Another day lost to their improbable search.

A certain blonde young woman sat serenely in a quiet train car, her best friend Renko having fallen into a calm slumber in the seat facing her. The two were on their way back to the Higashiyama district in Kyoto, their home, after having spent the afternoon in the Gion district. Gazing silently at the setting spring sun, Maribel placed a hand on the white mob cap on her lap. Smiling, she reflected over the day to herself.

"Nothing again... and Renko was so sure it would be in Gion." At the thought of her friend, Maribel's gaze veered away from the window towards the sleeping form of Renko, giggling a little upon noticing a bit of drool hanging from fellow club member's lips.

"At least she is relaxed. She spends so much time coming up with places to look in. I don't know how she has all that energy to humor me and my dreams..." Trailing off, Maribel's smile faded as she recalled her past few nights, filled with dreams of an unknown realm holding incredible beings and locations straight out of fantasy. So vivid were the dreams, Maribel had trouble believe it was all they were; dreams. When she confided to her friend about her otherworldly visits in her slumber, Renko immediately believed her suspicion of its reality, and made it the primary goal of the Occult Studies Club to find a way to travel to it. After a month of fruitless searching, Renko was still prepared to sacrifice more time seeking such a method.

Maribel was truly blessed with such a wonderful friend.

"I hope we find the other world soon. Renko needs to sleep more if she doesn't want to start getting bad grades in her classes." Smiling once more, Maribel closed her eyes, recalling the face of a young man who agreed to assist the two of them not so long ago. Having vanished before making good on his promise, his absence would have been easily attributed to second thoughts.

Had Renko not forgotten everything about him.

With seemingly no one holding any memory of the young man except herself, Maribel began to doubt his very existence, despite being saved by him in a prior incident. It was only when she saw him once again that she was rid of any past uncertainties.

Only to be replaced by new questions, since he had appeared in one of her "dreams".

Nevertheless, the vague confirmation of his reality brought solace to Maribel. Every day, she hoped she would happen upon the same lonely grey eyes once more, if not for a few minutes. She held a multitude of questions, though one bore the most priority.

Catching her own wishful thinking, Maribel discovered sleep inching little by little into her mind; the strain of the day's activities finally catching up to her. Struggling to stay conscious, the blonde haired girl muttered to the person on her mind one last sentence before succumbing to her fatigue.

"Emil... you beat us to it, didn't you?"

With her question going unanswered, and the memory of the lonely young man grazing her faltering mind, Maribel finally allowed herself to rest.

Outside, a single crow watched the train roll on by, cawing once as if to deliver a long-belated response.

Hello, my name is Jett. It's been a long time since I have published any fanfictions, and for that, I would like to apologize. However, that is not the only action I would like to take at the moment. Since I never finished my story, "Forgotten Harmony of Germane Errant", I've decided to once again take up this wonderful mantle, now with myself being older and wiser.

To start this revival, I would like to announce that I will be taking every past chapter of FHGE and revising it. These revisions will replace the past chapters, and will only go up to the most recent chapter currently. Next, since it has been a while since I have updated anything in the story, I will continue work on latest chapter. We can't just have Emil abducted by bunny girls and not write a continuation, right?

Finally, I am pleased to say that I have begun work on a video series on Youtube for FHGE. Dubbed "Project ERRANT", the series will follow Emil's Story through the revised chapters, and will be released monthly.

The video is called "Descending" (Part One), on a channel called Remnant Jett.

With that, if there is anybody who have stuck around with the story since the beginning, I would personally like to thank you for your patience.

I will make sure not to disappoint you all anymore.

Remember, everything is a clue.