Okay, here's the jist of things. I've been reading a lot of Pokemon/Naruto Crossovers, but most of them either aren't updated frequently, abandoned, or seemingly abandoned.

Well, suddenly I had an idea. Why not start one myself? One idea lead to another, and before I knew I had a whole string of ideas regarding it.

As for my experience with Pokemon... it's pretty big. I started off with Red and Blue Versions. I am basically in the know about 493 Pokemon. I have never played White or Black Versions, or anything more recent.

List of Pokemon games I've played: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Colosseum (GCN), Pokemon Ranger (Original, DS), and maybe a few others though I cannot place names. Aside from Colosseum and Ranger, I have been through the main story and post story. Ranger, I went through the main story, but couldn't finish the missions. I was never able to finish the main story for Colosseum, due to no longer having a Gamecube.

Anime episodes I watched: Maybe 10% as of this writing. I never truly got into the anime itself, as I was a little more interested in the movies, and I had little time for the show itself. All my knowledge of Pokemon is set at the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, so don't ask about after that, because Honestly? I don't know jack shit past that.

Thought you should know before I start. This way, I am not hounded by those saying there's a whole lot more Pokemon than I say there are, because I know there are. I just go for the ones that I know, and can adapt into the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. This is for the entire story.

Chapter 1

A boy in orange was running around town, with people chasing him. Why? He played a prank on the leader of the village, the Hokage, and was currently being chased by the best of the pursuers: the ANBU. And they were still having trouble catching him.

Naruto Uzumaki, 8 years old, Ramen-maniac, and nicknamed the Demon King of Pranks. Shunned by his village for a burden he has no clue about, he takes to pranking to get back at them.

Little did he know, things are about to get a lot more complicated for him.

Naruto had just reached the Northern Edge of the village, and went into the forests. He always felt safer in the forests for some strange reason. He never could figure out why. He was just out of earshot from his pursuers when he fell into a pit, which immediately covered itself up. The ANBU were searching for hours afterwards, completely unaware of the pitfall that he fell in.

Naruto, on the other hand, found himself floating in midair. It was dark everywhere. "Where am I?"

"You are an Uzumaki, correct?" A voice said, shocking him. He looked around to found nothing but darkness. "Who are you? Where am I?"

"Just answer the question." The voice held no malice, but it did seem annoyed.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, but I don't have any family. Never did." Naruto replied, somewhat loud at first, but lowered as he mentioned his lack of family.

"Your blood... It is that of the Uzumaki Clan. However, that is not the issue here." Naruto was confused at this. "I sense your confusion. Do you not know of your clan?"

Naruto looked where he thought was down. "I don't even know the name of my parents. If I did, would that make things easier?"

"Somehow, I doubt it." The scene changed to what looked like a temple at the top of a mountain. A tall one, at that. "Where is this place?"

"Mt. Coronet. More specifically, the Spear Pillar, my home, and the birthplace of 3 of my children." Naruto saw a giant White... dog thing, He didn't know how to describe it, but the ring around its body seemed like a definitive trait. "My name is Arceus. And you, young Naruto, are destined for great things. I can already tell."

"Arceus?" Naruto asked, head tilted. "What kind of name is that?"

"Don't ask. It's mainly because I'm not of your world that my name seems strange to you. Well... okay. Truth be told, its a little strange to the people of my realm as well, so I can't really say that." The Arceus told him. "All you need to know, is that I am considered the God of Pokemon, which I will explain, as there are none in your home." The Arceus floated towards the edge, Naruto followed it. "Look and tell me what you see."

Naruto looked out over the edge. "A lot of lights... many people..." His eyes squinted at this point. "And what the hell is that bird all the way over there? It looks like it's making a rainbow of sorts." he pointed in a direction that Arceus looked at. "Hmm... Did not expect him to come this close to Sinnoh. Not for another week or so, at least. That, Naruto, was a Ho-oh. A Pokemon of Legendary status. Known to many as the Rainbow or Phoenix Pokemon, it is very rare to see, and if you actually do see one, Human Legend says that you will be lucky for 10 years, at the least. He normally doesn't hang around Sinnoh, though, and only comes within viewing distance when he's coming to visit."

"Does this mean I could talk to him?" Naruto asked, suddenly happy.

"Not quite. I called you here to offer you some help. I am familiar with the Uzumaki Clan, and I can help you in that regard, but I have not seen or heard from them in 20, almost 30 years now. They probably got caught up in a war, and were nearly wiped out. Glad at least one survived. However, this begs the question of your parents, which would be stupid to ask about, as you already stated you didn't know of them. I will ask Giratina, one of my children to watch over you. He watches the Distortion World, and is the only reason I know of your harsh life. He has a slight connection with your world, so you can visit him, if he allows it."

"Is he another one of these, Pokemon?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, and he has Legendary Status as well. If you see something strange in any mirror, of something you can see yourself in, a reflective surface, then it's likely he's watching you from his realm, and if you wish to talk to him, look for one, and he may allow you to come to his realm. I'm sure he won't mind, being alone most of the time, himself. He also has a complete history of the Uzumaki Clan, as he is my son, after all."

"Okay... How do I know what he looks like?" Naruto asked.

"When I send you back, and no I don't have much of a choice, you will find a book nearby. Take all the information in it to heart. Also, know that it is nowhere near your home village, but the ruins of your Clan's old home. Learn as much as you can from there, and then head back. By the time you do, you will have a few Pokemon of your own. The Uzumaki seemed to favor Riolu and Lucario over others, but some also liked Nine tails. Not many did go that route."

"Well, there was a Nine tailed fox that attack my village the day I was born, or around that time. Maybe that's why."

"Ah. The Bijuu. Yes, that would explain it. Those few probably liked being around the Kyuubi no Yoko for a while, or it's Jinchuuriki. Of which, I only know of one... Now two, but before we met, there was only one that I knew of."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you not know what a Jinchuuriki is?" Naruto shook his head. "A Jinchuuriki is known as the power of human Sacrifice. You, my boy, are a Jinchuuriki, presumably of the same fox that attacked your village."

"So they were right... I am a monster."

"Listen Naruto." Arceus was gentle but stern in his voice. "If there is any monster out there, it is paperwork and the Councils of any leader. Seriously, I have not seen or heard of anyone more corrupt than them. If anything, they are the true monsters. I have been told you wish to be Hokage, is that correct?"

Naruto nodded with a smile. "Then you will need to be able to deal with both of them, as those are the two main evils of any leader. Even I am disgusted by Paperwork, but it must be done." Naruto just took a confused look. "Hey, I may not have any hands, but that's why I love the move Psychic. It allows a lot more freedom. Anyway, what is your answer? Do you wish to have my gift?"

"What is this gift?"

"Curious, aren't you?" Naruto nodded. "Well, the first one is actually two in one. I will be giving you 2 Pokemon, both of which were big choices among the Uzumaki Clan. One Vulpix, and one Riolu. They will likely follow you without question, and unless you treat them harshly, they will likely be highly loyal to you."

"Okay. That's good... I think."

"It is. The Second gift is an ability to communicate with any animal, Pokemon or not. You will be able to understand their language as if it were your own, and they are likely to understand you as well. The Third one goes along with this. It's the Empathy ability. You can basically feel the emotions of others, and it will help you quite a bit, if trained properly. You will likely know who is after you, and who would rather ignore you, be around you, or just don't care either way."

"I get it. So, I'd be able to know what anybody is feeling?" Naruto asked.

"Correct. Raise your Pokemon with care, Naruto. They will be in Red and White Pokeballs, which you will see. The book I told you about will tell you how to activate them, and let your Pokemon out. Being as there are no other Pokemon in your world, aside from the Legendaries which go between both, you will be the only one that has any Pokemon, whatsoever. Be sure to keep it that way. They will not listen to anyone but an Uzumaki, so you have an excuse as to why you can't give them up."

"Don't worry, I can think up a few good excuses. Still... How will I know where to go to get back?" Naruto asked.

"You will know when the time comes, Naruto. For now, learn what you can, and then worry about the trip." Arceus told him. "And by learn, I don't mean skim over everything that isn't interesting. Regardless of how boring it is, it is required to know. I will be checking in with Giratina every now and then as he has decided to watch your progress. I'll be entering your dreams every now and then myself. Even if only to say hi. I've gotten bored as of late, and figured I should do something. Helping you out, is what I chose to do. And by the looks of it, you need it more than most."

Naruto nodded. "Thanks Arceus. I won't let you down."

"I know you won't, Naruto. Take care, and don't lose your temper. It will only get worse, as time goes on. It's an Uzumaki thing, and being a Jinchuuriki makes the threat even worse. Advice with a warning."

Naruto nodded. "Uh... How do I get back?" He suddenly glowed and left the area. "I probably should have told him I was going to send him back myself. Oh well. Ho-oh is coming, so I can't say much else on the matter. Time for business."

-island jungle, ruins-

Naruto woke up to find himself in the middle of what he thought was a library of sorts. He saw what looked to be 2 spheres, half Red, and half white. He assumed they were Pokeballs, and he found a book next to them. He opened the book, and started reading. He took in everything, as Arceus told him to, and tried to understand it all. It was hard at first, but it came to him after a while. To anyone else, it would seem like a useless information.

But not to Naruto. To him, it was a link to his past. His family. Something he thought lost. He had at least one side to work with, though he still wasn't sure whether it was his mom or dad. It was 3 weeks before he had finished half the library.

It was around this time, someone was getting a little worried.


Sarutobi was just the one to be worried. Naruto had been missing for nearly a month. He played a prank but then went missing. At first, he thought it was to let it blow over, but now he was having doubts. 'Where is he? He wouldn't be gone this long if it were to let it blow over, and he'd probably be found before now if it were. Could he have run away?' was the main thought in his head. He was coming up on his Crystal Ball room, which he usually used to find things, and watch over people from a distance. He figured he could try to find Naruto. If he were alive, then he'd find him.

He started searching for him. It took a while, but he found out just where he was. And it wasn't anywhere he thought it would be. 'Is that... Uzugakure? How did he end up there... and is he READING? This is too much. Either this is some kind of elaborate prank, or he ran off and found his mother's birth village. I need to know if he will return, and if he doesn't... then I won't force him to.' Sarutobi thought. "Inu!" A man with a dog-like mask, and silver, gravity defying hair, appeared.


"Do you remember the Uzugakure Ruins? The one where your Genin team went and found one Kushina Uzumaki?"

"Yes sir." Inu replied.

"I have a special mission for you, then. It is a top secret, mission, that no one is allowed to know of." Sarutobi stated. "It will not even go on record."

"Details, sir?" Inu asked, somewhat surprised.

"Head to the Uzugakure Ruins. Find Naruto Uzumaki. If he has any wish to return, then bring him back. If not, leave him there."

"I thought he'd only be in hiding after his last prank." Inu asked.

"I did as well, until yesterday. He would've either been found by someone else, and definitely not that far out, or come out of hiding a week ago. This lead me here, and I found him reading in those same ruins."

"There are still readable scrolls there?" Inu asked. "It was 10 or 15 years ago that I was last there. I doubt anything would still be readable."

"It stands to reason that there just might be some." Sarutobi stated. "This will not be considered an ANBU mission, so you are to remove your mask, and go by your true name here. After all, you asked to get a team of Genin after you found out he had joined the Academy."

"That is true." He replied, before taking off his mask, revealing a headband over his left eye, with a somewhat lazy look in his right eye. "He is the reason I was planning on leaving the ANBU to take a team."

"I believe you would rather apprentice him."

"That right was reserved for someone else by his father." The man said. "I have no right to do so."

"Very well. Head to Uzugakure. Find Naruto Uzumaki. If he wishes to return, though whether now or later, follow his wish to return. You will be paid accordingly. This is a possible Long-term Mission. If he asks, help him out, but only on what he asks about."

"Yes sir."

"You are dismissed." Sarutobi stated. The man nodded, and left to head there himself. 'Naruto, I hope you will return. I worry for you, after all.'

-Uzugakure Ruins-

Naruto heard a voice. "Naruto, I hope you will return. I worry for you after all." He acknowledged it with a nod. "Old man, if you are actually watching me right now, I will return, but only when I'm ready to come back. The Uzumaki Clan will be reborn, if nothing else. Arceus will be happy for the return of the Uzumaki Clan, but there are some things I will need to know about my parents. The only place I figure they would be are in Konohagakure, so I'd have to go back sooner or later." He then turned his head. "Ain't that right, Riolu?"

"Ri!" A voice said coming up to him. "Ri ri. Riolu."

"Yeah, I know, little guy. The only knowledge I have of my family is what I've found here. Family is something I've wanted to have for as long as I can remember, and now I have something to base it off of. I want to at least find out what they were like."


"I know, and I want to play too. But I promised Arceus that I would learn as much as I can about my clan. Have I broken a promise to you yet?" Naruto asked.


"I have no intentions of breaking a promise. Besides, after I'm done with this chapter I was going to spend some time with you and Vulpix. You kind of deserve it, with me being in here most of the morning, every day." Naruto grinned at the Blue and Black dog-like Pokemon.

"Riolu!" Riolu glomped him.

"Okay, okay. I'll hurry it up. This is also the last book on the History of the Clan, and then all that's left are the Clan Jutsu, which I'd want you and Vulpix there for so you can help out if you want." Naruto said, happily. "Also, remind me to go look for some more Oran Berries. We're somewhat low on them."

Riolu nodded, and ran off. "Ri lu riolu!"

"Got it!" Naruto smiled, before returning to his book. "Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like, had I not gotten those gifts from Arceus. It's a good thing they won't listen to anyone that isn't an Uzumaki. That would make it easier for people to realize that they can't do anything with them. Forcing them won't work, and I should know. It's a good thing Vulpix told me of a few Genjutsu, and even helped me with them." He turned a page, and continued reading, hoping that Sarutobi was still listening in.

"Old man, if you can hear me, know that I'm fine and have some powerful friends backing me, wanting to help me out in any way they can. I won't explain who they are, or where they live, but they are out there, and they wish to help. I'm not going to explain unless absolutely necessary, so good luck trying. You won't find anything out in that regard. I know you'd be worried, but there is no need to be worried. Of that, I can almost guarantee you." Naruto said before turning another page.

Elsewhere, Sarutobi smiled, and went back to his office.

-3 days later-

Kakashi Hatake was coming up on the Island of Uzugakure. On this island, there was supposed to be the ruins of Uzugakure. 'At least I know where it should be. This is the same path I took to help Kushina get out. It's still mostly intact, so that's good.' He started running the trees jumping into the branches after a while for a boost of speed.

It didn't take longer than an hour to find the ruins. 'It didn't seem altered recently, so that means he found another way to get here.' He landed at the edge and started walking around, his senses on high alert. He found what seemed to be a fox with 6 tails, and was immediately on guard, Kunai drawn.

"Vul..." The fox said, confusing Kakashi.

"What the hell is this?" He asked himself, though the Vulpix heard him. It jumped down in front of Kakashi, and analyzed him. Kakashi was wary, not sure what it was. "Vul vulpix vul." it said.

"What are you? And where is the young boy that I was told was here? Blonde hair, blue eyes, whisker-like marks on his cheeks."

The Vulpix looked at him, and nodded. He turned his head. "Vulpix!" A blue and black dog-like creature came up to the Vulpix, and they started talking between each other. The Riolu looked at Kakashi in interest. "Can you hear me, human?"

"What is that?" Kakashi said, thinking he was hearing someone using a Jutsu.

"Relax, it's just me." The Riolu raised it's paw, and Kakashi noticed. "Telepathy?" It nodded. "Then maybe you can answer my question. I'm looking for a 7 year old boy. The Hokage wants to know if he's coming back."

"Do you have his name?"


"Then what is the name of who you seek?"

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki." both creatures tensed.

"Why do you wish to find him?"

Kakashi was silent. "I want an answer, and if we don't find it a good one, then you might as well leave."

"The Hokage was worried about him. After he found out where he was, and this was 3 days ago, he sent me to find out whether or not he will return. If he will, I am to guide him back. If not, I am to leave him here."

"And if he will, but not until later?"

"Then I am to help where he asks for it, and lead him back when he is ready."

"Why were you chosen to do this?"

"I am one of the only ones that the Hokage can trust blindly with him. I helped protect him when he was younger, and was happy to do so." Kakashi told them.

"And why is that? You wouldn't if you didn't have any relation to him."

"I... I know of his parents..." This sent both Pokemon into shock. "I'm one of the few that know, and anyone that does know is not allowed to speak of it under penalty of death."

"And why is this?"

"It is because of who his father is. If he is here, then he found out about his mother's roots. I was also a part of the team sent to help out here, but we were only in time to save his mother."

"I take it, it is a law that prevents it?" A nod. "What are the exact words of it. We can probably figure out how to get around it, so you can let him know who they are and not break it."

Kakashi's visible eye widened. "No secret of that rank, SS-rank, can be spoken of. Penalty is death for all parties, regardless of health or status."

Riolu just nodded. "Write it down, and when he understands, burn the paper. Simple fix."

Kakashi facepalmed. "If it was that simple, then why didn't anyone else think about it?"

"Beats the heck out of us. Most humans are idiots. Nuff said."

"Can't argue with that. I'll keep that loophole on the down low, though." Kakashi said. "If you know where he is, can I at least see if he's okay? My sensei was his father, so I can give him a full personality report on his father, if he asks. Mother, I can be more open about, especially if he's here."

Riolu nodded. "I'm a Riolu. This is a Vulpix. We're still new to the world, and Naruto is the only one we are going to listen to when it comes to orders. The 3 of us are family. He's mainly here to find out about his family. Naruto's been thinking of a name for us for a while now, but hasn't come up with anything yet." A nod. "He should be back after a few hours. He's in the Distortion world with Giratina right now, and we can't enter it ourselves, unless Giratina allows it, and it's probably playing around with Naruto."

Kakashi sighed. "Well then... I guess I'm sticking around. I'll write up what he should know. Even the burden that his mother held, before she died."

"Kyuubi no Yoko?" Riolu asked, prompting a wide eye from Kakashi.

"How did you..."

"He's already in the know about it, and we're fine with it. Vulpix evolves into something similar. All Jinchuuriki of that same Kyuubi had Uzumaki Blood, but we weren't sure of it's origins. It would seem to have at least a somewhat good relationship with the Uzumaki Clan, if history is anything to go by. We weren't aware that his mother held it, though."

"Well, I was only in the know, because I saw her when she was pissed. I pity the Iwa Ninja that pissed her off, even after 9 years." Kakashi admitted. "It was 2 and a half years before he was born that I saw that."

"He'd be happy to know that someone else has relation to him."

"Also, no one knows that I know of his heritage. Not even the Hokage knows that I know. He just knows that I'm a little protective over him, and, even when off duty, I'd still protect him unless I'm out of the village on a mission. Jiraiya of the Sannin, the Hokage, myself, and one of the Uchiha are the only ones that know for sure. The Ichiraku's at least suspect a connection, but can't ask to prove it."

"I see. Well at least we can do something about that." The Riolu then closed its eyes, and felt something. He turned his head to the Vulpix and said a few things. Vulpix was suddenly excited. "Come on, Kakashi. Naruto's back!"

"Already? I thought you said it would be a few hours."

"Don't question it. Just come on!"

They all jumped off and ended up near a lake, where Naruto walked out of. "Vulpix. Riolu." He then noticed Kakashi. "Who is this?"

"His name is Kakashi. He said he has ties to your father, but a law would prevent him from talking about it. We even showed him the idiocy of Humans by giving him the loophole of that law. No one was to speak of your heritage. Didn't mean you couldn't write it down." Riolu told him, not with Telepathy. All Kakashi heard was a bunch of yips, Ri's, Lu's, and a few Riolu's. "I see." he turned to Kakashi. "I take it the Old man sent you to bring me back?"

"Only when you willing to come back. If that's not now, but you plan on returning someday, I'm to help you when you ask." Kakashi admitted. "Otherwise, I'm supposed to stay back, and watch over you. Protect you, if need be."

Naruto looked at him and found a lot of self-pity, and a little bit of hope... directed at him. "Why pity yourself, then?" This question caught him off guard.

"What do you mean?" Kakashi tried to keep an emotionless face up, but the question kept it from happening.

"You may be able to hide your emotions from others, but you can't hide them from me. I'm a bit Empathic, you see? I can tell what others are feeling. The other thing that I'm wondering about is why I bring you hope. That makes no sense."

Kakashi looked sad, and Naruto felt it. "I lost nearly everyone close to me... Rin, Obito... Your father, too. He was my sensei."

Naruto saw the truth and sadness in his words. 'Damn. Talk about self misery.' "Did he tell you guys anything about my parents?"

"No, he wasn't allowed to. He said he'd write it down at our advice, after hitting his hand on his face." Vulpix told him.

"Let me guess. The loophole?" Vulpix and Riolu nodded. Naruto grinned at Kakashi. "I look forward to learning what I can about my parents."

"And I look forward to talking to you about them." Kakashi eye smiled.

They stuck around the ruins for 4 months. Kakashi taught him about his parents, and even taught him how to control his Chakra. He sucked at it, but Riolu also helped. Of course, Riolu was learning how to manipulate his Aura, so it was no surprise. After they learned to access it, they learned to control it. It was pretty simple after a while, and even Vulpix jumped into it. Vulpix, Riolu, and Naruto had learned to Climb Trees, and walk on water without much effort, or using hands. Naruto also learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu, and some of the benefits. He used them to study, while he, Vulpix and Riolu trained.

Kakashi was also happy with his progress. Naruto wasn't aware of it, but he was about to get a visitor.

Naruto got up today, ready to find out what he was going to learn. When he got outside, Kakashi, Riolu and Vulpix right beside him, he found a light, which hadn't happened before. Kakashi was instantly in front of him, Kunai ready. "Relax. It's only me, Naruto." This voice was immediately recognized by Naruto.

"Arceus? Is that you?" Naruto asked, hope in his voice.

"Yes, Child. I was originally suspicious of Kakashi. I even had one of my other son's to check out what your Hokage said, just to make sure. It appears you have been going behind his back with a few things, Kakashi."

"Naruto, do you know this guy?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah, he's a good guy. But what do you mean he's been going behind the old man's back?"

"He's been giving information that no one else was to know, and outright training you in ways he was told not to."

"I was only helping him because he needs it. More so than anyone else realizes." Kakashi told Arceus.

"I know."Arceus then took form. "Naruto, he is, by far, the best person to have as a teacher for you. He was willing to disobey his own leader to teach you how you should be taught. As such, I had Dialga and Palkia, my two other children, to surround these ruins in a barrier. He won't be able to find you, as long as you are on this island. No one will. Tell me, Kakashi. What kind of animal are you most familiar with?"

"Wait, are you going to give him..."

"Yes, Naruto. He will have to keep it a secret for as long as he can, but other than that, the same rules apply as with your Vulpix. Your Riolu is allowed to be a bit more public, in case you don't remember." Arceus told him.

"Do you trust him, Naruto? Because I don't see why I should." Kakashi asked.

"Yeah, I trust him. He's the reason I knew about the Uzumaki Clan in the first place, and even dropped me off here. I fell into a Pitfall, and after the two of us talked, I was here. It was 3 weeks before I heard anything from Old Man Hokage." Naruto told him. "Arceus, if I had to give a suggestion, I think a Shinx, or one of it's evolved forms would be a good choice for him."

"So, he's a lot more familiar with dogs, huh?"


"And why not Growlithe?"

"His main affinity is Lightning. Even I figured that out." Naruto said.

"Ah. I see. Well then, a Shinx it is. Teach him how to treat it well. I'm counting on you with this Naruto."

"Don't worry so much."

"He's right." Kakashi added. "I've seen how he interacts with his Vulpix, and his Riolu. He treats them with the utmost respect, as I figure he should. Anything less would denote a failure for them. Am I correct?"

"So, you have been paying attention. Good, that makes things easier. You will still have to learn the basics of taking care of them. This Shinx has yet to hatch from it's egg. Keep it with you at all times. When it hatches, treat it with care."

"I understand. Thank you for the opportunity." Kakashi said, as he picked up the egg in front of Arceus.

"Also, I heard that Celebi has been jumping dimensions recently. If you see her... tell that I need to talk to her... again." Arceus sounded annoyed.

"Has she been making trouble for you again?" Naruto asked.

"More than you know. I swear, she's worse than those corrupt humans at times. At least she only annoys me, unlike that damn Cyrus that tried to catch me on several occasions."

"I remember you telling me about him. Seriously, he's a major idiot." Naruto said.

"Tell me about it."

Naruto, Kakashi, and Arceus shared a laugh, though for Kakashi it was more of a chuckle.

After this was done, Kakashi was holding the egg gingerly. "Thank you for trusting me, Arceus." he said.

"I have given you the benefit of a doubt, Kakashi. Don't mess it up."

"I have no intentions on that." Kakashi said. "Helping Naruto is also helping me out with my own problems. It may seem like I'm using him, but I see it as we're both helping each other out."

"He still blames himself for living on while everyone close to him died." Naruto said. "It's not a good thing to feel. I know it's gone down while he was here, but it's still there. Being around me is good for him, and it goes a little faster when he talks to me about my parents."

"I see. You're also glad I gave you the empathy ability?"

"Yeah, I am."

"And have you been working on that anger problem I told you about?"

"Yeah, Riolu helped me there." Naruto admitted. "Meditation works wonders."

"Good. And I'm guessing that's why the Uzumaki preferred the Riolu and Lucario over most other Pokemon?"

"Yeah. Their meditation is the main reason. It really helps with the whole anger problem. Even met with the Bijuu, and yeah, it turned out he was aware of the Pokemon. As long as I'm nice to Kitsune, the Vulpix, he won't try to influence me, unlike most."

"Finally found a name for him, huh?"

"Actually... I just came up with it. Kyuubi did tell me there was a difference between Kitsune and Yoko, though it isn't really physical. Kitsune kind of popped up." Naruto admitted. The Vulpix looked at him.

"I actually kind of like that name. It helps that a Ninetails, though not a Pokemon, helped you make the decision." Kitsune stated.

"So, that's good with you?" Kitsune nodded at Naruto. "Then Kitsune it is."

"Alright. I have been checking on your progress, as I said I would. You are already where I hoped you would be before you were done. I had Palkia set up a portal that would lead into the Northeast sector of the forest known as the Forest of Death. The wildlife of that area are already in the know, and will be expecting you when you go through. I hope you've planned out a prank for those stuck up Hyuuga. They really need to lighten up."

"Are you kidding? I had 4 in my head before we met. And I've had a bit of time to improve them a bit. With all the Fuuinjutsu here, I've developed a few more seals from them, and I plan on using them to my advantage. Although... Nah, I shouldn't ask."

"Shouldn't ask what?"

"A Sneasel. You know how much good they are for stealth?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I do... And I take it you want one?"

"I'm good with these two. I think we should wait for his Shinx to hatch, and wait for them to bond and train together, before we head back, though." Naruto smiled at the Riolu and Kitsune. "While a Sneasel would be useful, it's not really needed."

"You've grown, Naruto. Has your dream changed?"

"Only something added. I still wish to be Hokage. I also intend on restoring the Uzumaki Clan. Something that I feel would be better off around." Naruto said, determination in his voice.

"Well then, I should let you know that I have heard some reports from Raikou, who has been coming here, mainly in Lightning Country, but he has reported that there are some areas with Unknown Runes. If you come across any ruins like that, do as the inscription says, as I'm sure you'd be able to translate it."

"Alright, I'll work on it."

"It should come naturally, so don't worry too much over it." Naruto nodded. "Alright, I'm out. Be sure to continue spending time with Giratina every now and then. He enjoys your company."

"Sure thing, Arceus." Naruto replied, as Arceus shone brightly and left without a trace. "Well, I think we should take the day off today, instead of training."

"Agreed." Kakashi said, before the egg in his hands started shaking. "Hmm?" There were a few cracks in the egg. It soon popped open. "Shinx?"

Naruto just smiled at it, as did Kakashi. Shinx looked at Kakashi, and smiled. "Shinx!" Kakashi seemed to understand it. "Are you sure?"


"Well, if you say so. Come on, let's go." Kakashi eye-smiled, and the Shinx yipped happily. They all played the entire day. Kakashi had learned a lot more about Pokemon feeding basics from Naruto and they both worked on the food this time.

-2 months later-

Shinx had learned everything that Riolu and Kitsune learned about Tree Climbing and Water Walking. He had also learned how Kakashi fought, and can now fight alongside him, though not really that easy to keep up on higher levels.

Shinx and Riolu were having a mock battle, as they have been for a while now. Naruto and Kakashi just watched, as usual. "Who do you think will win this time?" Naruto asked.

"I'm not making any bets here. As confident as I am in Raito, Riolu has a lot more experience. I'm leaning either way." Kakashi replied. Yes, Raito is the Shinx.

Raito had just used Spark, and tried hitting Riolu. He missed the dodge, and got knocked back. He got back up, and surprised Raito. Riolu started to glow, which Naruto raised both eyes at. Kakashi was wondering what this meant.

"Raito lost this round." Naruto said, confusing Kakashi.


"Just watch. Riolu... is no longer a Riolu." Naruto said, a small smirk on his face. When the glow faded, Riolu looked a lot bigger, and even a little more defined.

Riolu evolved into a Lucario. And Naruto was happy as hell. The Lucario looked at Naruto. "I just evolved... And that means..." Naruto nodded. "Alright!" Lucario went in for one hit, and basically knocked Raito out with a Force Palm. "Man, I love that move!"

Naruto and Kakashi went to their respective Pokemon. Naruto high-fived the Lucario, and then they both walked over to the Shinx. Lucario put some Aura in his hand, noticing his aura was a lot more in control than before, and sent it to the Shinx. The Shinx groaned, but was conscious. "Are you okay, Raito?" Kakashi asked softly.

"Shi..." Raito groaned.

"Rest up. You've earned it." Kakashi said, softly. Shinx passed out. They all went back and put Raito on the cot. Kakashi was by his side the entire time. Naruto, Lucario, and Kitsune came in. They walked up to Raito and Kakashi. "I'll be the first to admit I'm no expert, but I think Raito will be okay. He shouldn't do much for a few days, so he can heal." Kakashi nodded. "I feel like it's my fault, though."

"Don't go into the self pity again, Kakashi." Naruto told him. "It won't do you any good, and it will make Raito feel worse than you."

"I can't help but feel at fault. What if next time..."

"For now," Naruto cut him off. "Just be glad there can be a next time. He'll be fine. Don't worry so much."

"How can I not?"

"When he wanted to face off with Riolu, Riolu evolving was not expected. That was a mutual thing. If not for that, Lucario had already said that Raito would have won that one. That Spark was on the verge of becoming a Volt Tackle." Naruto said. "You should be proud of him, not sad."

"And how does that make it any better?"

"Normally, a Shinx can't learn Volt Tackle. The fact that Raito almost did, means he actually can learn it. Something that would normally be impossible. From what I saw, if he increased the voltage, and added in a Quick attack, which it is possible for him to learn..."

"He already knows quick attack. So if he combined Spark with it..."

"He could use Volt Tackle, unheard of for a Shinx, or it's evolved forms. It's a powerful move, but if you're not careful, and he doesn't get used to it, it could hurt him." Naruto told him. "That's why I said wait a few days. You shouldn't slack off in your own training while you wait, though. I've been working with Flamethrower recently. I had only recently pulled it off, though. With your affinity being Lightning you'd be able to learn a few Electric type moves, and it would be pure Lightning Manipulation. Now, if I had a real Fire Jutsu to learn... I wonder how I'd do with it."

Kakashi nodded. He turned to Lucario. "Can I trust you to watch over him?" Lucario nodded. "I caused it. I should make sure he heals." "Thanks, Lucario." Naruto, Kitsune, and Kakashi walked out. Kakashi looked back and had one thought. 'Get well soon, Raito.' He continued walking out.

They went outside, and Kakashi had a serious expression. It nearly scared Naruto. The only reason it didn't was because that wasn't anger. It was determination. "Alright, what's the weakest Electric type attack. Better for me to start at the bottom and work my way up."

"Thundershock." Naruto said. "Thundershock is the first one, and actually the weakest in a series of 5 Electric type attacks. Basically, what you want is a small amount of Electricity and you shoot it at your target. After that, it's Thunderbolt. It's about twice as powerful as Thundershock, and Spark is about the same when it comes to voltage."

"The difference?"

"Thunderbolt is a ranged move. Spark is a close combat move, but they are virtually the same thing, just different range." Naruto explained. "The highest one, and also the next one, is Thunder. If you surround yourself with Thunder, it's similar to a Lightning Armor. Then you go in for a fast attack, a full body charge, and you got yourself a Volt Tackle. It's about the same speed for Tunnel Vision, if I'm correct."

"Then I have something similar." Kakashi said. "I have my own Jutsu. It's called Chidori, but is also nicknamed the Raikiri. If not for the fact Obito gave me his Sharingan, I wouldn't be able to cope with the Tunnel Vision it gives."

"Think you can do the same with a full body armor? That would give you some good grounds for a Volt Tackle." Naruto suggested.

"I could try, but I think it's better if I work my way up the ladder." Kakashi replied.

"Alright. Kitsune?" Naruto looked at Kitsune.


"I think we could work on our own version, don't you?"

"Full body Electric attack?"

"Not Electric. Fire. You've learned Extremespeed already. If you cover yourself in a Flamethrower, and use it like that, you've got a successful Fire version of Volt Tackle." Naruto said, earning a thoughtful look.

"Ingenious. I can't believe it could be that simple."

"In theory, it is. Application, however, isn't. It takes practice to do so properly."

"No, it would be a lot easier than you probably think... Covering yourself in Ember and rolling is a Flamewheel."

"You do the same with a Flamethrower and then add in Extremespeed..."

"You got yourself a Flame Tackle."

"Sweet! Alright, let's work on it. The both of us. First, we have to surround ourselves in the Flamethrower, and get used to it. Then we go for the next step."

"Alright, let's do it." The two of them worked on ejecting flames and surrounding themselves with it, while Kakashi worked on Thundershock. While Kakashi got Thundershock in 3 hours, Naruto and Kitsune were still trying to surround themselves in Flames, and not get burned.

It wasn't going well. Being as it was nearing Sundown, they went inside, to find Lucario still next to Raito. "Welcome back, you three."

"Luke, how is he?" Naruto asked.

"Finally came up with a name?"

"Spur of the moment." Naruto said.

"He's asleep right now. Has been for the last hour or so. He is already in the know, and understands the need for rest. He's also glad you decided to keep training yourself. At least that's what he said."

"He's not entirely sure, is he?" Kakashi asked.

"Didn't seem like he was." Luke replied. "All I know for sure is he said he was happy, that you're not letting his choice bother you much. Could be the training itself he is unsure of. I couldn't tell you to be honest. He'd have to tell you what he was unsure of."

"Naruto, we need to let Lucario train as well. Tomorrow, I'll watch over Raito. You train with Lucario." Kitsune said.

"I think that's a good idea Kitsune. Luke, you and I will be training Tomorrow. You'll need to learn and perfect the Aura Sphere move. It should come naturally for you, and I'll be trying that as well."

"I understand. If it does come naturally, then I figure I can learn it quickly. Perfecting it, is another story."

"I know." Naruto told him. "For now, we should get some rest. That means you too, Kakashi." He nodded in response.

-a few days later-

Raito was up and about, mainly next to Kakashi. Kitsune and Luke, Naruto's Lucario, were both working on their attacks.

Raito was working on keeping the Spark attack active for extended periods of time. It got to an hour, before he fell onto his knees. Kakashi, on the other hand, was trying to use Chakra as a full-body armor. Kakashi was having more luck with it.

Naruto, was working on the Aura Sphere, and was having a lot more luck. Luke and Naruto could now form an Aura Sphere, but only Luke could throw it with ease.

"It seems like you're focusing too much on the formation. Once it is formed, focus more on execution." Naruto nodded. Naruto formed the Aura Sphere again, and Kakashi had looked over at him at that very point in time. He lost focus, and lost the armor. Raito noticed this. "Kakashi? What's up?"

"Naruto, how the hell does he know the Rasengan?" Kakashi asked, surprise evident.

"This isn't Rasengan... Why?" Naruto asked.

"That sphere... It looks almost exactly like the Rasengan. It was your father's move, though close combat." Kakashi explained, before holding out his hand, and forming the Rasengan.

"No way... Those are too damn similar. Learn this Rasengan, and control it. Then learn to throw it like an Aura Sphere."

"I think that would work." Naruto replied. "Think you can help?"

"You've got the form down. All you need is the rotation for it, from what I can see." Kakashi told him. "Make one of those, and put it next to mine." Naruto made an Aura Sphere, while Kakashi made a Rasengan.

'The only difference is... Internal Rotation. The Rasengan has more, and is faster with the Rotation. Aura Sphere doesn't have that. Other than that, the premise is the same. A sphere of Chakra, or Aura... That's it! I'm using Chakra for this. That's why I can't get it to go long range!' Naruto grinned.

"What's going on in that head of yours?" Kakashi asked, worried.

"Nothing much. Just figured out why I can't throw it. We use Chakra, not Aura. Pokemon are using Aura. A Hyuuga might be able to learn it, but I won't be able to. Let's compare them in close range." Naruto suggested, earning a nod.

They went up to a tree and thrust it into their respective trees. Kakashi had more spirals in his hit than Naruto. Naruto, on the other hand went straight through the tree, and then it left the hand... completely stable and able it hit 2 other trees before an explosion. Naruto, Kakashi, and Luke watched it go.

Naruto looked at his hand, and remembered what he did. 'I wonder...' He made another one and threw the Aura Sphere like he was thrusting a Rasengan with one hand, instead of the usual two for Aura Sphere. The result?

It flew into a Rock face, and exploded. Luke looked on in wonder. "Looks like you can throw an Aura Sphere with one hand, but not two. Nice job."

"Thanks..." Naruto sat down. "Just repeating an action that I'm not completely used to is hard."

Kakashi looked at him. "So... Rotation Ratio?"

"Rasengan has about 30 times the rotation paths of an Aura Sphere. Maybe more. Try to tone down the rotations of a Rasengan, and then make the same motion. You might get an Aura Sphere, and you could throw it." Naruto said, a bit of shock in his voice. "I think we should all work on this. Kitsune, continue with the whole Fire Armor thing. My body is somewhat used to it now, as I've been going for slightly hotter temperatures using Fire Chakra every now and then. Flames aren't appearing, but I'm not going that far just yet."

Kitsune nodded. "I really wish I would evolve soon, though. It might make this easier."

"Somehow, I doubt it." Naruto said. "Luke only got better at Manipulating Aura because that's what a Lucario does naturally. They're called Aura Dogs for a reason, you know?"

"Yeah, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for me."

"Besides, and I'll be honest, I'm not sure how to get you to evolve, so probably not a good idea to do so."

"You don't? Couldn't you ask Arceus?"

"I wish. I haven't heard anything from him for a while. I mean, Kakashi got his Shinx when I last talked with him." Naruto admitted.

It was at this point a small pink, mouse-like Pokemon appeared. "Who are you?" Naruto asked, knowing it was a Pokemon, but forgetting the name.

"You're with Pokemon, but you don't know who I am?"

"You name just escapes me. I know that I should know you, and that you are a Pokemon, but that's about it." Naruto replied. "Legendary Status, maybe?"

"Legendary?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes, I do fall under that category. And Arceus was right. You are Honest. Just like that last trainer I took a liking to."

"Well... It would be rude to just call you Legend, Pokemon, or something else when talking to you."

"And there's the formality."

"I'm not much for formalities, to be honest."

"I know, just like Ash."

"Huh?" Naruto and Kakashi were close to gaping like fish.

"Oh, it's the other trainer that I liked. In fact, he's a friend to all Pokemon, and that Lucario you have? It came from an Egg that his Lucario and Ditto had. Ash is a legend among all Pokemon, and the only human to have gained every Legendary Pokemon's good word. Even my clone, which the Humans made long ago."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Now I remember! Your name is Mew, isn't it?"

"Finally caught on."

"It was the clone comment." Naruto admitted. "You're the only Pokemon, Legendary status or not, to be cloned. The clone was called Mewtwo, and turned his back on Humanity. I heard about Ash from Giratina, and how he saved multiple Pokemon and humans. The only Human to live among Pokemon, and still have a Heart of Gold, and a Silvery Spirit."

"And you are pretty close in personality to him, as well. At least, that's what I've been hearing from Arceus."

"Is there any reason you came, Mew?" Kakashi asked. "I mean, I think you'd have something else to do elsewhere, don't you?"

"I would... If there was something that needed my presence. Mewtwo has volunteered for some of my duties, and is happy for it. We both are off, so he's checking out other things while I came here to check out Arceus' new chosen. He hasn't chosen anyone since Ash. And there's the matter with your Vulpix."

"What do you mean?"

"If you want him to evolve, you'll need a Fire Stone."

"Ah, man! There's no way I could that without some help from you guys... Wait, can you..." he couldn't finish before Mew spoke.

"Way ahead of you." Mew said, pulling out a stone that gave off some heat. "I heard you had a Vulpix, but were in a place where there are no Pokemon, so I brought one with me, in case you were going to ask. Here!" The stone floated to Naruto.


"I know what to do, just set it down." Kitsune said, with Naruto doing just that and backing up a bit. Kitsune got close to it, sniffed it, and then ate it. "What?"

"Is that supposed to happen?"

"No, I really only need to get close to it, but I was hungry. It was almost time for lunch, and I couldn't wait." Kitsune then glowed and evolved. The fur went from Red-orange, to a Platinum Blonde. The 6 tails become 9 tails.

"Congratulations! Your Kitsune has just evolved into a Ninetails!" Mew told them.

"Uh... Why did you say that?" Naruto asked.

"Thought it would be fun." Mew replied.

"It was so funny I forgot to laugh." A voice said before a Blue and Yellow Dog-like Pokemon came out of the bushes. "Mew, you've overstayed your welcome, and Lugia wanted to talk to you. Something about Ash's grandkid."

"Not again. What about Zapdos?"

"Fighting with Moltres and Articuno again."


"Won't leave Chihiro's family."


"Are you kidding? She'd freeze him. She never liked kids."

"Damn... Palkia and Dialga are holding the Barrier... Ho-oh?"

"He and Lugia never truly got along."

"Mewtwo?" Mew sounded distressed.

"Doesn't fall under the rules you two agreed on."

"You have got to be kidding me. Wait, what about you?"

"Special Mission from Arceus. It involves these two. Or rather, it involves the blonde." The dog said.

"Wait, why me? And..."

"If it regards Pokemon, and it is in this realm, it falls under your duty. I'm supposed to accompany you there this time around." The dog told him. "And by the way, my name is Raikou."

"Okay, that answers that. What's the problem I have to help out with?"

Mew looked at them, and Hmph'd. "You're no fun."

"I got to do something, right? I've been doing nothing but training lately. I'm going to need some real-time experience." Naruto replied. "You need to figure out how to balance between playing and duties. It might get a little more fun."

"Ash, always said that too." Raikou admitted, before looking at Mew. "Are you going to finally take the advice? Or are you going to ignore it like last time?"

Mew looked down. "Hearing it from one of them... And then hearing it from someone that could rival his personality... okay, I'll go. But I won't like it."

"And I don't expect you to." Naruto admitted, making Mew look at him in surprise. "What? You think I'd like doing boring duties? Here, look at it this way: The faster you get it done right, the more time you have for fun."

"He did not say that."

"He isn't going to have to do menial chores for his chosen profession to start out. I've been thinking of ways for it to go by faster, so I can do more things with my Pokemon." Naruto said. "It's all about perspective, and a reason to figure out how."

"Oh. Okay, that makes sense. Thanks." Mew said before teleporting out. Naruto then looked at Raikou. "Think Kitsune and Lucario can follow on foot?"

"Not likely. This is in Lightning Country. In the Mountains." Raikou replied. Naruto ran inside and grabbed the two Pokeballs. "This will be the first time you'll be in your Pokeballs for a while, but we can't really let others see you just yet."

"I understand." Luke said.

"I may not like it, but I get it as well. Arceus doesn't want our existence out as much as possible." Kitsune replied.

"That is the reason for Raito and Luke, but Kitsune, you have another reason. Your Evolution turned you into a smaller version of something that is feared as a creature of destruction. They will attack to kill you if they saw you. I'm not about to let that happen." Naruto said, sternly. Kitsune nodded.

"At least I know you care about me." Naruto held up the Pokeballs, and hit Kitsune and Luke with red beams from them.

Kakashi pulled out a Pokeball, and looked at Raito, who nodded. He was hit in the head with the Pokeball, considering the fact he hasn't been in one yet. It shook a few times, and then settled down. Kakashi took it and put it in his Ninja pouch. Naruto put his in his pockets.

"Get on, you two. I can get us there within minutes." Raikou said. Kakashi got on, but Naruto walked next to him, and pulled out a strange 5-point Shuriken.

"Take this, and throw it in the ground right outside the destination. I should know where it is when that happens, and I'll be there." Naruto said, handing it to Kakashi.

"You didn't learn the Hiraishin." Kakashi said.

"Just trust me on this. It's only for transportation as of now."

Kakashi nodded, and Raikou took off. Naruto waited a few seconds, tensed, and then left in a flash.