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This took place after their son, Shun, was born while Yuzu and Karin are assisting Senna for their help.

That night at home, Senna was cooking dinner with Yuzu's assistance, Ichigo watched his sleeping Shun in his arms while Karin was watching some soccer game. Basically, the volume has to be low when they have a baby in the house.

"Karin, how's school?" Ichigo asked his black-haired sister to break the silence.

"Typical. Most of my classes were very boring." Karin dully answered, "At least it's better to hang out in your house. I really can't stand being with Dad." she finished with a small sigh.

Ichigo chuckled a bit before replying, "Well, you and Yuzu did well in taking care of Shun. Being a parent can be tough, however-" he moved closer to her, whispering "-it's not a good idea to let Dad here." he finished before moving back.

"Don't look at me. It was his decision to come see you two lovebirds." Karin pointed.

Yuzu walked up to them, "Onii-chan, Karin-chan, dinner is ready." she called them gently as to not to disturb her sleeping nephew.

Karin shut off the TV as she made her way to the dinner table while Yuzu sets the table. Ichigo grabbed a pillow and laid his sleeping Shun on it before he made his way to the dinner table.

"What are we having?" he asked them.

"Curry. I've always wanted to eat them!" Senna answered her husband, squealing lightly as she set the spoons on the table.

Yuzu placed four glass of cold water on the table as the family took their seats.

Yuzu was the first to spoke, "Onii-chan, have you found a job yet?" she curiously asked.

"No, I haven't. At least Dad is helping my bill." he answered his blonde sister.

"Ichi-nii, while you're working, should we help Senna taking care of Shun?" Karin suggested.

Senna turned to her new younger black-haired sister, "That's a great idea, Karin! I would love to have you two for a company!" she smiled at them.

"Well, we better keep this a secret from Dad. He knows how to make a baby cry with his unmanly voice."

"Karin-chan!" Yuzu scolded at her twin.

Senna smiled at them; she finally got herself a new family after living with Urahara and Yoruichi in the hotel. She really likes to spend time with Ichigo's twins, and got to know them as a real big sister. Sure, it was Ichigo who asked Urahara and Yoruichi to let her stay with him, but Senna was the one who confidently ask him to live with him. After Ichigo came back home with Senna, who was impregnate before leaving the hotel, he confessed to his dad about Senna living here and arranged the wedding. Isshin suddenly agreed in joy having a third daughter. Yuzu was happy having a big sister whom she can talk to and help her with cooking. Karin wasn't too crazy like them, but simply smiled with joy. For the twin, they are not going to be lonely anymore - especially Senna.

After finished eating dinner, Yuzu and Senna were washing the dishes while Ichigo was giving Shun a bath before bed. Karin was watching the news about tomorrow's weather. Soon, Ichigo came down the stairs, holding Shun in his arms after finishing Shun's bath.

Yuzu and Senna finished washing dishes as Yuzu saw her baby nephew was awake and really wants to play with him. Cleaning her hands before heading to her nephew.

"Hi, Shun!" she waved to him. Shun saw his blonde aunt and shyly turned away, snuggling his daddy. "Aw~ Shun don't wanna play." she pouted in an act, seeing her shy nephew.

When Senna saw this, she couldn't help but giggle when Shun turned away from Yuzu.

"It's okay, Yuzu. He'll get to know you when he gets older." Ichigo said to his sister.

Yuzu nodded. She knew infants are shy when they saw their parents' siblings at first sight. She just needs to get use to it.

Suddenly, the doorbell rung. "I'll get it." Yuzu headed to the front door, looking at the peek hole. "Karin-chan, it's dad." she called her twin before opening the door.

A happy Isshin waltz into the house, "Yo, Ichigo! How's my third daughter doing! ?" he made his way to Senna, giving her a bear hug and she returns the hug.

"Isshin! You're doing well?"

"Please, Senna. Call me dad! You're part of the family now!" he patted Senna's shoulders.

Senna just realized his booming voice, so she immediately shushed him. "Sssshhh! Shun is sleeping." she put her right index finger to her lips.

Isshin looked around to see his grandson until he saw him in Ichigo's arms. "Whoops. Didn't mean to wake him." he said before remembering why he's here. "Oh yeah! Yuzu, Karin, Daddy's taking you two home."

Both Yuzu and Karin knew it's already late and didn't get a chance to spend more time with Shun 'cause he's a heavy sleeper so they made their way to the front door as Ichigo let Senna hold Shun in her arms.

"Bye, Ichi-nii! Bye, Senna-neechan!" Yuzu bid goodbye to them. Karin just waved goodbye to them.

"Ichigo, the next time we're coming, we're going for a sleepover!" Isshin exclaimed from the outside, but Ichigo quickly slammed the door.

He sighed. "No way am I allowing that. That idiot needs to grow up." he muttered.

"Ichigo, that's not very nice to say about your dad." Senna teased him before looking at Shun. She smiled at him as Shun moves his tiny hands on her cheeks.

"M...a... ma... " he called his mother.

"Shun, honey! Time for bed." she patted her baby's back before turning to her husband, "Ichigo, you coming?" she asked with a smile.

"Let me finish my drink." he replied, getting some cold water bottle from the refrigerator.

"Don't forget to get our ice water bottles from the freezer." she said before ascending the stairs.

Ichigo drank some cold water before refilling it to the top from the whirlpool refrigerator. Once he's done refilling, he placed it back in the refrigerator and grabbed two large ice water bottles from the freezer. He opened the caps and fill some water from the whirlpool refrigerator to get some little water to melt the ice a bit on both freezing bottles. When he's done filling both bottles to the top, he closed both caps and shakes the bottles before having a fun night with Senna.

Senna entered Shun's room and gently places Shun on his Columbia Convertible crib before covering the sheet on him. She plays the baby mobile and watch Shun eyeing at the mobile, waiting for him to fall asleep so she can have a night time with Ichigo. Shun soon stopped smiling as the playing mobile got him sleepy, slowly closing his eyes until he fell asleep.

Senna kissed her son's forehead, pulling back. "Good night, Shun." she smiled, putting the white Mokona doll on the corner of the crib. She turned the light off, leaving the door open as she saw her husband walking up the stairs holding their freezing bottles, walking towards her.

"He's asleep?" he whispered. Senna nodded. Ichigo smiled, "Good. Now... shall we get started?" he stuffed the bottom of a freezing water bottle in between Senna's cleavage.

"Stop it, that's cold!" she grabbed the freezing bottle away from her. "Did you turn off the light from the kitchen?" she asked.

Ichigo pulled his wife to a kiss, stuffing the other freezing bottle down her back. Senna moaned at the cold feeling as they pulled back.


Senna pulled him down so she can whisper to his ear. "We'll start with a bath."

Ichigo smiled, hearing Senna's dirty plan for their night time. He suddenly lifted her in a bridal style while they held their freezing bottles in their hands, and took her to their room. Senna finds it amusing as her husband set her on the bed. They placed the freezing bottles on the bed as they kissed each other, moving their lips against each other. Ichigo stuck his tongue out, bumping her lips as Senna let his tongue in. They played with their tongues as Senna grasped her arms on his back, pulling him closer while Ichigo moved his right hand on the back of her head to deepen the kiss with more passion.

For about a minute, they pulled away for some air as they looked into each others' eyes. Senna was the first to speak, "Should I start first or you?" she asked in a seductive tone.

Ichigo smiled, loving the way his wife spoke to him with her seductive voice. He sat up on the bed, answering "You start first."

Senna sat up as well, walking to the drawer and opened it, looking for something they used during the hotel. Soon, she found what was looking for, "I think I should use this." she shows him a small bottle that Urahara gave Ichigo during the discussion.

Ichigo couldn't help himself but chuckled. He remembered during their first love with her nice busts, and it was the best night of their lives. "Oh man, I think you should use it." he said, picking their freezing bottles and put them on the table next to the bed.

"Give me five minutes." Senna walked into their bathroom closing the door, leaving it ajar.

Ichigo couldn't help but wait. His mind was telling him to go for it, but he has to wait. He grabbed four bounty of paper towel and folds them into a square-size towel. He took their freezing bottles and put them above the folded towels. Now there's only one thing left that he needs to do. Sneak attack Senna!

Senna removed her clothes - including her red ribbon - and puts them on the toilet lid before opening the small container. She took one of the pills and swallows it. She moaned, feeling the hotness inside her as her breasts grew into D-cups. She looked down at her large size breasts, poking them, finding it amusing. She hasn't felt them since their first love night.

However, her grown breasts has to wear off only for one month.

She stepped in the shower, pulling the curtain and turned on the shower, cleansing herself with warm water on her soft body. She heard the door opened, knowing Ichigo was ready as well. She didn't mind, all she really wants is to have some fun with her strawberry husband. The curtain was pulled open, revealing an impatient naked Ichigo staring at her naked body.

Senna faked her gasp, covering her pink nipples. "Ichigo, I said five minutes!"

Ichigo joined in, closing the curtain, pinning Senna against the wall while her breasts are pressed against his chest. Her face lit up pink. "Well, your time's up." he pressed his lips against hers. Senna closed her eyes, returning the kiss as she snakes her left arm on her husband's neck to the back while her right hand's on his orange hair, pulling his head to deepen the kiss.

Senna moaned through the kiss and stuck her tongue out to Ichigo's lips. Ichigo granted her tongue in his mouth as they dazzled their tongues with lust. The shower saturates their bodies as Senna moved her right hand from the back of his head to the back, using both her arms to pull him closer. Soon, they pulled away seeing their eyes filled with lusts.

"Want me to scrub your body?" Senna seductively asked.

Ichigo smiled, answering "You bet. Once you're done, I'll scrub your body better than your first." he moved his left hand to her womanhood, fingering her wet frame causing Senna to moan.

"Oooh yeah~ Ichigo! You love to touch that spot, don't you~ ? Ahh~ " she delightfully moaned, feeling his fingers moving in and out as she grabbed the shower gel container.

Ichigo pulled his finger out, "You know you love that." he answered with a grin before kissing her neck. Senna moaned, loving the way he kisses her neck. Soon, he stopped the kiss, leaving Senna to catch her breath.

"Can I scrub your back now?" she seductively smiled at him, holding the shower gel container.

Ichigo smiled back, "Go ahead." he pecked her lips before turning off the shower. He sat down, facing away.

Senna crouched down to her husband's level and poured some shower gel fluid on his back before handing it to her husband. She now scrubs his back with her hands. Ichigo poured out some fluid on his left hand before using it on his right arm. Senna moved her hands to his scruff, massaging it before moving to the front.

"Don't go choking me." Ichigo jokily said to his wife.

Senna leaned forward to him, "I would never do that to you." she answered with a kiss on his cheek before continuing scrubbing him. After she finish scrubbing her husband, she got up and grabbed the shower handle. She turned the warm water on and cleansed her husband's back, letting the water flowing his body.

After she finished cleansing Ichigo's body, he turned to Senna's direction, facing her naked body. "Now, it's my turn to scrub yours." he said, holding the shower gel container.

Senna handed the shower handle to her husband, "Use it on me while I'll put on the gel." she said as Ichigo exchanged the container with the shower handle. He waited until Senna finished pouring some gel. She begins to scrub her body along with the gel. She glanced at her husband, who was looking at her naked body, knowing he's too eager for this moment. Senna found a better way to interest him. "Ichigo, don't look at me like that~ " she said in a sexy tone, covering her naked breasts as Ichigo got up, putting back the shower handle, letting the water splash against their bodies before facing back. Senna stood up, releasing her arms before handing the shower gel container to him.

Ichigo spreads some fluids in his right palm before putting the container back where it was. "Senna, turn around so I can scrub you." he commanded his wife.

Senna smiled at him, complying "Hasty, aren't you?" she said, scrubbing her arms.

Ichigo laid his palms on her back, filling her back with bubbles. Senna loves the way her husband moves his hands on her back, she wants him to rub her breasts from behind. She turned her head to the side, cornering her eyes down seeing his manhood is already hardened. Ichigo finished scrubbing her back as he slowly moves his hands to her firm breasts, rubbing them.

"Aaah~ " Senna moaned, feeling his hands on her breasts as Ichigo pulls her torso to his chest. "Oh yeah~ Ichigo~ ! More~ !" she pleaded. She felt his manhood under her, between her legs.

"Senna... You love that, don't you?" he moves his index fingers and thumbs to rub her nipples.

"A-Aaahh~ ! Oooh yes~ Ichigo~ ! More~ ! Dazzle me!" Senna's moan got louder, receiving the pleasure. She turned her head to the side as Ichigo kissed her while massaging her breasts and rubbing her nipples. She moaned through their kiss as Ichigo moved his member back and forth, rubbing her pussy. Senna felt the rubbing and her moan got louder through the kiss.

They played with their tongues as Ichigo moved Senna to the spraying shower handle, letting the water washing the suds off her breasts. Ichigo stopped the kissing and the massaging and pulled back. Senna grabbed the handle and spraying on her back. Ichigo couldn't stop but stared at her naked body. Senna noticed there were suds on Ichigo's chest and turned to him, washing them off his chest and rubbing it. Ichigo stares at her D-size breasts before looking into her eyes; vice versa. Senna put the shower handle back to the hanger as she wrapped her arms around her husband's neck. Ichigo gently pinned her against the wall and lift her right knee up on his left elbow for dancer position. He moved his tip to her wet womanhood, poking it. Senna softly moaned and blushed.

He looked to her eyes, asking her. She replied with a nod. Ichigo slid himself inside her pussy as Senna moaned, "Oooh yes~ ! Ichigo~ that's the spot!" she grasped her arms on his back shoulders, feeling the heat inside her.

Ichigo moved closer to Senna's face, "You really love this, huh, Senna?" he huskily asked. He slowly pulled himself back and pushed it back in, giving Senna more of her moaning.

"Oooh yes~ ! Ichigo, I love you! Give me more!" she pleased with her moaning. Ichigo pushed his lips against hers, moving his right hand to her cheek before quickening his pace inside her. Senna opened her mouth and entered her tongue to his mouth, moaning through the kiss while they're tongue kissing. He pressed his chest against her grown breasts and quickened his thrusts inside her wet frame. Senna's moan got louder through their kiss and felt her pussy juice flowing out - or was it the shower?

They pulled the kiss as they cried out their moans. Senna pulled her grasps from her husband's back, feeling her grown breasts pressing against his chest. After a few more thrusts, Ichigo stopped and pulled out, panting - so does Senna - before looking into their lustful eyes.

Senna panted, catching her breath before speaking "Ichi... Ichigo... bed." He nodded as he pulled the curtain before they step out. Ichigo grabbed the towel to dry himself before giving it to his wife - and stares at her body. Senna dried herself and noticed her husband was staring at her. She smiled, putting the towel back to the towel rack.

Suddenly, Ichigo pinned her against the wall and aggressively pressed his lips on hers. Senna didn't see that coming, so she returned the kiss, pressing her hard breasts against his chest and wrapping her arms around his neck. She can feel his hard erection under her womanhood as she plunged her tongue in his mouth. They moaned through their tongues and kisses as Ichigo grabbed her butt and lifted her in the air. Senna gasped in pleasure as she coiled her legs around his thighs. Ichigo quickly took her to their bed and set her on the bed as Senna released her legs, spreading them open. He moved himself on top of her as he slid himself inside her wet pussy, giving Senna a loud, sexy moan.

"Oooh yes~ Ichigo~ ! I've been waiting for this! Ichigo, give me your best!" she pleaded as she holds his back shoulders. Ichigo began to move himself inside her, giving Senna a soft moan with each thrust. "Oooh~ Oooh~ Oh yes~ ! Ichigo~ !" she pulled him and pressed herself against his body. Each of her moan were heard, giving Ichigo to encourage his thrusts. "Oooh Ichigo~ ! Ahn~ Ahn~ " her firm breasts were bouncing with each of his thrusts. Ichigo moaned while Senna's grasping his back shoulders. Ichigo moved to her right nipple and begins sucking and licking it while massaging her left breast. This gives Senna more pleasure, letting out more of her moan each time he thrusts, massaging her breast, and licking her nipple. "Ichi~ Ichigo~ My nipples~ Ahh~ " she cried, receiving more pleasure from him. She loves the way he sucks and licks her nipples. "Ichigo~ That feels so good!" she wrapped her legs around his waist to deepen the thrust, "Ah~ Ichigo~ ! Ichigo~ ! More!"

Ichigo stopped sucking her right nipple, "You like that, huh, Senna?" he switched to her left nipple, sucking and licking it and quickening his thrusts. This gives Senna more pleasure than before.

Senna widened her eyes, feeling her husband's erection inside her with each fast thrusts, "Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ichigo~ Oooh yeah! Rock my insides!" she moaned, pressing her nails on his back. Ichigo stopped sucking her left nipple and his thrusting as he pulled out, hearing the moaning Senna, catching her breath. "Ichi... go... " she looked at him with her lustful eyes.

"Senna... laid still." he said as he moved down to her wet pussy. Senna knew what's happening next as Ichigo began to lick her pussy.

"Aaa-Aaaaahhh! Ichigo~ ! T-That's good!" she cried, feeling his tongue inside her wet frame. "Ichigo!" she wrapped her legs behind his head, bringing his tongue to deepen her vaginal. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to deepen his tongue even more. Senna kept moaning and moaning, loving the way he uses his tongue inside her. She began to massage her grown breasts to gain more pleasure as she uses both her index fingers to play with her wet nipples - thanks to his sucking. "Ah~ Ichigo~ Go deeper~ !" she pleaded as Ichigo dug his tongue inside her, causing her moan even louder. Senna couldn't think anymore, but was clearly enjoying her husband's sexual work. Ichigo couldn't stop his licking, but enjoying this wonderful moment with Senna, giving her all the pleasure.

This is what they loved the most, never letting each other go.

Senna released her wrapped legs from Ichigo's head and he stops his tongue, pulling out of her vagina. They were panting from the pleasure as Ichigo moved to her face, but she suddenly rolled him on the bed, pinning him down.

"S-Senna?" Ichigo was confused of her sudden action as she moved to his face.

Senna grinned, "Ichigo~ Giving me all the pleasure isn't enough. Let me pleasure you as well." she said in a seductive tone before moving back to his manhood.

Ichigo stares at her, waiting for her next move. "Oh, Senna. Do your dirty work." he commanded his wife.

Senna made a sexy smile and looked at his stiffed member, giving it a lick on the tip. Ichigo moaned; Senna looks up at her husband, licking his tip and rotating her tongue. "S-Senna... " Ichigo moaned again, feeling her tongue. Senna begins to moved her way down to his member, then pulled back and went down. Ichigo moaned, feeling Senna's mouth. He hasn't felt this since their second round at the hotel. Senna bobs her head back and forth, using her tongue to wet his erection from the inside.

She stopped, then thought of a better idea. Releasing her mouth and positioning herself above her husband, facing her hotspot on his face. In a 69 position. Senna began to work where she left off, shoving her mouth on his manhood; Ichigo worked his tongue, digging inside her wet frame. Senna moaned while sucking her husband's member. She loves how they work their love time with each other. Ichigo moved his tongue inside Senna, digging even further and wetting her insides. Senna felt the hotness inside her as she continues to suck and lick her husband's member; vice-versa. This 69 position was driving them wild, sucking and wetting each others' hood while Senna's face was flushed pink.

Senna released her mouth, seeing her saliva on Ichigo's cock. She licks it to clear off her salivas. Ichigo moans, feeling her tongue every time she does it. Senna finished licking the length before taking it back in her mouth, bobbing her head faster and faster while moaning. The orange head moaned, feeling her warm mouth. He couldn't take it any longer, so he wrapped her back tight and got off the bed. Senna didn't see that coming, being upside down in a standing 69. She coiled her arms on her husband's thighs and crossed her legs on the back of his head. Ichigo licks her wet lips and thrusts inside her wet mouth. She moaned and sucks his length deeper. Ichigo dug his tongue inside her, causing Senna to moan louder while sucking.

Minutes later, Ichigo turned, removing his tongue and gently placing Senna on the bed. "Ah~ " Ichigo pulled away from his wife's mouth, making her letting out a moan. She moved down the bed a bit until her head was on the bed. She finished while staring at Ichigo's member as he climbed onto the bed, positioning himself on top of Senna. Now, it's Ichigo's turn to be in this position. Ichigo dug his tongue deeper inside Senna's vagina as she moved her head up and down, sucking her husband's stiffed member. Moving her hands to his butt and pulling it down to deepen the head down into her mouth.

"Ichigo's so good!" she mentally exclaimed while sucking and moaning.

They've been going on forever in that position. Ichigo was wondering how Senna was able to hold the pressure underneath him. He continued to dug his tongue inside her pussy while feeling his warm member inside his wife's mouth. Slowly, he thrust his member inside her warm mouth while she sucks it. Senna felt the thrust as she decides to add something with it for her husband. She spreads her legs wide open as Ichigo dug his tongue inside her wide pussy, earning her a pleasurable moan through sucking. Ichigo quickly got off his wife, letting her out a moan when releasing his arousal from her mouth. He sat on the bed, catching his breath.

Senna panted, "Ich... Ichigo... you are so good at this... " complimenting her husband before she sat up.

"You're... not bad yourself... " Ichigo replied while panting.

Senna couldn't take her eyes off his hard erection. She moved herself on Ichigo's laps, kissing him.

"My turn." she raised herself, grabbing his member, and lowered herself all the way in, forming a sitting position with her shins planted on the bed. She delightfully moaned, feeling the pleasure coming back to her and pressing her firm breasts against his chest. Wrapping her arms around his neck and starting to move herself up and down, causing her to moan. Ichigo wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her body closer and feeling the pleasure.

"Ahh~ Ahh~ Ichigo~ Ahh~ " Senna delightfully moaned, bouncing herself. Soon, she went faster and faster as their lips were connected, roaming against them through moaning. Ichigo broke the kiss and his hands were on her firm breasts, massaging them. He took her left nipple in his mouth, licking it. "Ahn~ Ahn~ Ichigo~ Ahn~ My nipple~ Lick it~ " Ichigo complied, taking her left nipple in his mouth and sucking it. Senna moaned, continuing to bounce on Ichigo. He thrust upward, adding their thrusts together as Senna's moan got a bit louder. Caressing his face and giving him a passionate kiss. Ichigo removed his hands on her grown breasts, he slipped his arms under her knees before palmed her butt and got off the bed, standing. He thrust her while standing as Senna moaned through kissing, feeling his cock hitting her hotspot over and over again. They played with their tongues, dancing and exploring their mouths together while Senna's moaning. "Mmmm~ Mmmm~ Mmmm~ Ichigo's cock is hitting my pussy! This feels so good!" she exclaimed from this standing and carrying position. Ichigo quickened his pace inside her wet pussy, repeating the same spot back and forth. Senna hasn't been carried like this since their hotel night and their honeymoon. She was enjoying this, being lifted in his arms and pounded. She broke the kiss, letting out a moan of pleasure with each thrusts. "Aahh~ Aahh~ Aahh~ Ichi-Ichigo~ M-More~ !" Senna pleaded between moan.

Ichigo heard her and went faster and faster, going deeper inside her wet frame with his thrusting. He couldn't stop his hips, he kept on going and going non-stop.

"S-Senna! Your pussy is so tight and wet!" Ichigo praised while thrusting.

"Aahh~ Aahh~ Why, than-Aahh~ you~ Ichigo~ " she replied sweetly.

Ichigo stopped his thrusting, setting her right leg down on the floor in a dancing position. Senna pressed her grown breasts against his chest before her husband continued the thrusting. She moaned being in this position as Ichigo sped up his pace. He pulled his right hand away and gently palm grabbed her butt, making her moaning more pleasurable.

"Ichigo~ Aahh~ Bed~ "

Ichigo's right arm wrapped on her back, carrying her and placing her on the bed. He positioned himself on top of his wife. Senna spreads her legs open as Ichigo enters her wet pussy, holding her hips. She moaned, feeling his erection coming back to her insides, wrapping her legs around her waist. Ichigo began to quicken his pace, hitting her pussy repeatedly.

"Ahn~ Ahn~ Ichigo~ More~ ! More~ ! Aahh~ "

He complied, going faster and harder inside her pussy. He released his hands and lowered himself on Senna with his hands caressing her face, kissing her. Senna grasped her hands on his back shoulders and tightening her wrapped legs. She arched her back, pressing her firm breasts and nipples against his chest. Ichigo smashed his lips on hers through their moaning and roaming their kisses. Senna roamed her hands on his hair. Her tongue pushed his lips, asking for entrance. Ichigo granted her entrance, exploring each others' mouths with their tongues with lust. While their tongues were busy, Ichigo stopped his pace, removing himself from her insides. Senna released her wrapped legs, setting them on the bed before her husband lifted themselves, sitting on the bed as she removed her arms. After that, Ichigo broke the kiss while they're catching their breaths, staring at their eyes with pure lust.

"Senna... be right back." Ichigo got off the bed and walked out the room. Soon, he came back with a vanilla whip cream can in his right hand.

A sexy smile came to Senna's face. She was glad that Ichigo thought of something new for their night. Ichigo climbed onto the bed, sitting close to his naked wife. Looking at her grown breasts really wants to him go wild with her. He sprayed the whip cream on her pink nipples, covering them. Senna moaned from the covering whip cream on her nipples. Ichigo put the can on the drawer before continuing. Leaning down to her left creamed nipple and licked the cream. Senna felt his tongue, cleaning the cream off her nipple. She couldn't stop moaning from his tongue job. Ichigo continued licking her left nipple. Senna enjoyed having her nipple to be licked. He kept licking to clear off the cream taste on it.

"Ooohh~ Ooohh~ Ichigo~ Lick my nipples~ Aaahh~ So good~ " Senna found it delightful, being nipple creamed and licked.

Ichigo complied, cleaning the taste off her left nipple. Once her cleaned left nipple was finished, he switched to her right and worked his tongue there. Senna dropped herself on the bed, moaning through the pleasure. Ichigo lowered himself onto Senna, continuing to lick her right creamed nipple. Senna couldn't control herself, she kept on moaning and moaning with pleasure.

"Her nipples are so tasty!"

"Ahn~ Ichigo~ More~ !"

Ichigo kept on licking and licking until the cream on her right nipple was cleaned. He twirled his tongue around her nipple, finishing it nice and clean. Stopping his tongue, grabbing the whip cream can and spraying it on her lips before putting it on the pillow. He plunged his mouth to hers while dancing their tongues and licking each others' lips with cream on them. They continued kissing and licking each other, taking the cream on their lips. Senna moaned through kissing while licking her husband's lips. Ichigo stopped his work as Senna stuck her tongue out and licks the cream on his lips, twirling her tongue on him. Ichigo was about to enter her wet pussy, but Senna immediately rolled, pinning on top of him which really surprised Ichigo.


"You've done your job, now let me do mine." she said seductively before reaching her right hand getting the whip cream can. She sprayed it on his nipples.

Ichigo shivered from it. Senna threw the can on the pillow before lowering down to his chest. She took the left and licks the cream off, using her tongue to spread the cream around his nipple. Ichigo moaned from it, feeling her tongue on him. Senna continued licking the cream off him, pleasuring her husband with her tongue of passion. Soon, she finished cleaning the cream off his left before switching to his right. Senna took his right nipple into her mouth along with the cream on it. He moaned, feeling his wife's tongue job. He moved his right hand to her, removing her hair away from her face and tucking it to her left ear as Senna laid on her husband's body, pressing her grown breasts on his stomach. Ichigo couldn't stop moaning while Senna continued licking his creamed right nipple and moaning unison. After she finished cleaning it, Senna took the clean nipple in her mouth finishing it with a loud smacking sound before slowly climbing her way to him.

Senna plunged her lips on her husband's, seductively caressing his face with both hands, closing her eyes and making sexy moans through the kissing. Ichigo wrapped his arms around her back, roaming his mouth against hers. Senna somehow managed to find his stiffed member and lowered herself in. A jolt of pleasure came back to her and made her sexy moan even more louder and sexier through kissing. Ichigo quickly rolled and made Senna on the bottom as they continued roaming their mouths. He began to thrust her insides as Senna wrapped her legs around his waist and grasps her hands from her face to his back shoulders. Breaking the kiss as Senna cried out her moan, feeling the sensational feeling with each of her husband's thrusting.

"Ahh~ Ahh~ Ichigo~ Oh yeah~ You're so~ goood~ !" Senna praised between moaning.

Ichigo smirked before pressing her lips. While thrusting, both their mouths were roaming against each other through kissing and dancing their tongues. Senna couldn't help herself but making sexy moans through kissing with her husband while feeling the pleasure. Her womanhood is now dripping more of her pussy juices, making her insides even more wetter. Breaking the kiss and cried out her moan in bliss.

"Aahhh~ Ichigo~ Aahhh~ Harder! Faster! Deeper! Aahhn~ Inside my pussy! Aahhn~ "

Ichigo remembered her saying that awesome line during the hotel, he loves hearing it again. He quickened his pace faster and faster than before, making Senna tightened her arms and wrapped legs around him.

"Ahn~ Ahn~ Ichi-Ichigo~ Ahn~ I love you~ Go faster~ Deeeper~ !"

Hearing Senna's words really makes Ichigo gone crazy! He kept thrusting her wet pussy harder and faster to the wife he really love. Senna moaned through heaven, receiving the pleasure from the man she truly loves. Ichigo couldn't stop moving his hips; Senna couldn't release her arms and legs from her husband until she get what she wanted. They're not letting each other go, but wanting to release their love to each other.

"S-Senna! I-I'm... I'm gonna cum!"

"Aahh~ Aahh~ Ichi-Ichigo! C-Cum inside me!"

Ichigo continued his speed until he gave her one last, hard thrust deep inside her. He massively came inside her, filling up her womb along with her pussy juice. Senna gasped in pleasure, widening her eyes from his hot juice inside her pussy. Ichigo gave her one more thrust and shoots more cum inside her womb.

"Oh yes~ Ichigo... Fill me up... inside... my... pussy... " Senna said between gasps, feeling his cum pouring inside her.

Ichigo fell on top of Senna while both were sweating and panting heavily. He gave her a steamy kiss, roaming their mouths through moaning. Senna released her wrapped legs, placing on the bed; returned the kiss with her sexy moan. Her hands caressed his face, vice-versa while making out their lusty kiss. Their juices were slowly dripping out of Senna's pussy while Ichigo's still inside her. Ichigo broke the kiss and pulled himself out of Senna's hotspot as she set her arms on the bed. Ichigo rolled next to his wife while panting. Senna fingered her wet frame, taking out their mixed juices on her fingers. Pulling out and seeing her fingers were drenched with their cums. She hadn't seen that much on her fingers since the hotel, living with Urahara and Yoruichi. Wondering how long Ichigo's been saving them? She took her drenched fingers in her mouth, swallowing it before slipping her fingers out.

Turning her head to face her husband. "Ichigo... tonight was the best... " she said with a smile.

Ichigo panted before tilting his head. "Yeah... it was, Senna... " he replied.

Senna saw their frozen water bottles has thawed, leaving water on the folded towels. "I'm thirsty!" she crawled over to their frozen bottles near the lamplight and grabbed them. Handing one to her husband and she opens the cap before drinking the cold water, vice-versa. Both of them drank the entire bottle and they felt their energies reviving back. "Ahh~ How refreshing~ " she exclaimed, closing the cap.

Ichigo finished his cold drink, closing the cap. "Yeah. This must be the longest night we've ever done before, huh?"

Before Senna can reply to her husband, Shun's crying was heard. She quickly dropped the bottle on the bed and opened the drawer, getting her red nightgown and putting it on before she dashed to Shun's room. Ichigo quickly grabbed his dark blue nightgown, tying the knots. He picked up both bottles and put it close to the drawer mirror before sitting on the bed. Senna came into the room with a crying Shun in her arms.

"Ssshhh~ Shun, honey~ It's okay, Mommy and Daddy are here~ " she sang to soothe the wailing Shun.

Shun's crying got faint, hearing his mom's voice. He stopped and saw Senna in front of him. She wiped his tears away before continuing to calm him down.

"Guess we disturbed his sleep, huh?" Ichigo bet, chuckling.

Senna laughed nervously. "Guess so. Let's have Shun sleep with us." she suggested, sitting on the bed.

"Alright. Shun, come to daddy!" he clapped his hands twice.

Senna set little Shun on the bed as he slowly crawled his way to his daddy. He made it to Ichigo's legs as he picked him up. Senna set herself on the bed, pulling the sheet to cover their legs with a smile.

"Shun, it's okay. You're sleeping with us." he said to his baby son, giving Shun to Senna before laying down on the bed, watching them.

Senna hummed to Shun, slowly swinging her arms side-to-side as he begun to fall asleep. She placed Shun between them, under the sheet by his arms. Ichigo turned the lamplight off, leaving the moonlight lit inside the room as they laid on the bed, moving close to each other between Shun. Ichigo and Senna gazed at each other with a smile on their faces. Their hands were on sleeping Shun.

"Ichigo, arigato... for taking me in." she said, kissing him.

Ichigo smiled. "No problem. I'm glad I met you." he kissed her forehead.

"Night, honey."

"Night, Senna."


I was thinking about making a new version of IchigoSenna Special... with their Shadow Clone Jutsu in their Special Night. Now here's a good question, what if they uses it and the clone Ichigos gives the real Senna a good shower. I know it may be random, but~ it could be an awesome and steamy lemon. Maybe a little hot Yuri for the clone Sennas, if you all like that. This IchigoSenna Special is the original version, the Shadow Clone Jutsu will be soon or later - if you all agree.