Here's another Shadow Clone Jutsu lemon for IchigoXSenna. This lemon chapter is about Senna wants to try something new to please Ichigo - with herself if you know what I mean.

Not to mention there will be a slight Yuri scene for Senna. Enjoy while you can!


They're 22 years old.

Senna = real Senna

Senna = Clone Senna

Ichigo = Ichigo and his clone; vice-versa

This chapter contains scenes of extreme sexual lemon written by me. Do not try any of what you see or read here at home. Seriously, you could get really messed up.

It was night time where the 22-year-old married couple was on their way to their son's room. Shun was already in deep slumber in his mother's arms as Senna and Ichigo were entering Shun's room. In his room, they gently placed their sleeping son on his crib with his little head on the pillow.

"Sweet dreams, Shun." Senna leaned down and gave her son a soft kiss on his forehead. She moved the sheet up to Shun's shoulders before they quietly left the room to theirs.

Without making a sound, Ichigo and Senna left his room and enters their own room with the door nearly closed. They were standing in their room face-to-face and staring at each others' eyes, their face leaning closer.

"So Ichigo~ you ready to give me a good banging?" Senna asked in a naughty tone, placing her hands on his shoulders.

"You're starting to like it, aren't you?" he replied with a smirk, bringing his lips to hers until they gave each other a passionate kiss.

They had their arms around each other and continued to give each other a steamy kiss. Their lips were busy for some time as Ichigo moved towards their bed as Senna followed by walking backwards. Until she felt the back of her legs touch the ledge, Senna fell backward and landed on the bed with Ichigo on top, still roaming their lips. They continued their steamy kiss with more and more passion and lust than before.

"MMmmm~ MMmmm~ MMmmm~ " Senna sexily moaned through the kissing and plunged her tongue into her husband's mouth. Ichigo felt it and twirled her tongue with his, intertwining together.

They are feeling very extremely horny tonight, wanting to give each other an all-out, intense sex.

Breaking the kiss, Ichigo sat up with his knees on the bed and lowered his hands to the bottom of her shirt. With Senna lifted her back a bit, he began to remove his wife's shirt until it was off her head, revealing her red silk bra and tossing it onto the pillows. And with Senna's help, she lifted her husband's shirt off and also did the same where Ichigo threw.

Ichigo stared at her wonderful red silk bra and wanted to see what's behind them before he backed himself off the bed with his knees on the floor. His hands were on Senna's shorts and slowly pulls them backwards while her legs were on his shoulders.

With her lustful eyes staring at Ichigo, she watched him removing her shorts with her legs in the air until they're off her feet. With that, her shorts was tossed at the pillows where their shirts were.

Now that Ichigo had finished stripping his wife's clothes off, leaving her undies on, he stood up and pulled both his pants and underpants down. After that, he threw them at the pillows with his left hand and waited for Senna until she was completely naked.

Senna seductively looked at her strawberry husband's nakedness in amazement. She can hardly wait to receive his cock inside her pussy again. She reached her hands to her silk bra and lifted it off her chest, exposing her lovely C-size breasts and pink nipples to her beloved strawberry. She tossed her bra to the pillows with her right hand and pulled her red silk panties down to her feet before tossing it again.

Ichigo stood there, amazed to see her naked body, especially her wonderful pair of breasts and nipples and her clean shaved pussy. He can feel his manhood was hardening slowly by gazing at her beautiful nakedness.

"Damn, she's perfect when she's naked!" he shouted in his mind.

Senna looked at her husband's nakedness and saw his little friend hardening in a slow rate. With a sexy smile, she knew how to make his delicious cock very hard. She got herself off the bed and knelt in front of him, taking his manhood in her right hand.

"Ichigo, let me harden things up a bit~ " she said seductively and opened her mouth, leaning her head forward until she captured his cock; her right hand removed the cock and placed both of them on his thighs. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ " With her eyes closed, she used her tongue and twirled it around the tip to pleasure her husband, eagerly wanting to feel the hardness in her mouth again.

Ichigo moaned from the feeling of Senna's engulfed mouth and tongue on his manhood. He loved this feeling so much. Soon, he felt his erection starting to harden and growing due to her tongue job.

Senna felt Ichigo's cock growing bigger inside her mouth when she hard things up with her tongue. Until it was fully erected, she began to bob her head back-and-forth while licking his cock from the inside, sucking it repeatedly in a fellatio. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ !" She continued sucking his cock more and more while moaning sweetly from tasting his tip. She just loved tasting that thing in her mouth.

Ichigo moaned from the feeling of her mouth job and lowered his head at her. "Aaahh~ Senna... " he called her and placed his right hand on her head.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhh~ " Senna stopped sucking his cock and felt his hand on her head, retrieving herself with her tongue sticking out. She finished licking around the tip, leaving her saliva on his cock, and eyed at him with lust. She knew what their next step will be. She stood up and climbed to their bed until she was at the center, sitting with her legs spread wide open. She laid on her back and lowered both fingers to her womanhood, opening it to expose the wetness to her husband. Her face was blushing bright pink from this lovely moment.

She wants his cock inside her pussy so bad!

Ichigo smiled and moved himself forward, climbing on the bed with his shins. His right hand held his stiffed member and aimed at her small opening, couldn't wait to feel the wetness inside her body again. Removing his right hand, he entered inside Senna's wet hole with a moan and lowered his body on top of her.

Senna felt her strawberry's entrance with a delightful moan and immediately wrapped her arms around his back. "Oooooohhh~ Ichigo~ ! Your hard cock is inside my pussy~ Aaahhnn~ " The purple-haired woman said in pleasure and pulled his body to deepen on her torso and breasts. She opened her eyes of lust and saw the eager look on his face, knowing he was ready. She brought her lips on his and moaned sexily in their intense kissing with their mouths moving against each other.

Ichigo returned the kiss and began to move himself inside her pussy in a quick pace. The wetness of her hotspot was so drenched he can thrust her inside very easily. He missed this feeling so much he could give her lots of pleasure with his Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Senna felt his moving member inside her womanhood and broke the kiss to release her ecstatic moan. Her eyes were closed and her face blushed brightly from this sensational feeling. She just loved having his wonderful hard cock inside her wet pussy so much.

Ichigo watched his beautiful goddess moaning from below when thrusting her wet frame. He began to quicken his thrusts faster than before which loudened her moan with her arms grasping his back shoulders. Looking at her like that seems to encourage him even more.

"Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Ichi-Ichigo~ Oooohh yesss~ More~ Moooreee~ ! Ooooohhh~ Aaahhnn~ Aaahhnn~ Aaahhnn~ !" Senna pleaded while moaning from her husband's thrusting erection repeatedly.

Ichigo moaned and quickened his speed even more than before with his arms on her back shoulders from under the bed. With a blissful smile on her face, Senna arched her head and continued moaning and moaning in immense pleasure. Her C-size breasts were pressed against his chest when she arched herself.

With a few more thrusting, Ichigo pushed himself deeper and stopped with a tiredly moan. So did Senna, who was catching her breath and waited for her strawberry give her more pleasure. He looked at her and pressed his lips on her into a short passionate kiss before parting their mouths.

He had thought a better idea, to make this more interesting for Senna.

"Senna, you want double pleasure or multi-pleasure?" he asked with a smirk.

Senna smiled seductively from his request. She knew her husband was about to make this more pleasurable when it comes to his Shadow Clone Jutsu. She was waiting for one of her husband's clones to go for her butt - and the rest... She can fellatio and stroke their cocks with her free hands.

She sexily giggled, "Multi-pleasure, Ichi. I also want a good shower with their tasty cum on me. But first~ I want one of your clone to go for my butt and cum inside my butt." she answered in a naughty tone.

Ichigo knew she would pick the multi-pleasure because she wants more of his clones so she can stroke them while having double penetration - especially the shower she loves.

More clones of him, the merrier it'll be.

With his stiffed arousal still inside her wet pussy and his arms on her back shoulders, he quickly rolled himself to the right side until his was on the bed. A female missionary position. Now that Senna's on top of her husband, she removed her arms from his back shoulders, from under the bed, and moved to his face, caressing them. She pressed her lips to him with more passion and roamed their lips together with a sweet moaning.

Breaking the kiss, she had a sexy smile on her face while gazing at him.

"Bring out four of your clones, Ichi~ " she said naughtily.

"Alright." Ichigo replied and brought his arms to her back, bringing his hands together. He began to form ninja signs and created four of his clones with black X marks on their left wrists. They were standing nakedly, and their erections were already hard.

"What do you want us to do, boss?" one of them asked.

"One of you can go for her butt. The rest of you, let her work on her mouth." Ichigo answered his clones.

Senna turned her head to the right and faced the naked Ichigos. "Make sure to give me lots of cum inside my butt~ " she said sweetly before returning her head to face her real Ichigo.

One of the clone Ichigo approached to them and climbed on the bed, bending himself a bit behind Senna's butt. Both his legs were slightly apart from them in a doggy style. His right hand held his cock and aimed the tip at her anus, poking it gently. The two Ichigos climbed on the bed and knelt their shins besides the married couple's sides. The last Ichigo went around the bed to the other side of the ledge and stood there with his hard erection in front of Senna's face. The three of them were stroking themselves while watching her naked body, waiting for their Queen to have her butt penetrated.

Senna felt the lustfully atmosphere around her, but was prepared to have a good multi-pleasure with her Ichigos' cocks. She kissed her husband to soothe things up a bit before another cock entered her butt. Ichigo returned the kiss and lowered his arms until they were on her hips.

The bending Ichigo entered her anus slowly until he went as deep as he can. He let out a small groan, feeling the tightness around his manhood and palmed both hands on her butt cheeks to keep himself still.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaaaahhh~ Oooohhh yeaahh... " Senna broke the kiss and felt the second cock entering her butt; though, it was a small pain when he enter. She softly moaned from this feeling, having two cocks inside her was something she couldn't think of - except the clone doesn't feel like the real cock.

The Ichigos began to move their cocks inside Senna's pussy and anus in a quick pace, pleasuring her in a double penetration. Ichigo held her hips to keep his wife still while watching her moaning in delight.

Senna loudly moaned from their hard members hitting her two holes repeatedly. This pleasure she felt was outstanding with two Ichigos together. "Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Oooohhh yeess~ Ichigo~ Two cocks are better than one~ ! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" She moaned and moaned while feeling the heat of immense, sensational pleasure highly generating inside her body due to her husband and his clone's thrusting arousals.

The three Ichigos stopped stroking with their right hands while watching the Queen having fun with just two cocks. From besides the threesome, the two kneeling Ichigos reached their right hands to the moaning Senna's wrists and had both her hands to hold their cocks.

The ecstatic Senna felt two more hard erections in her hands and began to stroke them in enthusiastic. The standing Ichigo moved closer to Senna with his member touching her lips, tempting her to suck it.

"Suck it." he commanded her.

The stroking and moaning Senna opened her eyes filled with lust and felt one more cock on her lips. She took that cock in her mouth and began sucking it, bobbing her head back and forth.

This is the kind of multi-pleasure she wants with her strawberry husband - lots of Ichigos' cocks in a pleasant gangbang.

She stopped sucking and retrieved her mouth, switching to the left Ichigo's cock. Her mouth captured his cock and sucked it in a quick pace while bobbing her head. Next, she stopped and switched back to the standing Ichigo, sucking his cock again. Stopping again, she switched to the right Ichigo and took that cock in her mouth. With her stroking hands continuing non-stop, the moaning Senna kept on switching the three Ichigos cocks over and over again - from right, center, left, center, right, center, left, center, right, center, left; repeating herself over and over again.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaaahhhh~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmmaaaaahhhh~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmmaaaaahhhh~ MMmmmm~ S-So many cocks~ Ichigos' cocks are the best~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmmaaaaahhhh~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ !" She exclaimed in her thought while sucking and stroking the clones' members more and more.

The laying Ichigo looked at his wife and examined her. She was really enjoying this with his clones. His hands traveled up to her C-size breasts and gave the softness and firmness a good squeeze. Next, he massaged her breasts in delight to add more pleasure. He and his thrusting clone quickened their paces faster and harder than before inside her pussy and her butt.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Oooohh, Ichi~ ! Sooo goood~ ! That's sooo goood! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" She felt the double sensational pleasure has increased even more with a loud delightful moan while stroking the two Ichigos from her sides. "M-More! I-I want more! Gimme more! Aaaahhmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ !" She pleaded with more desire of lust before leaning her head to suck the center Ichigo's cock again before switching the right.

The anal thrusting Ichigo felt his peak reaching, so he quickened his cock inside her butt more and more. Soon, he let out a moan, pushing himself deep inside that hole, and spewed his warm white juice inside her anus. Senna stopped stroking and sucking and let out a delightful moan, still holding the clones' cocks, feeling the warmness inside her butt from the latter's cock. However, that Ichigo wasn't finished yet. He continued thrusting her butt with more speed until his second peak has reached again. With another moan, he came inside her butt with more cum than before, adding the previous cum he released together. After that, he slowly retrieved his cock from her tight hole until it was finally out before he poofed.

Also, Ichigo had stopped moving his cock when he saw his clone had reached his limit.

Senna slumped on her husband's body and dropped her arms on the bed sheet. She was panting in pleasure from his clone's cum inside her butt with her breasts pressing onto his chest. Her butt tightened from releasing any of the warm white juice inside.

Ichigo watched her panting, waiting for her until she was ready to continue. The three Ichigos were waiting as well while their erections are still hard and wet from the Queen's stroking and sucking. They backed off the bed so their master can have some space and moment with her.

The panting Senna opened her eyes and faced her laying husband, who was staring at her panting, with her amber eyes filled with complete lust. She leaned her head down and brought her lips to kiss him, moving her hands on his orange hair with her eyes closed. Moaning in a sexy tone, the lovers roamed their lips together as Ichigo's hands slid their way down from her back to her soft butt cheeks, then palm grabbed them. The kissing Ichigo began to move his cock inside her wet hotspot in a slow movement while pressing her butt down to deepen the thrust.

"MMmmmm... MMmmmm... MMmmmm... " Senna moaned through kissing and roaming her lips with her beloved husband. She suddenly had a perfect idea how to have an intense shower from his clones. Breaking the kiss, she licked his tongue, then his lips. "Ichigo... " she spoke his name while staring at him.

"Senna... " Ichigo stopped his moving hips from thrusting and removed his hands from her butt cheeks.

Senna straightened and upped herself while feeling his cock sliding out of her inside pussy until her feet were on the floor. Ichigo sat up and watched his wife's next move. She began to form a ninja sign and created a naked clone of herself with a black X mark on her left wrist, standing next to the real one.

"What do you want me to do?" Senna asked the Mistress, with a smile.

Senna grinned sexily to her clone and walked behind her back. She moved very close to the latter with her breasts and nipples pressing her back as she faced her husband. She raised both hands and grabbed her clone's C-size breasts, making the latter's face blushed from the Mistress's hands. She even squeaked out a sexy moan.

"Ichigo~ make sure to have a hot time with this Senna until I have my cum shower~ okay~ ?" she requested him in a sexy tone.

Ichigo thought for a moment while his wife was having a shower on her body while her clone is out. His three clones hadn't reached their peaks yet while she was waiting for them to covered her body in warm cum. With Senna's clone to pleasure, he might take it while her hands are full with his three clones. If he released his white juice inside the clone's pussy, then he'll just have to re-harden himself with the pill from Gotei Hotel - in which she was given by Yoruichi.

He'll wait until then.


Senna smiled sexily at her husband, but stopped in realization. She couldn't hold the cum inside her butt any longer from his previous clone. Some cum dripped out of her anus to the back of her left thigh. With a sweet moan, her hands stopped roaming her clone's breasts and raised her right hand to the latter's left side of her face. Senna turned the latter's face to eye at her.

"Before that Ichi, I need a little favor from myself." Senna moved closer to Senna's right ear, whispering. "Care to clean the cum in my butt~ " she offered in a seductive tone.

Senna too sexily smiled from her Mistress's order. "Sure~ " Raising her left hand to the Mistress's left on her breast, she removed it before kneeling down and waited.

Senna turned herself around with her butt in front of her face and lowered both hands to her butt cheeks to spread them apart, making the dripping cum leak out more. With her hands on Senna's thighs from the sides, the kneeling Senna starts to lick the dripping white juice on her left back thigh, traveling her tongue up so she can collect all of them in her mouth. Senna moaned in delight from her clone's licking, knowing it feels good with her tongue, feeling more cum dripping out from her anus until every single one are out. Traveling her tongue to Senna's thigh until she made it to the center of her butt, Senna kept on licking and licking until all the dripping cum are gone.

Soon, Senna cleaned the Mistress's left thigh and had all the white juice in her mouth. She swallowed them all in one gulp before licking her lips.

"Mistress, I've finished my cleaning." she spoke, still kneeling.

The purple-haired woman let out a happy sigh and removed her hands from her butt cheeks. She turned around to her clone and extended her right hand to her. Senna took the latter's hand and was pulled up to stand up in front of her. She was in thought, finding out what her will reward be for cleaning the cum from her butt. Soon, with a seductive smile, she figured out what that reward will be.

Senna reached her arms around Senna's back and pulled her close to hers, pressing both their breasts and nipples together. Both of their faces were blushing from the naked body contact.

"Your reward shall be this~ " Senna brought her lips to her clone's in a sexy lesbian kiss. Senna returned the kiss and moved her lips against her Mistress, bringing her arms to Senna's back. Both of them continued kissing and bringing each others' bodies closer to deepen the kiss. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ !" They were moaning between their lesbian kiss in their same sexy tone. Both of their C-size breasts and nipples pressed against each other and felt the lesbian pleasure was more interesting.

Ichigo couldn't believe his own eyes, seeing two naked Sennas are having a lesbian moment. For the first time, he's actually seeing two women kissing in person. This makes him even more turned on from watching the scene.

The three Ichigos were also amazed to see the two Queens making out in a deep kiss. Their right hands started stroking their own members from watching the lesbian scene.

Breaking the lesbian kiss in a slowly, sexy way, both Sennas licked each others' tongues and released their arms from each other before retrieving their tongues. Their naked bodies broke the contact and turned to the sitting Ichigo, who was still watching them on the ledge, before approaching to him together.

Senna knelt on the floor and had her right hand on his hard cock, stroking it enthusiastically. Standing in front of him, Senna leaned herself to her husband and pecked his lips with their nose touching. The kneeling and stroking Senna leaned her head forward and captured his cock in her mouth. She sucks that hard erection and bobbed her head back and forth while licking the tip from the inside, making him more turned on.

"Be back soon, honey~ Right after my shower~ " she said seductively and walked over to the three stroking Ichigos.

Until she was in the middle of them, the Ichigos stopped their right hands on their own arousals and surrounded the Queen in a triangle. They were very hasty to give the Queen a wonderful time with their cocks, waiting to give her what she really wanted. The eager Senna knelt down and looked at the three delicious Ichigos cocks in delight from her surrounding. She raised both her hands and held two hard cocks from her sides, stroking them enthusiastically.

Senna giggled from this, "Come on, boys~ gimme lots of cum~ " she pleaded and leaned her head forward, taking the center's manhood in her mouth. While continued stroking, Senna sucks his cock in a quick pace, moving her head back and forth repeatedly in delight. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ !" She stopped sucking him and switched her mouth to the left, taking his cock and working her mouth on him. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ !" After that, she switched back to the center and worked her sucking on him again. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ !" Then, she stopped and switched to the right and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it before switching to the next cock. She kept switching and sucking each of the Ichigos cocks one after another; right, center, left, center, right, center, left, center, right, center, left, center, repeating herself over and over again.

Sucking all the three Ichigos cocks really got herself satisfied. She just couldn't wait for her body to be drenched in cum. On the other hand, for Ichigo, if he came inside her clone's pussy with his own cum before her cum shower, then she'll just have to wait for his cock to re-harden by the special container - which is for him that is.

Back to Ichigo, the kneeling Senna had her mouth on his cock in a fellatio with her head bobbing. She sucks it to pleasure him so she can feel the real cock inside her pussy - rather than the clones'. Ichigo moaned from her mouth job. He didn't know the way she work her mouth like the real Senna. Looking at her sucking, he couldn't believe how sexy she look, and how she work the same way as her. He wanted to know how this Senna's pussy feels like.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ " Senna sexily moaned and moaned while sucking and bobbing non-stop. She can feel herself craving for his manhood inside her pussy. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ " She removed her mouth and gazed at him while stroking with her right hand. "Oooooohhh~ Goshujinsama (Master)... I want your cock inside me~ " she said with desire of lust, removing her right hand.

He smiled at her, "Go ahead. Let's see how good you are." he backed himself on the bed until he's in the middle, then laid his back down.

Senna climbed on the bed and spread her legs wide to reveal her bare pussy with her feet besides his sides. She squatted and lowered herself, straddling her shins between his waist until the tip of his arousal touched her wet opening. Ichigo watched the scene above him and waited for her private area to consume him. Senna began to lower herself and felt the length entering her opening with a delightful moan. Until she lowered herself even more, she felt the hardness has enter all the way inside with a jolt of pleasure.

"AAAAAAHHHHHNNNN~~ ! Goshujinsama (Master)~ ! You're soo hard~ ! Aaaahhhhnnn~ " she loudly moaned from feeling the real thing inside her, blushing madly pink from the receivement.

Ichigo moaned from feeling the clone's engulfing pussy on his manhood. It felt exactly the same womanhood like Senna's, but couldn't believe his wife and her clone would have the same pussy feeling.

"Whoa! Her pussy feels like Senna's!" he shouted in his mind and had his hands on her hips, locking his eyes at her C-size breasts. He began to bounce his hips, thrusting himself inside her hotspot in a quick pace rapidly in a cowgirl position.

"Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ G-Goshujinsama (Master)~ it's... it's soooo goood~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ M-More~ I want more~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ !" she pleaded, almost sounded like the real Senna when she said it. She placed both hands on his chest and felt the thrusting inside her wet wall with intense pleasure. Ichigo knows how to make things more interesting with this Senna. His hands removed from her hips and caught both her lovely breasts, squeezing them in delight while thrusting. "Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaahhnnn~ Goshujinsama (Master), yes~ Touch them~ Touch me good~ " she praised from his handiwork and added more thrusts by moving herself, using her butt to bounce on his hard cock. "Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Goshujinsama (Master), more! More~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ Aaaahhnnn~ !" she pleaded and felt the pleasure was rising rapidly.

Ichigo stopped bouncing his hips, wanting to relax for a moment before continuing. He laid there, taking some time to catch his breath, regaining his energy. Senna moaned and dropped herself onto his torso, pressing her breasts against his chest deeply. She was panting as well, feeling the amazing cowgirl ride she just had with the real Ichigo.

"Goshujinsama (Master), that was great!" she complimented him before bringing herself to kiss him passionately with her hands roaming on his orange hair. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ " She moved her lips against his and plunged her tongue into his mouth, dancing with his tongue in a deep lust.

Ichigo moved his hands to Senna's back and grasped it to deepen her body and breasts onto his torso even more through kissing. He can feel her tongue has entered through his mouth and played with his tongue. Then, something hit him when he was busy with Senna's lips, he suddenly felt this same tongue kissing feeling from the real Senna. Somehow, Senna and her clone are both perfectly and exactly equal when it comes to steamy sex.

Ichigo continued kissing her until he had a better idea with this Senna. He slowly broke the kiss and stared at her eyes, waiting for each other to catch their breaths. Finally, he got some air, readied to ask her.

"Say, wanna go for double?" he grinned perversely.

"MMmmmm~ Two cocks inside me? How interesting~ " She was sexually delighted from hearing his idea.

Ichigo removed his hands from her back and formed a ninja sign, creating a new clone of himself. He was standing away from the bed with his hard manhood, near the bed. His hands lowered until they went under her legs, then palm grabbed both her thighs. He began to move himself off the bed and felt both her knees were on his arms in a standing and carrying position.

Carrying Senna like this will give her a wonderful ride with his member. Even if there's two of him in this position, it'll give her even more pleasurable ride, especially her clone.

"Ooohh~ Goshujinsama (Master) " Senna giggled from this position and locked her arms around his neck, pressing herself against his torso to make him more motivated.

Ichigo smiled from this. He knew she would have the same expression as the real Senna from this position. He held her thighs tight and lifted her up a little before looking at his clone.

"Go for her butt." he ordered him.

"Got it." he smirked and walked closer to them. Standing behind the carrying Senna, he held his arousal with his right hand and aimed the tip at her anus. Removing his right hand, he slowly enters the inside of her tight hole, earning a soft moan from Senna's mouth, and pushed himself as deep as he can before palming her butt cheeks.

"Aaaahhhnnn~ ! This... This feels good, Goshujinsama (Master) " Senna praised, feeling two cocks inside her holes are much better.

Ichigo smiled, readied for this before Senna finish her shower. The Ichigos began to thrust their cocks inside her holes back and forth while carrying her. When feeling two of their moving cocks inside her, Senna loudly moaned and pressed herself against Ichigo's chest from the double pleasure.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Goshujinsama (Master)~ Soo goood~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" She felt their members rubbing her inside, generating more pleasure than before. Pressing her breasts against his chest, she wanted them to speed up their arousals inside her pussy and her butt.

The two Ichigos began to increase their pace, moving themselves harder and faster inside her holes. This makes her moan to louden with each of their thrusting cocks. Senna was in ecstatic, feeling more and more pleasure flowing inside her body due to their wonderful cocks.

Ichigo can feel her hotspot getting wetter as he kept on thrusting. She felt just like the real Senna! He couldn't believe she has the same sexy reaction when he was having fun with her. He wondered how Senna does it.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ooohh, yeaahh~ Goshujinsama (Master)~ M-More~ Give me more~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !"

The kneeling Senna was currently sucking three Ichigos cocks in ecstatic, who was waiting to have a cum shower from them. She was having fun while stroking their cocks with her busy hands and sucking them one by one. Her hands were still stroking two Ichigos erections from her sides while taking the center's cock in her mouth, bobbing her head in a quick pace.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ Oooohh man~ Ichigos' cocks are soo good~ Their cocks are the best~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ " She was moaning highly non-stop in delight. Now that she retrieved her mouth from the center's, she turned to the left and sucked the next Ichigo's cock in her mouth. She switched back to the center and sucked it, then switched to the right. She continued sucking their cocks one by one; right, center, left, center, right, center, left, center, right, center, left, center, right, over and over again. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ I love Ichigos' cocks~ They're sooo delicious~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ !" Senna shouted in her mind while sucking them in rapture.

The best thing about her husband's clones are having their cocks in her mouth, on her hands, and in her butt. She preferred to have her real husband's inside her pussy the most, but sucking them, stroking them, and thrusting inside her butt was the only thing she wants from them.

She couldn't wait to have her real husband's member inside her again after this. His cock is way better than these Ichigos - besides going for her butt, giving them triple fellatio, and a cum shower.

The double thrusting Ichigos were giving Senna the best pleasure she ever had. She continued moaning and moaning non-stop with each of their stiffed erections hitting her insides. She kept on pressing both her C-size breasts against Ichigo's chest to encourage his thrust faster and faster.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ G-Goshujinsama (Master)~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ M-Mooorree~ I want more~ !" She pleaded in pleasure.

Both Ichigos were moaning from this and continuously kept on going for a few more moments until they gave her one last, hard thrust inside her pussy and butt. Senna widened her eyes from this with a wondrous moan and felt their cocks going all the way to the deepest part of her pussy and anus. They panted from their thrustings as Ichigo thought of another sexy idea with this Senna. Through standing and carrying her, he carefully set her left leg down until her left foot touched the floor. Next, he set her right leg down as Ichigo removed his hands from her butt cheeks. Both of them removed their cocks from her wet pussy and anus, earning a soft moan from Senna when feeling their members sliding out before she removed her arms from his neck.

Ichigo backed up a bit and examined her naked body in amazement. He was feeling more aroused by gazing at her body, breasts, and pink nipples - which is perfectly equal to the real Senna's.

Senna panted in delight through standing and lowered her head, locking at his hard cock. She was so ready to take that hard thing in her mouth. She bent her butt down to face Ichigo from behind and had her hands on Ichigo's thighs, positioning herself in a standing doggy style. She was very close to Ichigo's tip, extremely eager to suck it.

Ichigo had his right hand on his manhood and aimed it at her wet opening. Moving closer, he immediately entered inside her pussy along with the wetness. With a jolt of pleasure, Senna moaned in delight and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it with her head bobbing between moaning with her mouth full. Ichigo palmed her butt and thrust his way inside her in a quick pace. Even Ichigo, his hands held her head and thrust himself inside her mouth while she's sucking him with her eyes closed.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ !" Senna was delighted, having more pleasure with his cock hitting her inside mouth when she sucking him. With two cocks thrusting her, she can no longer think, but wanting more excitement from this - hunger with lust.

Ichigo quickened his pace more and more, thrusting her pussy with more speed; his peak was about to reach. He moaned and gave her one deep, thrust inside her hotspot, he spewed his white juice inside Senna's pussy with a moan. Senna stopped sucking, had his cock deep inside her mouth, and widened her eyes from receiving the hotness inside her pussy. She felt so hot and was in bliss, feeling his cum flowing inside her womb. However, that Ichigo wasn't really done with her - yet. He continued thrusting her pussy harder and faster than before until his second peak had reached. With another moan from this, he deeply thrust her pussy and released his white juice inside Senna's womanhood again, but this time it was massive than before.

Senna let out a sexy moan with Ichigo's arousal inside her mouth, feeling her pussy had received lots cum. Having his warm white juice injecting inside her hotspot makes her feel wild and excited. Her eyes softened from this excitement but didn't have enough energy to suck his cock again.

Ichigo saw the look in her lusty eyes, knowing her body had reached the limit due to his clone's climax. Seeing her lusty face makes him want to cum inside her pussy as well.

Ichigo sighed tiredly and retrieved himself from her wet hole, removing his hands from her butt cheeks. He was extremely exhausted and poofed due to his tiredness.

Senna's whole body was shaking from the hotness inside her as she removed her mouth from Ichigo's manhood, leaving her saliva on it and straightening herself in front of him. Quickly, she moved towards the bed and climbed there, laying her back with her head near the pillows with clothes. Panting in pleasure and hastiness, she spread her legs wide and opened her wet pussy with her own hands for him. Senna really couldn't control herself any longer, she wants him to finish the job inside her so bad.

"Goshujinsama (Master)... please... inside my pussy... " She pleaded and craved for his cock impatiently.

Ichigo remembered this kind of Senna with that tone before. It was the exact same night where Senna had finished their second round from her fellatio and wanted a third round during their Gotei Hotel. He immediately climbed on the bed and positioned himself on top of her with her spread legs. Stroking himself a bit, he aimed the tip at her wet opening and pushed himself all the way in. With that, he dropped himself above her torso with her C-size breasts on his chest.

With another jolt of pleasure, Senna moaned in delight from his hard entrance and had her eyes shut.

"Aaaaahhhhnnnn~ ! Goshujinsama (Master), OOHH~ YEEESSS! ! Your cock is my favorite~ !" She cried out in ecstatic and grasped her arms on his back.

With that, Ichigo began to thrust inside her wet frame in a quick and hard pace, pleasuring her more and more like the real Senna. Both of them were moaning like crazy from this outstanding pleasure. Senna arched her back to press her breasts, pushing them against his chest to make him go wild. Her legs were wrapped against his waist and tightened them, making his cock thrust deeper in an effort.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Goshujinsama (Master)~ More! I want more! Please don't stop! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" She pleaded with desire between moaning, feeling his member pumping inside her pussy was much better than before and his clone.

While they're at it, Senna was still stroking and sucking the three Ichigos' cocks for her cum shower. She was taking the center Ichigo's erection in her mouth while bobbing her head, and her hands were still stroking the two Ichigos from her sides.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ "

"Ooohh yeah, babe! I'm gonna cum!" the center Ichigo said.

"Ooohh yes! Us too!" the stroked Ichigos called out.

"Keep going!"

Senna heard them. She couldn't wait for her shower. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmmmaaaaaahhhh~ " She removed her mouth and eyed at them while stroking, "Make sure to give me lots~ of cum~ " She hungrily said to them and took the center's cock in her mouth, sucking it again in a quick speed. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ !" One by one, she licked each of their tips from the inside through sucking to increase their peaks from cumming.

The three Ichigos felt their edges are reaching. They couldn't hold themselves any longer. The center Ichigo let out a moan and spewed his cum inside Senna's mouth.

"MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmm-! !" Senna widened her eyes, felt the taste, and quickly removed her mouth with some cum inside. She swallowed the delicious flavor in delight and opened her mouth, waiting for more to be released. The center Ichigo had his right hand on his manhood and stroked it rapidly, continuing to shoot more white juice at the kneeling Queen. His cum landed on her face, and then at her breasts. "Aaaaaahhhhh~ !" Senna moaned in excitement from the receiving cum on her face and breasts while stroking the two Ichigos. The Ichigos let out a moan and massively shoots their cums at her face, then spewing at her breasts from their sides. "Aaaaaahhhhh~ More cum~ Gimme more~ " Senna ecstatically pleaded from feeling the hotness on her face and breasts.

But it wasn't enough.

The three Ichigos panted from their edges, but the Queen continued stroking them and took the center's cock in her mouth again. She sexually moaned and bobbed her head while licking it before removing her mouth and eyeing at them.

"Come on, boys~ My cum shower has just begun~ Satisfy me with more cum~ " She commanded them and took the center's erection back in her mouth. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ MMmmmm~ " She switched her fellatio to the right Ichigo, then switched to the left, sucking their stiffed arousals to make them spew more white juice on her. Repeating her sucking, she switched to the center, right, center, left, center, right, center, left, over and over again.

The Ichigos felt their second edges are about to reach.

"Here we cum!" the center called.

Senna immediately retrieved her mouth and continued stroking them, waiting for her second cum shower in eager. The center stroked himself rapidly and released more of his white juice on her face, with her eyes shut, then her breasts again. With her stroking hands, the two Ichigos moaned and spewed more on her face, dripping down to her breasts.

"Aaaaaahhhhh~ Yeeessss~ More cum~ !" She delightfully moaned from the hotness on her body and stopped her stroking, dropping them to the floor.

Now that her cum shower was fulfilled, she had a great cum shower from those Ichigos, but they weren't done yet. Their right hands were still stroking in a rapid speed, wanting to give the Queen as much cum shower as she wants than before.

Senna opened her eyes and saw them stroking themselves, knowing her cum shower wasn't complete.

"Ooohhh yeess~ More, more cum~ Gimme more cum~ !" She pleaded them in bliss and excitement.

They heard her and quickened their stroking hands until their third edges have reached. With their loud moan, they released their massive white juice on her. The center Ichigo shoots his cum on her face, with her eyes shut, and between her breasts. The two Ichigos massively shoots theirs on her breasts from their sides, covering her pink nipples with the delicious, thick stickiness.

"Aaaaaahhhh~ Yeesss~ Lots of cum... So delicious... Ichigo's cum... " Senna delightfully exclaimed from her best cum shower. She can feel the hotness of their cums on her face, collar, breasts, and nipples. She licked some cum from her lips and swallowed the delicious taste. She can hardly believe from her husband's clones during her cum shower. They massively came on her body three times each as much as before - which makes nine in total.

Now the three Ichigos were extremely tired from their triple released cum, they poofed themselves due to their exhaustion.

The kneeling, cum-drenched Senna was extremely amazed from her massive cum shower. She just knelt there and opened her eyes with complete lust, looking at her husband and her clone who were having so much fun. She'll wait for him to finish his fun with her but she couldn't wait for him to have some more fun with her.

The moaning Senna was having so much fun with Ichigo and his hard cock. She had no idea how awesome and pleasant it is when it was fully erected. It was so much better than his clone's.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Goshujinsama (Master)~ Goshujinsama (Master)~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ I-I... Aaaahhnn~ I want more~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Your-Your cock~ Ooooohh~ Please, harder! Faster! Deeper! Inside my pussy~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ ! Please~ Please, cum inside my pussy~ !" She pleaded between moaning while feeling the sensational pleasure from his hard thrustings.

Ichigo continued thrusting and heard her wish. He quickened his thrust inside her pussy harder and faster than before, making things more intense. Her inside was getting wetter and wetter with each thrusts, making his pace to speed up even more. The way she said to him was exactly like Senna whenever they were near their peaks.

With his last thrust, Ichigo moaned and spewed his white juice deeply inside Senna's pussy. Senna let out a loud moan, her eyes widened, and released her pussy juice from her peak, tightening her arms and legs around him. Panting in pleasure, she can feel the hotness flowing inside her womb with his releasing cum and her own pussy juice, mixing them together. Just as she was about to remove her arms and legs from him, Ichigo began to thrust her pussy with the same motion and hardness inside her. She moaning from feeling her tightness and wetness around his manhood.

"Aaaahhnn~ Go-Goshujinsama (Master)~ ? Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" Senna couldn't find the right words to say. She was surprised that he can still go on. The pleasure was coming back into her with each thrusts, wanting him to spew more of his cum inside her pussy again.

Ichigo continued thrusting and couldn't hold himself any longer from reaching his second peak. With one more hard, deep thrust inside her wet wall, he moaned and massively spewed his cum inside her womb again. Senna cried out a moan from her second receivement. She can hardly believe it. He just released more cum inside her womb - twice. Her wrapped legs tightened his waist from feeling his second peak.

"Ooooohhh... Oooooooohhhh... Go... Goshujinsama (Master)... Oooooohhh... Sooo... Soo... hot... Aaaaahhh... " Senna slowly released her arms and dropped them on the bed, then removed her legs from his waist, leaving them spread wide. She can feel the mixed cum from her inside pussy was slowly dripping out.

The strawberry slowly pulled his stiffed manhood out of her wet hole and laid on the bed next to her, panting heavily to catch his breath.

The panting Senna was in bliss after having a wonderful fun with the real Ichigo and his hard cock. She can hardly move herself from reaching the dripping out from her pussy. Her eyes were blank after the climax of their fun.

The cum-drenched Senna was very amazed to see her clone having a blast from her husband. With all those warm cum on her face and torso, she had a very steamy idea on how to clean them off; she grew a sexy smile on her face. Slowly and carefully, she got up on her feet and approached her way to the ledge of the bed, right next to the laying Senna. Kneeling on the floor next to the bed from her clone, Senna reached two of her left fingers and slid their way inside her clone's wet pussy with mixed cums.

"Aaaaahhh~ Aaaaahhh~ Aaaaahhh~ " Moaning in delight, Senna felt two fingers sliding inside her pussy, shakened by the pleasure again. Her hands tightened the bed sheet from her Mistress's fingering.

"You're really loving it, aren't you~ ?" Senna asked sweetly to her clone while fingering the wetness enthusiastically. With more fingering and pleasuring Senna's womanhood even more, she stopped and retrieved her fingers out with lots of mixed cum. Senna looked at her sticky fingers in amazement and took her collected cum on her fingers in her mouth. "Aaaaaahhhhmmmmmm~ MMmmmmmm~ " Slipping her fingers out, Senna swallowed the delicious mixed cum and gave her a sexy stare before standing up and sitting on the bed in front of her in a seductive way.

The panting Senna finally caught her breath and saw her Mistress sitting in front as she sat up with both palms on the bed. Her breasts were heaving up and down while panting. Now, she's staring at her Mistress with lots of cum on her torso, and some on her face.

"Now then, wanna clean me again~ ?" she seductively requested her, feeling very horny.

Ichigo finally felt refresh after releasing himself inside Senna twice. He opened his eyes and heard Senna's moaning in pleasure with her clone - but doesn't know which Senna he was hearing - before sitting up. From his left side, he amazingly saw his cum-drenched wife, sitting on the bed with her open palms to keep herself still, and was being licked by her clone, who was leaning close to her collarbone. With her tongue cleaning is busy, both her hands were on Senna's thighs to keep herself still while licking. She used her tongue to clean off some sap of cum from her collarbone while hearing her sweet moaning from her cleaning work. Stopping her tongue, she moved to Senna and brought their lips together in a sexy lesbian kiss.

Senna's lewdly breasts were already cleaned by her clone's magic tongue on them. Plus, both her pink nipples were already erected due to her flicking, cleaning tongue.

"MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ MMmmmmm~ !"

Senna gave her the collected cum through Senna's inside mouth by plunging her tongue into her mouth. She gave her all the white juice she can have from her wonderful cum shower. Both their soft and firm breasts were pressed against each other while making out before Senna dropped herself on the bed. With Senna on top of her Mistress, she roamed her lips against Senna's and kissed her with more passion.

Senna had no idea how good it was, having another naked woman with her in an awesome lesbian sex - especially herself. She was enjoying the lesbian sex, including her clone's breasts and nipples were pressing on hers when she's on top. She had no idea how sexy it was, and how exciting it can be!

The amazed Ichigo doesn't feel like being left out of the fun, he knows how to please his two sexy wives. He got off the bed and stood by the drawer. He opened one of the drawer and took out a small container, opening the cap and taking out one pill. Putting the container on the drawer desk, he took the pill in his mouth and swallowed it. He can feel himself stimulating again from the effect of the pill. He let out a sigh and felt his manhood was already hard, very hard than before. The orange-haired turned to the naked lesbian women, who were having so much fun with each other, and stood by the ledge of the bed.

"Okay girls, which one of your mouth is ready?" he asked them.

The two Sennas stopped their lesbian kissing and turned to the strawberry with his erected cock. Quickly, they broke apart and crawled their ways to him until they're in front of their favorite meal. Looking at that wonderful hard thing really makes them very horny and eager to have it in their mouths and pussies. Finally, Senna can have fun with the real thing, her real husband's cock.

Senna was the first to catch it in her right hand and stroked it enthusiastically.

"Me first, Goshujinsama (Master) " She captured it in her mouth and bobbed her head, sucking with more speed than before. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ " Removing her mouth from his cock, she twirled her tongue around the tip, enjoying the wonderful taste on it.

Senna playfully bumped her butt to her clone's hips, interrupting her licking on her husband. "My turn!" Her left hand caught it and stroked it enthusiastically, loving that hard thing in her hand. "My my~ Ichi~ did you take the pill?" she asked seductively, leaning very close to it with a sexy smile while stroking.


Senna stopped stroking and took it in her mouth, sucking it with more love and speed while bobbing her head. Her tongue licked the tip from the inside to pleasure him even more. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ " With a few more bobbing, she removed her mouth, letting her clone to have her turn.

Senna took the hard length in her mouth and began to suck it, bobbing her head back and forth with a sweet moaning. "MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmm~ MMmmmmaaaahhhhh~ " Next, she removed her mouth and let her Mistress to have her turn.

Ichigo moaned from this, having two Sennas sucking him in a fellatio was double fun. He looked at them, taking turns to suck his member one after another. He couldn't help but watching two Sennas taking his erection in his mouth: left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left; over and over again. Having two Sennas in a threesome seems to be nice once in a while. Finally, he let out a wonderful sigh and pulled himself from Senna's mouth job, then patted their heads with both hands.

"Okay girls, on the bed." he commanded them, feeling eager to go for one of their wonderful hotspot.

Giving a sexy smiles at him, the two Sennas complied and positioned themselves on the bed. Senna laid her back on the bed with her legs spread wide. As for Senna, she positioned herself on top of the real one in a lesbian missionary position, pressing her breasts and nipples on hers, facing her butt at Ichigo's direction. Her legs were under Senna's spread legs from being on top.

Ichigo stroked himself a bit. He couldn't wait to feel Senna's wonderful pussy again. Standing from the ledge of the bed and close to the Sennas, he aimed his member at Senna's wet opening and pushed himself inside that hotspot. Finally with a moan, he felt the real thing again!

When a jolt of pleasure consumed her, Senna let out a delightful moan from feeling his hard cock inside her and grasped her arms around Senna's back to deepen her bare torso against hers. Both their C-size breasts were pressing deeply against each other from this position.

"Aaaahhhnn~ Ichi~ Ooooohhh, yeeesss~ ! I love your cock inside my pussy!" she praised delightfully.

Senna looked at the expression on her Mistress' face and brought her lips to hers in a steamy, lesbian kiss. Her hands were caressing Senna's face and they roamed their lips against each other while moaning in their sexy tone. Her breasts and nipples were brushing against hers while they're making out sensationally.

Before Ichigo can pleasure his wife, his hands lowered to her hips and lifted her up a bit, carrying two Sennas in a wheelbarrow style. Both lesbian kissing Sennas felt the lifting and liked the way he carried them, and continued to busy their lips against each other. Ichigo began to thrust Senna's wet pussy in a quick pace while carrying in a wheelbarrow, pounding that spot over and over again with all his energy.

Senna broke the kiss and cried out a moan from being thrust by her husband's cock repeatedly. "Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ichigo~ More~ ! Aaaahhnn~ Inside my pussy~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !" She pleaded between moaning. She felt herself kissing her neck and playing with her C-size breasts with her free hands.

"Oh man, Senna! Aaaahhh! Both of your pussy feels the same!" He said while thrusting before quickening his pace harder and faster than before.

Senna loudened her moan, being double pleasured by her clone's magic hands and her husband's stiffed erection at the same time in a threesome. She was moaning non-stop and lowered her hands from her back to her butt cheeks. She palm grabbed and firmly squeezed them from receiving the immense pleasure. She couldn't think straight, but was going wild and focusing on their fantastic, three way sex she ever had.

The thrusting Ichigo placed both Sennas back on the bed from carrying and continued pleasuring her more and more, still holding her hips. He can feel his peak is about to reach, but couldn't stop his hips from moving.

"Aaaahh! S-Senna, I'm... I'm gonna cum!" he called out while thrusting.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ S-Shower me! Shower me with your hot cum, Ichigo! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ " Senna retorted between moaning and removed her hands from Senna's butt cheeks. Her clone heard them and stopped playing with her Mistress breasts. She quickly got off her and knelt on the bed behind Senna's, reaching her hands to her head and putting on her thighs.

Ichigo can feel himself close to the edge while thrusting Senna's wet frame harder and faster. With a groan, he immediately removed his cock from her pussy and massively spewed his white juice on her breasts. Senna ecstatically moaned from feeling his hot cum on her breasts and loved this new cum shower from him. Ichigo stroked himself rapidly and massively released more cum on her breasts and her belly.

"Aaaaaahhhhnnn~ Ichigo... lots of cum... " Senna panted in pleasure and rested her head on her clone's thighs, slightly tilting her head from the left.

She thought he was done, but he wasn't. Ichigo was still hard and entered her pussy again, holding her hips. Senna delightfully moaned and felt his cock thrusting her womanhood again with more speed.

"Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Ichi-Ichigo, more! Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ Aaaahhnn~ !"

Soon, Ichigo felt his second peak again and quickly pulled his member from her wet hole. He massively shoots his cum on her face, breasts, and belly - which was more than before. The moaning Senna felt more of his cum on her torso and face. She was in bliss, receiving Ichigo and his clones warm cum on her was the best thing she ever had. Although, she preferred her real husband's cock better than his clones, except the taste of cocks and cum were the same - minus the feeling. Panting in pleasure from this rapture night, she could barely move herself after this wonderful lust with her husband and herself.

Ichigo panted and laid on the bed in exhaustion after releasing himself on Senna's body and came inside her clone was intense. This is one of his best night with Senna he ever had, but having two Sennas in a threesome doesn't seem bad.

Senna carefully removed her thighs from her head to the bed and rotated herself to her Mistress in a missionary. She began to clean the cum on her body with her tongue on her face and her free hands were roaming her soft and firm breasts to spread and dry the white juice around them to make her smell like Ichigo's cum. With Senna's face was cleaned, Senna kissed her and plunged her tongue to give the collected cum on her tongue while licking each other. Senna sweetly moaned from her wonderful sexual work and had her to please her husband in a threesome was super fantastic.

They broke the lesbian kiss and sat up in a sitting position, wondering what to do next.

"Is there anything else you want me to do?" Senna asked in a sweet tone.

"Hmmm~ Ichigo, what do you-" Senna turned to her husband who was already asleep. She smiled at him, knowing what her clone will do along with her. "After you finish cleaning me, let's sleep together. The three of us~ " she answered her sexily.

"MMmmm~ Let's!" Senna happily replied.

After Senna had her sexy cleaning with her clone and swallowed the entire cum, the two Sennas slept with the sleeping Ichigo side-by-side. She was sleeping on Ichigo's right side and Senna was on his left side, sandwiching him from both sides. With the bed sheet covered the three of them, the Sennas gave each other a sexy good night lesbian kiss before kissing Ichigo, Senna kissed him first before her.

They all fell asleep nakedly together after their wild night with their Shadow Clone Jutsu.

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