adodcefa's challenge. Harry Potter is just a random orphan boy with nothing to his name. At least thats what he thinks until one day, an event in his life changes everything he thought he knew about himself. Besides learning of a whole new world, he learns of a destiny beyond any he had ever dreamed of; The Throne of the Wizarding World. H/Hr


This is a Harry Potter becomes king of the Wizarding world. Before Hogwarts something happens to Harry that unlocks his true heritage (I think that the word) and undo the Magical bounds and any other charm that were place on him by dumbles. He is taken away from the Dursley's (maybe not, don't know) and is told that he is the heir of the British Magical Throne and he becomes king. His royalty status is kept secret from the public, the public only knows that they have a new king but not who it is until later(up to you)


1. The Dursleys can be evil or nice (your choice)

2. something happens to Harry: his beaten to within an inch of his life, has an accident, or does his first accidental magic (it's up to you)

3. Harry is taken to Gringott's sand takes a magical heritage and or inheritance test

4. His trained by the goblins with/ or someone else

5. Must be a HP/Hg fic

6. could have weasley bashing

7. Dumbles bashing and manipulative.

8. Must be before Hogwarts between 4-10 years

9. if you want you can also have Hermione and harry meet when they are still little kids

Now, I know I have at least 2 other unfinished fics already started, but I just don't know where to go with them. Even worse is I have another if not two other ideas for fics I really really want to write... but I'm not sure I can write more than one at once, so this is what I'm going to do. I'm getting this one started, working with a fic someone else wrote, and planning that third fic. Please don't get annoyed if it takes forever for me to update my fics cause school just started back up and I'm working two jobs to pay for my home and schooling. (Another way you can tell I'm not J.K. and that I don't own HP or any other characters from it). hope you enjoy this and my other fics and hope to post soon!