"No! Len! Get away from me!"

"Rin, stay still...I'm your brother, you wouldn't hurt me..." he simpered pathetically, sliding a chilling hand into her shirt.
Her mother was huddled against the wall.

"Len...Please, stop touching her..."

"Oh, shut up mother." the strikingly handsome boy snapped. "You've been a pathetic mess since father died." He turned to Rin, pressing his hips against hers, his thigh between her legs. Her bare legs. "But Rin knows who's still in charge, don't you, Rin?"

He scraped his lips against her smooth, unblemished, neck. "Tell me."

Terrified, she cowered away from him as he cupped her body in his hands, roaming forbidden areas that her brother shouldn't be touching. "Tell me." He repeated, his eyes menacing. Their mother shut her eyes and looked away.

"Mother," pleaded Rin. "Please, tell him to stop."

CRACK. Rin's cheek burned where he'd slapped her. Holding her neck, he dragged her up to his height, pearly teeth bared into a snarl. He slapped her fiercely again, a look of wicked amusement in his eyes as his sister buckled in his hold. He gripped the silky golden locks in his tight fist and shook her by just her hair.

Rin's scared, pitiful, eyes gazed into his.

His eyes scoured her abused skin and he grinned.

"I'm in charge. Me. And you- You're just my plaything."

It was dark.
And cold.

And Rin Kagamine was dying.

Huddled against the walls of the store, Rin shivered, not in the least bit scared. She had run away, and her brother would never touch her again while her mother watched forlornly. The chilly wind caressed her bare skin, and Rin tiredly rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. The last thing she needed was to be kidnapped by some pedophile on the street. Her cheeks burned red still, and she hid her pockmarked skin with a coat and jeans.

She was going to live here, and beg off the streets. Yeah. That sounded fabulous. The store lights were on, and now the door swung open, letting out a rush of warm air. The owner's shadow loomed over Rin, and a male voice sighed dramatically. Rin was in no mood to stand up and move, so she looked up to see a blond-haired boy with one amber eye. The other was secured behind a bandage. He was standing in a cocky pose. Looking, down at her, she noticed that his eye was unreadable.

"Look." he sighed again. "This isn't easy to say. You're ruining business and I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Rin raised one eyebrow and looked both ways down the street. The empty street

"You're not getting any business for me to ruin."

"Ah...Smart aleck, aren't you?" He chuckled lightly and leaned against the store wall.

"No." Rin looked at him with steely blue eyes. "I'm honest."

"Well, either ways, you have to leave. Or come inside." He offered. "You can stay in the store until we close tomorrow for the weekend."

Rin stubbornly folded her arms and dug her heels into the sidewalk. "No. I'm staying safe. Out here."

"Well, at least come inside. I'll let you stay in the back room until the weather's better. Better to get raped inside by me than outside by some pedo." he joked, his eye alight with mischief.

"No." Rin said firmly, slouching back. Suddenly, her eyes widened in shock as the boy slid two hands under her legs and back, scooping her up effortlessly. Rin was too surprised to sock him in the side of the face with her foot.

"Hi. I'm Oliver." he said calmly as he carried her into the store. "And you are...?"

"The person who's going to kick your ass from here to next week if you don't put me down, pervert!"

"Tsk. I save her life, and this is how she treats me." He dumped her on the couch in the backroom and walked to a store cabinet, swinging it open.

Rin spluttered indignantly. "I was going to be perfectly fine! No one asked you!"

Oliver raised his eyebrows. "Yeah...If you were planning to live for three days."

"Okay, first of all-" Rin began, ready to argue as though her life depended on it. Normal girls would have backed off and run away, clutching pepper spray. But Oliver's eye was warm and he wasn't treating her crudely, like rapists or her brother.

"Vanilla or chocolate?" Oliver asked, interrupting her.

"That's not the point, first of all-"

"Vanilla or chocolate," Oliver persisted.

"Okay, chocolate!" Rin snapped. He tossed her a small milk carton and a straw. Rin picked it up. "Oh. Thank you." She murmured, stunned that he was being so nice although she'd just met him.

"Ah, so she has been to preschool." Oliver golf-clapped. "So...What's your name?"

"It's Rin."

"Just Rin? Not Rinny, or Katrina, or-" He hastily stopped talking as she sent him a death glare.

"Shut up, Olive."

"Ha-ha." he replied sarcastically. "So...Runaway?"

Rin almost choked on her straw as she uncomfortably shifted position. She set her milk down, no longer thirsty, as sadness swirled in the pit of her stomach.


"Yeah...My older brother's out so I'm watching the store for a while. You have anywhere to go?"

"Home." Rin suggested in a small voice.

"Ha. I'm looking at your face, and it's totally contradicting that word." Oliver said, plopping a floppy cap onto his shaggy mess of hair. "So it's settled. You're staying here, I guess."

"Since when was that settled?"

"Since I was smart enough to save your life." Oliver clarified, smiling toothily.

Rin scowled, but sat back. "Fine." His seemingly sarcastic yet happy-go-lucky mood was getting to her.

"And yes, I am going to ask what sent you away from home."

Rin sat cross-legged, clutching the milk like a lifeline. She was zoning out. What had her brother said, what line had he crossed, to make her take off a few hours ago? Oh, yeah...

"None of your business."

"Hmmm...I suppose I can wait a while till you answer," said Oliver gently, flicking the brim of his cap.

"Don't hold your breath."

"Great idea!" Oliver grinned. "I'll hold my breath until you answer."

Rin snorted. "You'd die."

"Fine. You win."

"I usually do."

"Just kidding. Rin~Tell me."

"We are not friends. You are just helping me until I leave, got it?" Rin said harshly. She wanted to take it back, but man was he annoying! First he just brought her in like she was his puppy and now he was making her stay here! And give away all her locked secrets!

"So harsh, ne~?" Oliver complained.

"You have a weird accent," said Rin suddenly to change the subject. "But do you speak Japanese?"

"Yeah..." Oliver said, his eyes bearing a faraway look. "I'm from England. But I know Japanese." He smiled. "You speak English in Japanese accents. Fairly well, actually."

"Thanks," Rin said. She crumpled and pulled apart the cardboard carton.

"Don't destroy the poor thing," joked Oliver. "What's it ever done to you?"

"Look," said Rin. "It's all great that you're letting me stay here and trying to be a hero, but where am I supposed to be sleeping?"

She gestured to the floor, and the handsome boy turned to her, that mischief alight in his amber eye again.

Of course, this was enough to alert her.

The said boy had a smirk crossing his face.

"Why, with me of course. On a mattress. On the floor."

"I just met you- Wait, what?" Rin said, shocked. She processed what he said, then looked slowly up at him. He carelessly observed his nails, and grinned again.

"Oh, shit."