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Chapter 1

The Chosen Path

Deep underground using a simple flashlight to light the way ahead for him a lone young man was making his way through a twisting maze of jagged tunnels that went deep below the Earth. The current area was far below Stonehenge the legendary prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire on the British Isles which had been formerly controlled by the British Empire before Queen Elizabeth III and the remaining loyalists in the British Isles were forced to flee to the American Colonies following the invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte during the age of revolution during 1862.

Having discovered clues leading to this hidden tunnel passageway through artifacts found by the man he knew as grandfather the young man pressed on despite feeling chilled by something lurking in the darkness around him, but he didn't allow fear to slow him down although he remained wary of the path ahead of him.

Finally after traveling through a maze of tunnels guided by the power he has learned to wield over the past few years he came across ancient cravings that seemed old and yet similar to Stonehenge, but unlike the plain stones that made up the prehistoric monument above ground these stones had cravings in a language the young man didn't recognize.

Curious the young man placed a brown gloved hand on the smooth stone feeling something coursing through the rock itself, but the moment his hand touched the stone he felt something sting his hand causing a voice…the voice of an old woman to echo.

"At least a child has come…I have been waiting for you."

"Who are you?" The young man demanded shinning his light in every direction, but he saw no one.

Until finally turning back towards the stone entrance leading deeper underground, but now standing just below the stone archway was an elderly woman with ghastly white skin evidence by her hands dressed in black robes while two strands of white hair hung down from the cow of her black hood revealing they were wrapped together by black strands lined with red. From what the young man could see the woman's lower mouth was wrinkled and equally pale as her hands.

"So finally one has come after so many centuries."

"Who are you?"

"My name is of no importance, but my message is…Lelouch vi Britannia."

"How do you know me?" Lelouch demanded while putting away his flashlight and drawing something he had created recently…a lightsaber. A blood red blade of pure energy erupted from the metallic cylinder handle with the young former black haired prince pointing it at the elderly woman.

"In this cave I see everything that is within you including the potential just beginning to awaken. I see everything inside of you including your fears, joys and the roots of your anger." The hooded elderly woman spoke as she peered deep into the young man's soul and began to see his past including events leading him to this point.

(September 15th 2010 A.T.B.)

Seated in the back of a truck a ten year old Lelouch vi Britannia sat near his younger sister Nunnally vi Britannia who sat sadly in her wheelchair while she and Lelouch were supposed to be on their way to meet with the head of the Ashford Family now that Britannia had conquered Japan renaming it Area 11 the prince and princess had no wish to return to the Royal Family knowing they would eventually end up dead or being used as political tools until their deaths.

Not wishing for neither to happen Lelouch contacted the head of the Ashford Family as they landed with the occupation forces intending to hide among them, but he was also aware they would be kept as liability insurance in case things in Area 11 doesn't work out for them. But despite this dangerous position he would be in the former prince was determined to make it work for them.

Along the way however the truck changed direction and began heading down a dirt road that led into the mountains outside Tokyo which worried Lelouch slightly while the second truck that had been following behind them continued on ahead. The young man grew nervous, but eventually an hour later the truck came to a stop at a small two story mansion that rested out in the middle of the wilderness.

Expecting the worse Lelouch steeled himself for what might their end fearing the possible worse outcome, but a feeling of both relief and surprise overflowed him when a man in his early fifties appeared climbing into the back of the large supply cargo truck to personally see the two young children. He was very well dressed and his attire was clearly Britannian wearing a wine red waist-length satin waistcoat with gold buttons and embroidery on the edges, deep cuffs, and pocket flaps and a high-collar possessing a chest pocket sporting a pocket square and wrist ruffles of fine lace.

Underneath the older man wore a black vest and a black cravat that had a small blue gem in the center and a white collar shirt underneath. The older man wore matching dark breeches with black polished ridding boots and finally white gloves on his hands. His pale face was showing signs of age while his brown hair was beginning to gray out a little…never the less his face was still recognizable to those who had known him in the past despite his youthful appearance from what his previous appearance had been like.

"Huh…grand…grandfather?" Lelouch stammered recognizing the face of the father of their mother Lady Marianne vi Britannia.

The last time the two former prince and princess had been in the presence of their material grandfather was during the funeral for their mother Marianne following the brutal assassination that took place at the Aeries villa which was supposed to be well protected, but somehow a group of terrorist bypassed the security and gunned down the former Knight of Six killing her while Nunnally who had been caught up in the attack was crippled and the trauma of the incident left her blind.

Serenno Lamperouge was the name the guests at the funeral knew him and those who attended was the Knight of One Bismarck Waldstein, Cornelia li Britannia and her younger sister Euphemia and other members of the imperial family who had come to offer their condolences were Odysseus eu Britannia and Schneizel el Britannia and then finally her mother's ally and friend Ruben Ashford.

Lelouch remembered the day way he was unable to speak a few words with him still reeling from the terrible tragedy and Nunnally who had barely been released from the hospital enabling her to attend. Fitting the mood of the two children it was raining forcing all of those attending the burial to bring umbrellas.

"Lelouch and Nunnally I am pleased to see I managed to get to you two first." Serenno Lamperouge spoke with a smile on his face.

"Grandpa is that you?" Nunnally chipped recognizing the man's voice.

"It is I Nunnally…did you two think I would abandon my own grandchildren?" The older man spoke while Lelouch felt relieved that a familiar face had come for them, but this did prompt Lelouch to inquire.

"Are you planning to take us back to Britannia?"

"NO…under no circumstances I will be returning to that country I have had my fill of that man and his empire." Serenno said harshly with relieved some of the former prince's worries. "We'll be staying with some new friends I have made over the years somewhere well beyond the reach of Britannia. Grab your things Lelouch and my men here will help you with Nunnally and her belongings." The older man said as a group of men encased in white plastoid body armor over a sealed black body glove joined their grandfather with two of them armed with weapons Lelouch had never seen before.

"Grandfather who…"

"Don't be alarmed they are here for your protection."

"What are they?"

"They are called Stormtroopers…there is much we'll need to discuss Lelouch and Nunnally, but after we relocate to a safe location." Their grandfather spoke as the Stormtroopers unloaded the crippled ash-blonde haired girl before the group made their way to the back of the mansion to a wide open field. Lelouch observed as one of the white armored soldier used a hand sign to signal someone clearly waiting for them, but what he saw neck caused his brain's functions to shut down for a moment.

De-cloaking before his eyes was a parked transport shuttle, more specifically a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. Its boarding ramp was lowered allowing the Stormtroopers including their passengers to board the craft. Once they were all aboard and secured in their seats the shuttle began preparations to take off while the former prince was trying to comprehend what was happening unable to believe if any of this was happening as his sister Nunnally remained unaware of the fact they were on a spaceship.


"I'll explain now that we're aboard…first off I should perhaps reveal to you the truth behind my own origins. You see Lelouch, I am not a Britannia nor was I originally born on this planet I was born on a planet across the galaxy known as Serenno. There was I born into a noble and wealthy family being the heir to vast wealth and the noble title of Count on my world. To put it simply I am an alien…my real name is Dooku…Dooku Lamperouge if you prefer." Serenno or rather Count Dooku spoke taking in his grandson's shocked expression.

Lelouch was dumbstruck uncertain how to respond to such a revelation.

"My life story is quite a long one with many facts that will no doubt surprise more than the fact that I am an alien on your world. I came to your world after fleeing from a war I had been fighting in a war meant to change the galaxy for the better, but I discovered I was being deceived into being a puppet and sacrificed like a worthless chess piece. However my former master never knew about an experiment I had been conducting which ensured my survival even through my body had been lost. Using my power my spirit traveled from my body to a waiting clone body I had stored on nearby security vessel which quickly escaped as soon as my traveling spirit made its way to the clone body of myself I had made and kept in storage aboard." Dooku explained before using the travel time on the shuttle to explain his entire story to both Lelouch and Nunnally who kept surprising them with one revelation after another.

To ensure he would have more than enough time he had ordered the pilot before hand to take their time returning to the base since the cloaking device on the shuttle would ensure no one Earth would detect it.

(Present Day)

Returning to the present as an eighteen year old Lelouch vi Britannia was standing before the old woman who recognized her. Remember her holographic image from one of the holocrons in the possession of his grandfather Count Dooku the former prince knew who this former Jedi was.

"Darth Traya I presume then."

"Ah I see you must have found my holocron how interesting indeed."

"You must be a Force Ghost then I take it."

"Was it not obvious?"

"Then what exactly are you doing in a place like this? Somehow I doubt you wanted to seek me out because I accessed your holocron."

"Don't be so conceited my spirit lingers here as the guardian over the tomb of a man and a woman greater than the galaxy had known during my time."

"What do you mean exactly?"

"Venture through the challenges ahead and find out…only one of their bloodline will survive what is ahead so I will permit you take part in the trials ahead. Prove your worth as a wielder of the Force and go forth."

Lelouch was thoughtful for a moment wondering just exactly awaited him in the tunnels ahead well aware of the possibility the trials Traya was referring to were likely traps of some kind designed to keep intruders away. Without further hesitation the former prince pushed onward after Traya's spirit vanished moments before as the prince made his way deeper underground.

Eventually after coming to the end of a descending stairway made of craved rock steps the young man found himself in a large craved out dome shaped chamber which much to his surprise came to life in a way as ancient oils left in a small river that surrounded the room became suddenly lit igniting a ring of fire that lit up the entire chamber.

"So you have decided to brave the dangers ahead…very well child…we shall see if you are worthy. This first trial will demand that you use all of your skills in order to survive so hold nothing back." Traya said as her voice echoed through the chamber. Suddenly an apparition of some kind began to materialize behind the young man who sensed the danger the Force Phantom possessed igniting his lightsaber before moving to the side while ducking to avoid having his head cleaved off.

Seeing just what the young man was facing surprised him, but quickly surprised it realizing what he faced was some kind of phantom conjured by the Force that enriched the very tunnels he was walking through which also likely provided the means for Darth Traya to create what he was facing now and manipulate the tunnel itself.

Dressed in the uniform belonging to those of Knights of the Round with the white cape he wore signifying his rank was enough for Lelouch to know he was now facing a Force Phantom of Bismarck Waldstein the Knight of One perhaps the only man his mother couldn't best in a fight. Armed with his signature long sword the former prince stood ready to face his foe while remaining alert to what other unnatural powers this conjured specter might throw against him.

Steeling himself for would likely be a difficult fight Lelouch watched as the phantom Knight of One approached raising his large sword with an unnatural grace and strength that he had never seen the real Knight of One possess during a sparring match he had once witness his mother take part in against the fearsome bodyguard of the Emperor.

His speed was superhumanly fast giving the prince little time to evade, but by summoning up his innermost fears, pain and hate, and convert them into intense anger before channeling it to increase his speed, strength, and ferocity to battle the dangerous threat before him. Now moving with speed and strength that was beyond his years Lelouch was now able to properly combat the phantom as their blades met in a shower of sparks.

Even under the effects of Force Rage the former prince was struggling to push back the superhuman strength of the phantom he was facing. Using his abilities to pull loose rocks from the ceiling and walls before sending them hurling at the phantom trying to force him to break off his attack or if he was lucky strike it down with a strong enough blow to its head.

The rocks pelted the force phantom, but when none of his attacks seemed to work Lelouch resorted to use using a powerful Force Push to send the Knight of One slamming into the wall on the opposite side of the chamber. Without giving the force phantom a chance to get back to his feet Lelouch hurled a vicious torrent of Force Lightning upon the downed knight in attempt to defeat him while he was closing the distance to cut him down when he noticed while his sith lightning was harming him it wasn't enough to vanquish the phantom.

But the phantom recovered and resisted the lightning it had been struck with as it resumed its attack against the young man. Lelouch leapt over the phantom after using the Force to slam a rock that had been lying on the ground into the Knight of One's face stunning him long enough for the former prince to get behind him and cleave through his torso while at the same time he had dropped to his knees to avoid the phantom Bismarck's sword swing which only succeeded in chopping off a few hairs from the top of his head.

Despite having been beaten the phantom attempted one more attack before fading away, but Lelouch saw it coming so he used a Force push to slam the phantom into the wall ahead of him before the phantom faded away completely.

"For your age you are very strong in the Force indeed…perhaps you have a small chance of making it pass the other trials that are ahead." Darth Traya spoke after the phantom had vanished.

"I'll play your game, but whatever is at the end of these tunnels I'll find and claim."

"Heh…" Traya replied while a light laugh echoed through the tunnel before adding. "Then fight on young Sith Lord…fight on and claim your destiny."

"I shall!"

Lelouch descended further into the tunnels while alert for whatever else might be waiting for him.

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