The Little Mermaid: Harry's Beginning

Chapter Four

The small head turned slightly, emerald eyes opening just enough to be seen before blinking and opening a little wider, head turning to look up and surprise showing to see who was holding him. "Daddy?" he whispered, almost afraid of the answer.

"I'm so sorry I didn't listen," the man tried to apologize.

"Daddy!" the fourteen year old screamed, arms wrapping around his father's neck in a hug, "let's go home."

"So, Harry came back home and life went on just the same as before. Well, things weren't exactly the same," the voice giggled.

"Rise and shine," King James called as he pushed the colored seaweed apart to enter his children's room, "it's a beautiful day."

The girls looked up, smiles on their faces as they hurried out of bed, hugging him. Harry moved a bit slower, knowing that his sisters were still a bit upset with him about before and still unsure about his father's sudden change in attitude. He joined the hug, but was the first one to move back from it.

They dressed and moved to the throne room where the citizens of Atlantica were waiting. "To my children and to the citizens of Atlantica; I hereby decree that music will once again ring clear from one end of my kingdom to the other!"

Everyone cheered and at that moment Harry knew that everything would be alright now. Things would go back to normal and they could be a happy family once more.

"Therefore, I hereby announce Atlantica's first official Court Composer," the king gestured to Hermione as the crowd once again went wild, screaming and cheering.

Smiling, the crab stepped up and bowed. "Not that we don't trust you, Your Majesty, but Colin, hit it, mon."

"Raise your right hand, fin, claw, tentacle, or whatever the case maybe," he waited, "Very good. Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers?"

Blinking the king raised an eyebrow. "Uh...I do?"

The crowd went wild once more before someone began to sing.

"My love is higher than the sky"

"Yoo-hoo!" the two women from so long ago called, smiling and waving, to which the king returned.

"Deeper than the ocean

Warmer than the sun"

As the singing continued, Pansy and one of the citizens came over and lift Harry up cheering that they were now able to freely sing whenever they wished to.

"Shining down on me"

Luna was pulled over to the band, letting out a surprised gasp, as she was handed a horn of her very own. Smiling she took it and played up the scale quickly.

"Quiet as a prayer"

"A girl in the band?" Ron inquired.

"That's right."

"All my love

I will sing

Of joy and glory

I will sing

The look in your eyes"

Ginny tapped Dean on the shoulder, causing the older boy to look, and when he turned around she quickly pressed her lips to his. When she pulled back the boy looked dazed, but happy.

"I will sing

Till all the world knows your story

I will sing

For the rest of my life"

The king smiled as he saw everyone so happy for the first time in over a decade. He slowly removed himself from the room and returned to the garden, music box in hand. Looking up at the statue of him and his wife he smiled once more before sitting the music box down and allowing it to open. Then, it was as if this whole time that place had been waiting for the music box to come there for everything turned green and colorful once more. Harry came up behind the man, calling gently to get his attention.

"How about a dance?" the small teen asked.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," he replied, taking his son's hand and spinning him around like a girl. They did not get to dance much before Penelope came out to Conga.

"For the rest of my life"

"So, that is how a king and a prince brought a family back together. And after ten years love and music finally returned to the kingdom of Atlantica."

"I will sing for the rest of my life"

What happened to Salazar?

Salazar was sent to prison- obviously he had attempted to murder the prince and a very close friend of the prince's. What? Did you expect him to get off scotch free? Or maybe thought he had died? Sadly, none of the above happened. Nope. He went to prison. Where, he was receiving counseling every day…from Severus. Yeah, probably could have gotten him a better one of those, but hey who cares? He's never going to get out.

"Let's think about what we've learned," Severus lectured, "You just can't hurt people. Hurting is mean. We don't want to be mean, do we?"

Salazar just pulled out a hankie and blew his nose. He was miserable and after having to put up with this every day he was never going to be happy. Plus, the clothing that they made him wear just did not go along with the rest of him. It was black and white and striped. He looked weird. He looked up at Severus in hopes that he would leave it be, but saw that he was giving him a look.

"Maybe you're right," Sal agreed, reluctantly.

"That's my boy," Sev chuckled, pinching the older man's cheek.

"Samba?" Sev inquired as he got up and began to samba.

After watching for a couple of minutes Sal shrugged and began to dance as well. Hey it was better than being counseled about being mean.

"Ooh-wa! Ooh-wa!"

The End