Agent: fourteen-o-seven

Those are the two pieces of information that I need to get back to my old life. A life which I was used to.

I was an agent, like every other person at CHERUB. I joined when I was six, when my parents were murdered and they picked me up from a foster home. My sister was four years older, and as soon as she stepped onto CHERUB campus she was sent into Basic Training. I didn't hear from her in 88 days, until she turned up in my room which I shared with my best friend Kerry. She had left Basic Training and said she was leaving CHERUB; I didn't want to leave and stayed while my sister left and moved in with our Auntie. I tried to keep in touch but she never replied to my letters or emails. I had lost what part of my family I had.

When I was ten I entered Basic Training, just like my sister had. Kerry and I were a team, until Bruce dislodged her knee. I still haven't quite forgiven him. I ended up having to pair up with Bruce Norris, I believe he purposely damaged Kerry's knee to be with me. He was okay, we looked out for each other and we did until my life at CHERUB ended.

As soon as I was out of Basic Training and back in the warmth of the English temperatures, which were a deal better than the Norwegian ones. I was sent off on my first mission. I had to infiltrate a mega drug dealer's family. It was going fine until they picked up on what was happening and beat up my mission controller and drugged me. I woke up in a Warehouse, I couldn't make sense of my surroundings due to the drugs they had put in me. They kept the dosage up until I was able to get my brain in order. I spent a week locked up in some warehouse in the middle of the Irish countryside. I managed to make friends with one of the guards, his name was Mike. He helped me get out of the warehouse and hid me in a store cupboard so that the drug could wear off. I managed to sneak in and take down all ten men. I killed one. A bullet through his head. I never found out what happened to Mike, he was never found. I used to have nightmares about the murder. I still do but they aren't as bad anymore. I rang CHERUB and they picked me up and placed me in a hospital until I was fully un-drugged, and to make sure there were no long term effects. After that I became the youngest ever in the history of CHERUB to have a black shirt. I found it kind of embarrassing.
You are probably wondering, how the hell did I end up away from that perfect life? About two months later I went on a mission to Moscow Russia, where we had to infiltrate one of the many arms dealers in the country. Amy and I had a USB of the evidence which we had got from breaking into the bad guys house. Amy managed to abseil off the balcony to join her with our mission controller Ewart. I never made it to the car. I got captured.
Tortured for information, I almost broke, almost told them about CHERUB.

My name is Dakota Costello, I am fifteen and this is my story.


Hope you enjoyed my redo of The Missing Agent. Well its sort of technically the same story, though I tweaked it a little :)

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