Chapter 5

Naruto, Yugito, Sakura and Sasuke were now at a temple in Lightning Country, right at the base of it.

"Naruto, Is this..." Yugito started.

"Yup. Distortion Temple." He replied.

"But that means..."

"Tina isn't the only one that's going to help us. I already talked it over with Arceus. He's fine with it." Naruto stated.

Sakura, on the other hand, was a little confused. "Where are we?"

"It's an old temple in Lightning Country." Naruto said as he started going up the steps. "I call it Distortion Temple, and yes I've been here before. So has Yugi-chan."

"It's actually where we met up." Yugito admitted. They all reached the top after she finished this.

Sakura saw the inscription. "Don't bother with that Sakura. What we're going to do here is not Mental Training. We've got to get you through Physical Training. Besides, I already know what it says."

She looked at him. "Sasuke. Yugito. First Ring. Sakura next ring out." Naruto said as he stood in the center. "I suggest you hold on to your lunch, Sakura. Sasuke is somewhat used to this, but earlier was your first time Teleporting, and this one... well, slight chance of queasiness." She nodded. He sighed and went through the handsigns with ease, and the glyph appeared like last time. Sakura noticed it, and was awestruck.

Sasuke was a little surprised at that, but kept it under wraps, since Sakura was nearby.

They all glowed and vanished.

-Distortion World-

Sakura looked a little queasy, but otherwise was fine. Naruto sighed. "So you know, there are areas here where the gravity shifts, so if you feel yourself being pulled into a different, odds are likely it's the gravity."

"GAAROOOH!" Naruto and Yugito turned to the sound, and found Giratina.

"I'll be right there! I'll be getting the Hiplane first!" Naruto shouted. "Yugi-chan, mind taking them to the usual spot here?"

"Why me?"

"Tina has to signal the others that are coming to help out, and I'm going for the Hiplane. You're the only other one here that knows the area. Make sure you let them know about everything here, and Sakura? What you see here does not get out." She nodded, and Naruto soon left for elsewhere.

"This way you two. And be careful. The platforms tend to shift every now and then." Yugito walked to an edge and jumped to another area, while twisting a bit to land on a vertical surface. "What are you waiting for? Come on!"

Sakura was surprised she was taking this so easily. Sasuke sighed. "Let's go. If there's anyone in our class that can do this it's them." he followed Yugito's lead and jumped to it, not trying to use Chakra to stick. When he found he didn't need it he ran after Yugito, Sakura did the same, though a lot more hesitantly.

They found themselves in front of a ledge that Giratina appeared in front of them. Sasuke spoke almost immediately. "You're the one they call Tina, right?" He nodded. "Well, it's official. They have definitely done the impossible."

"Years ago, actually." Yugito admitted. "We were away from the village for 2 years, 1 year for me. I've known Tina for the entire year, and Naru-kun knew him for a lot longer. Personally, I think Tina is somewhat bad name, since Giratina is either male, as Arceus calls him his son, or no gender at all."

"It's the latter, Yugito, and I actually like the fact he came up with a nickname for me. Quick question. Why isn't Pharaoh out?"

"Sasuke may be partially in the loop, but Sakura isn't. That's basically the only reason why. We brought Sasuke for 2 reasons, one of which he isn't completely aware of." Yugito said, earning surprise from Sasuke.

"What are you talking about?"

"We've found you like it when Naruto or myself Summon a Houndour, or it's evolved form Houndoom." Yugito told him. "You've already proven yourself to us. It's Giratina's call, now. That's the other reason."

Sasuke looked at her and blinked. He gave a small smile, which Sakura found oddly misplaced. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." Yugito replied. "Just remember what happened after you asked me out, and don't do so again. And Sakura..." She turned to the Pink Haired Banshee. "You have to prove yourself to me, Naruto, Giratina, and one other before you would ever get any. You'd need acceptance from all of them, or you fail and if you fail any piece, you can't try again. It's one and you're done. No second chances. Sasuke only needs 2 beings to approve of him. Tina is one of them."

"He's already good in my book, Yugito. I have seen how he interacts with you, and especially when Naruto summons the Houndour. I have discussed it with pops, and he's decided to come as well. Quick Question. Are you really going to put them both through Naruto's old Training Regiment?"

"They already agreed with it, even though she was scared a bit, she still went for it." Yugito admitted. "If she gives up, she will not be able to say anything under penalty of death, and I know Sasuke won't want to give up on it."

"Hey guys! I thought you should know that Arceus is on his way with 5 others." A metallic voice resembling Naruto's said. Yugito looked at the plane that was nearby.

"You know who's coming?"

"A Weavile, Mismagius, Deoxys, Ninetails, and Shaymin are coming." Naruto replied. "Tina, I've been working on a way to get the Hiplane between dimensions, and I think I can use Shaymin's visit to my advantage for this. Seed Flare could open a big enough portal for you, so if I can replicate it, I could use it to go in and out of Distortion World with the Hiplane, and travel a hell of a lot faster in the Elemental Countries."

"You're planning on using Fuuinjutsu for that?"

"It's our best bet. And just think of what could happen if I did pull it off." Naruto stated.

"Good idea. Fuuinjutsu is one of your best skills after all." Yugito told him.

"I know, that's why I think recreating the effect of Seed Flare would work wonders for us." Naruto replied.

"Who is Shaymin?" Sakura asked.

"I'm right here, you know?" A being flying down said. It was Shaymin, but he was in his sky form.

"Shaymin? It's been a while, you know?"

"Thought I'd see how Arceus's chosen is doing. I take it it's Blondie in the Hiplane that the bastard brought here?"

"The guy was a bastard, but I think Naruto could use some help from you. He wants to implement the Seed Flare Attack into it to allow him to go to and from here with ease. It'll help quite a bit, you know?"

"Don't I know it." Shaymin replied. "Anyway, how are you? It's been a while since I said anything to any of the others."

"I'm doing fine, Shaymin. Tina's been a little lonely from time to time, so I've been coming, and so has Yugito."

"That's good to hear." Arceus stated, the other 4 on his back. "Any particular reason the Haruno is here?"

"Her choice, even after I tried to convince her not to. Sasuke also needs your approval."

"He's got it, and the Houndour will be waiting for him when you head back to Konohagakure. I checked with Dialga and Palkia, and they both replied that he has suffered a bit more than Kakashi, though it's only because it was his brother that was the cause. He's good as long as it doesn't consume him. We have checked it out, though Mewtwo has told us he wanted to find out himself. Ask him whether he found out, and when he has, tell him that he's good, as long as the hatred doesn't consume him."

"Already found out. All that's left is for him to know whether he's good. He's found out, and now's he's only waiting for confirmation. He wants to prove himself worthy of this, and he thinks the training would help. He's still not aware that he's already accepted."

"I see. Well, he's got final confirmation. He's actually had it, and is it's ready for when he finds out."

"Thanks Arceus." Naruto replied, as they went towards Giratina and the others. Naruto landed the Hiplane nearby, and got out before walking up to Sasuke. "You found out, right?"

"Yeah, I already told you that, though. I still don't think I'm worthy enough of it." Sasuke admitted.

Naruto then smiled at him. "He'll be there when we return."

"Wait... You mean...?" Sasuke's eyes widened.

"Yup. Final Confirmation has been released. They've known, and think you deserve it, but there is only one condition. You don't let your hatred rule you."

"No need for that. Any hatred I have right now is focused on a dead man, who was too damn foolish and arrogant. He also happens to be my father, and the reason the Coup was going to happen in the first place." Sasuke stated. "I don't blame the Hokage for sending my brother, seeing where he's coming from."

"Jiji isn't the reason Itachi did so. It was a man named Danzou, and the Village Elders." Naruto stated. "Jiji wanted to come to an agreement. Danzou wanted full elimination of the clan, and we've found out the reason. He's got 9 Sharingan in his right arm, which is also enhanced by the Shodaime's Mokuton Element. Then he's got Shisui Uchiha's right eye as his own. I always saw that he and Jiji never truly got along, until after I left. In fact, it's the whole situation with me and the Pokemon that did it. Turns out they made an act that fooled me, when I've been making an act that fools everyone. I still have yet to fully release my skills."

Sasuke looked at him and bowed. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it." Sasuke was about to retort. "Ever. If people found out that you and I are close, they will not like it. I have no apartment, and the Orphanage has no hold over me, since I was kicked out at 5. I'm fine in the forests, and Yugito is as well. Although, we've got a home in the Hatake Estate if we want some cover."

Sasuke sighed. "I'd much rather you stick with me in the Uchiha Estate, to be honest. People will not like it at first, but I would deal with them. You are more like me than anyone else can comprehend. Anyone who doesn't see that can kiss my ass."

Naruto looked at him. "Kakashi, myself, Yugito, one other, and now you, are the only ones that will have a Pokemon as a familiar, and I am the only one of us that has 2."

Sasuke nodded. "I don't care how many I have. In fact, I still don't think I deserve it yet."

"And that's exactly why you do." Naruto stated. "It's because you think you don't deserve it. That's what prompted my approval. I knew you weren't exactly like you seem when you're around others. That was proven to be a fact the more we met up elsewhere. You are worthy, whether you see it or not."

"Why does that make me worth it? I don't get it." Sasuke asked.

"It's because you realize that you are, or at least were, wrong. This means you aren't the arrogant bastard that everyone thinks you are, as it's only a front. Just like me being a bit of an idiot. Being a Prankster... Well, that's kind of in my blood, to be honest. Mom was a prankster, dad was a prankster, and I have the King of one of the Prank species sealed within, which you already know about. With all that, no one can say that pranking would not have come at all. If you think I would give up on pranking completely, you're dead wrong."

Sasuke sighed and nodded. "I just hope I don't mess this up."

'It's that same doubt that will keep him from doing so.' Naruto thought. 'He's far beyond what he thinks because of that alone. He'll go further like this.'

"I agree, Naruto." Luke stated telepathically. "I am also glad he truly had no arrogance, something we both hate."

"Count me in with that one." Kyuubi stated.

"Hey, Naru, whatcha thinking about?" Yugito ended up asking.

"Nothing much. Just what I've been thinking about Sasuke during the whole testing phase. Luke and Kyuubi agree with me on it."

"You still planning on giving him a Houndour?"

"Yeah, I am. I mean, he always got along with Houndour when I summon one."

Naruto and Yugito looked at each other and nodded. "Yugi-chan, when he's done for the day, take him to the library. Sasuke, you're going to need to know everything you can about how to take care of a Pokemon. Yugito will be able to help you in application, but the experience can only be acquired by you. There is no substitute." Naruto then looks at Shaymin. "We should go elsewhere for what I'm working on. It can be a little dangerous if used around others."

"Sure thing." Shaymin and Naruto fly off, Naruto in the Hiplane.

Yugito looks at Sakura, who saw everything, and Sasuke who looked somewhat pleased with himself, but still having a hint of confusion. "What's got you confused, Sasuke?" Yugito asked.

"2 things. How I passed without even realizing it, and why she didn't say anything about my denial."

Sakura sighed. "I wanted to, I'll admit. But right now, it won't help me progress, so I held it back."

Yugito and Sasuke looked at each other, then at her. "You're learning quickly." Yugito stated, earning surprise from her. "Learn to think for yourself. Phase 1, complete. Now the real training can begin."

The Weavile sent a few Ice Shards in their direction, causing Sakura to jump to the side on reflex, though she didn't see it coming. "How did I..."

"Your body is doing what it needs to in a situation." Yugito stated. "It knew the Ice Shard was coming, even if your mind didn't. You also knew it would hurt if it hit, so your body acted on its own to avoid it. Now to get you aware of your surroundings." She then grew claws by channeling Chakra to her fingernails, before pulling out a Pokeball. "Come on out, Pharaoh!"

Yugito got on all fours, facing the Persian. "You up for a spar?"





"Begin!" they both shouted, though only Yugito knew it. Sasuke also noticed that it was a literal Cat fight, but he dropped his thoughts on that to avoid a Flaming Stream. Sakura had to dodge several colorful leaves that followed her around (A/N: Magical Leaf) along with the shards of Ice (A/N: Ice Shard). They had yet to notice that Deoxys wasn't participating, as they were a little too preoccupied. He then looked at Sasuke, and launched a few Aura Sphere's at him, and he dodged them, finally realizing that Deoxys was there.


Naruto and Shaymin were together on another island in the area, the Hiplane landed and kept nearby.

"You needed to see the Seed Flare, right?"

"Basically. What I actually need from it is the effects, and possibly some of the elements used in it. I'm trying to recreate it with Fuinjutsu, after all." Naruto replied. "It'll help out in the long run."

"May I just ask why?"

"Well, for starters, it would help get the Hiplane out of here. It kind of irritates Tina to have to keep it here all the time. Plus it would give Tina a way to come with me to the Elemental Nations, should he want to. The possibilities are nearly endless. I tend to like endless possibilities. If nothing else, to say that I did it, and be done with it." Naruto explained. "But the Hiplane and Tina happen to be the 2 main reasons."

"Good enough for me." Shaymin flew up a bit. "SEED FLARE!" A giant flare appeared in the sky nearby where Shaymin was. Naruto was taking in every detail he could, and writing them down. When it disappeared, Shaymin came back. "Did you get everything?"

"I think so." Naruto said, looking at the notepad, finally wondering where he got it from. "It would be a good idea to see it again. Mainly to see if I missed anything."

Shaymin went up and performed it again. Naruto noticed that he missed 2 things last time. He wrote them down quickly. "I missed 2 things the first time that I saw it."

"I can only use it one more time. Then I have to rest." Shaymin admitted.

Naruto nodded. Shaymin was about to go up again, when Naruto spoke. "Then rest up. I'll try out what I've got now, and make something out of it." Naruto got down and pulled out a scroll, brush and ink. He started making several seemingly meaningless markings on it. Shaymin watched in curiosity. When he was finished and made a second, Naruto looked at him. "Lets see if it works."

"Why did you make it twice?"

"One for testing, the other for seeing what could've been wrong with the structure if it didn't work." Naruto replied. He took the second one away from the first and tried it out. "Seed Flare, Kai!"

It made a Red and Green blast that disappeared after 10 seconds. "That was close to what we need, I think."

"Yeah, that was close. How you got that in one shot, I have no idea."

"Sometimes, I wonder that myself." Naruto admitted, before checking out the spare copy. He used his analysis of the first attempt and what it should look like, along with the seal and every piece that did something. Naruto's eyes widened. 'It's worth a shot.' he made a second one similar to the first one, but with one addition. It was what he used for finding the Teleport Shuriken. He made another one, and got it ready. "Get back, time to see if it works."

Shaymin got behind a tree. "Seed Flare... Kai!" There was a release, and then the explosion. It stayed for 30 seconds, long enough for Naruto to tell it lead to Whirlpool Island. Naruto smiled at his partial success. Naruto made it again, and got it ready with a Shadow Clone. "One more time, Shaymin. This is the final test."

Naruto got behind a tree, the Clone ready to jump out and into it, and Shaymin on top of Naruto's head. "Seed Flare... Kai!" The Clone rushed it and went through.

Naruto waited for a while. "What good was that going to do?"

"That was a Shadow Clone. If it made it through, I'll know." Naruto admitted, before information rushed him. His smile turned into his Half-patented Fox Grin. He pumped his fist into the air. "YEAH!"

"It worked?"

Naruto took Shaymin off his head and nearly kissed the guy. He settled for the cheek, though. "Thank you! I have a safe version for this, and now we can even use it for other things!"

"Your welcome... I think."

"Naruto, why are there repeated Seed Flares over here?" Arceus asked.

"I just recreated Seed Flare through Fuinjutsu. I used it to send a Shadow Clone to Whirlpool Island. It wasn't reinforced, so I could know if it held any danger with it. It didn't, and he made it without anything being wrong with him." Naruto told him.

"I see. Think you can finally get that Hiplane out of here?" Arceus asked.

"When I can get a good spot to keep it without others being able to take it, yeah." Naruto stated.

"Have you found a way to get it to somewhere other than Whirlpool Island?"

Naruto blinked. "Have not tried that." he admitted.

"Then try it out. Say... Send one to Sunagakure. You know where that is?"

"Only a general location." Naruto admitted. Arceus's eyes glowed a light blue and then dimmed. Naruto, knowing what to look for, and who. He grinned and made another Seed Flare. A Shadow Clone was made to stay behind, while the original went through.


Naruto ended up in the Northern park in Sunagakure. He looked around. 'Sweet. I made it. Wait... Gaara is here, isn't he?' Naruto found said red head nearby, but something was different from last time. Naruto went up to him in his fox form.


"Kit?" Gaara asked, a few tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Father. He found out about Sandy, and took her. She's my only friend in the area."

"Am I not one of your friends?" Naruto asked.

"That's not it. You're not here all the time, and Sandy's the only one that keeps me company. He's not doing us any good, and will probably try to kill... her. I HAVE TO STOP HIM!"

"You're not the only one." Naruto growled, before shifting to human form, 2 Pokeballs in hand. "Get out here, we've got a friend to rescue." Gaara was a little surprised at the shift, but shook it off easily.

Luke and Kitsune appeared. Naruto went back into his Fox Form. "Gaara. Where is Sandy? We have to get her out of danger."

Gaara nodded, and wiped his eyes of the tears. He closed his eyes and sighed. He turned his head. "This way." He ran off, Kitsune, Naruto, and Luke behind him.

A Jounin saw him run by, a little surprised at his entourage, before he realized what he saw. He then shunshin'ed to the Kazekage.

"Lord Kazekage, Gaara seems to have found more of those creatures. But..."

"Speak up."

"One of them looks like the Kyuubi no Yoko, but with Platinum Blonde fur." The Kazekage's eyes widened. "Stop them from getting the experiment loose!"

Elsewhere, Gaara, Naruto and the 2 Pokemon blasted into a building. Luke used Aura Sphere multiple times on the Ninja that approached, while Naruto used a combination of Rasengan, Aura Sphere, and Flamethrower.

Kitsune used Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and a new one. "Flame Tackle!" Naruto caught sight of it and grinned. "Gaara, let's go!"


"Kitsune! Luke!"


They then entered an area, where a Trapinch was in a container. Gaara send sand at it, only to leave it unscratched. Naruto, however, was analyzing it. "Gaara, can that sand pierce a Human body instead of just crushing it?"

"Never tried." Some Jounin and ANBU entered the room by bursting down the door.

"Then try it on them, but don't kill them!" Naruto shouted. "I've got an idea." Naruto then charged up 2 Rasengan, one on the tip of each tail, and they both hit the container bursting it apart. "Got it!"

"Gaara!" Gaara hugged her. The sand retracted and it showed Gaara was pissed. He glared at the Jounin, his eyes become gold with a black star in the center, 4 dots surrounding it. They saw this and knew they were in trouble. "Did they hurt you Sandy?"

"A bit, but not much."

"Then they will suffer." Gaara replied, his voice sounding demonic.

The sand caught each of their limbs and crushed them with relative ease. They all screamed in pain. A spear was made out of the sand, which then impaled one of them.

Naruto looked at Gaara, who was still a little pissed off. "I'm glad to know you're protective of Sandy, but you didn't really need to end their career."

"It's a fate worse than death here." Gaara replied, his voice losing it's demonic edge.

The Kazekage saw this and revealed himself. "And who might you be, fox?"

"That is none of your business, Kazekage." Naruto replied, before turning to him. "You never want a pissed off or unstable Jinchuuriki, and killing them off will only make things worse."

"Oh? And what would there be?"

"For starters, ask one of your allies for an expert on Fuinjutsu. Your villages sucks ass in that department. Wait, no. It's worse. I had half a mind to raze this village to the ground for the faulty seal. He would only be unstable due to a faulty seal, which he had. You're lucky I fixed it."

"Where do you come from?"

"If you're trying to buy time for other reinforcements to arrive, it won't help. Be glad I don't kill you where you stand, because right now, you deserve worse. An unstable Jinchuuriki can only have one person at fault, and that is the one that sealed the Bijuu in the first place. Be glad I fixed it a year ago, otherwise Gaara would still be mentally unstable. He was in a half-controlled rage just then. Touch Sandy, and it will only get worse for you."

"Do you think you can threaten me?"

"He can, and he will deliver." A glow appeared showing Arceus. "Be glad he is sparing you this time. He could have killed you by now, but he is giving you one more chance. Betray it, and he won't hesitate to carry out your execution."

"Arceus, what are you doing here?"

"Wondering why you brought these two out."

"You probably already know the answer to that."

"True enough. Gaara, take care of her. And this also goes for Shukaku."

"I failed her once. I'm not going to again. Anyone tries to harm her, I will kill them without remorse." Gaara stated, his voice turning demonic near the end. "That includes you."

The Kazekage was suddenly afraid for some reason. "Be glad that I don't kill you now. Next time... You won't be so lucky."

He walked out. Naruto looked at Kitsune and Luke, who nodded as they ran out. Arceus got in front of the Kazekage before he could chase them. "A poorly treated Jinchuuriki means one who could turn on their home easily. Remember this, as it could be your undoing."

By that time, Naruto had already gone back to Distortion, so Arceus left.

-Distortion World-

Naruto found his way back to Shaymin quickly. "So how'd it go?"

"Found Gaara, his Trapinch was taken by his village leader, the two of us, along with Luke and Kitsune, charged in, somewhat recklessly, taking out nearly everyone that tried to stop us. I was pissed that they would experiment on her, and would have killed the Kazekage the moment I saw him. He's lucky I didn't."


"Yes, he did. And while I wanted to kill him, if he tries it again, and I find out, he's as good as dead. And that's if Gaara doesn't kill him." Naruto said, his voice emotionless.

"Damn. You really wanted to kill him."

"More than a Magikarp would like water." Naruto replied. "I'm glad I went because I still kicked ass."

"I see. Well, at least we know it works."

Naruto nodded, and checked out the scroll that he used for it. The seal was not only recognizable, but usable. "This seal... I can use it again. I'd need further testing, but I could probably make more and use the first as a signal, and this one for transportation."

"Good idea. Well, I think we're done here." Shaymin stated.

"As do I. Let's go see the others." Naruto replied. 'That damn Kazekage better keep his nose out of where it shouldn't be. He'll regret it if he doesn't.'

"True. And I'd love to tear him limb from limb."

'You and me both, fox. You and me both.'

Naruto got back in the Hiplane and flew back to the others, getting a wicked idea. He pulled out a targeting system, and fired a scroll with a Seed Flare Signal (A/N: The first one) that caught everyone's attention, and the Pokemon backed off. They didn't see why Shaymin did that, but they knew it was a for reason. One thing they were wrong on.

It wasn't Shaymin.

Within seconds, a few Chakra lasers came through the Flare, which surprised the Pokemon, who hid immediately. Sasuke noticed that it the Hiplane. 'Wait, isn't that Naruto? Why is he attacking us?'

He dodged another one, before the Hiplane went over them, causing them to subconsciously channel Chakra to their feet to stay rooted. Sakura, Sasuke, and Yugito looked at him. "Any idea why he's doing that to us?" Sasuke asked.

Yugito shook her head. "Word from Kyuubi. Testing for Phase 2 has begun." Yugito's eye widened. "Everyone dodge the lasers!" Sakura and Sasuke didn't need to be told twice, as the Hiplane came around for another pass.

They dodged another volley, and was a little surprised that he was getting a little more accurate, and almost killed Sakura twice. Yugito managed to dodge easily, as did Sasuke. After that pass, it flew off, only to turn around.

"I thought you knew how he thought!" Sasuke shouted at Yugito.

"I didn't see why he would at first. He's not even supposed to be aware we're nearing the end of Phase 2!" Yugito shouted back, before more lasers came towards them. "I'm still confused, but not for his actions. More like why he's doing it now. Much less why he's doing it like that."

Another pass, which they all dodged a lot more easily than before.

"When will he let up?" Sakura asked.

"My guess is when he runs out of chakra." Sasuke stated, subconsciously activating his Sharingan for the first time.

"Then we'll be doing this for hours. I'm a bit of a sensor, and he hasn't even scratched the surface of his Chakra levels yet." Yugito stated. The Hiplane then came around and landed.

"I see you're confused as to why I did this."

"The test for Phase 2."

"Actually, that was just an excuse Kyuu made up." Naruto stated. "The reason is so you know never to let your guard down, even while training. Anything can happen anywhere. It's a lot more likely for deadly attacks to come to you when you're on a mission, then inside the village, but that's not the point. Anything can happen anywhere. Learn to expect the unexpected. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best."

Yugito nodded. Sasuke sighed. Sakura fell on her butt, panting. "I thought you were going to kill us."

"Kind of the point." Naruto stated. "If you encounter an enemy ninja on a C-rank, which isn't likely but is possible, then you need to be able to handle surprises like that, and people far above your own strength, or even of an unknown level."

"And the aerial attack?" Yugito asked.

"Part of the reason you couldn't hit me in there without the use of a Long range Jutsu. There are very few Ninja that can fight aerial battles, but they are out there, and you need to be ready in case they come for you, or a teammate." Naruto pulled out a Black Book.

"Is that..." Yugito started.

"A Bingo Book." Naruto finished for her. "One in particular that fits an Aerial battle is considered S-class in here, not to mention he's gone Rogue." He opened it to a certain page. "Deidara the Mad Bomber of Iwa. Raikou has been running across the main continent of the Elemental Nations, and has found a few things out that may or may not prove harmful to Yugito and myself."

"Why you two and not us?" Sakura asked, a little hesitant on the us concept.

"I'm curious as well."

Naruto looked at Sasuke. "You're aware of my condition, right?" Sasuke nodded. "Yugito and I have that condition, and there is a group after those with the same condition. I recently found out that Raikou has found out a few of the members. Deidara is one of them, though he is still new."

"What about the island nations?" Yugito asked.

"Suicune's got that covered." Naruto admitted. "I've also found out that there's another Jinchuuriki in Kumo..."

"Knew that."

"2 in Kiri." Naruto continued. "2 in Iwa, though one of them actually roams. 1 in Suna, who I helped out just now."

"Wait, you left for Suna?" Sakura asked. "Why?"

"At first, it was to test out the Seed Flare Portal. It's the Ichibi Jinchuuriki, and he's already got a Trapinch. Said Trapinch had been captured and was about to be experimented on."

"THEY WHAT?" Yugito shouted, her eyes going slit like a cat's.

"Don't worry, I already kicked their asses, and they know not to doing anything like that again. If they're stupid enough to try that again, they're getting killed by him. And if he doesn't, I will." His voice went demonic at the end.

Yugito shivered in excitement. Her voice had a slight demonic tinge. "And I'll help."

Sasuke and Sakura looked between the two and figured it was best not to comment. They looked at each other and nodded slightly.

-1 week later-

It was a peaceful day in Konohagakure. The sun was shining. The kids were playing. The shopkeepers were selling. So why were people showing a slight tinge of fear?

It was because Naruto had gone silent for an entire week. No one had seen him, Yugito, Sasuke, or Sakura.

Sakura's parents were glad she was gone, so she wasn't caught up in what was going to happen, but the Academy is starting up again today. They were wondering where she was, as she said she would come back today.

"Where is she?" Her mother asked.

"I have no idea." Her father replied.

It was a this moment and Green and Red flash appeared in the distant sky to the north. Through that flash came some kind of aerial object that sent the ANBU on alert.

A Hyuuga on patrol activate the Byakugan to find out just what was going on and who was riding the strange bird. What he saw is not something he expected. "Stand down, but stay on your guard!" he shouted.


"3 Academy students here, Yugito Nii, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno are on top of that thing. It doesn't even have eyes... but there is a a Human-like Chakra Network inside of it, making a Fourth being." His eyes narrowed and then widened. "It's Naruto Uzumaki that's inside of it!"

"What?" They all gaped at him. It came over towards the Academy, where everyone was outside, including the teachers, who were standing guard over the students. Yugito, Sasuke and Sakura all jumped up and landed on the stage, right in front of the new students in a perfect landing, crouched and facing the Hokage, who was right in front of them.

"What is going on here?" he demanded.

"Just getting back from personal Training, Hokage-sama." Sakura stated.

"And that strange bird?" he questioned.

"That isn't a bird." Yugito said, with a small smirk, as it turned around, opened up slightly at the front, ejecting Naruto, then surrounded himself in flames before flipping and landing right on top of the stage, no longer covered in flames, with a Half-Ram seal. "Seed Flare Portal!" The Hiplane went into another Red and Green flash and disappeared altogether.

"What's up, Jiji?" He asked, noticing the Hokage there. This caused everyone in the crowd and part of the staff to face fault at the relaxed tone, and slight disrespect. The rest, which included Yugito, Sasuke and Sakura, sighed, while Sarutobi chuckled.

"I'm glad to see you made it on time."

"Has Kakashi started being late again?" Naruto asked.

"Only once, and when he finally did show up... he was unnaturally tired." Sarutobi stated. Naruto and Yugito's eyes widened at that. Naruto took a shot.

"Let me guess. Rin Tsukihana was also the same way that day?"

"Yes, actually, she was. How did you know?" He questioned. Naruto just looked at Yugito, who blushed, but nodded, thinking the same thing.

"Well, it's about time." He ended up saying. This caused multiple looks of confusion. Naruto looked at Sarutobi. "Icha Icha Reference." Anyone who had a headband and vest, or was 18+ years old and male had a look of realization on their faces.

"They didn't..."

"I was wondering when they would, to be honest." Naruto stated.

"So was I." Yugito admitted. "Let them have their fun."

"How do you know if that's what they did?" Sarutobi asked, still confusing everyone that didn't understand the 'Icha Icha Reference' statement.

"Please. He gave up Icha Icha during my Clan Training, and even told Jiraiya when we saw him once. Rin came back soon after we did, and since they were on a team when they were little, not to mention the last 2 living from said team, no one knows if there was something behind the scenes then, or if they were just starting out now. Where else would he go for it?" Naruto ended up asking.

Sarutobi looked at him, and blinked a few times. Then he nodded. "You have a point there. One question."

Naruto pointed at his gut. "and her?" Yugito pointed at her own gut. "I see. And would that mean..."

They both nodded. "Have you..." They shook their heads no. "Good." They both smiled.

One of the ANBU in the area landed next to him and whispered in his ear. "Again?" he asked, the ANBU nodding in response. "Did you check his estate?" He shook his head. "Take a picture of him in it, and show it to me." He nodded and left. "Let's find out what they were doing, ne?"

Naruto and Yugito shrugged. Sarutobi went to the others made a few announcements, and then went inside prompting Naruto to follow him. "Naruto I would like to ask a favor of your. It would be counted as a an A-rank mission on your record for when you graduate."

"Why an A-rank?" Naruto asked, making sure they were alone.

"Are you aware that the Teachers here get a Long Term A-rank pay?" Naruto shook his head. "Well, they do. And I think you would be good at teaching a class during a certain class period, in which you will have no other classes."

"I don't think I'll be good to teach anything." Naruto stated. "Much less qualified for it."

"If you aren't Qualified for Trap Making Classes, with which, this is not better than you in the village, then I'd be surprised." Sarutobi retorted.

Naruto's eyes widened. "You want me..." he pointed to himself while pausing. Sarutobi nodded. "To teach Trap Making?"

"If you want to. As I said it would go on your report as a Long Term A-rank Mission." Sarutobi stated.

Naruto took a thoughtful look. "Hours?"


"Rules and regulations?"

"Based on classes, meaning you have full reign."

"Class size?"

"Depends on how many wish to take the class, but rarely more than 30."

Naruto thought for a moment. "You got a deal. I wasn't planning on going for Trap Making, but anyone who even has a hint of my abilities knows that I can prank anyone." He stared at Sarutobi. "And that's why you're asking me to teach it, aren't you?"

Sarutobi nodded in response. "If you put it on my schedule as a class for me, then I can give out a few surprises for it."

"Before you go, what was that weird bird that you came out of?"

"That wasn't a bird." Naruto replied. "It's called the Hiplane."

"And the flash it emitted?"

"Seed Flare Portal. A Seal of my own Creation. I placed it in several places on the Hiplane, and I activate one master seal, which activates the ones that make the portal. It sends it back to the Hanger I have hidden, ready for the next use. I will not reveal the location of the hanger, as there is no need to know at this point in time."

Sarutobi nodded. "Anything else I should know?"

"Sakura is actually wanting to train after one session with me as the Trainer. That same session had Sasuke on his knees, still wanting more. Yugito could go on for a little longer, but was running low on fumes fast. I enjoyed the training immensely. You could almost say I got a little high off of it. Almost."

"Also, I recently heard word about a glow being emitted in Sunagakure. It was eerily similar to..."

"Arceus, and yes, he was there. Yes I was there. Yes, I was pissed. No, he didn't die. Yes, I wanted to kill him. More than that, I wanted to raze the village to the ground during the training trip for the inadequate sealing that was done for his youngest son. Does that answer all your questions?"

"All but one. What did he do this time?"

"He was about to experiment on a Pokemon. I've been deemed the protector of Pokemon. He's lucky to be alive, much less have his sanity intact." Naruto said, his calm tone mostly forced.

"I see. And you don't expect him to come here to find you?"

"If he knew what I looked like as a human, or my name, he would. However, he has neither and has most likely written me off as one of Gaara's animal friends, of which he would probably think Sandy, his Trapinch, is." Naruto said before a hawk landed on Naruto's shoulder.

"Why did it land on your shoulder instead of the messaging office?" Sarutobi asked.

Naruto didn't reply, as he noticed the message on its leg, but also something on it. 'The Azure Flute... Gaara. He's the only one, aside from me and Yugito would know of it. Not even Kakashi is in the know about it.' Naruto took the message off the leg and read it.

"What are you..."

"Jiji, this message is for me. There is one indicator, and that's only because Yugito and I are the only ones that I know know of it." Naruto cut him off.


I am glad to know you care about Sandy like I do. I guess what they say is true. Birds of a Feather flock together.

Anyway, thanks for the help, and he hasn't tried anything against Sandy since. He has tried to get me to show him where you, Luke, and Kitsune come from, but this is all I know, and he knows nothing.

You are also probably wondering how I know of the Azure Flute. The answer is quite simple. I have one, and have had it ever since Sandy came to me.

Also, the Bird I sent you may look real, but in reality it's nothing but sand, held together by Shukaku's Youki. Her idea, not mine.

Sandy is wondering if you can come for another visit sometime. Also, the only reason the Bird could find you is because Shukaku, who I sometimes call mother, noticed you had Youki and could find you easily. As to why you have Youki, I asked, but she didn't answer. She just said that you are Kin, and left it at that.

Thanks again.


Naruto looked up at the bird. "Shukaku, if you can hear me through this bird, then let him know exactly who and what I am, why I am Kin, and exactly where I am. He'll need to know. Oh. And if he comes within the next few years, tell him to look for all the crazy shit happening if he's looking for me. Odds are likely that I'll be in the center of it, or the cause of it." He paused. "Or both."

The Bird nodded, and flew off. Sarutobi looked at him. "What did it say?"

Naruto sighed and looked at him. "Personal Business, along with partial duty. If you'll excuse me, I have to get to my class." Sarutobi nodded, and Naruto teleported out.

-later on that day-

Yugito, Sasuke and Sakura were in the Trap making class. They were a little surprised Naruto wasn't among the students, but since Class hadn't started yet, they were hoping he'd show up. Right before Class began, the door opened and Naruto walked through. Everyone thought he would ace the class.

Oh, how wrong they were. Naruto looked at the entire class, and analyzed each one of them. He noticed Sasuke, Sakura, and Yugito there. They all noticed what he was doing, but none of them realized why. That is, until Yugito decided to ask mentally.

"Why are you analyzing the class itself?"

"Seeing what I have to work with. You'll see why I have to see the potential for this class in a moment. And no Telepathy during this class. That means Nibi, as well." Naruto told her mentally.

Yugito raised an eyebrow. "Welcome to Trap Making. You're probably wondering where the sensei for this class is, am I right?" All of them, besides Yugito and Sasuke nodded. Those two widened their eyes in realization. "I see 2 of you caught the meaning of that statement." Sakura looked at Sasuke and Yugito, and realize that they figured it out. Her eyes then widened as it hit her. "and there's another one. For those of you who haven't figured it out, you're looking at your instructor for this class right now."

Everyone's eyes widened at this. Naruto chuckled mentally. 'I'm going to have so much fun with this.' "In this class, normally, you'd only learn how to make, set, and activate traps. However, this isn't a Trap Sensing Class, or a Trap Avoiding Class. For this reason, you're going to be learning more than the original curriculum. Along with making, setting, and activating Traps, you will also learn to detect traps, how to avoid them, and even ways to counter them. You'll have this class for an entire year, instead of a semester like the other electives. If you find yourself wanting to quit, or you have any doubts about this class, head to the registrar right here and now, and get out of my class for I will have no quitters in this class."

Some of them looked scared, and 2 even got up and left, after apologizing for wasting his time. "Looks like some people know when to quit while they're ahead. Those were two of the weakest in potential from what I saw among you." Naruto said as they left.

"How would know what our potential is?" One of the students shouted. Naruto looked at him and saw it was Kiba Inuzuka.

"I know your potential in this subject for a reason. The Hokage himself had asked for me to teach this class, and for good reason."

"Oh yeah? And why is that?" He shouted back.

Naruto looked at him flatly. "I'm sure some of you have heard about the Demon King of Pranks, correct?" Some of them nodded. "Are any of you sure of who it is, or why he is called such?"

One raised his hand. "He has scared ANBU, and even the Hokage himself when in a Pranking Mood. As to who he is, no one knows."

"And why is it that no one knows?"

"He never truly reveals himself, only enough for him to do what needs to be done." He replied. "Why are you even asking this?"

"This is a little known fact. The Demon King of Pranks happens to be in this room." Everyone was surprised at this and looked at everyone else fearfully, except for the ones that have trained under Naruto before. They saw what he was saying.

"And he happens to be the teacher of this class as well." Naruto added causing everyone to whiplash towards him. "That's right. I happen to be The Demon King of Pranks. Why else would someone in the Academy themselves be allowed to teach a class? Not to brag or anything, there isn't anyone else in the village, maybe even the Entire Elemental Nations that could make traps better than I could, as I have trapped ANBU several times during escapes. The Elemental Nations status... That's up for debate, as I have not seen or compared myself to anyone outside of the village, but how many can you say have scared an ANBU with a simple prank?"

No one could refute that possibility. "Alright, now let's get one thing clear. The rules of this class will be different from most. If you try the first day, you will not be able to skip out on any day, short of a bedridden injury that keeps you in the hospital. If you find this class to be too hard, or you cannot agree to this rule, then get out right now and transfer out. This is for everyone in the classroom, and that includes me. And if you quit, you will not be taught under me again."

One of the students asked why, so he answered. "If someone quits once things get out of hand, they are not a shinobi, but a coward, and I will not teach a coward. Any more questions?"

Seeing there were none, he continued. "Good. Starting today, we will be going over the traps usually used in a more generalized version of them. The lectures may seem boring, but they are needed. Strength without knowledge is useless."

Someone raised their hand. "What does pranking have anything to do with traps?"

"I was wondering if someone was going to ask that." Naruto stated. "Here's a scenario. You have have mission. It's the middle of a war, and you are selected to go blow something up. Search and Destroy, basically. All you have is a layout, and possible guard duty times. What do you have to do to get to your target?"

"Charge in, duh!" Kiba shouted.

"Wrong, Inuzuka." Naruto stated calmly. "You're supposed to be a Shinobi, and a Shinobi must stay hidden when possible. So the first thing you need to do is get in unnoticed. What's the next step?"

"Set the charges?" One of the girls asked.

"Exactly. In Trap Making, and Pranking, what you are doing is setting the charg3es the moment you set up the prank or trap itself. What do you do next?"

"Set it off?"

"No, because you're still in range of the explosion." Naruto stated. "In pranking along with Search and Destroy Missions, there are four simple steps. Get in, set it up, get out, activate it. Traps are used in both for a reason, and can even tie into both of them. Do you know why?" Seeing one of them raise their hand he nodded at them.

"To escape those that would chase you?"

"That's one area. Where's the other?" Naruto asked.

"The place where you set the charges." Another replied.

Naruto nodded. "Those are both places where Traps are useful. I'll be completely honest with you here, some missions go to hell the moment you are discovered. Others fail due to some of the targets not being where they should. People start chasing you. They are all 5 times as fast, 3 times as strong, and has 3 times the experience of a shinobi. Losing them doesn't seem to be an option, as they are better than you in every way, shape and form. How do you shake them off your tail?"

"Traps?" One of the students answered, though it sounded like a question.

"That's correct. If you set traps on your way there, you can lead them through your traps and lose them from time to time. When you've got them all trapped, or dead due to said traps, you meet up wherever you're supposed to and then head back to the village. The Hokage himself is the only one that knows of my full skill with traps, but anyone that has seen my pranking in action would have a good idea of my trap skills at 10%. And to think that I did most, if not all, of that in a Bright Orange Jumpsuit in broad daylight at times."

Naruto then made a few Shadow Clones, before separating them into groups of 4. Each group followed a Shadow Clone outside while the Original oversaw the teachings to see where they stood.

Near the end of the class, Naruto had gathered them back in the classroom. "Alright, there's one thing you should know before we're done here. I may be new to teaching, but I do not appreciate slackers when regarding this field, and if you slack off, I will have you go through a gauntlet of my own creation."

Some of them were a little scared, but Kiba, once again, spoke out. "How bad can it be?"

"Would you like to find out?" Naruto asked, silently challenging him.

"Bring it on!"

-30 minutes later-

Kiba came out of a maze over Naruto's shoulder. "This long, and he didn't even reach the first marker. Add the fact that he's this injured... Well, you get the idea. Not to mention the markers are placed every 5% through the path." He put Kiba down and performed some basic medical Ninjutsu that he learned how to use through Pokemon moves. He woke up pretty quickly.

"How did you make that... that THING?"

"Simple. The Hyuuga Clan pranks I play are about 12-15%. That one was made at 50% to start, and steadily increase as you go on, meaning more dangerous. The last 10% of the Gauntlet is my full skill, which I have not shown anywhere, and if you have ever heard of Anko Mitarashi, Orochimaru of the Sannin, and Ibiki Morino, you could combine their skills of intimidation, torture, and outright craziness, into one being, and they'd still be scared shitless out of this." Naruto told him.

'Come to think of it, this could become part of the Graduation Exam. Especially for those that are still around my class.' He ended up thinking. 'I should let Jiji know of this.'

"Alright, class is dismissed. Kiba, head to the nurse before heading to your next class. You'll need it." Naruto stated, before jumping up while being covered in Red and Green flames. Everyone found that Yugito was gone as well. Sasuke was the only one that knew what just happened.

Elsewhere, Naruto and Yugito were making out in their Beast mode in another foxhole.


Chapter complete!