Definitely a more serious theme for letter O, still on Bones' side of the alphabet. The title says it all. We are all waiting for Brennan to give birth to her daughter. Here's my unusual version of it. Enjoy the reading.

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Brennan grabbed Booth's right forearm and stiffened on the passengers' seat as she slid her hand under her now enormous belly and held her breath.

"Bones, you alright?" Booth inquired with startled eyes seeing his partner in apnea with her eyes shut.

"My water just broke Booth..."

"Your what?"

"You heard me Booth, my water just broke and I'm in labor. How far from civilization are we?"

"Why?" he asked speeding up.

"Because I don't think we'll have enough time to drive to the nearest hospital and from what I'm feeling right now this is going to be quick Booth." she stated before stiffening again.

Not rare, thought Brennan, but still. Statistically speaking she knew that a woman giving birth to her first child in a natural way could go through a fairly long labor, but Dr. Temperance was not any woman and she was going to be against all the statistics that could be found in the field.

"Pull over Booth."

"Jeez Bones."

"Pull over, please. I can't concentrate on what I'm trying to do with you driving like a possessed man. You are going to crash us in the middle of nowhere."

"Okay, let me find a suitable parking space Bones. Contractions?" he asked concerned.

"Three minutes." - she said looking at the chronometer on her cell phone – "really close. Hurry up Booth. You don't want me to make a total mess of your passenger seat, do you?"

"God, who cares about the seat Bones? I knew I should have said no in a more convincing way this morning. Your time was due Bones, you knew this was going to be a long drive and..."

"... and what's the use of arguing about that right now?" she stated matter of fact.

She has a point there – he said to myself but he would never admit to it with her. He was more than pissed off, he was scared to death. They were alone, in the middle of a countryside deserted road in Maryland, more than forty miles from the nearest town according to his navigator and hell knew if there even was a hospital there... he was not really enjoying this.

"Ok Bones I'm pulling over. How are you?"

"In pain but I can handle it. Don't worry you won't hear me yelling and she smiled thinking about Angela recalling her labor and Hodgins' terrified look..."I won't dig my nails into your chest."

"You know that's not a bit funny Bones? Frankly? I'd rather you dug your nails all over my body than be here doing what?"

"Doing what you are supposed to do under the circumstances Booth, that is be my OB and help me bring our daughter into this world in the best possible way."

"Oh Sweet Lord, saint Anne and all the angels in Heaven!" he exclaimed helping her out of the SUV.

"Now call Angela. We are going to need some help after all."

He hit one of the speed dials on his cell phone and watched in astonishment as Brennan squatted down beside him.

"Bones what are you doing? Hi, Angela... no... sorry I wasn't talking to you. Listen carefully Angela Bones has just squatted down and she's intentioned to give birth to our daughter on the ground... Jesus! Ask Cam to contact the FBI and talk to Hacker. Tell him to get a helicopter with an Emergency Medical Unit to take care of Brennan and our child once they get here. Did you manage to track down my GPS coordinates? Right, good girl... yeah I know, I'll tell her Angela, really have to go now."

"You're not really going to have our baby by squatting down, are you?" he said kneeling beside his partner.

"Just trying to find a way to ease the pain in a more comfortable position. You know women have given birth squatting down for ages Booth and pushing is much easier than lying in a hospital bed…" then she stopped sensing another strong contraction. She breathed in and out slowly and deeply.

"What can I do to help you Temperance?" he gently asked stroking her lower back to relieve her pain.

"There's a black bag in your trunk. It contains the necessary for an emergency delivery, guess I was right to pack it since my time is due. You should also find some of those blue plastic bags we use to collect evidence from crime scenes… rip them open and place them on your back seat, I don't want to make a mess of that too. Then put a couple of towels on the plastic cover for me to lie down. Don't be afraid I'm not going to let you get your daughter from the ground…"

He got up and did exactly what she had told him making the back seat as comfortable for her as possible. He also rolled a blanket she could rest her head on then he knelt beside her again. She was totally concentrated on her labor trying to interpret every single change her body was quickly going through.

"You always said Rebecca froze you out during her pregnancy and when Parker was born… she turned and placed her incredibly dark blue eyes into his dark chocolate ones – I guess you're going to live quite a totally mind blowing experience today… and you'll have an interesting story to tell her when she grows up…" Booth looked at her in awe and felt his eyes fill with tears. "Now Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth pull yourself together, you'll have plenty of time for crying once this thing is over. Right now you need, we need to focus on making the best of this."

"I couldn't possibly love you more Temperance."

"Now... help me to get into the car, I want you to do something for me."


"You cannot possibly ask me to do that to you Bones!"

"Why Booth? It isn't like you have never seen or touched this specific part of me before? She teased. "I have a convincing argument about me being unable to perform that right now: first of all my belly is too large to allow me easy access to my vaginal area, secondly your fingers are bigger and you are definitely going to do a much better and effective job on the above mentioned part."

"Holy Mary Bones I don't think I can..." he paused.

"Of course you can and you will. Do you really want me to tear while our daughter's head will pass through the birth canal? Do you know what kind of hell tearing would put me through? Most certainly I would not, quote not, feel like engaging in sexual intercourse with you for quite a long... long time..."

That was something he didn't need much time thinking about. No sex with Bones for a long time? And maybe sleeping on the coach because of getting her so very pissed off? Not an option.

"Or..." - she lingered sure he needed a little push - "you could simply perform an episiotomy on me.

"A what now?"

"Cut me down there." she said pointing at the area near her opening.

"Tell me what I have to do Bones." he said feeling rather sick at the idea of cutting his partner like a butcher even if it was for the right cause.

"Good boy." - she sighed feeling another strong contraction coming. - "you have attended the prenatal lessons with me Booth, you sure remember how a perineal massage is performed right?"

"More or less Bones." he replied still feeling ashamed by the awkward technique applied by the midwife on his Bones.

"Take a pair of gloves from my bag and put them on."

"Done" he said.

"Now there's a small bottle of olive oil inside the bag, pour some on your fingers and on my skin then place your fingers inside of me, say about an inch, then start massaging downwards and to the sides. You remember how don't you?" she asked again.

"How could I forget Bones?"

"Perfect" – she said as she felt his thumbs stretching her – "now hold the pressure right there for a couple of minutes then slowly move to the lower part pulling outward. Like that... oh God Booth if I wasn't in labor I would rip all your clothes off in a nanosecond and have my way with you on the hood of your SUV!"

"You promise Bones?" feeling the arousal awakening.

"Definitely Booth. Now focus on what you're doing, don't worry you won't hurt me. And increase the pressure as you go on massaging the area around the perineum. You know I've been taking some med to soften the muscles and increase stretching so I'll be fine even if our daughter's head is larger than average. She's going to be a big girl..." stated Brennan reliving her latest ultrasound.

"I can't wait to hold her Bones... I bet she'll be just as beautiful as you... with your incredibly light blue eyes... and that smart look on her face..."

"... and your hair... have I ever told you how much I love your hair Booth?"

"Do you just know what you're doing to me Bones?"

"I think I do but I'd rather focus on this enormous contraction I feel coming Booth... a real strong one!"

"Are you ok?"

"Yes... I need to push now... can I hold your arms Booth? I need some leverage."

"Here... you can squeeze me as much as you wish Bones I'm right here. Do you want me to continue with the massage?" he asked placing soft kisses on her forehead.

"You know how much I love you?"

"I know baby, I know."

"Why did you call me that?"

"It just came out Bones. I love you too."


"It won't take long" – she said sensing she was really close – "you should be able to feel her head quite soon Booth. Get some clean towels and the med box with the sterile instruments in my black bag."

"You're not thinking about...?"

"I am Booth you're going to cut the umbilical cord."

"Oh Saint Anne help me get this right." - exclaimed Booth as he placed the box by Brennan's side - "I can't figure why the hell the helicopter is not here yet, it's been ages since I called Angela."

He was really concerned about his partner and his not yet born daughter who depended entirely on him.

"Don't worry about that Booth. They will arrive, soon. And we'll be fine, the three of us. You have been amazing so far... I couldn't wish for a better partner Seeley." As she said these words he felt her hold her breath and push till he could actually feel the top of his daughter's head touch his fingers.

"She's here Bones, she's right here!" he screamed.

"Remember Booth, when her head is out wait for her shoulders to turn, don't pull her, just hold her gently."


He wanted to cry and scream and hold Bones and...he was drunk with happiness at seeing his daughter's face for the first time.

Then everything was so fast... the baby was out, in his strong hands, and he was holding her out for Bones to see her for the first time too...

He saw his partner's eyes water and tears rolling down her cheeks. The baby stiffened and started to cry, a high and sharp cry as she announced herself to the world.

"Place her on my chest Booth, she'll calm down and you'll have no problem in cutting the umbilical cord."

As he was drying his daughter before covering her Booth heard the helicopter approach the area.

"They're here Bones. We'll be fine. She's just fine and you are … the most beautiful woman I've ever had the privilege to look at... I didn't know you could be so beautiful while giving birth to our child Temperance." He gave her the baby and she gently placed her daughter's face on her breast. Guided by a force as old as time out of mind the baby searched for her mother's nipple and Brennan sensed her tiny yet greedy lips curl around her hardened flesh.

"Oh... it's... extraordinary!" she confessed looking at the baby in her arms.

"She really is beautiful Bones."

When the medical unit finally arrived the picture before their eyes was a touching one: a man was lying on the back seat of a SUV holding a woman who was breastfeeding her new born child.

"Agent Booth? Dr. Brennan? Asked the young doctor looking at the couple. The two of them seemed unable to detach themselves from the sight of the baby lying peacefully on her mother's breast.

"Yes." they answered in unison.

"Guess you have everything under control Agent Booth." - the doctor declared - "time of birth?"

"Eleven twenty-five." said Booth.

"Name of the child?"

"Christine Anne Angela Booth." said Brennan.

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