Summary: She is in pain and it is all his fault. Companion piece to All My Fault but can be read as a stand–alone piece.

Disclaimer: I am not J.K. Rowling so I don't own Harry Potter. I make no profit from this.

All His Fault

My heart is breaking. It's split into two. Every day I see him. Every day I see him and my pain increases tenfold. Every day I see him and my pain increases tenfold because of him. The pain, the hopelessness, the depression. All his fault. But he won't do anything about it.

He says he's too old. That I deserve someone younger, my age. He says that he's too poor. That I deserve someone who can afford to look after me. He says that he's too dangerous. That I deserve someone who won't put my life at risk every full moon. Someone like Charlie Weasley, my best friend from Hogwarts. My age, who cares about age when you're in love? More money, who cares about money when you're in love. I earn enough money for both of us anyway. Less dangerous, who cares about danger when you're in love? I'm an Auror I can look after myself.

Pain. There's so much pain at the thought of being without him. Of being with anyone else. He thinks it's best for me. But it's not. It's just hurting both of us.

My heart is breaking. He is causing me pain. He could take the pain away. But he won't. Not ever. Because he thinks he's not good enough for me. But he is.

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