Hello…are you as excited as I am about this first chapter? I am! In my profile I have the pictures of the OC's so check them out!I decided to make the 'episodes' in parts. That way it's a bit easier for me. Well in this chapter it's pretty much the OC's typical day of high school, and how some of them end up signing up for glee club. Oh and lets pretend Tina, Blaine, and Artie graduated with the others and Rory went back to Ireland, and Sugar just left to another town! Now onto the chapter…

Will Shuester was happy. He really was. He had a roof under his head, food on his table, a beautiful wife, and a son on the way. He got up and got ready for another day of school. As he headed to the kitchen, he spotted his very much pregnant wife trying to put on one of her earrings. Being 5 months along now, her stomach was starting to show.

"Good morning honey." Emma's sweet voice filled the room.

"Good morning, how are you and our little guy doing?" As Will gently touched her belly.

"We are both doing very well, now come on Will were going to be late!" Will looked at his watched and saw that it was 7:30; they were going to be late! They both quickly gathered their things and ran (more like walked since Emma is carrying his child) to the car.

As they pulled up at the school parking lot, Will looked at the school and sighed. Emma noticed it and looked at him sympathetically.

"What's wrong honey?" Emma looked very worried.

"It's just; nobody has signed up for glee. It's been a week since school started Emma; I'm really worried. If no one signs up for glee, it's going to be disbanded. And I promised my kids I would keep it running to make those kids feel accepted like they did, and so far I'm not keeping up to my promise." Will remembered the day he promised his kids that, it was the day they graduated…

As they all headed towards the choir room one last time, there was no dry face in place. Everyone in the New Directions was going to miss their beloved glee club.

"Okay guys, I guess this is it. It was really in honor to be with all of you sharing a love for music. And cheering you on for every competition you were in. But now you are all no longer teenagers, but adults heading on to the real world and making the best of it. I'm really going to miss you all. But this isn't the end, it's just the beginning." Everybody was crying. Nobody wanted to let go of their beloved glee club it's made them who they were now.

"Mr. Schue we don't want to leave our glee club! It's been our home for the past 3 years! It's because of this club that made us into who we are today. And it's really hard to let it go!" Finn didn't want to leave this place. But he was heading to New York with Rachel and moving on to adulthood. But it was too hard to let go of the one thing he truly loved the most.

"I know that. But I want you all to keep the memories you have and always remember them. You all are in a very special place in my heart, and I will never forget you." Will was on the verge of tears now. It was really hard to let go.

"Stop crying. Stop any tears from falling. Stop all this depressing nonsense!" Brad spoke up. Their beloved pianist has never said a word in all the years they were in glee until now. "I know it's very hard to let go to something you hold dear of. But don't think of it as goodbye, think of it as see you later. So don't make yourselves a pity party, make a party of remembrance of all the amazing memories we all had in glee club." Everyone was shocked that brad has spoke up for the first time ever. But they all agreed on what he said.

"Thank you Brad for that short, yet very touching speech. I'm sure we all agree that it doesn't end here." Many heads nodded in agreement. The choir room grew quiet and all the former New Directions looked at each other and nodded.

"Mr. Shue?" Rachel raised her hand. The last time she would be able to raise her hand.

"Yes Rachel?" Will was going to miss Rachel's confidence and talent. Everyone's amazing talent and confidence.

"We were all wondering…if we could maybe perform as a group one last time?"He smiled at his beloved group.

"It… would be an honor to see you all perform one last time." Everyone in the choir room cheered. And jumped out of their chairs and ran to the auditorium. They all got on the stage and whispered to the band the song, and they all nodded in agreement. As the band began to play the song, Will recognized the song immediately.


Finn: Just a small town girl
livin´ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin´ anywhere
Rachel: Just a city boy born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train goin´ anywhere

Puck: A singer in a smoky room
Santana: The smell of wine and cheap perfume
Both: For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

Mike: Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Tina: Their shadows searching in the nights
Everyone: Streetlights people
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the nights

Everyone began to dance around. Smiling and jumping everywhere. Will looked at them proudly with tears glistening in his eyes.

Quinn: Working hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Sam:Payin´ anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some of the members began to whisper to each other and nodded to each other in agreement.
Artie: Some will win some will lose
Some are born to sing the blues
Mercedes: And now the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

Kurt and Blaine: Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Britanny: Their shadows searching in the nights
Everyone: Streetlights people
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the nights
Puck and Finn ran to Mr. Schue and carried him to the stage on their shoulders. Everyone was laughing and truly happy.
Everyone: Don't stop believin
Hold on to that feelin´
Streetlight people

Don´t stop!

Everyone bowed their heads ending their song. Tears freely falling down their cheeks.

"Guys that performance was amazing! Best one I've ever seen!" Will enjoyed the last performance his kids gave him. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Mr. Schue…" Puck began. "We actually have something to say to you before we go…" Will grew curious about what they had to say."We've been thinking…" Rachel continued." Glee club helped us all one way or another. And has helped us grow to the adults that we are today…" "So since it's helped us all, we want it to help others too." Quinn said quietly. "Mr. Schue what were trying to say is that we want you to make us a promise." Kurt spoke up. "We want you to promise us that you'll continue the glee club so that the next members will have that connection all of us did. That sense of acceptance. So can you please promise us that?" Will was on the verge of tears. But smiling proudly at his kids. He was going to promise them this because he too felt accepted amongst them; he felt connected to them. "I promise you all that. By the time you come visit again Lima, you will see our choir room filled with members, I promise you that." They all smiled and huddled in a hug together. His kids grew up, and so did he.

"Will? Will are you okay?" Emma's voice broke his thoughts. Will nodded. "Listen honey, I don't think you should give up that easily. You made a promise to them and you're not going to give up. We won't let you." Emma laid a hand on her stomach. "Put that sign up sheet one more time and we'll just see from there." Will smiled and held her hand. "How did I get lucky to have a wife like you?" Emma smiled and kissed him softly on the lips. "Come on we got a school to go to." Will got out of the car and opened the door for Emma. "Thank you honey, you're so chivalrous." Will couldn't help but remember Rachel at that moment. As they approached the hall they were greeted by none other than Sue Sylvester who was in a red track uniform.

"Well, well, well if it isn't grease monkey and bun in the oven ginger. " Sue had her infamous smirk on her face as she stared at the married couple.

"Hello Sue. How nice to see you." Will said sarcastically. "Now what do you want?"

"Oh nothing really just the fact that all your glee club members have graduated and now their will be no one that will want to join your pathetic little group of losers." Sue was confident no one would join his pathetic glee club. He got lucky the first time, but second time around it's highly unlikely.

"Well you know Sue; I'm not too sure about that. Kids will join, you'll see. "Unlike Sue he was confident that kids will join. And he made a promise to his kids that he would do this. And he was going to keep that promise.

"Yeah sure buddy you keep yourself thinking that. And keep yourself thinking that your haircut actually has style!" She patted his back and walked away. Will sighed. "Guess another year of Sue trying to destroy the glee club." Emma smiled and kissed him on the cheek." Don't worry about Sue. Worry about getting kids to join. Now go and put up that sign-up sheet!" Will nodded and kissed her quickly before leaving. He quickly went to the computer lab and made the sign-up sheet and printed out a couple of pages. He looked at the sheets."Perfect!" He thought to himself. He walked to the bulletin board and hanged up the sheet. Hopefully by the end of the day he would have names in there.

"Another year of academic success." Emma thought as she walked down the McKinley hallways. She had a seemingly perfect life you could say. Her mom wasn't around much since she has gone to another business trip. And her brother Mark was at Stanford. But she was happy to have a boyfriend. Ashwin Chima was just like her, wanting to be successful in life. And that's what she liked about him. Lately she's been feeling kind of lonely and unaccepted. She wanted to feel a part of something. Sure she was student council president, captain of the track and swimming team, she is in gymnastics, in all honor and AP classes, and editor of the school newspaper. But that was just for college, she wanted to feel wanted somewhere.

As she started walking to homeroom, something caught her eye. She looked at the bulletin board and saw a sign-up sheet. "JOIN WINNING NATIONAL SHOW CHOIR, NEW DIRECTIONS! AUDITIONS ON FRIDAY AFTER SCHOOL! SIGN UP HERE!" On the bottom it said a quote that really caught her attention. "Being a part of something makes you feel special." She bit her lower lip thinking whether to write her name down or not. This could be what she was looking for! After a couple of minutes of debating she took out a pen and wrote her name. "Emma Malley." Perfect. She just hopes this was worth joining. She quickly walked to homeroom before she was late, and late isn't something she does. She briefly looked back at the bulletin board and smiled. will be worth it.

Dylan Jamieson was unhappy. At home and school. Last night his dad was drunk (no surprise there.), his dad was going after Mitchell; his 10 year old brother. He never wants his siblings to suffer so he took the beating for him. But now he has a bad pain in his leg and he got a black eye but was luckily able to cover it up. He couldn't keep up with it much longer, his siblings deserved better than that. But what choice did he have? They would live in the streets if they dare leave. He got to his locker and quickly opened it, got his things. When his locker was suddenly slammed shut.

"Hey homo-machine." A sly grin crept up Carter Macy's face. He hated him. He's been bothering him since both of his ex-girlfriends turned out to be lesbians. And Carter has been up on him ever since. "What do you want?" He really didn't want to deal with him today. "Are you giving me attitude Jamieson?" Dylan gulped in fear. Carter grabbed him by the collar on his shirt. "You listen to me Jamieson. I'm top dog around here and if you mess with me, you're in big trouble." Carter threw him against the bulletin board and walked off. Dylan sighed and picked up his books and got up. When he got up he looked at the bulletin and saw a glee club sign up sheet. So far there was one name on there. He heard about this club, they won nationals last year. They seemed pretty awesome. He really had nothing to do when he got home. Sure he was in chess and theatre club, but he could squeeze this in too. He took out his pen and wrote his name down. "Dylan Jamieson." He looked at the sheet and smiled. He felt proud of himself. He looked at the sheet once more and walked away.

Everett Harrison walked down the McKinley hallways quietly, wanting to be unnoticed. He was trying to memorize his lines for the musical they were doing at Lima's Community theatre. It was one of his favorite musical of all time, RENT. He was going to play the role of Roger, and he was very excited. Unlike his sister Laura he was a HUGE fan of musicals and wants to be an actor one day. So this is practice in getting there hopefully. As he walked down the hallway to get to History class, he spotted something on the bulletin board. It was a sign up sheet for glee club. He's heard of them; the New Directions. They had won nationals last year. He was quite impressed actually. They were really good but on the bottom of the food chain. They got bullied and slushied constantly and he didn't want to be involved in that. But It was quite tempting to join… he debated in his mind if he should join or not. He was already in dance and theatre which he loved. But something about this club intrigued him. After contemplating for a moment he took out a pen and wrote his name on the sheet, "Everett Oliver Harrison." He smiled proudly at himself and walked away. He was very excited for this.

Laura Harrison strolled down the hallways with her head up high. She was wearing her cheerios uniform. She had just joined this week and she was very happy about that. Her high ponytail moved rhythmically as she walked. She had the perfect life. Her dad's were the best, her brother was the best brother you could ever ask for (though he isn't as popular as she), and she was on the cheerios! Her life couldn't get any better. As she walked down the hallway she spotted her brother Everett. "Hey Everett!" she said running to him. He turned and saw her and waved."Hey."

"So I saw you looking at the bulletin board and you wrote something there…care to tell me?" she was bouncing up and down with her heel and bit her lip waiting for his response. She was a very curious girl so she had to know.

"I just signed up for something." Yes she knew that! She wanted to know what though! "I know that Everett but WHAT?" Everett smirked at this. "Oh curious now are we? Now why are you oh so curious all of a sudden?"

"Because…I just want to know." "Fine I signed up for glee." Laura's eyes widened in shock. "You joined glee! Everett that's like signing your death wish! Glee is in the bottom of the food chain!" she couldn't believe her brother even dared join glee. "Well I think it would be something very fun to do that's all." After a very awkward silence Laura spoke up. "Well if your joining, then I'm joining too!" Everett just shrugged his shoulders. "If that's what you want princess go ahead." She just smiled and walked to the bulletin board and took out a pen and signed her name. "Laura Michelle Harrison." She walked back to her brother. "I wrote my name." she smiled proudly. "I see that Ellie. I got to go I'll see you later." And the junior disappeared in amongst the crowd of teenagers. Suddenly she realized something…she had just joined glee club. It's probably not that bad. She just shrugged her shoulders and walked off to class.

Roxanne Lovely adjusted her glasses and got out of her seat limping. Her leg was hurting again, which wasn't much of a surprise to her. She was about to come out of the classroom when Mr. Schue, her favorite teacher stopped her. "Roxanne? Can you come here a minute?" she nodded and walked to her desk. "I noticed you were limping, are you okay? Because you know you can tell me anything." She bit her lip. She couldn't tell him. "Yes, everything is fine I twisted my ankle a bit so that's why I'm limping." He seemed to believe it and nodded. She quickly got out of class and sighed in relief. Thankfully he wasn't suspicious! He couldn't know her secret. Nobody could know her secret. She had JIA (Juvenile idiopathic arthritis). She's had since she was 7. Nobody knows the cause of it but it's been hell for her ever since. She can't run or dance. She was almost put in a wheelchair once because the pain was so unbearable. Thankfully this year she was off medication and could live a somewhat normal life. She once again adjusted her glasses, because of JIA she had to wear these glasses and see the eye doctor monthly. Her disease has a risk of blindness which scares her everyday. She went to her locker to her books and when she started to walk to her next class, she accidently bumped into someone causing all her stuff to fall out of her arms. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" a deep voice said. She nodded and kneeled down to pick up her books. "Here let me help you." The unknown boy kneeled down and helped her pick up her stuff. Suddenly they both reached for the same book their hands touching. Roxie felt Goosebumps envelope her body. She looked up and noticed it was Dalton Johnson who was helping her. He smiled at her and she softly smiled back. "Well here you go. I really am sorry." She nodded. "Its okay." He gave her a dashing smile. "I'll see you around." And with that, he walked away.

She continued to walk down the hallways and saw the bulletin board and decided to look through it. She saw there was a sign up sheet for fashion club so she signed her name there. She wanted to make her own clothes, seeing that her dad had a hard time affording anything due to her disease. Before walking off she noticed another sign up sheet. It was for glee club. She's seen them before on the internet at nationals (which they lost because two people kissed. This was very unprofessional). She ran her fingers through her dark hair and bit her lip. She signed her name on the sheet. "Roxanne Catrina Lovely." She smiled at her name in the sheet. Maybe she could possibly make some friends. Though highly unlikely because she is very shy. She looked at the sheet once more and walked to class before she was late.

Liam Stewart and Andrew Harold were walking out of science class. The only class Liam seems to be really good at. Liam and Andrew both simultaneously adjusted their "Clark Kent glasses" and began filming the crowded hallways. They were both currently working on a documentary about the life of a high school student. Both of them have been friends since 3rd grade when they both were paired up for a project and they've been inseparable ever since. They both share a deep love for filming which is what makes them good friends. The only difference is that Liam is a prankster and has ADD. And Andrew is very shy and quiet. As they were walking down the hallway they were suddenly pushed by some jocks by the lockers. Causing their cameras to drop but were unharmed. Liam grew flushed with anger."HEY!" The jocks turned around. "What do you want queers?" Though both of them weren't gay, they were given that name because of their very close friendship. "You can't just push us against the lockers because you felt like it!" Andrew went closer to Liam. "Liam common let's go." Unlike Liam, Andrew was had no courage. Liam ignored him. "Just because your hot stuff around here doesn't mean you're going to be like that forever. In like 10 years, you're going to be the Lima losers who work as a janitor or wound up prison." The jocks grew red with anger. "You think you're all that don't you, you little shit. Well let's teach you and your little friend here a lesson on the social ladder…" the jocks pushed the two sophomores to the boy's bathroom and held them by the collar of their shirt.

"Okay so us guys are popular and can do what we want because we are on top of the social ladder. But you two are in the bottom which means you get pushed around by us. For example, right now I'm going to give you a swirly because I feel like it." The jock grabbed Liam by the neck and took him to one of the stalls and dipped his head in the toilet. Andrew was done the same by the other jocks. After a couple of minutes of pure torture, the jocks let them go. "I hope this lesson was educational for you too!" all the jocks laughed and exited the bathroom. The two friends were soaked in toilet water. "Well that was fun." Andrew said sarcastically. "Why couldn't you just have stayed quiet?" Liam just rolled his eyes. "Because my friend, the jocks annoy the hell out of me and I'm tired of it!" The soaked sophomores sighed and began to dry themselves off. "You Andy, you got to start to be braver. Have courage! You can't let them step all over you!" Andrew looked down and licked his lips. "It's not as easy as you think Liam!" Liam rolled his eyes at the statement. "Yeah whatever." After the two boys dried themselves off they quickly got their stuff and headed off to class, when they both eyed on a sign up sheet. "What's that?" Andrew said curiously. Liam read what the sheet read. "It's a glee club sign up sheet." Andrew nodded in understanding. "You think we should join?" Liam thought about it for a moment. They really had nothing to lose. And he really did like singing. He didn't know if Andrew could sing though. "Eh, what the heck?" Liam took out a pen and signed his name on it. "Liam Martin Stewart." He handed the pen to his friend who signed his name quickly. "Andrew Harold." They both quickly headed to class secretly excited to audition.

Theodore Abrams was walking down the hallways. He felt weird, mostly because he usually was wheeling down Artie down the hallway or walking by him. Both of them were very close and spent a lot of time together. He missed his brother a lot. But Artie is now in Harvard. And he is very proud of him.

As the bell rang, Teddy pulled his lunch and camera from his locker and double-checked his books and binders. He leaned against the lockers as a mob of students rushed past, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose before pushing off of the wall to make his way to the cafeteria.
Honestly, he heard them before he saw them. Three weeks was all it took for The Jenns, freshmen twins with a doubly menacing walk and talk, to claw their way to the top of the school ladder, and now they were pretty much Medusa's favorite lackies.
He turned his head slowly, trying to regain control of his breathing. The Jenns had that uncanny ability to smell fear, and he didn't want to draw their attention—he just wanted one week to eat his lunch in peace.
As they drew closer, he could hear their conversation growing louder. "How does someone like that even manage to stay on the A-level?" asked one. "Did you see those muscles; that smile?" replied the other. "That's how." "God Jenny—"
Suddenly Teddy was forced to look up, because he knew they'd seen him. Their eyes bore into his, and they were wearing a sickly sweet smile that barely hid their malicious intentions. He forced himself to try to keep calm.
"Theodore Abrams," one said to him, both still wearing that friendly smile. "Just the geek we were looking for."
The poor blonde could feel his knees shaking slightly.
"Nikki sent us," supplied the other. "To ask you if could give her the answer for problem set 12 for Spanish?"
"She figured you'd have it done—" the first continued.
"—since it's due next period," finished the second.
Teddy shook his head, trying not to focus on the fact that his heart was now pounding doubly hard. "What?" he asked slightly panicked. "No, it's due Friday…"
"No, Mr. Schuester said today," The second one insisted.
"Nikki would know," the first agreed.
The poor boy was now beginning to feeling dizzy—that Spanish project was the first big assignment they'd gotten, and he was so sure it had been due Friday; but with the doubt now firmly planted in his mind and those Demon Spawns staring at him so intently, he wasn't sure.
He couldn't help it; the gawky teen leaned over, placing his hands on his knees and desperately trying to regain his breath. Teddy was going to pass out, he just knew it.
"You don't look so good, Abrams," the dark girls spoke in unison, or at least he thought they had.
"Teddy!" a voice suddenly came from out of nowhere, and a strong hand clasped his shoulder. "Are you okay? Can you breathe? What's wrong?"
The boy recognized the voice of Mr. Schuester, and tried desperately to regain control of his heart rate. "Didn't…finish…the…project…" he gasped out as the teacher dumped out the contents of his lunch and handed him the empty paper bag.
"What project?" the teacher asked. "The assignment I gave you? Teddy, calm down—it's not due 'till Friday, remember?"
The junior peered up at the teacher through his thick frames, then behind him to the freshmen wearing absolutely malicious grins.
Mr. Schue followed his gaze to the twins. "Jenna, Jenny—did you try to give him an anxiety attack by telling him the project was due today?" he accused.
The girls faces slipped into equal irritated expressions at being referred to individually, before one replied. "What project are you talking about Mr. Schuester?"
"We're not even in the same grade as Theodore," the other confirmed. "How would we know his assignments?"
The teacher and Cheerios stared at each other while the Spanish teacher debating on hauling them into the office.
"Twins!" a loud command echoed from the halls, and the entire group turned to see Nikki Hardy, Cheerio skirt swishing, snapping behind her shoulder and pointing behind her. The girls gave the teacher a sugary smile, and then raced after the Cheer Captain, arms linked as they fell into rank. Mr. Schuester sighed. He looked back at Teddy who was still breathing kind of heavily. "Are you sure you're okay? You don't want me to take you to the nurse or something?" Teddy shook his head.

"I'm…fine." Mr. Shue looked at him and nodded. "Okay then. I'll see you around Teddy." Mr. Shue walked away. And Teddy began to walk to his other class when he saw a Glee Club sign-up sheet. He looked at it for a moment. He remembered his brother being in it. And he said it was fun. Plus, Mr. Schuester was the coach so it must be fun! Teddy took out his pen and gingerly wrote his name on the sign up sheet. Theodore James Abrams." He smiled proudly at the fact that his brother and he now shared one more thing in common. He quickly ran off to his next class before he was late.

Caroline Fabray strutted down the hallways with her head held high. She was glad to be out of that miserable boarding school. It was horrible! First of all, it was a super religious school, second, it allowed corporal punishment (you don't know how many times she was punished!) and third, the uniforms were horrible. She hated the school! She spent 8 ½ years of her life in that school. The only good that came out of it was that she discovered her true passion; fashion design. If it wasn't for her father giving her tickets to a fashion show when she was 8, she wouldn't be the girl she was today. In London she also took sketching classes where she discovered she was pretty good at sketching and making outfits. And sewing, and gymnastics, and ballet, and music lessons…she joined many things if she thinks about it now. Well anyway, she was happy to be back at Lima and start a new life. But in the 8 ½ years of her absence, many things happened that her mom has barely told her now. First, her mom and dad are divorced because he cheated on her with some tattooed freak. Second, Lucy wasn't Lucy anymore…but Quinn Fabray; popular, captain of the cheerleading team, and nothing like the old Lucy she knew and loved. Well one thing she knew for sure was that there was more that her mom wasn't telling her but she just shook it off and ignored it. Well as she was strutting down the hallway everyone did a double take on her. They obviously never have seen a fashionable person as her before. She was wearing a ruffled white top with a white and black G-Star Nacy cardigan, some black skinny jeans and Vince Camuto Jenks black suede booties heels. She wore some black pearl earrings and a black heart necklace to go with it. She had her brown hair curled and wore very light make-up (she didn't want to look like a slut.).

As she walked into Algebra class she found a seat next to a girl in a cheerleading uniform. The girl looked at her up and down and smiled. "Hi I'm Laura Michelle Harrison. But you could call me Michelle." Caroline smiled at the girl. "Hi I'm –"Before she could finish the sentence she was interrupted by Mr. Moore the Algebra teacher. He was SO boring. "Alright class! Welcome to Algebra. Now before I do anything else I'm going to take attendance!" He started calling names Caroline didn't know. She took out her most prized possession; her sketchbook where she keeps all her designs. And started sketching out a new outfit. "Caroline Fabray!" her head shot up. "Here!" She heard people gasping and people whispering amongst them. "Wait FABRAY is your last name?" Laura said shocked. "Yes…why?" What was the big deal? Her name was Fabray! Big whoop! "Do you happen to be related to Quinn Fabray?" a girl in back to her asked. Caroline's eyebrow arched up. Quinn? Oh wait! That's Lucy's name now! She had completely forgotten!

"Yeah Quinn Fabray is my sister." That's when everybody went ballistic asking her what was it like having a sister like her, or of she was going to join the cheerios. Mr. Moore told them to quiet down and continued the class. And when the bell rang she quickly walked out the class, she didn't want to deal with these people sudden interest in her. She quickly walked to her locker and opened it getting her books for the next class. When her locker was slammed shut. She found it quite dramatic but startled. It was a girl in a cheerleading uniform. The freshman looked at her confusingly. "Umm why did you slam my locker?" the cheerleader looked at her coldly. "Carole is it?" Caroline tried not to roll her eyes. "Its Caroline actually." The girl looked like she could care less. "Yeah whatever. Anyway, I'm Nikki. Nikki Hardy." She smiled maliciously. "And rumor has it that your Quinn Fabray's sister." Caroline nodded, "Yes its true why do you care?" Nikki smirked at her. "Felling powerful now aren't we? Well that wont last long. Listen; let me get straight to the point. Don't you dare join the cheerios or try to take my captain position! Or you will have to face the consequences. Don't mess with me and you won't get hurt. Got it?"

Caroline wasn't the least scared by her! She's seen worse and this girl was like a bunny rabbit spreading sunshine and rainbows. Caroline smirked at her. "Are you done with your little speech now?" Nikki nodded proudly. "Okay now it's my turn to talk. Listen to me; I'm not scared of you. You don't intimidate me a bit. So if you think you can control me like you control the rest of this girl, you very wrong! So here how its going to go, I'm going to keep doing what I do and your going to turn around and walk down the halls and act like people actually care about you." Nikki stared at her shocked. No one had ever said that to her before. "Wow I'm impressed. You are a lot like your sister. So mini-Quinn I guess I'll be leaving now but don't think this is over." And Nikki walked away. Caroline just walked down the hall when she approached the bulletin board. And she saw sign up sheets for clubs and whatnot. She saw a sign up sheet for glee club and it interested her. She heard of this group. They won nationals. And their performance was really good. She took out her pen to sign her name when she was interrupted."I wouldn't sign up if I were you." She turned to see a short haired blond woman in a red track suit. "Who are you?" the blonde woman smiled. "Sue Sylvester, coach of the cheerios. " Caroline nodded. "You see Caroline I've heard about you all around the school. Everybody's talking about Quinn Fabray's sister. And I did some research on you and you interested me very much." The freshman smiled proudly."All right here's the deal, I've seen you during your gym period and I've seen you doing flips and cartwheels and whatnot. You're pretty talented and I want you to be on the cheerios. I see promise in you Mini-Q. I think you would make a great cheerio. Captain even."

Caroline nodded and grinned. "So I get to be a cheerio?" Sue nodded. "Who are super popular?" Sue nodded once more. "And I might even be captain?" Sue nodded. "So is that a yes?" Caroline smirked. "No." Sue's eyes widened in shock."What?"

"You heard me! No." Sue looked at her questioningly."Why on earth would you not want to be on the cheerios?"

"Well your little captain decided to threaten me. And quite frankly I don't like being in a place I don't feel wanted. And to think, I had so many amazing routines in my head that the cheerios could've done…but I guess not."

"I'll deal with Nikki. But listen Sue Sylvester doesn't give up so easily. And don't sign up for glee!" Caroline smirked at this. "Watch me." Caroline signed her name on the sheet. "Caroline Idina Fabray." Caroline smiled. "I'll see you around Sue." And with that Caroline walked away leaving Sue in complete awe.

The tables were packed as Nina Grannis sat down to lunch. She'd gotten a salad because Coach had been on her about losing weight for the second time since school had started, to which she'd nodded but internally rolled her eyes and commented, "You think you can tell me what to weigh with that ass?"
Regardless, there were Sue Spies everywhere, and she had no desire to get another earful from the maniacal harpy, so she stuck with a spinach salad and a homemade vinaigrette that she'd put together, while sneaking little energy/protein bars she'd seen and copied from the Cooking Network in between classes.
"Rabbit food again?" Annie Hudson commented, eyes shifting from Nina's plate to her own with a sympathetic expression as she made her way toward Crash and some of the other jocks. The flirty brunette had just moved on from Austin Harrison after about a week of dating (six days and twenty-three hours longer than she should have needed, in the smaller girl's opinion), and Nina wondered who her fellow Cheerio was eyeing now.
"So, you won't believe what I just heard," a voice squealed behind her, and the junior didn't even need to look up to identify the four bodies squeezing onto the bench next to her—especially not the overly-excited, breathy voice that took the seat to her direct right.
Nina finished chewing her bite of salad, purposely avoiding the eight eyes staring at her intently (well, six were flitting between her and the freshman next to her, so not so intently), slightly amused by the fidgeting she could feel beside her. She liked Michelle, she really did, but the girl had the patience of toddler when it came to gossip.
The Bulgarian native finally swallowed and turned her head to give the Audrey Hepburn-look alike her attention. "What did you hear Chelle?" she finally asked, humoring her friend.
The younger brunette took a deep breath, leaning forward conspiratorially. "I was sitting in Algebra first period, and I was listening to the teacher reading roll—"
"You pay attention during Algebra?" Ashley asked incredulously, taking a sip of her Coach Sylvester Diet Energy Drink. "Don't you have Mr. Moore? He's trés dull."
"Just because you had to take him twice Ash—" Megan ribbed the blonde Cheerio, grinning.
"Anyways," Michelle continued, taking back the limelight. "I heard him call out a Caroline Fabray—as in The Quinn Fabray's sister!"
Nina's ears perked up at that. A new Fabray? "Are you sure Chelle?" she asked. Quinn had never mentioned having a younger sibling. "Maybe it's just a coincidence—"
The younger girl's face widened in pleasure—this was obviously the attention she'd been vying for. "Absolutely—she even admitted it herself. I mean, she's a brunette, but the resemblance is undeniable."
"Is she trying out for Cheerios?" Sunny asked.
"Trying out? I bet Sue's already made her new Captain," Megan retorted.
"Medusa's not going to take that well," Ashley murmured, and they all turned to glance at the HBIC at the next table, before quickly turning back to their circle.
Nina, easily the most pensive of the group, took another bite as she listened to the other four gossips about the new Fabray. She'd liked Quinn well enough: she'd been a good Captain, though she'd been kicked out her sophomore year and quit her junior; she'd brought the team to a higher standard than they'd been able to achieve under Santana and Becky last year. Despite the likely problems Nikki and "Mini-Quinn", as Ashley had labeled her, would have, the brunette thought it might be good to have someone less preoccupied with themselves head the team.
The quiet junior took another bite of her salad as she listened to Michelle report the rest of the school's going-on's. She quickly excused herself and walked off into the hallways. Cheerios were fun and all but she felt like there was something more. As she walked down the empty hallways she saw a sign up sheet at the bulletin for glee club. She remembers them. They were on the bottom of the food chain. But they were a really amazing group. She bit her lip for a moment and contemplated about writing her name on that sheet. This club seemed very tempting to join…she took out a pen and wrote her name on the sheet."Nina Savannah Grannis." Hopefully coach Sylvester doesn't say anything about this. The bell rang and she quickly walked off.

Annamarie Hudson strolled down the McKinley hallways with her head held up high. She was a cheerio and the most popular girl in school. What more can she ask for? The crowd of students parted like the red sea as she walked. She was proud of herself. But she missed her two brothers a lot. They were both in New York. And she missed them. She missed Kurt's amazing fashion sense, and Finn's dorkiness. But she remembers how they both told her to join glee and she never did. But now she feels that sudden urge to join.

Coincidentally, she came across the glee club sign up sheet. She looked at the sheet. There were quite few names. And she saw Nina's and Laura's name! They signed up and didn't even tell her! How Rude! She also saw Mini Quinn's name in there. She bit her lip. Should she join? She looked around checking to see if anybody was there. Luckily no one was in sight. She quickly took out a pen and wrote her name. "Annamarie Channelle Hudson." She looked at the sheet one more time. Hopefully, she has made the right decision.


Will Schuester walked down the hallways heading to the bulletin board where that morning he had put up a sign up sheet. He prayed that some names were there. He finally reached the bulletin board and looked at the sheet:

Emma Malley

Dylan Jamieson

Everett Oliver Harrison

Laura Michelle Harrison

Roxanne Catrina Lovely

Liam Martin Stewart

Andrew Harold

Theodore James Abrams

Caroline Idina Fabray

Nina Savannah Grannis

Annamarie Channelle Hudson

Will looked at the sheet in awe. ACTUAL names are on the paper. He took out the sign-up sheet and went to Emma's office.

"Emma! Guess what?" Emma looked up from her desk and smiled. "Yes Will?" He placed the sheet on her desk and she looked at it. Then her eyes widened in shock.

"A-are those real names on there?" Will nodded. She got up and hugged him tightly I'm so happy for you! I told you not to give up!"

Will nodded. He was happy. He kept his promise and is having a new generation of members.

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