It didn't work out exactly the way Len and Lily had planned.

It worked out better.

It was a perfect double wedding- Rin and Oliver, and Len and Lily.

Oliver adjusted his cuffs and Len groaned, scratching his neck. Oli glanced over at him- He'd changed so much, and for the better. There was still awkwardness between them, but they were friends. Oliver couldn't help but still feel anger towards him when Rin woke up with nightmares, but Rin was so happy- And had become very good friends with Lily.

"Stop fidgeting," the priest hissed at the two boys, who gave each other a someone-save-me look and stood still in the stuffy suits.

It had been Gumi's request- That they both wear suits. But that was made up with the scenery of the place. Gumi had gotten them a beautiful valley-like area, because Rin and Lily had wanted outdoor weddings. There was a citrus-lemony scent in the air, for Rin and Lily's favorite foods. Pink flowers wrapped around white pillars, and there was a tropical feel everywhere. A gorgeous view was overlooked by the flat mesa-like area they were standing on.

Oliver had gotten his parents and family members to come, with Rinto's help. Lily's family had come too. Both parents had fallen in love with Rin. They had first met around a year ago.

"How did you meet such a cute girl, Oliver?" His mother squealed, pinching Rin's cheeks and causing her to smile. Oliver shook his head- his mother would never grow up.

"Ahaha... Well..." Oliver shook his head. "It's a long story."

"Can I meet your parents?" The woman whipped onto Rin, who immediately gave her a warm smile.

"I'm so sorry. My father is dead, and my mother is in a coma."

"Oh...Oh..." the woman said, clutching her husband's hand. "I'm so sorry, dear..."

"My brother took care of me- He's the other one who's getting married."

Oliver's father frowned- He was stricter, went on more business trips. He gazed at Rin and repeated the question. "How did you guys meet, though?"

"I will be totally honest," Rin said softly. "I was running away from problems, and Oli found me outside the store. He took me in and took care of me for so long- And during that time, I fell in love with him. I hope that you will look past this and let me marry him."

There was a long silence, but finally, his father's eyes hardened, and Rin's heart sank.

"Your honesty is stunning- I don't see honesty like that in many people. But-" Oliver gripped Rin's hand. "-If you must go clothes shopping, please do not bring me along."

Rin's jaw dropped and she let out a hysterical laugh as Oliver pulled her into a tight hug.

"Leon!" the woman chided, laughing as tears dropped down her cheeks. "Don't scare my future daughter." She choked out a sob and hugged her son and his bride. "Ohhhh! You grow up so fast!"

The man's eyes were still hard, but Rin saw a familiar twinkle in them. A twinkle that she saw in Rinto's and Oliver's eyes.

"Oh yes, Oliver." frowned his father. "What's this I hear about you being in jail?"

Oliver chuckled. That had been harder to cover up, but his parents had been satisfied, so everything was just the way it should be.

So absorbed was he that he didn't notice the entrance of Rin and Lily.

"Oliver," Len stammered, slamming into his side with his hand painfully. "Look." Oliver looked to see Len blushing madly at Lily, who looked beautiful in a long white dress with ruffles and puffy sleeves. There was a large flower on the side of the skirt.

But when Oliver's eyes landed on Rin, his own face flamed up. She was in a soft white dress with no sleeves, but gauzy ribbons around her arms. Her skirt was long and started at her waist, but extended out. It was tiered with ribbons and white flowers. The hem was lined with freshwater pearls and Rin was clutching a bouquet of orange flowers. Lily's hand held yellow.

Rin's vivid blue eyes shined through the thin veil at him, and a whimsical sort of smile was on her face as she and Lily came down the velvet red aisle. Gumi had taken it upon herself to throw petals behind them.
Rin gazed at Oliver. He was so handsome- But he'd refused to take off his sailor cap. It didn't matter, Rin loved him anyways.

"Oliver, close your mouth." Len whispered in a hiss as they watched the girls. Oliver blushed again and nodded quickly, snapping his jaw shut. Both girls emitted a fantasy sort of glow as they stood by their respective boys.

"You-" Oliver began.

"Please, Oliver. Don't say I look beautiful or the unicorns of cliché will trample me." Rin whispered back, gazing at him. Oliver smirked at her, tugging at a bow on her dress.

"I was going to say that you were barefoot, but you know, that works too." Rin looked down at her feet and shrugged.

"Oops." She shrugged again, giving him a cocky smile, telling him that she perfectly well knew that she was barefoot. Oliver shook his head.

"Why aren't you normal, Rin?"

"Well...I hated all the shoes," she answered. "And that's why you love me, right?"

"You got me," he answered as they tuned back into the priest's words.

Len and Lily were immersed in each other, and as Rin answered to the priest, Oliver had to admit that Len had never looked happier. The priest turned to Len and Lily and Rin sighed.

"Lily wanted the wedding to be on a mountain. She's pretty weird." Rin smiled.

"Says the one without shoes," Oliver said, only to get smacked by Rin.

"You may now kiss the bride. Er, brides." The priest said. Relatives were crying in the seats.

Oliver just stared at Rin for a few seconds and leaned down.

"Too slow." Rin smirked. She grabbed his tie and yanked him down, smashing his mouth against hers. She saw her whole life in front of her, in Oliver's hand. Nobody, nothing, mattered right now.

His hands tangled in her blond hair and he sighed, drawing in a breath. He kissed her again, again, again, his hand cupping the base of her spine. Rin broke away then, and so did Lily.

Immediately, a cheeky smile crossed Rin's face, and warning lights went off in Oliver's head.

"Let's go." Rin dragged him forward, and Oliver looked to see Lily doing the same thing to Len.

"What's going on?"

"Your parents, Lily, Lily's parents, and I planned the honeymoon goodbye-" Rin giggled secretively, and Lily grinned broadly.

"And-?" Oliver asked worriedly.

"We booked a whole cruise!" Lily squealed. "Surprise!"

"What." Len and Oliver said simultaneously.

"Yes!" They finally got to the base of the valley where the land cut off to meet the ocean. There loomed a huge white cruise ship, just for the four of them.

"Oh, my, god." Len uttered, appearing to be frozen. Oliver just shook his head, his mouth forming incomprehensible words.
Rin smiled, accomplishment all over her face. Oliver just stared at her.

"You guys...Are amazing."

"I'M GOING TO MISS YOU, OLIVER!" His mother launched himself at him, and Oliver shrugged her off.

"Come on, Mom." he squirmed, but then hugged her back. "I'll miss you too."

"Have fun," his dad said. Lily's parents were hugging Len and Lily. The cruise staff was on the dock, and Oliver noticed Gumi standing by a fold up chair, looking left out.

"Gumi, Rin..." he said. Rin giggled even more mischievously.

"Hey Carrothead!" she shouted. Gumi looked up, her eyes confused.

"What is it?" She tried to look happy, but Oliver could see her sadness. After all, they were going for two months, according to his mother.

"Did I forget to mention that we have an extra pass? Oh, dear." Rin said with mock sadness. Gumi stared at her, and then her face glowed with happiness.

"RIN!" She launched herself at her best friend and began punching her. Rin laughed, holding up her hands, and Oliver grinned. Len and Lily laughed quietly, and Gumi spun to her mom and dad.

"Did you guys know about this?" she demanded.

They shrugged, not looking at all guilty. She threw herself at them, and then joined her best friends. The cruise staff was out on the deck, and Rin watched as a handsome young man stepped forward. He had violet hair and mysterious blue eyes. He smiled benignly.

"I will be your guide- Feel free to ask me anything at all." He smiled at each of them, and his eyes lingered on a particular green-haired girl. Gumi blushed and stepped forwards, tripping. He easily and swiftly caught her, setting her upright.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently.

"Now I am," she said, dazed. "I'm Gumi."

"Gakupo," he replied. "Follow me." They smiled at each other and Gumi turned to Rin.

'Oh my gosh!" she mouthed to her, pointing at the man. Rin chuckled as Gumi trailed behind him, looking like a puppy.

Oliver smirked. "Looks like she's finally gotten a life." Gumi heard him and swung around to pin him with a dirty glare. Rin laughed, punching him in the shoulder.

"Stop being mean and get on the ship."

"Yes, Princess." he said softly. Len and Lily, hands intertwined, ascended the ramp, and Oliver and Rin followed.

They turned to wave at their family and friends, and Rin inhaled the sweet, tropical, smell- And Oliver's as well. He gave her a smile and squeezed her hand.

"You forgot shoes," he said, mouth quirked in a smile.

"I don't need them," Rin laughed, giving him another light kiss. "In fact, I have everything I need."