For all my readers out there, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time so to make up for it I have added a character sheet for my OC

Name- Ruhiel

Birthplace- A small town in the southern region known as Doka

Nicknames- Ruhiel of the Cheshire Grin, The Gravedigger, Warrior Lizard, Grinning Madman

Hobbies- Training his techniques, sparing with his allies, walks through the southern forests, and playing the bagpipes

Rank- Formerly 47 (Isley's generation)

Affiliation- Organization of the Black Blade

Strengths- Large amount of Yoki, Able to Teleport long distances, small and agile Awakened form.

Weaknesses- Can only teleport in a straight line, teleportation consumes a lot of yoki, very predictable when about to use one of his techniques


Yoki- A++

Agility- A+

Muscular Strength- C

Spirit- A

Perception- B

Leadership- C

Allies- Zeus of Lightning, Hera of Earth, Poseidon of Water, Hades of Fire, Hermes of the Wind, Jona of Oceans, Makoua the flightless, and Aphrodite the Lust.

Abilities- All of Ruhiel's abilities center around similar abilities of the Cheshire cat, he is capable of turning invisible and teleportation in straight lines.

Nickname Origins- His nickname 'Warrior Lizard' came from his pupils being slit like lizards, he gained the nickname 'Gravedigger' from his technique to bring someone back from the dead by trading a living persons life for the expired life of another (only works on those with yoma in there blood), his nickname 'Grinning Madman' stemmed from the fact that he subconsciously grins whenever he fights. His most known title 'Ruhiel of the Cheshire Grin' came after he developed his Cheshire techniques, which when combined with his subconscious habit to grin when he uses his yoki, explains how he got the title pretty well.

Theme song-

History- Ruhiel was born about twenty years before the first male generation of warriors (at least I think Isley's generation was the first, because it is never said in cannon or on the wiki) were created, he was found and raised for four years of his life by a yoma. This same yoma was used to make Ruhiel into the rank 4 of Isley's generation. The only reason Ruhiel was ranked at four instead of two, was because of his lack of battle intelligence and experience, when he finally did gain these he was bumped up to rank two. This action is what caused him to meet Isley for the first time. This meeting would be recorded in the organizations history as one of the most devastating disasters to ever happen to them. Ruhiel hated Isley the moment he laid his eyes on the former number one. The same went for Isley to Ruhiel; the battle that ensued afterwards destroyed about ninety eight percent of the organizations strongholds and resources. This is the main reason why the organization only has one stronghold in the east even though the battle started in the northern region.

After the battle the organization, due to the fact that it was the first generation of warriors couldn't just purge the two of them, so they left Isley as rank one and moved his region to the far north and bumped the less experienced warrior down to rank forty seven, then moved his region to the far south as to get him as far away from Isley as possible.

It was in the south that Ruhiel stayed even after all the other male warriors turned into awakened beings. He never awoke until many generations later. Several years later he met the numbers one through five of a mixed generation of claymores, this generation was never put into the Organization's records due to the fact it was both their biggest success and biggest failure. The success came from the theory that if they introduced some female claymores it would keep the male ones from awakening. This was a good idea until the number four Poseidon died and his fraternal twin brother Hades, who was the number three, awakened in anger. The two claymore's younger brother and his wife Zeus and Hera, who were ranks one and two at the time, deduced that the only way to calm down Hades was to awaken as well. Their son did not want to be left out of the 'fun' as he put it and simply awoke so he could join his family. This mass awakening of the top five claymores drastically dropped the moral of the other forty two claymores and they all eventually awoke as well. Ruhiel without even using any of his yoki calmed the four down and decided to test a technique he had been working on, the one that earned him the nickname 'Gravedigger'.

So in exchange for a random yoma's life, Ruhiel was able to bring Poseidon back to life but at the cost of the water lover's humanity. In pity Ruhiel decided to form a new organization, one he called 'The Black Blade'. The name came from Hades of fire's sword having been reheated due to the fire lover's technique this organization's goal was to strive for peace between yoma and humans, the only members were seven claymores from the mixed generation and Ruhiel himself as the leader.

The members go as follows: Ruhiel of the Cheshire grin, Zeus of the Lightning sword, Hades of the fire, Hera the earthbound, Poseidon of the tempest, Hermes of the air, Jona of Oceans, and Makoua the flightless.

The Black Blade was only able to succeed in getting three small cities to accept the idea of yoma and humans living peacefully together, afterwards they had to recruit more members due to lack of manpower to be able to spread their ideals to other towns and cities.

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