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WARNINGS!: This chapter contains Non Con, Rape, Drugging, Yandere!Knock Out

Slim arms wrapped themselves around Breakdown's neck as Knock Out leaned in. There was a subtle tilt of the red helm then a soft whisper of hot breath caressing him before lips settled over his own. A low throaty moan broke the silence of the room as Knock Out's lithe body arched into him. Smooth velvety plating sliding erotically against his own, the purposeful friction creating heat. His sensor net came alive, lighting up, sending out little shock waves of pleasure from each point of contact, making him shiver hotly.

Which only encouraged Knock Out to press even closer.

The lips above Breakdown's parted encouragingly, seeking to deepen the kiss. He could easily read the desire for closeness, for intimacy. A glossa pressed forward between unresisting lips, meeting the barrier of closed denta. Knock Out gave a whine of frustration then licked along the obstacle as though through enticement he'd be granted access.

The pressure against his lips eased as Knock Out relented, head tilting back, red optics catching and holding yellow ones as he smiled, undeterred. One arm carefully unwound from Breakdown's neck. The hand skimming against him, coming up to cup his jaw gently, lovingly.

That small palm caressed along till fingertips brushed his lips. Their sharp tips pressed carefully in, slipping passed lips, to wedge themselves between his denta. Then Knock Out pulled down.

"Open up for me, love." Knock Out purred sweetly, his smile remaining, bordering on gleeful as he pried Breakdown's mouth open.

"That's it. No need to be shy, Breakdown." Knock Out rested his forehead against Breakdown's. "Not with me." His hand finished its work, one fingertip reaching in to gently stroke along Breakdown's glossa before withdrawing.

Tilting his head back once more, Knock Out's optics brightened as he gazed at Breakdown's open mouth, glossa flicking out to lick his lips. "I want to taste you."

Knock Out descended on him, mouth covering Breakdown's. Glossa slipping easily, eagerly inside. Sweeping the inside of Breakdown's mouth, memorizing texture, luxuriating in his lover's unique taste as he teased Breakdown's glossa with his own.

Pulling away, Knock Out pinned Breakdown with a heated gaze. Keeping optic contact he leaned in just enough to brush his lips teasingly against Breakdown's. "You taste so good."

Knock Out kissed him again, quickly, loosely. Murmuring lowly against Breakdown's mouth. "Better than energon, better than high grade. So much sweeter."

He dipped in for another kiss, slowly this time. Moaning loudly as he indulged in that flavor that was all Breakdown, drinking him in.

Lifting his helm, Knock Out's lips curled into a sultry smile. "Makes me wonder what other flavors you consist of." His hands slid suggestively over blue chest plating. "Let's find out, shall we?"

That dark red helm dipped then Breakdown felt the press of lips against his plating, leaving a trail of kisses that followed the path of exploring hands. Knock Out would pause, here and there, to lick along a seam or nibble the edge of some new found sensitive plating. He'd seek then thrill at any little reaction he earned from Breakdown; the increased speed of internal cooling fans, the sudden hitch of an intake, a twitch, the way Breakdown's fingers would curl into the berth's padding. Knock Out seemed to take each one as encouragement, as if Breakdown himself were telling Knock Out to keep going.

Knock Out's fingers picked their way over the broad abdomen. Their sharp thin tips sliding easily under plating to twist wires and tease senor nodes. Sliding ever lower till his hand stroked over Breakdown's interface panel. Fingertips tracing lightly, teasingly playful, along the panel's outline. He paused, gently pressing his cheek against Breakdown's pelvic plating, his hand caressing over the swell of a hip.

Knock Out smiled at the heat, the fast whirl of cooling fans, the labored intakes, the way Breakdown had moved into his touch or would grip the padding beneath him in pleasure. They were all signs of Breakdown's arousal. Breakdown wanted him, needed him. And Knock Out would not deny him. He turned his head and kissed the heated surface of Breakdown's interface panel.

Breakdown's plating crawled with each touch. The press of lips, the flick of Knock Out's glossa sending out unwanted twinges of pleasure. He struggled, physically at first, being able to do little more than twitch or curl his fingers into the padding beneath him. He struggled mentally, trying to calm his body, fight its natural reaction to all of Knock Out's stimulation.

He failed.

He failed with every try. His intakes hitching with every unforeseeable surge of pleasure from the warm lick of a glossa or teasing nibble of denta. His cooling fans working harder to battle the ever rising heat of electricity singing through his sensor net.

It disgusted him.

It disgusted him and it was humiliating. Humiliating he couldn't control his own body, his reactions. Humiliating that for all his strength and power and size he could do nothing to help himself. The feeling of humiliation gave way to anger. Anger at himself. Angry that his confidence in his own attributes had played into his down fall, had ultimately blinded him. He had honestly believed himself above danger, above ever being a target, above being...a victim. That was something smaller, weaker mechs had to worry about. Not him, he was suppose to be safe.

But Knock Out had taken that. Taken his sense of safety, removed from him his power over self, drained his strength and left him...helpless. Helpless on his back, unable to so much as vocalize a protest. He was Knock Out's. Knock Out's to do with as he pleased.

And, to a point, it almost felt...deserved. That he had brought this on himself. After all, he didn't really know Knock Out. Before tonight he hadn't even known Knock Out was a medic. He didn't even know if that was true. Or if anything Knock Out had ever said was true. Not that Knock Out had said much about himself, always keeping their conversations focused on Breakdown. It made sense now.

He had made everything so easy for Knock Out. So easy. Swallowing the bait without any coaxing, walking with blind trust right into the trap. He had followed Knock Out here willingly. Drank what was given to him without question.

He stared at the ceiling. Never before in his life had he felt so stupid.

The dance of fingertips along his interface panel ripped him from his self loathing. The press of Knock Out's cheek against his pelvic plating had panic surging up in him. No. No, no, no. Too close. Knock Out was too close. Not this...please, not this. Not that it wasn't the foreseeable conclusion. He had, he knew this was where everything was leading to. But that didn't make it any easier to take.

Lips pressed against his interface panel followed by a long lascivious lick. He wanted to grab Knock Out and throw him across the room even as his sensor net tingled with pleasure. But he couldn't. He could only stare at the ceiling and that knowledge ate at his mind. He could feel Knock Out licked around the panel's edges, a slim hand caressing up and down Breakdown's thigh.

Knock Out continued to tease the edge of Breakdown's interface panel, his hand caressing up the expanse of a powerful thigh, his other hand braced against Breakdown's hip. He brought his hand back, tracing over the interface panel's edges, searching for the manual release. Teasing was all well and good, enjoyable foreplay, but too much could be cruel. And if the heat building behind the panel was any indication, Breakdown was ready for more.

His fingers found the tiny catch, pressing it in, watching the panel slide aside as he sat back on his knees between Breakdown's legs. With a hungry gaze, he watched. But this wasn't all about the physical, above all, he felt honored Breakdown had chosen him to share in such intimacy. Chose him as his lover., what was between them was more than that. He was more than a lover. They were more than lovers. He was more like Breakdown's...spark mate. His bonded. Yes, because they would be time. Not right now, no. It was too soon for that. Breakdown was still broken, he needed fixing. Like a virus needs the right coding to be neutralize, Breakdown needs the right...corrections. And love. And affection. Lots and lots of love and affection. He needed to be shown he was beautiful and desired and that Knock Out loved him more than anything else.

Breakdown's blunt fingers clutched weakly at the padding beneath him. Make it stop. Anything….he'd give anything for an interruption. Knock Out claimed to be a medic…..why couldn't there be some medical emergency? Why couldn't someone call and need him? Primus…..please…something…anything…please, make him stop.

But his silent pleas went unnoticed, unanswered, and he choked on his intake as Knock Out's mouth moved, glossa licking firmly, sending waves of undiluted pleasure through his senor net. He was tempted to squeeze his optics close. But it wouldn't help. Because it didn't matter if his optics were open or closed, he was going to feel everything either way.

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