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"William," Principal Figgins addressed the curly-haired man before him. "It has been brought to my attention by Coach Sylvester that this morning you intend to remove the eighteen members of the Glee Club from their classes in order to attend a performance at a school in Johnston."

Will glanced at Sue suspiciously before turning back to the other man. "Yes," he replied. "We were invited by Rigby High School's Glee Club to watch their team, and I've run it by all of the kids' teachers and gotten the okay to go."

"Not all of the teachers, Schuester," Sue remarked from where she leaned against another chair. "You're taking six of my Cheerios, and I never even received so much as a Post-it Note in the way of a heads up."

"It's in the middle of the morning Sue," Will countered. "You don't see the Cheerios until the afternoon."

"Now see, William, that's where you're wrong," the woman retorted with a grin. "You see, if you'd bothered to speak to me about your little outing, I would have been able to notify you that, due to my newest additions to the ranks, I've decided to hold an emergency Cheerio Practice in exactly two hours and twelve minutes, and it has been deemed that attendance is mandatory."

The vested brunette stared at blonde. "You just made that up," he accused.

"Yes I did, but that doesn't make it any less real," Sue told him. "And I've put in an official request to Figgins to hold back my six Cheerios from your little trip into the Bermuda Triangle's Jukebox of Horror, which as of five minutes ago was approved."

Will's eyes went wide as he stared at the principal, but Figgins merely shrugged. "I'm sorry William," he explained. "But we cannot sacrifice the success of one team for another. On that note, I am also retaining Ms. Montenegro, whose multiple absences from Geology have culminated in Mr. Leeman demanding that she come in during lunch period with her parents for a future guidance session with Mrs. Pillsbury-Schuester." The Spanish teacher's mouth dropped open in disbelief, but Figgins merely stated. "Don't look so worried William. What with Tweety and WeTube, I'm sure your students will be able to communicate to each other their emotional processes for the upcoming competition."

~~New Directions: A New Generation! ~~

"I can't believe Sue would do something like this," the Glee director declared from his seat in his wife's office. "No, you know what? I can completely believe Sue would do something like this. It's just the kind of sneaky, underhanded level that she would stoop to."

"While I don't doubt Sue's intentions to disrupt the New Directions Will," Emma spoke up. "With the tension running through the Cheerios right now, I'm not surprised she's taking extra measures to keep things in line. But I'm sure the other kids will be able to fill them in."

"And the Hayley thing?" the curly-haired man continued irately. "Taking her off the trip puts us down to eleven, with two girls coming total. Another one of Sue's schemes, no doubt."

"Actually," the redheaded woman spoke up softly. "That was my idea." Her husband stared at her in surprise, mouth agape, and she continued, "Besides yours, Will, Hayley's been having issues with all of her classes—I didn't want another repeat of Puck's struggles from last year trying to graduate, so I decided to work to nip the problems in the bud sooner rather than later."

"You knew about this?" Will asked his wife incredulously as she sat at her desk, trying not to fidget too badly with the papers in front of her. "And you didn't say anything?"

"You sprang this trip on us last minute Will," she replied anxiously, pulling out a Handiwipe absently and scrubbing a scuff mark on her desk. "If you'd said something earlier, I certainly would have informed you of the intervention we'd been planning."

Will watched her for a moment. "Emma," he asked. "What are you doing?"

The pregnant woman looked puzzled, then surprised as she realized her slip-up. "I'm sorry honey," she apologized, throwing the cloth away. "I don't know how those got there. I must have forgotten about them."

Her husband looked at her skeptically, not really believing that Emma would forget to clean out anything she planned to; but he needed to get to the Music Room to collect the kids, so he kissed her goodbye and walked out the door and down the hall.

~~New Directions: A New Generation! ~~

"This is total bull," Hayley complained, kicking the bus tire as she watched her teammates board the vehicle. She'd grabbed a bathroom pass to see them off, and she wasn't the only one: Caroline, Katie, and Nina were also idling on the sidewalk, waving goodbye and wishing good luck to their teammates.
"Ah, chin up Hurricane," Liam called from his seat. "We're not even performing, and with me, Drew, and Teddy behind the scenes, we'll put together something that makes you feel right there with us tomorrow."

"Yeah, it's not me I'm worrying about," the crimson-streaked girl replied. "What kind of message are we putting out by sending only two thirds of the team, and the two most inaudible chicks on the team as representatives?"

Emma huffed from her place in front of Liam. "Maybe if you acted like you cared about school and not that your grades were a hypothermic's description of the weather, then you'd be able to come with," she retorted snidely, before flopping back into her seat.

"Why don't you try spinning some of that superiority crap on our rivals while you're out there instead of spouting it all on me sometime?"

"Have fun!" Caroline called, effectively cutting off the spat as she cheerily waved to her boyfriend. The subsequent, "Miss me!", however, caused Katie to giggle hysterically as the straw-haired boy blushed brightly mid-wave.

"Show some swagger!" Nina instructed her friends with a smile. "Remember, confidence is key; fake it till you make it; all of that."

"They don't stand a chance Neens," Coby assured her.

"Yeah, well make sure that nobody slips and fall on the river of drool you're bound to leave in the audience if Gabe really is up there," she teased, causing Chubs to make a face and the other boys to laugh.

"Okay guys," Will said with a sad wave to the girls on the pavement. "Let's hit the road."

~~New Directions: A New Generation! ~~

Rigby High School was a red brick building that looked like it had been plucked up out of England and set down in a little nothing town in Ohio. The sidewalk was cobblestone, and oddly stiff adults were wandering around in gray wool suits.

The kids looked at each other with raised eyebrows, but said nothing as they filed out of the bus and followed their director toward the impressive looking auditorium.

Coby quietly led the pack as they walked into the darkened room, taking their seats near the front as their AV geeks retrieved their equipment. Sitting himself between Dalton and Everett, the junior tussled his hair and couldn't help but wonder if Schue had gotten the wrong date, because the old room was silent, the lights off, the curtain down.

Suddenly the entire group started as raucous screaming shattered the air, and dozens of students burst through the doors, crowding around the edges of the walled-off area just behind the McKinley kids.

"Ladies and Gentleman," a deep voice announced. "Live from Rigby's Apple Tower, your Fab Four!"

The crowd behind them began screaming hysterically yet again, and about twenty teens in matching double-breasted jackets with green lapels and burgundy shirts underneath took the now-dimly lit stage. All of them, boys and girls, sporting dark bowl cuts of varying styles, gave off an eerily strange yet familiar vibe.

Suddenly, as they all harmonized the first notes, the curtain slowly drew upwards, revealing two boys and two girls standing out in stylish military jackets under spotlights as they took the lead of the acapella team.

Paperback writer, a ginger-haired boy in black and gold sang out with a grin, swaying as his team harmonized, Writer, writer

Coby noticed Everett's eyes go wide in recognition of the singer, but when the husky boy nudged his teammate, the only thing his fellow junior uttered was "Crap."

The short boy on stage apparently didn't notice as he continued animatedly, Dear Sir or Madam

Could you read my book?

He danced across the stage eagerly, crossing through the wool-coated singers, It took me years to write

Will you take a look?

(Will you take a look? Echoed the others)

The pale teenager made his way back to front and center as he looked upward toward the enthralled group of students in the mezzanine Based on a novel

By a man named Lear

And I need a job

So I want to be a paperback writer, he finished his phrase, flipping his collar as he pushed out his hands and belted

Paperback writer

Liam was really glad that they'd brought four cameras to this thing. With one trained on the stage and the others in the Three Musketeers' capable hands, he was pretty sure they were getting a good shot of every stitch of chaos around them, from the screaming adoration of the students behind them (who seriously had to be paid to be there or something); to the close up shots of the soloists on stage; to the reaction shots of the New Directions themselves.

Having four cameras, to him, meant that someone was getting the performance in front of them while he was catching the priceless reaction of one Indian-American sophomore, who's expression had gone from justifiably surprised by the performance and the response surrounding them to eyes-wide straight-up disbelief at the female vocalist that stepped forward to harmonize with the ginger kid as his melody slowed and the song shifted.

Paperback writer, the boy repeated slowly, harmonizing strongly with a Latina girl as she sauntered forward from the ranks with a deliberate swaying of her hips.

Paperback writer, they sang again, with the twenty bowl-cut clones continuing slower still, Writer, writer

Liam continued to watch Ashwin's mouth gape like a fish as he watched the sultry smirk of the newest soloist begin her song.

Oh darling, she belted as she seductively looked into the audience. Please believe me
I'll never do you no harm she sang out, wagging her finger as she weaved around the others
She gently touched the ginger boy's shoulder, Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you no harm

She stepped away from her teammate, fingers tense and dark curls sliding forward as she hunched in agony.

When you told me, she belted, you didn't need me anymore
Well you know I nearly broke down and cried

(I nearly broke down and cri-i-ied added the others)
She dramatically looked away from her teammates, When you told me you didn't need me anymore

Well you know (Don't you cry) I nearly broke down (Don't you cry) and died she finished, the

entire group's heads dropping as she gripped the bronze cords of her blue jacket in defeat.

Everett watched the group intently, scrutinizing which of the boys would be the awe-inspiring boy. He was surprised to see Jazz leading the group, not that the freshman himself wasn't impressive, but if that was the best they had to offer—

For the second time in ten minutes, the crowd erupted into feverish squealing as the team switched to a march-like trilling, followed by Da da dum dum, dam dam, daaaa da da daa, da da

Just as the curly-haired boy feared for a riot, he caught sight of the source of the hysteria, and his jaw dropped as he recognized the boy who could only be the target of Coby's infatuation.

A tall, svelte boy that had likely once been blonde before coloring his hair a vibrant cherry red stepped forward hand in hand with an exuberant looking brunette beauty; the former wearing a green military jacket with multi-colored striping across the front, and the latter decked out in a cropped vibrantly red and yellow choice with polished spherical buttons tagging the edges.

(Love, love, love) the clones harmonized in the background.

There's nothing you can do that can't be done, the older boy sang out with a silken smile, causing the ruckus behind McKinley's team to get even louder.

(Love, love, love)

There's nothing you can sing that can't be sung, the girl harmonized with him as they waved to their adoring masses.

(Love, love, love)

They nudged each other with a coy smile, chemistry oozing between them. There's nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game

It's easy, the girl grinned as she belted out her line, flipping her hair playfully behind her as the Latina girl and natural ginger rejoined them center stage.

All you need is love, the four of them sang, bobbing and swaying

All you need is love, they continued, circling between each other playfully

All you need is love, love,

Love is all you need, sang the tall brunette girl and the younger boy

Love is all you need, echoed their fearless leader

Love is all you need, added the fierce Latina

They stepped back together as a group, the double-breasted bowl-cut bunch behind them as they all finished together All you need is love, love, love

All you need is love

~~New Directions: A New Generation! ~~

The background singers' voices faded to signal the end of the song, causing the school's fans to once again go wild. The show choir bowed, and their leads smiled and waved graciously, before the audience lights came on and a man with a megaphone demanded everyone get back to their classes before he gave everyone detention and reinstated the ban on cell phones.

Within five minutes, the auditorium was quiet and empty except for the two teams, and the New Directions were still sitting frozen in shock.

"Um, I'm going to go find the bus driver," Will finally voiced awkwardly as he stood. "You guys did great."

The candy-apple redhead grinned and called out his appreciation as the teacher disappeared through the doors, then looked over at the group in front of him.

"So, Cobs," he smirked. "What did you think? Pretty decent, I'd say,"

"Uhhhh…" the junior trailed lamely.

"What was that?" Liam spoke up, gesturing to the now empty seats surrounding them.

"Oh, someone may have let it slip that there was going to be a tiny concert this morning," the brunette giggled, and was joined by one of the lapel-wearing girls.

"Yeah, I wonder who in this group wouldn't be able to keep their mouth shut about something like that," the other girl teased, brushing her hand against the girls arm and linking fingers.

"Dani," snapped the Latina harshly, and the background singer made a face at the girl, though she still instantly complied to moving back to the mass.

"No way," the youngest of the four spoke up as he peered out into the group. "Gavroche? Everett Harrison, is that you out there?"

The junior gave a reluctant wave as everyone turned to stare at him, and the ginger laughed, "No way! Get on up here!"

Even more unwillingly, the curly-haired boy rose from his seat and, putting on a very forced smile, led the team as they made their way onto the stage.

"Hey there Jazz," he greeted the other boy when they were finally face-to-face. "How's it going?"

"Good—great," the boy enthused. "Swim team, photography club, The Starr—school newspaper. Plus you know, that playwright workshop in Columbus is coming up, and my new play just got cleared to start casting next week—" The Latina girl cleared her throat loudly, and the small boy glanced at her staring at him pointedly. "Oh yeah, and this—I mean, Fab Four is probably the coolest thing I've done by far. Did you see that turnout?"

"Yeah, well Jazz may be our newest recruit," the brunette smiled as she stepped forward, ruffling the freshman's hair. "But as you can tell, he's got more than enough ability to hold his share."

"I'm sorry," Emma spoke up in confusion. "Isn't your group the Rhythmic Revolutions?"


"We've upgraded," the black-haired girl asserted, stepping forward as she spoke for the group. "We're now the Fab Four."

Emma quirked up an eyebrow as she glanced at the opposite side of the stage. "But there's more than twenty of you," she said.

"Details," the girl insisted, narrowing her eyes at the smaller brunette. "What, you think that we can't handle the British Invasion? That we're as small-town as you obviously are?"

"Cool it Shala," Ashwin finally spoke up, knowing that the girl could get vicious when she got going.

Unfortunately, his first-name addressing of the girl caused his ex-girlfriend and competitor to look at him with equal parts surprise.

Emma tilted her head in confusion. "You know her?" she asked in bewilderment. How did she never know that her ex had a bitch friend?

Ashwin stepped forward to quietly murmur in her ear, "She's in the ballroom circuit—" before the Latina's surprise wore off and was replaced by a smirk.

"Well if it isn't part one of Ashwina," she remarked. "What, got tired of being second best on the dance floor, so you decided to branch out your silver medals?" She glanced around. "Where's your mail-order bride?"

"Nina's got an emergency…cheerleading practice," Ashwin trailed off, and the rival sophomore broke into a devilish grin.

"No! God, this is too hilarious," she laughed, buckling over slightly. "So the commie is practicing her rah rahs, and so you picked up this…what is this?" she asked, gesturing to Emma.

Ashwin cleared his throat. "This is my, um, friend Emma."

"Oh man," Shala continued to bust, trying to catch her breath. "This is killing me. You two? I mean, seriously Ash? You felt the best you could do was Frumpy McButterface over here? "

"Whoa there," Dalton said, hands wide as he tried to take back the direction of the conversation as Emma turned bright red and bit her lip hard. "This is just a friendly competition—no need to get vicious."

"Yeah, seriously, Cha Cha," Liam agreed.

"Really there Geek Squad? You're going for the Grease reference?" the Latina sneered. "If I wanted lame nicknames, I'd talk to ginger Jazz-hands over here. And what are you supposed to be? Their paparazzi?"

"Okay, okay S-girl," the first brunette spoke up finally, waving a teasing finger at the sophomore. "Grrrr. Down girl."

Shala rolled her eyes hard, but the older girl continued, "You'll have to forgive little S over here; she got trouble containing the bite in her bark."

"I can think of worse problems than having a good bite," Wally replied with a smirk, causing the girl to grin and giggle.

"I'll bet," she told him, taking a step closer to the sophomore. "You seem like the type who would enjoy a girl with teeth."

Wally's grin matched hers as her face hovered just under his. "You can't imagine the spectrum of grit I enjoy on a girl," he said lowly.

"Colette!" the wool-bedecked girl called harshly, striding up and pulling the brunette lead away from the highly-amused boy. She began murmuring in the instantly-bored looking other's ear, only stopping long enough to snap, "Red, this is your circus; get a grip on it."

Gabe, standing near the back of the spat with a fascinated expression, chuckled smoothly and walked forward. "Sorry Dani; you're right of course," he apologized, walking forward.

"So Coby—this is your band of hopefuls, is it?" he asked amiably.

"Well, I'm not captain or anything—"the junior bumbled, overwhelmed by the situation.

"You're not?" the cherry-headed boy asked in surprise. "Then who is taking responsibility for your team?"

The present members were silent for a moment before Dalton offered, "I am. Captain, I mean," he continued less confidently. "I'm Dalton. Johnson."

Gabe's gaze shifted to the ash-blonde boy, appraising him with a grin.

"Well then," he said charismatically, offering his hand as Mr. Schue reappeared to collect his students. "It'll be a pleasure to share the field of battle with you, Dalton. Johnson."

His lips twitched in delight as they began to file out. "And Coby," he called out as they reached the door. "Be seeing you."

~~New Directions: A New Generation! ~~

Caroline stood in the gym watching a horde of red skirts warm up. She dug her white toe into the floor, getting a feel for the traction in her new shoes, before grinning and pulling off a perfect double back handspring.

The brunette had a feeling she was going to like it here.

A shrill whistle blasted through the air, and Coach Sylvester's voice sounded through a bullhorn behind her, "Okay you second-rate miscreants, show me what you've got."

The woman stepped up to the brunette freshman and murmured in her ear, "Okay Mini-Q; just watch and learn."

A fast-paced beat started up, and suddenly the middle of the gym was flying with activity as Cheerios began various acrobatics and dance routines. Caroline noted with some disappointment that Medusa was actually really good, her pink streak flying as she performed her part with not a foot out of place.

As the music ended, the girls froze, smiles glued firmly on their faces. Sue glanced from Caroline to the red-skirted girls drenched in sweat in front of them.

"What did you think, mod-Fabray?" the blonde woman asked, calling through her bullhorn before the freshman could answer, "Awful. That performance will give me nightmares for years to come! Twenty laps and then I want all of you to pull your heads out from your Spanks and put together a decent routine for Nationals! You too Blondie!" she shouted to Katie as the girl flew away from the wall she's been observing from.

The girls sighed collectively before scurrying off to start their punishment. Sue looked over at the brunette next to her. "Hardy!" she yelled, and the junior jogged to the duo. "We've got a meeting. Junior Quinn, I expect a full level of improvement by the time we return from my Coach-and-Captain meeting."

The freshman's eyebrow quirked up. "Aren't I a captain too?" she asked.

"Probationary," Sue corrected. "I don't care who your sister is, all of my Cheerios need to prove their worth before getting a word in in a collaboration meeting."

The blonde woman strode away, with Nikki remaining an extra moment to sneer, "And just so you know Fabritch—just because you're posing as a Cheerio doesn't mean you're any less of a loser than you were last week."

"Scared Medusa?" the brunette bit back. "It took me less than a week to do what you've probably been working for in the last two years?"

"Please," the Asian girl scoffed. "Coach thinks you're something special because you're Preggo's little sis, but you still have to walk the walk before you can talk the talk."

"We'll see whose talk matches up soon enough," the freshman retorted, calling out as the HBIC made her way toward the exit, "Don't let the door hit your big ass on the way out."

The co-captain huffed irately, glancing quickly at her backside before flitting through the door.

Caroline watched her exit with some satisfaction, only to be interrupted by a new bitchy Cheerio taking the other girl's place.

"Hey, Q2, focus," Stassi barked as she sidled up next to the freshman, sweat dotting all along her face. "I've got to book for, like, five minutes, so can you handle this for that long?"

The newest cheerleader gave her quasi-friend a look. "I think I can survive without your supervision for five minutes Stassi," she retorted.

"Yeah," the dark-haired girl remarked dubiously. "I'll be back in a sec: just don't suck."

The Armenian girl darted out the door, and Caroline suddenly found herself watching the Cheerios working their laps alone, standing somewhat triumphantly as she relished her new position and what it meant for her and her friends: no more slushies, no more putting up with top-tier status crap—these uniforms would be like shields to protect whomever she wanted…

"Hey!" she shouted, suddenly realizing that more than a handful of girls had quit running and were packing up. "What do you think you're doing? We're supposed to go over the routine and work out the kinks."

"Look newbie," an older girl sporting a short honey-colored high pony replied. "Sylvester's always saying we suck. We had the routine down flat, and the only reason we're here is so she can show you and Bubbly Barbie here off. You've displayed your feathers well; congrats—but some of us have stuff to do before next period."

"But—" the freshman insisted, when Annie approached her.

"No one's denying you've got the goods Care," she assured her friend, placing a hand on the smaller girl's shoulder. "We're all on your team here. But this meeting really tore a patch of our lives out, and we could really use a blind eye just this once."

"Well," Caroline stalled, glancing at Katie as she tried to figure out what the answer was. The routine had looked good, and Sue was kind of irrational. "I…guess…" she trailed.

"Awesome," Annie said with a grin. "Thanks C!" And a mass of girls bolted from the gym.

"So now what?" Katie panted as she stood by her friend, watching the ten or so girls that were left finish up their laps.

"I don't know," her friend replied. Sue hadn't given any instructions, and all of her Glee teammates had just left.

"What the hell?" a voice shouted, causing the remaining girls to flinch. Stassi looked around in irritation, targeting her new Captain and continuing, "Please tell me you did not just let everyone walk out of here."

Caroline opened her mouth, but Stassi huffed and persisted, "My god; I left for five minutes, and you let every one of those bimbos just stroll away. Did you even try to stop them? What were you thinking?"

"Whoa, Stassi, cool it," Katie spoke up.

"Oh shut up Twix," the Armenian girl snapped. "There's no defense for your buddy's idiocy at this particular moment. You were given one task," the girl stated, holding up a finger to emphasize the number. "Just one; and you blew it. Are you trying to get kicked off the team already?"

"Calm down Moran," Caroline retorted, feeling defensive. "I watched the routine; it was fine—Coach is being overdramatic about it."

"Fine?" Stassi repeated. "We don't win Nationals by being fine; we win by being great. And with two new add-ons—one with zero cheerleading experience—" she glared at Katie "—we need to be working around the clock. We can't do that with just the base girls." The three glanced at the remaining Cheerios scattered along the gymnasium.

"What was I supposed to do?" the brunette demanded. "I had no instructions, no direction, and no one to ask for help; I've never been in charge of a cheerleading team—what did you expect?"

"I expected you to know when you were getting played," the junior replied. "Because now you've firmly established between you and Nikki which is the real Captain of the squad."

The girl stomped off to go pull together the remaining team, pulling out her phone to send scathing texts to the girls who'd just ditched, leaving Katie and Caroline to look at each other in chagrin.

"Well," Katie told her friend reassuringly. "I bet it can't get any worse."

~~New Directions: A New Generation! ~~

"We are so dead."

"Yeah, you've said that already," Annie commented to the husky junior, but after watching the footage Lianbrams had put together and posted as they sat in the Music Room after school, she wasn't feeling so hot herself.

"I just can't believe little Jasper Smith grew up to be a lead vocalist," Michelle marveled as she watched the video on her SmartPhone again.

"Seriously, Chelle?" Everett asked incredulously as he looked across the room at his little sister. "That's what you're choosing to focus on here?"

"I don't get it," Hayley put out from her chair in the back. "How does an entire school think Glee Club is cool?"

"How does an entire country think the UK is cool?" Teddy posed. "It's Beatle Mania, guys. From their Sergeant Pepper jackets to the medley to the killer harmony, that team has got the vibe down."

"Well, that doesn't mean we can't win, right?" Caroline asked hopefully. "I mean, The Beatles were a good band, but—"

"Wait, I'm sorry," Annie interjected. "Did you just say they were a good band?"

"Care, they were huge," Teddy explained. "The Beatles reinvented and revolutionized themselves and the world more in the ten years they were together than Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga did or will do in their entire careers."

"It's just plain fact—The Beatles are still the voice of every generation," Roxie added, blushing bright crimson as the outburst caused the entire group to stare at her in surprise.

"You know what, you guys?" Will called out to the group, waving his hand to get their attention. "You're absolutely right."

"Way to rally the troops general," Stassi muttered with a huff.

"The Beatles created a whole new sound to represent a whole new type of people," their director continued, writing the group's name up on his favorite dry-erase structure. "And I think that's exactly what we need to show what we're about this year at Sectionals."

"Wait, so we're copying the Double-F's for the competition with music they're clearly more experienced with?" Hayley asked. "To borrow from Kardashian Barbie's notes, that isn't just ridiculous; I've actually heard more sensible things come out of a schizo's mouth with Tourette's."

"Drizzle," Stassi snapped. "A) Don't borrow from my book, you sound like a female version of Charlie Sheen; but B) as much as I hate to agree with her, she's right. Schuester, we can't steal their set list and beat them with it—mostly because we're going after them. We'd look like the cheerleaders in Bring It On."

"Guys, guys," the Spanish teacher replied, trying to regain control. "I'm not talking about taking anybody's set list. I'm talking about using the music of The Beatles to inspire us to greatness, to get our heads back into this competition."

"So, we're going to sing Beatles' songs instead of working on our own routine?" Hayley asked. "That's brilliant."

"Teddy, show us how it's done!" Will shouted, and the junior jumped from his seat to center stage as the band started their riff.

Well, shake it up, baby, now, he sang out, causing Andrew and Liam to jump out next to him
(Shake it up, baby, the boys sang)
The blonde boy grinned, swiveling back and forth with a lazy grin, Twist and shout
(Twist and shout)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby, now
(Come on baby)
Come on and work it on out
, he sang, causing the Cheerio Gleeks to stand up and surround him
(Work it on out)

Teddy grabbed Caroline's hand as he sauntered around the dancing girls and continued, Well, work it out, honey
(Work it on out, the boys dancing and grooving in their chairs sang)
You know you look so good
(Look so good
, the boys echoed as the girls gripped their hands above their heads and rolled their hips)
You know you got me goin', now
(Got me goin')
Teddy spun and twirled his laughing girlfriend as he finished his phrase, Just like I knew you would
(Like I knew you would)

The junior ran up to the top of the rows behind the others, Well, shake it up, baby, now
(Shake it up, baby)
Twist and shout
, he sang as his teammates up front threw their arms up in an alternating rhythm
(Twist and shout)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby, now
(Come on baby)
Come on and work it on out,
he continued as he jumped down and back to the Cheerio Co-Captain
(Work it on out

You know you twist your little girl, Teddy crooned as everyone got up and started dancing
(Twist your little girl)
You know you twist so fine
(Twist so fine)

He started gesturing toward Caroline, the two shuffling closer, Come on and twist a little closer, now
(Twist a little closer)
And let me know that you're mine
(Let me know you're mine)

The team swarmed around Teddy as his gangly form crouched low to the ground, slowly working upwards as they all sang Ahhhhhh

Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
(Shake it up baby)
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
(Shake it up baby)
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
(Shake it up baby)

The group cheered, with Will calling out loudly, "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

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