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"Remember what I told you, Goten?" the oldest of the two brothers queried as he glanced over the small piece of paper in his hands. Sharpener's house had to be around here somewhere, the question was where. The address Gohan was looking for was located in the outskirts of SatanCity in a neighbourhood where all the houses seemed identical to each other. After over half an hour of searching through the streets of the overgrown town, his little brother had decided that he didn't want to walk any further, leaving Gohan with no other option than taking the kid on his shoulders and carrying him around.

"Yes, big brother," Goten replied as if he had heard that question over a million times before. "I can't use my powers." The child placed his lower arms in his elder sibling's spiky black hair, resting his head on top.

"...And?" Gohan prompted as he reached upward and poked the small Saiyan child in his ribs, causing him to giggle slightly. "What else did I tell you?"

Goten sighed deeply. Of course he knew what his big brother had told him about a thousand times this week alone. What the toddler failed to understand was why Gohan cared so much for the playdate they were going to. He was just going there to make some friends, not to try and save the world again.

"Do not make fun of Penn for talking funny," the rehearsed answer came with a bored roll of his eyes.

"Very good," Gohan complemented with an upward glance. "Now where to go..." Reading over the address yet again, the two brothers took a left. That was when a street sign came into sight. Feeling overjoyed that the name of the street matched the one that was written down on the piece of paper, Gohan quickly searched for the correct home number and made his way over to the front door. Knocking twice, the piece of wood quickly swung open.

"Gohan!" the broad-chested blonde on the other side of the doorframe greeted. "And Goten too!" Sharpener stuck out one of his big and strong hands and ruffled the boy's locks. He then gestured towards the narrow and empty hallway.

"Why don't you guys come inside?" the teenager spoke in a friendly way as he stepped back so that the two brothers could get past. Sharpener then quickly led the duo to the small yet cozy living room. Penn was sitting on the floor, a toy train in his hands. When the child looked up, his eyes met his new potential friend's onyx orbs. He dropped the piece of plastic immediately and ran over to his playmate for the afternoon.

"Goten!" Penn cheered happily as he trotted over as quick as his small legs could take him. The other young child managed to climb off of his big brother's shoulder with the speed of light and met his new friend halfway, nearly bumping into the blonde boy.

"What do you want to play?" Goten asked as soon as the initial excitement of a promising afternoon had passed. Penn's face lit up even more when he heard that he was the one that could make the decisions today. Dragging the black-haired child along to his previous spot on the ground, the blonde boy grabbed his box full of toys and pulled out another plastic train.

"We can play twains!" the kid yelped enthusiastically. His little friend took the toy handed to him and dropped to the floor next to Penn. Seconds later the two toddlers were paying happily, mimicking the sounds of steaming engines and roaring vehicles. Both Gohan and Sharpener looked at the scene with big smiles on their faces. When their looks met, Sharpener nudged his head in the direction of what the older demi-Saiyan assumed to be the kitchen. Gohan swiftly followed the blonde into the other room and had to be quick to catch the bottle of soda flying in his direction.

The older one of the two teenagers sat down at the kitchen table and gestured to one of the empty seats by his side. Gohan pulled the chair back and sat down as well, taking a sip of his soda in the process. They passed several seconds in silence, neither one of them really knowing how to start a proper conversation. Eventually it was Sharpener who was the first to speak up.

"So," the blonde spoke as he pushed his soda bottle to the side. "I know it's kind of straightforward, but do you mind if I ask you a question?"

Gohan arched a brow in curiosity. The boy next to him had no idea that he was actually a flying and inhumanly powerful half-alien, so exactly what question would be a blunt one to ask?

"Sure, go right ahead," the black-haired boy answered. "But I don't think that there's any question too bold for you to ask."

Gohan was sure he saw a tinge of hesitation in Sharpener's eyes as he spoke.

"You're like fifteen years old, right?" he asked, his question being answered by Gohan with a small nod. "Then I was wondering: If you are still so young why in the name of Kami do you already have a kid?"

Gohan nearly choked on his drink as he processed the question in his mind. Quickly removing all residual beverage from his chin he burst into a fit of laughter, causing Sharpener to look at him in confusion.

"I- haha I- haha," the Saiyan teen laughed as he tried to get a hold of himself. "I think you misunderstood," he eventually managed to say. "Goten isn't my son."

The other young man was really confused now. Seeing the conflicted look on his face made it hard for Gohan not to start laughing again, but he managed to keep a straight face eventually.
"You see," Gohan started explaining in an attempt to help Sharpener get rid of his probably growing headache, "Goten is my little brother. Around the time that my mother became pregnant with him our father passed away. The poor kid never got to meet his real dad."

The hybrid Saiyan casted his look downward for a few seconds, feeling a small wave of sadness wash over him at the thought of his father. Not wanting to get depressed, he decided to finish the rest of his story with the image of a happy and cheering Goten in his mind.

"I used to help my mother around the house as much as I could and I helped in the raising of the little tyke on a day to day basis. At first it seemed that we would be able to live a happy family life after all, even with the death of my father. But about a year after my dad died, my mother started feeling ill. What we first thought to be a regular cold turned out to be one of the worst cases of leukemia the doctor had ever seen."

A brief silence enveloped the room as Gohan had to recollect his thoughts for a few moments.

"It didn't take long for my mother to pass away, leaving me to raise Goten on my own. A lot of friends and family offered their help and even told us that we could live with them if we wanted to, but I felt like I had to take care of my little brother myself. Ever since, the two of us have really become inseparable. Goten barely has any memory left of our mom and none of our dad, so as far as he's concerned I'm both his mother and his father, even though he calls me 'big brother'."

The teen chuckled slightly. "And sometimes, mostly when the boy isn't feeling well or when he's worried over me he tends to call me 'daddy'. It's kind of cute, yet heartbreaking at the same time."

A smile crossed Sharpener's face as Gohan completed his tale. He crossed his arms in front of his buffed chest after brushing a lock of his blonde hair out of his face.

"How endearing," he smirked. "The tragic tale of a teenage boy and his little brother, just the two of them having to face the world. I can already imagine all the angsty teenagers with fingers simply tingling to write a bad fanfiction about it."

The two shared a laugh and suddenly all the tension that had previously been in the room was now gone.

"And what about your story?" Gohan queried as soon as the fit of laughter had died down a bit. "What turn of events led you to become a daddy at the mere age of, what, seventeen?"

"Eighteen," Sharpener corrected him. "And we just had one tear-jerker of a story and I don't really feel like saddling you up with another one..."

Gohan rolled his eyes in response. "Come on, I opened up too, now it's your turn."
The blonde sighed and decided to just give in.

"Fine," he replied. "But to warn you beforehand, I don't have any tissues lying around, so if you have to cry use your sleeves."

Gohan simply smirked as Sharpener shifted his weight in his chair a bit.

"When I was your age I met a girl - I won't give any names- and I instantly fell in love with her," he began explaining. "Apparently the feeling was mutual and pretty soon after that the two of us were in a steady and healthy relationship. And well, teens nowadays... they... well... let's just say that we were quickly ready to take our relationship to a higher level."

The teen's face flushed red slightly, somewhat embarrassed to admit that he had actually been with a girl in that way.

"Unfortunately for us she got pregnant. Her parents were what I consider to be religious retards so of course the option of having the baby removed was out of the question. For some weird reason they also didn't want for us to put Penn up for adoption after he was born, but why I'll never know."

The teenager took a sip from his soda to relieve himself from his suddenly dry throat.

"And after Penn was born, everything started going wrong. To say that everything went to shits would be putting it lightly. The very first weekend I had my son over at my house, those two God-loving lunatics took their daughter with them and left without even saying goodbye. After that, Penn and I had to move in with my father to get ourselves a roof over our heads."

A frown appeared on Sharpener's face before he continued.

"My father was an asshole, simply put. Ever since I was a little kid it was hard for him to keep his hands to himself. Apparently that tingling sensation he always got in his fingers just forced him to hit me on a daily basis. And since I had grown quite a lot over the years, he couldn't beat me anymore when I moved in with him with Penn. So he decided that the best way to keep me in line was threatening to put me out of the house if I even did a single thing wrong. When I decided that it was enough and stepped up to him, he pulled a kitchen knife on me and threatened to murder me if I tried to get past him."

Gohan's eyes widened a little. He had no idea that this seemingly cheerful teenager had been exposed to such emotional scarification.

"And then what?" the demi-Saiyan asked, clinging to the other boy's every word.

"The only thing I could do," Sharpener told truthfully. "I kicked him between the legs and slammed his skull into the kitchen counter. It knocked him out and while he was passed out, I packed my bags and took Penn with me. I never heard from my father again since we moved two towns over."

With that said their private conversation had ended, Goten and Penn rushing into the room as soon as Sharpener had spoken his final words. The two children wanted to play with their guardians and Gohan and Sharpener both knew damn well that if they didn't agree the two tykes would throw one hell of a fit. What followed after that was an afternoon of playing Army Men, more playing with trains and two absolutely grueling hours of watching both Dora the Explorer and Go! Diego, Go!

At the end of the afternoon, it was time for the two brothers to leave, causing Penn to pout in sadness. The promise of Goten coming over next weekend, however, made the boy smile again right before locking the small demi-Saiyan in a deadly goodbye embrace.

Just as Gohan took Goten by his hand and was ready to leave, the front door opened up. A beautiful pair of long and gracious legs stepped inside, causing the teenage demi-Saiyan to become short of breath. As his eyes traveled up higher they met a pair of round and stunning hips, only covered by a tight pair of black biking shorts. Where the shorts ended, an oversized white t-shirt started and Gohan was quickly met with even more amazing feminine curves. As he glanced up even more, his eyes met the most beautiful pair of cerulean orbs that he had ever seen in his lifetime. This mysterious woman was absolutely stunning in every way; the way she walked, smiled, they way her raven hair gently laid on her shoulders, everything.

As the beauty happily greeted Sharpener, all Gohan could utter was a single exclamation: "Wow..."