A Thousand Years


A/N – So this is officially my first house of Anubis story! I have been thinking about writing this story for awhile and so finally I picked up a pencil and wrote it. I hope you all will enjoy it and I apologize for the short chapter. This is like a prolog to the real story. Please leave me a review if you like it. Also normally I don't write in POV's, just this chapter seemed to fit with Nina's thoughts.

Nina's POV

House of Anubis, my home, my family. As I sat in the common room of my boarding school house, I looked around to see my house mates doing various things. Amber was currently on her phone, complaining to her daddy about needing more money. Mara was trying to tutor Mick in math, well she was at least trying to teach him to add up. I swear when it comes to sports the boys a genius, when it comes to math, well's let's just not go there. Jerome and Alfie, were missing. That can't be a good sign. Patrica was on her lap top, probably looking up something completely random. As for me, I am currently sitting next to my gorgeous boyfriend, Fabian trying to write a new story.

"Mail," Trudy said as she walked into the room handing out letters. I normally don't get as much mail as the others, seeing as my only living relative (Gran) lives in America. Actually I haven't even heard from her in awhile.

"Here you go sweetie," Trudy said as she handed me a letter.

"Is it from your Gran?" Fabian asked.

"Um, I don't think so?" I said confused as I flipped the letter over, "Gosh, I really hope this isn't a threat letter from Rufus," I whispered to Fabian, even though we all know he's long gone. Who know, maybe he came back from the dead. When you live in Anubis house, anything is possible.

Slowly I ripped the Envelope open.

Dear Ms. Martin,

We are sorry to inform you but your grandmother has just passed away. You are to report back to America as soon as possible. Enclosed is a plane ticket. We need you to come back soon, so we can sort through your Grandmother's will. Once done, you are free to do as you will, seeing as you are 18. Once again we are sorry for your lost.

"So was it from your Gran?" Fabian asked, scarring me from my thoughts.

"Um, no?" I said, "It was from a friend back in America," I lied, "I'm going to go do my homework," I said as I kissed him on the cheek, before heading up stairs.

As I shut and locked the door to my room, I collapsed on my bed. Tears rolled down my cheek. Thoughts ran through my head. What should I do?" Signing I stood up and went to Victor's office.

"Come in." he said when I knocked on the door.

"I would like to withdraw my scholarship, "I said, as I sat down

"When do you leave?" He asked surprising me by even letting me go. Well's he's probably happy I want to leave seeing as I did ruin his chance to immortal life.

"Tonight, after everyone's in bed," Informed him, as I started to fill out a transfer form, "and no one is to know," I said as I signed my name and handed it over. I stood up and then walked back to my room to discreetly pack. As I saw I was getting nowhere in my packing, I sat down and wrote a letter.

Dear house of Anubis,

This past three years with you guys have been amazing. I've come to love you all each as members of my family. I'm sorry to say but I have withdrawn my scholarship from the school. Please do not cry for me. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I'm never good at goodbyes.

With love,


Next, I got out a clean sheet of paper and wrote one just to Fabian.

Dear Fabian,

By the time you have read this I will be gone. It's was never anything you did. You were my first friend here at Anubis. You stood by me when no one else did. For that I will never be able to thank you. You have saved my life more than once. I hope someday you can forgive me. I have loved you for a thousand years, and I will love you for a thousand more. I want you to promise me something, stay strong and move on. Sadly I will not be returning, and I don't want you waiting for me. You are kind, sweet, smart, and funny and you deserve someone just as amazing as yourself. Goodbyes have never been my thing, so let's no say goodbye, how about a see you later. I hope you have a wonderful life. I love you.

With all my love,


The time for me to leave came faster than you would ever know. As I sat during supper, I couldn't help but think of how much I was going to hurt each one of them leaving. And as the closer it came for me to leave the worst I got. I know Fabian noticed my change. Quietly, I shut the door to my room one last time as I pulled my suitcase out. Before I left, I made sure to place the letter on my bed. As I passed by Fabian's room, I quietly walked in and set his letter down next to him.

With one final look, I left Anubis house forever.