, and locked in a padlocked room, to await John's and the Doctor's return the following Monday.

Finally able to relax, Amy found her way to the den, which contained a couch that looked entirely too comfortable, and a television that looked entirely too high-quality. She plopped herself down in front of it, and turned on the television. Hearing the chatter of a television show, John and Rory joined her from other rooms. The Doctor, who was in the gigantic kitchen, could see Amy and half of Rory's head through the doorways.

"Ponds!" He called, balancing a plate of crisps with an armful of bananas, "What're you doing just sitting about!?"

"Watching the news," Rory called back.

"The President's about to give a speech," Amy added, proud to already be familiar with the idea that Great Britain was governed by a democratically elected Chief Executive.

John, however, sat straight up in his seat, noticing that the Doctor was coming to watch it with them. He sputtered his words as his former self walked into the room. "Now, Doctor. Prepare yourself for – There's something you need to know about the—Well, that is, the President, here… It's, well, it's sort of… And this might be a shock— Oh my…"

John didn't need to finish his thought. The moment the Doctor sat down, the President of Great Britain appeared on screen. His smile flashed genuinely at the audience, the crowd clapped for their elected leader, he was clearly loved. And underneath his podium, read the title on the screen:

President Harold Saxon.