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Summary: Lori Weston does not find a warm welcome at Five-0. Part of the Kokua Ko'u Hoaloha universe.

A/N: I have not seen the second episode but I do know that Lori Weston joins the team as ordered by the governor. I decided to have a little fun with this because Five-0 should just be the original four.

The Governor's Spy

Danny joined Steve in his office shortly after returning to HQ and closing the case of the missing girl. He shut the door so their conversation would be private.

"What is your problem with Lori Steve? She handled herself pretty well today." Danny sat on the sofa so he could see Steve better.

Steve turned his chair so that he could look at Danny. "I don't trust her Danny. I wanted to trust Jenna, but something held me back. Maybe it was my experience with Nick. I don't know. I doubt I will ever trust Officer Weston. She was assigned by Denning to keep an eye on me, keep me in line. She's little more than a babysitter who I also view as a spy with some experience and skills that really don't benefit Five-0." Steve stood up to pace as he talked. "It's bad enough that he foisted a babysitter on me, he never thought to ask what skill set would actually benefit Five-0. Denning's only concern is his image, rather than the needs of Five-0 or Hawaii. I have to include her in our investigations or he will know about it. I also have to wonder if she respects the chain of command in Five-0. A task force cannot run efficiently if the chain of command is shaky."

Danny had known that it was something like this. Normally Danny would attribute Steve's attitude to his control issues. Now that he has listened to Steve and thought about his point of view he knew that Steve was right and this had nothing to do with control issues. "I really hadn't thought of it that way. I figured you just resented being forced to take on another team member without being given any input after Jameson gave you free reign. Thinking about it, I don't like the idea of working with someone who doesn't respect the chain of command either. What can we do about it? Wait, I know that look and it usually means trouble for me, like bullets and explosions." Danny pointed at Steve.

Steve chuckled. "There is trouble coming, but I think you'll be safe this time. We will take her with us and use the information that she gives us, but we won't include her outside of work. We will share what we have to but no more. I plan on leaving her behind as much as I can get away with."

Danny nodded. "What about everyday work and following procedures? Do you think that would help?"

Steve smirked. "Danny, we both know that I was beginning to follow procedures more often before I learned about Wo Fat and his love of elaborate schemes. Besides, I have been studying laws, policies and procedures. Kono lent me her course books and manuals. I haven't finished yet, but I've read most of them. You can give me a test later if you want."

Danny stared at Steve nonplussed. "Let me get this straight. You are studying police procedures and you have read most of Kono's books?"

Steve nodded. "I started reading the books months ago but I didn't want to make Wo Fat suspicious so I have been reading them secretly. As a matter of fact Grace caught me once. I asked her not to tell you because I wanted it to be a surprise."

Danny pointed a finger at Steve accusingly. "You have corrupted my sweet innocent daughter getting her involved in your schemes. I just can't picture Steven McGarrett learning police procedures and actually following them? Not my partner."

Steve snorted. "I gave my word to the governor and you that I would toe the line and I meant it. If I'm going to do that I have to know where the line is so that I won't cross it. In all honesty, I wanted to do it as soon as you gained custody of Grace but learning about Wo Fat interfered. However, I'm not going to lie to you and say that it will happen overnight. I will start following proper procedure unless there is a situation arises that requires doing things the SEAL way. That was the agreement with Governor Denning after all. I hope you'll help me follow proper procedure."

Danny heard the emphasis Steve put on giving his word to him over the governor. Danny was truly touched that his opinion meant more to Steve than the governor's and that he had wanted to start much sooner because of Grace. Danny didn't know what to say accept, "Thank you." Steve smiled slightly in acknowledgement. "So how do we handle Lori?"

Steve thought about Danny's question for a moment. "This is a conversation for the team but I think the three of us should be professional, and yes I do know what that means, with Weston but no more. She will never be part of the Five-0 ohana. Maybe she will get the message and leave on her own."

"What if that doesn't work?" Danny asked.

Steve sighed. "Then we should quit. I will not let some politician put my ohana in danger because he's afraid of bad publicity. I don't want to quit; we have done some good work together in Five-0. I don't want to leave you in a position where you will have trouble caring for Grace. I also don't want it for Chin who just got his reputation back and Kono who risked hers to help catch Wo Fat. I could talk to Adam and the four of us could work for the CIA here in Hawaii."

"Doing what we do now?" Danny wanted to know. He didn't think he would want to work for the CIA but would do it to stay with his ohana. Furthermore, there was NO way he would go back to HPD after learning how corrupt and inept some of the officers had become.

"I don't know exactly Danny. I'm going to make a couple of calls and see what I can find out. Will you let Chin and Kono know that we will be meeting at my place tonight for a barbeque. We can discuss what I find out as a team. Grace is going to go home with her friend Leilani after school so we can talk until she comes home. Doing this together is the only way this will work for me."

Danny stood. "I'll talk to them. I hope we don't have to quit either Steve. I like being a cop."

"I know that Danny. You're a great cop and partner. I would say I like being a cop too, but you would just remind me that I'm not a cop. In all honesty, I like working with Five-0 too or I would consider going back to being an active SEAL and using Hawaii as a home base between missions."

"You will be a great cop Steve. You already are a great partner." Danny said as he opened the door and headed to his own office leaving a stunned Steve behind. Danny didn't understand the governor. Steve had promised to follow procedures unless someone's life was on the line. Danny knew that Steve would keep his promise to the best of his ability. Steve's honor would let him do no less. Besides, Steve had continued with his anything goes behavior to get Wo Fat and Jameson. Danny had been shocked that Steve had been working to change for Grace's sake, but didn't doubt his friend for a second.

Later that evening the four friends met at Steve's house. They prepared and cooked the food together. After eating they sat down with beers to talk about their new team member.

Chin started looking at Steve. "Danny told us you had some concerns about Lori and her involvement with Five-0."

Steve nodded. "I do. Lori is a glorified babysitter put on the team to keep me in line. I'm not convinced that she respects the chain of command in Five-0. After Nick Taylor and Jenna, it will take time for me to trust new people. My instincts are screaming that she can't be trusted. Add to that the fact she was forced on my team will keep me from trusting her. Furthermore, I don't like being forced to take on a new team member that I didn't pick personally. Even on a SEAL team the CO could request that a member be moved to another team if there was a conflict between him and the other SEALs. I would like to hear what the three of you have to say on the matter."

The others were quiet for a moment, digesting Steve's words. Danny took a drink of beer before responding. "Normally I would say something about you having control issues but you have some valid concerns. She did prove to be helpful in finding the clue that saved the 15 year old girl. And she helped us with the assault on that compound without hesitation."

Steve nodded. "She did, but the case was clear cut and there was no way to get back up there without them being noticed. What if we are local and I think that we don't have time for back up to arrive at a scene before we need to move in on a suspect? Or I think it is best that I go in alone or only with Danny; there have been a couple of occasions that required my particular skill set. Will she hesitate; refuse to back us up because it's not proper procedure? I don't like taking a chance with our lives."

Danny nodded as he turned his attention to Chin and Kono. "Steve and I talked briefly about how we will deal with Lori. We will be professional, include her in the cases and leave her out when we can. She is merely a tolerated coworker. We also talked about the possibility that she will not back us up in a questionable situation."

Kono interrupted. "You talked about quitting didn't you?"

Steve nodded. "I will not allow my ohana to be put in danger because a politician is afraid of some bad publicity or making difficult explanations. However, if the three of you are against it, I will stay on and do my best to protect us."

Chin looked at Steve. "I trust that you have the best interests of this team at heart. If you quit, I quit. You gave me a chance when my own family turned their backs on me with the exception of Kono. Besides, there really is no way that I would go back to HPD. The only reason I did it before was to help you."

Kono swallowed. "You gave a rookie a place in Five-0 doing important work. You gave Chin a chance to regain his dignity. That is not something that I could ever repay."

"I would quit if you did Steve. You're my partner and my best friend, more than that you are my brother. A much better one than Matt ever was." Danny added bitterly before getting back on track. "You helped me keep my daughter and gave us a home. There is no way that I can repay you even though you would insist that I don't owe you anything. Furthermore there is no way that I would go back to HPD after all the shit they put both Chin and Meka through because they are a bunch of lazy idiots. I do hope you have a plan, even so, I'll quit without one if necessary." Danny gave Steve his consent.

Steve looked at the ground for a moment, truly touched by their faith and dedication to the Five-0 ohana that developed from his split second decision to take on the governor's task force. "I spoke to Adam. He is looking into Lori's background for me. Also, he has something lined up that would help us."

Danny quietly interrupted Steve. "Adam suspected there would be problems with Denning didn't he?"

Steve smirked. "He did especially after Jameson turned out to be dirty. Adam felt that the new governor would not trust us easily because of our start under Jameson even though we helped bring her down. So, we would remain Five-0 but would represent the Federal Government instead of the State. Evidently the higher ups have been very impressed with our work and want to be sure that it continues. We would report to Adam who would than report to his superior in Washington."

"Will they interfere in how you run things Boss?" Kono asked.

Steve shook his head. "No. Adam has been placed in charge and is very happy with the way things are. The only thing we have to discuss is if we do this now or wait and see what happens with Lori and Denning. Think about it and let me know what you think. I'm going to grab some more beers while you talk amongst yourselves."

Danny, Chin and Kono looked at each other realizing that they didn't need to talk about it.

The three smirked which worried a returning Steve. "Based on your smirks, someone is in trouble. I just hope it isn't me."

Chin and Kono snickered while Danny smiled innocently at Steve making his friend even more nervous. Danny laughed. "Relax oh fearless leader. We think that we should stick it out. Lori will do something to piss you off and I want to see the fireworks at the governor's office." Chin and Kono nodded in agreement.

Steve smiled. "I have the best team ever." The four clinked their bottles toasting to their family.


A/N: I hope everyone enjoyed this take on Lori's poorly handled entrance into Five-0. It's sad, I think that she could have worked if the writers had taken a different road to bringing her in and left out the "romance".