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The four team members had been given the rest of the week off from any new cases in order to get the computer system upgraded to include additional cyber security and higher security access to federal databases. Much to Steve's delight and Danny's half-hearted grumblings, Five-0 received new toys. Danny only grumbled a little because he knew that the electronics they received would be very helpful and so would access to the weapons only allowed to those under federal jurisdiction. His only fear was what Steve might do with some of the expected ordinance.

Time was also set aside for several meetings for Five-0 to iron out details of the working relationship it would have with the FBI and CIA. Adam had wanted to be sure that all three parties were aware of where Five-0 would be in the hierarchy in Hawaii. He didn't want members of the FBI or CIA to think that Five-0 was the low man on the totem pole. The three parties were going to have to learn to work together. Adam wasn't naïve enough to think that it would be easy, there was no love lost between any of them.

Steve and the others were happy to learn of Adam's precautions in making sure that Five-0 would not become the lap dog of either agency. The first meeting had been with the CIA the day before. It had gone well. There would not be much need for the CIA and Five-0 to work together, but terms were still worked out because Adam and the agency had been the ones to help Five-0 become a bit more self-reliant.

Problems arose during the meeting with the FBI earlier that day. A couple of FBI agents in the group were not happy losing some of their authority to some questionable cops and a Navy SEAL.

Adam sat in his office thinking about the meeting that just broke up. He shook his head at the unprofessionalism displayed by two of the FBI agents present for the meeting.


FBI Agent Kipton sneered at McGarrett before turning to Adam. "I don't see why we have to work with a liar like McGarrett!"

Steve tensed but stayed in his seat. Adam looked Kipton curiously. "Do you have proof of your accusation Agent Kipton?"

Kipton pointed at Steve and Danny. "Those two men lied to me about the location of William's brother. With their help, Matthew Williams was able to avoid arrest."

Adam sat back calmly. "Before we go any further I have a question for you Special Agent Franks. I would like to know why you brought Agent Kipton and Markowitz to this meeting when I requested that they be left out."

Kipton and Markowitz sputtered while Franks replied. "I brought them here because of their concerns about McGarrett and Williams. I also have concerns about a disgraced cop being on a federal task force."

Adam was prepared to reply but Steve held up a hand stopping him. "I'll answer for myself and my team Adam. First, Lieutenant Kelly was cleared of all suspicion in the theft of the $280,000 from HPD, or don't you read the papers Special Agent Franks? As for Matthew Williams, who says he wasn't arrested?"

Kipton stood up enraged. "Williams was NOT arrested! You sent us on a wild goose chase so he could get away!"

Steve responded calmly. "I simply wanted to be sure that Matthew William's arrest was handled by people I trusted. Danny tried to get Matt to turn himself in. Matt refused. Too bad for Matt that my friends were waiting for him on his charter plane. Matt went to DC instead of Costa Rica."

Kipton sat down shocked. Special Agent Franks spoke with irritation. "Why wasn't my office informed of this?"

Steve shrugged. "I don't know sir. My only involvement was calling a couple of friends. I do know that Matt has agreed to give state's evidence against the drug cartel he stupidly borrowed money from."

Danny stared at Steve. He didn't know that. He only knew that Steve had called some friends and that Matt had been taken into custody without violence.

Steve turned to Danny. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you Danny. I only found out a couple of days ago about the deal. We've been so busy it slipped my mind."

"That's okay Steve. At least I can tell my folks Matt did the right thing."

"You still lied to one of my agents McGarrett." Franks interrupted.

Steve turned his attention back to Franks. "I did. I checked up on your two agents after meeting them. They're not known for arresting runners without injuring them. Matt is my partner's brother. I wasn't going to let him get away, but I wasn't about to let him get hurt because he was stupid."

Danny laid a hand on Steve's arm. "Thanks man."

"No problem. Adam, can you make sure that we never have to work with Kipton, Markowitz or Franks."

"Now see here McGarrett, I run the field officer here. I won't let some cop wannabe dictate to me!"

Danny spoke heatedly. "You listen here Special Agent Franks; Steve is not a cop wannabe. He is a Navy SEAL who has the instincts and drive to be a great cop. He works damn hard to keep Hawaii safe and bring justice to the victims. He's been through training that would make these two idiots cry. Steve is the best partner I have ever had and I would follow his lead into hell itself. Do any of your agents inspire that kind of trust or loyalty, Agent Franks?"

The FBI agents stared at Danny flabbergasted. Chin and Kono nodded agreeing with Danny. Steve stared at Danny gratefully. He had known that Danny trusted him, just not that much.

"Thanks, partner."

Danny shrugged. "I'll never repeat it, but it's the truth."

Steve chuckled.

Danny turned back to Adam. "I'd rather not work with these two agents either, Adam. They sit there calling Steve a liar, but they never followed up with either Steve or me when Matt 'got away.' We would have told them that Matt was really in custody."

Adam spoke before anything else could be said. "After this little display, I have to agree with Steve. I'll talk to some people and see what can be done. I'm not going to allow a repeat of the problems you had with Weston. This meeting is adjourned until I can work out any remaining kinks." Adam stood as he put his papers back in his briefcase preparing to leave. "I'll call you when I have the details ironed out Steve. In the meantime, enjoy a few hours off. I think the four of you have earned it."

Adam and Five-0 left the conference room before Franks could regain his wits.

End Flashback

Adam signed picking up his phone. He had some people to call and transfers to arrange.

Steve and Danny hosted a small barbecue/beach party on the Saturday before they would be returning to work as the new Five-0. It had been awhile since Five-0 had the time to get together as family. Grace was playing with some friends on the beach under the watchful eyes of Kono and Chin. Kamekona brought the makings for shave ice. "On the house brah. Just happy my favorite people are still protecting Hawaii."

Saturday evening found the four team members sitting on Steve's lanai sharing a beer. Grace and her friends were inside watching a movie. Steve had suggested allowing her friends to stay the night. He didn't know when he and Danny would have a chance to host another sleepover.

Grace and her friends talked and giggled until they finally fell asleep sometime after midnight. Despite the late night, Steve still rose early for his daily swim. He smiled seeing the girls lying all over the living room floor. He grabbed his phone and took some pictures so the girls could remember their adventure. The potential for blackmail when Grace was older never entered his mind.

After Grace's friends had gone home, the small family enjoyed a quiet afternoon. Steve and Grace enjoyed some time in the water while Danny read a book on the lanai. The three worked on a well fortified sand castle together. Steve's influence at work again.

Monday morning everyone was ready to get back to their regular schedules and start a new chapter of their lives, again. The Five-0 ohana would make it as long as they stayed together.