Watson, Lost Friendships, and Rugby Balls

"You don't know where my rugby ball went, do you?"

Holmes paused, looking up from his book in a quiet moment of recollection. The rugby ball. John's rugby ball. He had almost forgotten about that old piece of history, the relic that showed of easier days and calmer times. Not such a busy world full of mischief and crime. Although Holmes didn't mind the crime. It kept him busy.

It also gave him a friend. He was unsentimental when it came to things like friends and women, but it was nice. It was nice to have a place to stay with someone who would put up with his oddities without raising a fuss. Watson didn't complain. It was nice.

But, the rugby ball. Holmes had taken it one day, when Watson had been busy with some patient. He had taken the red ball into his hand, weighing it with a look of idle amusement on his face. This was Watson's toy. But now it was about to become his.

So Holmes had taken it, had rolled it up in a dirty old cloth and packed it away in one of the drawers, mingling it with every other thing that he had known for his seven months with Watson.

Holmes had done this about one week after his friend had admitted he was proposing to Mary. Holmes had quickly deduced that Watson would be moving out, before Watson even said it himself. It wasn't a pleasant premonition, but it happened all the same.

So, he had taken the rugby ball and had hidden it away from Watson, where the man would never think to look. Watson was taking away something from Holmes when he left; he was taking away Holmes's only friend. So Holmes, being the slightly childish person in the face of all such events, had taken a part of Watson away, too. It was selfish and it was silly- but it was now his rugby ball.

"No, not a clue."

Holmes looked back to the book, letting the inconsequential notion of Watson, lost friendships, and rugby balls pass through his mind as he once again settled himself into the one thing that would never desert him: crime, murder, and death.

Drabble, drabble, drabble. That's all I do. :3 I adored this part though. We never really did figure out what happened to the ball, eh? (If we did, I missed it!) Alas...

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