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Lampy and Company: The Musical

Lampwick was babysitting his younger brothers and sisters: Rafaella, Domenico, Loreta, the triplets Vincente, Rina, and Gilberto, and baby Eufemia. Loreta and the triplets were showing off their musical talent, and Rafaella and Domenico were paying attention, while Lampwick was trying very hard to stay awake but failing. Eufemia was already asleep in her crib.

Loreta and the triplets saw that Lampwick was asleep in their father's La-Z Boy recliner and started blasting their music; this woke the eldest Bruno child up.

"AAHHH! I didn't do it! I was framed!" Lampwick shouted as he jumped out of his father's favorite chair.

"Calm down, Lampy, it's just Loreta and the triplets," said Rafaella.

"Yeah, idiot," Domenico said.

"Uh, right…I knew that," said Lampwick. He addressed the four children with the instruments and sheet music. "Well, guys, you've practiced really well since Mom and Dad hired those tutors. Now it's time for bed." Rafaella and Domenico skipped off to bed, leaving Lampwick alone with Loreta, Vincente, Rina, and Gilberto.

Loreta and the triplets pinned Lampwick to the floor.

"No, Lampy!" said Rina.

"We wanna hear a story first!" said Loreta.

"We don't wanna go to bed yet!" Vincente said.

"Yeah, no bed! Story!" Gilberto agreed.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you guys a story, then you have to get to bed," said Lampwick. "Why don't you get ready?"

Loreta and the triplets got ready in a flash, getting into their sleepwear, brushing their teeth, and washing up before bed. Then they joined Lampwick in their father's chair.

"Once upon a time…" the triplets recited excitedly.

"There was a little red hooding ride that said, 'Oh, Grandma, what big feet you've got!'" Lampwick said. To emphasize the feet part, he took his sock off and showed his sibs one of his feet, which, unfortunately, didn't smell too great. "So he chopped off his head with a giant beanstalk and they lived happily ever after. Okay, you've gotta go to bed now or Mom and Dad won't let me see Star Wars with Pinocchio and Alexander." He picked up Loreta and the triplets and carried them to bed.

"Hey, we were robbed!" Loreta said.

"That's no story!" Vincente said.

"We want a real story!" said Gilberto.

"Give us a real story, Lampy!" said Rina.

In the room the Bruno siblings shared, Rafaella, Domenico, Vincente, Loreta, Rina, and Gilberto knelt by their bed, praying.

"Bless Geppetto, and Pinocchio, and Alexander, and the Coachman—even though he's a meanie—and Stromboli—even though he's annoying—and Mommy, and Daddy, and Grandma, and Grandpa, and Lampy," the kids said and hopped into bed. Then they got out and knelt by their beds again. "And bless Philip and Aurora and their new baby." Then they hopped into bed again.

"Okay, good night," Lampwick said quickly when his siblings were in bed. He bolted to the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth and washed up before bed. Instead of going to bed, however, Lampwick bolted to the living room, grabbed a blanket and pillow the family used for guests, and made himself comfortable on his father's recliner. Then he turned on the TV and got ready to watch a scary movie.

Meanwhile, Loreta and the triplets were sitting in bed, bored out of their skulls. Loreta was running her foot along the headboard of her bed; Vincente was flipping a book's pages like a deck of cards; Rina was trying to slap a fly that kept on landing on her bed; and Gilberto played with a loose spring coming out of his mattress.

The four sibs discovered that what they were doing made some kind of music, so they kept on doing it. Then they made instruments out of stuff in their room and continued playing and being noisy. The noise got so bad it woke Rafaella, Domenico, and Eufemia up; Eufemia started crying, so Rafaella and Domenico tried in vain to comfort her and help her get back to sleep.

"Will you guys cut it out?" Rafaella said in a stern manner.

Meanwhile, Lampwick was watching the scary movie he wanted on TV. "Don't go in there!" Too late. "I told you not to go in there! Geez." Just then, he couldn't hear a word the actors in the movie were saying because of some loud music. "What the—?"

Lampwick got up out of his father's recliner and went to investigate the noise. He spotted the radio in the hallway and turned it off. The music stopped for a moment, then continued. He picked the radio up and smashed it on the floor, and when it wouldn't stop, Lampwick stepped on various parts of the broken device. That was when he heard the noise coming from the room he shared with his siblings.

Loreta and the triplets were playing their instruments, then stopped when they heard their bedroom door open. They pretended to be asleep when Lampwick poked his head in. Lampwick closed the door, and they continued with the music, then stopped and again pretended to be asleep when Lampwick poked his head in a second time.

"Ah-ha," Lampwick said with a sly smile, figuring out that it was Loreta and the twins who were making the noise. He slowly closed the door and kept on poking his head in when he heard the sound of music coming from the room. He then kept on poking his head into the room from any place he could think of: from the bedroom window, the dresser, and under the floor.

Finally, Lampwick had had enough and ran back to the living room. When he still couldn't concentrate on his movie, he took the recliner and the TV, and put them both outside on the porch.

"At last," Lampwick sighed in relief. Once again, he heard his siblings playing very loudly. The sounds drove him nuts, so he screamed and ran to Pinocchio's house to watch his movie.