The Distance

A Spirit Poem

Here I Am

Too far from home

My heart with them

A longing to be free

They Can't Take Me

Not in heart

Not in soul

Not in breath

Don't Let Go

Let nothing escape

Send my thoughts out

I can't let them miss me…

I Will Always Return

My herd needs me

An ache develops

I need Them

This Feeling, It's Nothing I've Ever Known

It's strange and builds strength

All within seconds, minutes, hours

An eerie echo develops, heavy on my mind

So Sound The Bugle

I'm Running Free

Taking The Long Road Back to…

My Homeland

My Brothers

And sisters,

My Mother

And friends

And my Spirit races through the air,

Soars with the wind

And flies like an eagle

Back to where I Belong

And it Rains upon them.