Meeting Him

Toshima, a city of violence and greed, streets stained red. When gazing up at night, you weren't even allowed the comfort of the stars; they dare not show themselves to such a place.

Shiki hated this place, hated it because once you lived in it, you would no longer be able to go to any other place in the world, after living in this almost literal hell on earth. As his katana sliced through some more lowly people- no, they shouldn't even be considered people, just trash- he remembered a time before so much hatred entered his heart. He was your average person, not that anyone would be able to tell now, with a strangers' blood splattered over his front.

Everyone was the same here, all playing this macabre game of life or death. Where even if you win, you gain nothing- he would know, he was currently holding the title. Though he was at the top, he held no sense of satisfaction. Every person that he was about to kill did the same thing, falling before him, begging for their life. As amusing as this was, it was getting old. It seemed that all people were the same. No one tried to fight him anymore, just accepting their fate as soon as he approached them. In the moments before he took their life, they would do anything he told them to do. Having that power over people is what kept his worst fear at bay.

Of course nothing works out the way it's wanted to though, and one night completely changed the world Shiki lived in.

It all started one evening when he was cleaning up 'trash' along the roadside. As he neared his next group of potential victims, he watched one young man, with shockingly silver hair take on around five assailants. He was obviously new here, but he was fighting above their level. When I got close enough for them to notice me, all they did was stand in fear- except the silverette. He merely seemed confused as to why the fighting had ceased. As I sliced my way through his attackers, I watched the shock and fear spread across his face.

Then he managed to surprise me. You could still see the fear in those eyes, but it was mostly hidden by the undeniable arrogance as he waited for me to kill him, my katana pressed against his neck. This was so surprising, I had finally found someone not screaming, not running, but facing me and looking right into my own blood-red eyes.

As thrilled as I was to have a kink thrown into my boredom-inducing life, which showed on my face as I couldn't keep the smirk off my face, I was terrified. To have someone not be afraid of me, meant that he may be able to face me and defeat me, and I couldn't lose again. Last time, I lost my whole world while Toshima turned unrecognizable, nothing like it would happen again if I could prevent it.

In the end, the thrill won out over the fear, and I let someone live. This man intrigued me. Maybe another time when he has become accustomed to the game, I'll play with him and see if I can break him.

Suddenly, Shiki didn't find this place quite as bad as it seemed before.

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