CH 1 – The Cheshire of the South

'The southern plains that I called home are gone'

These were the thoughts of a man with long black hair in a braided ponytail with silver eyes. He wore a black sleeveless leather shirt, black pants and boots. He was standing on a cliff looking out over the southern region, the destroyer had just sealed away the awakened being named Priscilla into a mass of black yoki.

"I guess its time to head east than" he said to a thin awakened being behind him, this one was obviously male but had a lightning like appearance. "Let's go Zeus"

"Of course Ruhiel, we have a lot of work to do there." Replied Zeus, "Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes lets go"

Four more awakened beings appeared out of the forest behind the two, one seemed to be made of water, one was large and bulky like the earth, the third looked to have caught fire, and the fourth and youngest of the group had wings.

"Yes father" responded the youngest one, "Hey Uncle Hades, can you show me that trick with your fire again please?"

The flaming one looked at the kid with a thoughtful expression, than nodded.

He aimed one of his blazing arms towards the sky and a fireball formed in his large palm, the fireball launched swiftly into the sky and burst into a eight point star like pattern. This action caused the youngest- Hermes- to start clapping, his mouth in a smile.

"Enough you two, we don't need to be discovered" ordered Ruhiel, "now change back before someone senses all of you"

The five other people did so. Zeus turned into a thin man with white pants and leather shoes, his hair and eyes a vibrant gold. His wife Hera turned into a slightly toned woman wearing a sleeveless brown shirt, brown shorts and no shoes, her hair and eyes were a coal black color. Hades changed into a tall muscular man with crimson hair and eyes, a mask covering his mouth. He wore a red and black kimono, hakama, and black boots. Poseidon changed into a older looking man with grey hair and ocean blue eyes wearing a loose grey shirt, black pants and sandals. Hermes changed into a man who appeared to be in his early twenties with green hair and eyes, his clothing was much like his father's except for the lack of shoes instead he had bandages covering his feet.

The one thing the six all had in common was the black claymores strapped to their backs, all sharing the same simple cross symbol. The six awakened beings started to move at a faster pace, all of them heading east.

===Eastern Region, Organization HQ===

The sound of metal against metal echoed thru the battlefield as Miria fought with the resurrected warrior known as Hysteria the elegant, the two soon separated after the clash, Miria breathing heavily while Hysteria looked as if she hadn't even been fighting.

'What's with her...,' Miria thought as she held her stance 'Just where in the organization did someone this strong hide…'

"Say you" spoke her opponent's gentle voice "Have you heard of Rockwell hill?"

"Rockwell hill…? Responded Miria

"You know, I've been thinking for quite a while now, but I just can't remember my name" continued Hysteria


"Somehow the inside of my head is all hazy" She said as she lowered her blade slightly, "the only thing that's clear is that I have to kill all of you" she paused "But when I just felt the pleasant wind on my cheeks, I did remember one thing." She than look down at her hand, "If I remember correctly, it seems as if I was slain on Rockwell hill."

Miria looked at her with confusion, her expression quickly changed too shocked, "Y-you!" she all but shouted, "No way…"

"Oh. Really, really?" Hysteria said happily "Do you know me? Oh do tell"

'Every warrior knows about the huge massacre on Rockwell hill.' Miria thought 'Disregarding the fact that she perceived the limit of her human heart, the number one at the time did not send a black card to anyone, and it was Rockwell hill where lots of warriors headed to purge her by order of the organization.'

'But the number one did not submit herself to the command and massacred the many warriors that surrounded her. Even though they narrowly managed to take her life before she awakened, I hear that the corpses of warriors who fought her were piled up in heaps at Rockwell hill.'

'That number one was called Hysteria, among history's number ones, the warrior with the most beautiful technique and the most abominable end. That's Hysteria the Elegant. A number one that should be dead… no way, could it be that the organization resurrected her?'

Her thoughts were interrupted when Hysteria spoke. "What's wrong? If you know, tell me!" she demanded "my name…"

'This is bad. In that case the other two are also former number one's that should be dead…? And where is the companion that was have said to accompany Hysteria everywhere, a former male warrior who supposedly never awoke?' as her thoughts continued, Hysteria stepped towards her suddenly appearing only inches from her

"I hate being ignored more than anything!" she said softly but with obvious anger.

===Eastern Region, southwest of the HQ===

"Ruhiel! Do you feel that?" yelled Poseidon to his leader as the six got closer to the Organization HQ

"Yes! I do" Growled Ruhiel, his brow furrowed. He quickly narrowed his fox like eyes as a Cheshire grin formed on his face, "I'm going on ahead, catch up with me later understand? The Organization just made this personal to me" there was no question, but a statement.

Zues looked at his leader and long time friend and nodded, all six stopped as Ruhiel turned to face them.

With the grin still plastered on his face he waved goodbye to them, than he suddenly vanished.

"That man sure has some awesome techniques father" commented Hermese

"Son, what you just witnessed is one of the two techniques that earned him the nickname 'Cheshire Ruhiel'" Stated Zues as the now group of five continued at a much slower pace than before.

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