I know some people will be disappointed that I'm replacing Naruto and Hinata's messy fun with this story but I hit a road block and the only way I knew to fix it was to rewrite the whole story since I noticed I changed up the way the story was going by change my own stuff in later chapters from the start of the story to the last chapter. Sorry to all who liked it but I'm hoping that you will like this story since this is the one I'm replacing it with.

Now somethings about this story 1. This will be set 3 years after the 4 ninja war. 2. Tsuande will be in her mid 30s unlike in actually canon where she is in her 50s to early 60s. 3. My pairing are not up for debate if you don't like it just don't read.

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Chapter 1 Tsuande's choice's and their preparations

Tsuande was in her office looking over the last few scroll to come back from the last great hidden village to see if they agreed to her proposal of a contest between villages. Once the last one came back and said that they agreed to the contest Tsuande was glad since she could prove the Hidden Leaf was still the top village.

With that Tsuande called out to Shizune to come into her office and to summon Hinata, Sakura, and Anko for an important mission. When Shizune heard that she bowed and went to send out the notification to who was specified.

An hour later

Hinata, Sakura, and Anko were standing in front of Tsuande waiting for her to give them the details of the mission. Tsuande started off with "I called you in for a special mission that I think you would be perfect for."

When they heard that the women lifted their heads a bit high from their leaders praise before Anko asked for the details. "Thanks for the praise Tsuande but can you tell us what the mission is?" with Sakura and Hinata nodding their heads in agreement.

When Tsuande heard that she got straight to the point "alright since you seem to be so eager for this mission here are the details." with that said she hands them each an folder with the details and information of the targets they would encounter on the mission.

After Sakura got finish reading the mission she had a blush on her face and said "Who came up with the idea to have us enter into a Kunoichi only wrestling match where we have to do it naked at a strip club?" Hinata also had a blush on her face while Anko had an excited look on her face.

Tsuande looked at Sakura and said "I was the one that came up with the idea and since this is the most peaceful thing I could think of was this, and since I came up with it I had the right to choose the place and the conditions of the matches."

Hinata was the next one to bring up a thing she read "I read we can't use any jutsu's or charka in the match or we would be instantly disqualified, why did you do that?" with sakura nodding to since that would take her super strength away from her like Hinata's jukken was taken away.

Once more Tsuande answered her with "I know but this way no one else can have the advantage of bloodlines or using their charka for charka strings to bind their opponent."

Sakura then asked "well how are we able to win the matches then since I didn't see that in the folder?"

Once more Tsuande answered with "well you will either make them submit, pin them for five seconds with their shoulders down. Normally you could knock them out but we don't want to wait really after the match."

Anko then finally spoke up "I'm fine with the matches I just want to know why we are the only one that gets to have 4 people in it and each of the other villages only get 1, and also what do we get when we win a match and the grand winner?" Hinata and Sakura look on also wondering that question.

Tsuande folds her hands under her chin before speaking "Well the winner of the match moves on to the next round to face one of the other winners, and the grand prize will be that you will not appear in any of the videos that will be made from this event unless you want to be in the video, while I recommend that you don't lose because the loser will be fucked by the winner and the male of her choice for 20 minutes while your man of choice can't interfere in any of this unless he is told he is able to participate by the winning female."

When Sakura and Hinata they were horrified to her that since they didn't want to be raped and a porn star since only one of them in the room could win and that's in the best case scenario for them. While Anko and Tsunade weren't that bad off since they had already been in a few pornos in their time serving the village.

Sakura voice her fears in a trembling voice "Do we really have to do this Lady Tsunade since I know me and Hinata would never be caught dead in any type of porn video." with Hinata nodding her head in agreement.

Anko spoke up for the answer instead of Tsunade "Listen almost all Kunoichi's in their village will star or be in a porno since that's just something you need to get over since this is a lot more controlled then some of the one's I've been a part of due to a mission."

Tsunade nodded before adding "Anko's right beside you have a way out you just have to win and if you did lose you would be in a movie with some of the most beautiful and powerful Kunoichi that have been seen in years. Plus Hinata Naruto has already been in a porn video."

When they heard that were shocked to hear that Naruto had been in a porn video. Sakura was the one the asked "What movie was he in and when did he have time to be in one?"

Anko answered after controlling her laughter. "He was in the Icha Icha movie with that girl from the Princess Gale movies. And it looks like it was near the end of his training with Jiraya. "

This was truly shocking to Hinata and Sakura that Naruto had been in one and a famous one at that since they even knew about the Icha Icha movie. With that knowledge they bowed their head in resignation that they had to do this.

When Tsunade saw this she smiled and said "Don't worry its not so bad but before I forget after the match the winners will be able to use their charka so for example Anko here would be able to use her summons if she won her match against the loser. Also to make it a bit more entreating to the people watching you will be wrestling in KY jelly since that would make your skin shinning and more alluring to the audience."

Sakura and Hinata were shocked about hearing about that little addition to their matches. Hinata was the one that asked the next question "Why did you tell us this, isn't that an unfair advantage in our favor?"

Tsuande look at her and said "Well it's written in the folder and all the other villages got the same folder as you did and I brought it up since you and Sakura got distracted by the other things to notice that."

After she said that and saw that Hinata and Sakura had a sheepish look on their faces she said "Now this won't take place until next week so you have the rest of the week to get ready for this and I'll even allow you to practice in their as long as you come and make sure that no one else is using it when you want to."

after she said that she was about to dismiss them but Hinata asked the last question. "How are you able to make a business owner give us time to practice this since won't it hurt their business?"

When Tsuande heard that she said "You don't have to worry about the owner having a problem since I'm the owner of the place. Why did you think it was called Tsunade's Pleasure." Shocking all 3 of the other Kunoichi's that she owned a strip club but figure it wasn't worth the headache to ask her about and left.

Later that Day

We see Hinata and Naruto sitting in their apartment having lunch when Hinata brings up the mission that she was give in by Tsunade early in the day. After hearing about what the mission entailed Naruto wasn't exactly happy about Hinata having to doing this in front of a crowd of people but he was fine with the benefit of her winning and he would be lying if watching her get punished didn't turn him on.

After Hinata finished telling Naurto about this he responded "Well I'm not to happy about random people being able to see you naked, but I can't complain about having to have sex with the people that you beat."

When Hinata heard that she had to bring up about him being in a porn video. "Well I didn't think you would have a problem with that since you have already been on screen fucking another woman."

When Naruto heard that he could only think "Oh crap somehow Hinata found out about me doing Icha Icha." Naruto responded with "Well I guess you know about that, but I haven't done any other than that one movie and that was only because Jiraya wouldn't finish my training unless I stared in the movie."

When Hinata heard that she had her doubts but still questioned him "Alright I'll give you that but why didn't you tell me that you were involved in one of those movies then during all this time we have been dating."

Naruto replied "How was I suppose to bring it up to you that I was in one of those movies, I thought it would destroy any chance that I had to be with you if you found out I wasn't a virgin any more."

When Hinata heard that she was surprised that Naruto would think that she would be that shallow and said "That wouldn't have been a deciding factor in if we stayed together or went our different ways, but it was a positive you were experience when we had our first time together since you made me feel great."

When Naruto heard what Hinata said he lifted his head up with a big smile and said "Well what can I say I only give the best for my girl."

When Hinata heard that she started to laugh and said "That the Naruto I'm use to, now I'm going to need to find someone that will be willing to help me get ready for this since I don't feel like losing in the first match I have."

Naruto and Hinata started to think on who they could asked to help Hinata and this until Hinata had a great idea. "Wait we can ask Tenten since she learned hand to hand from Gai she will be a perfect person for me to train and practice with." Naruto only nodded his head in agreement since it would be the best choice out of all their friends. With that said Naruto and Hinata finish their lunch before they start to look for Tenten.

A couple hours later in a training ground

Naruto and Hinata finally found Tenten in a training field after they asked Neji who they ran into if he know where Tenten was. When they got up to Tenten she had just finished up throwing the last of her weapons into a training log when she turned and with a smile on her face said "Hey guys what brings you out here if you looking for Lee or Neji they already left for their own training."

When Naruto and Hinata heard that they looked at each other before nodding and Hinata speaking up "That's fine Tenten you were actually the one we came to talk too, and see if you could help me prepare for a mission."

When Tenten heard that she was curious on what type of mission that Hinata would need her help to prepare for so she asked. "What's the mission you need help with and why did you choose me to help you with it?"

Hinata answered her with "Well it's a village contest on who has the best Kunoichi from each village compete in a wrestling match with no charka or jutsu's allowed, and were wrestling in KY jelly in the nude so I need your help to help my learn and adapt to the KY jelly that's going to be on us."

When Tenten heard that she was shocked that they would have to do this since Tsunade was in charge, and she voice her opinion on this. "Why are Kunoichi's having to do this and who came up with this idea since this sounds like something Jiraya would come up with."

Once more Hinata answered the question "Well it was actually Tsunade that came up with this idea and since she was the one that's hosting and because she's the leader of the village they decided to have a challenge for the best Kunoichi here and at every other village with a female Kage while all the male one's will have the best Shinobi."

When she heard that Tenten was surprised that Tsunade would agree to that but decided that she knew what she was doing. With that out of the way Teneten asked "Ok I can help you but do we have any place to practice without anyone else seeing what you can do?"

Naruto answered this time with "Well we have a place but I don't know how secretive it will be since this is going to be where its held at, and also you do know that you are going to have to be naked when doing this since that's the way they have to fight the matches."

When Tenten heard that she got red in the face from anger and yelled "What do you mean I'm going to have to be naked when I do this with Hinata?"

Hinata spoke up to try and calm Tenten down "Its true those are the rules that we can't have any clothes on during the match so I figure its best to train in the same way."

When Tenten heard Hinata defend what Naruto said it calmed her down enough to ask "Alright I'll still help you but there are going to be a few things I want"

When they heard that Naruto asked "alright we'll see if were able to get what you want just tell us what they are."

Tenten then started to list what she wanted "Ok first I want the practice to be just like the real thing I win I get to do whatever I want to Hinata same if you win. Second I want to have a threesome with you guys since as you know I'm bi and what can I say you guys are one of the most desired people in the village."

When Naruto and Hinata heard that they were embarrassed on what Tenten wanted, but after a second of talking about it with each other they could make the deal without any problems.

With that decided Hinata spoke up "ok we will agree to your payment for the training but how about we do it that whichever one of us wins gets to be in control of the other one so if I win I control you but if you win you control both me and Naruto."

Tenten thought about and liked the deal. "Alright I'm fine with that so where is it going to be at that I'm going to train you at."

When Hinata heard that she ran up and gave Tenten a hug and said "Thank you Tenten it's going to be at Tsuande's Pleasure, but if you want to we are about to go find out when the place is going to be open so I can use it if you want to tag along with us."

Tenten heard that and nodded her head and said "Alright just help me pick up my weapons and we'll go talk to Tsunade. While picking up her weapons Tenten asked "Hey guys we will be able to do this again after this contest is done right?"

Naruto and Hinata looked at each other before smiling and Naruto saying "I don't see why not since were already doing to be having sex with each other." Tenten smiled and gave them each a hug and a kiss to each of them before they started to pick up her weapons and seal them into her storage scroll and head off to Tsunade's office.

Tsunade's Office

When Tsunade saw who came into her office she finished up the paper she was on before asking "So what can I help you guys with?"

Hinata stepped up and said "I came to ask for some time to practice for the upcoming challenge."

Tsunade nodded her head expecting this and said "Well I don't know how to break it to you Hinata but you only would have 2 times to have practice at one is tonight at 10 and the other one is 3 days from now."

Hinata was disappointed that she didn't really have much of a choice so she agreed to the times just wonder about the club. "I'm ok with the times I'll take them, but what about you club won't this effect your business by having to close it tonight?"

Tsunade nodded her head in understanding before saying "Normally you would be right about me closing the business would cost me money, but Hinata whoever said it was going to be closed."

When they heard that all of them had their eyes widen at that since they thought they were going to have the place all to themselves. Tenten spoke up after getting over her shock "Wait there can't be people there, we planned to have our practice as close to match specific as possible."

Tsunade looked at them with a frown before saying. Well you need to get use to this since during the competition there are going be people like there are going to be there tonight, I'm not going to close the club when I'm going to have all of these hot Kunoichi's there getting fucked and fucking people."

When they heard Tsunade say that they nodded their heads knowing they would have to get use to them being there watching them. Naruto then said "Alright that won't be a problem we'll deal with it Tsunade."

When Tsunade heard that she smiled and said. "That's good to hear now get out of here and clean up I don't want you ruining my reputation by coming and performing covered in dirt and sweat."

When they heard that they nodded their heads in agreement so they could go and get ready for what they were going to be done tonight." Once they left Tsunade said to herself "Hinata you need to overcome this the most out of all of us" before finishing her paperwork to be able to watch Hinata's practice.

At Tsunade's Pleasure

Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten were back in a dressing room getting ready for when their time was up. Naruto had changed into his swimming trunks and a white undershirt, while both Hinata and Tenten had nothing on.

Hinata had a curvy body with them in the right place, having a breast size of 40 DD and a heart shape ass.

While with Tenten her curves were not as great as Hinata, they were still nice with a bust of 26 B and a tight ass.

Hinata was nervous about having to do this in front of people that she didn't know and said that to Naruto and Tenten.

When Tenten heard that she tried to encourage her by saying "I know your worried about doing this in front or random people, but were doing this so you will be ready for the competition so you can win it" with Naruto nodding his head in agreement.

Hinata said "I know but right now I'm too nervous to be able to do this and learn anything from you Tenten".

When Naruto heard that he said "do you think it would help you with your confidents if we would get you off once before going out there, since I've notice that your inhibitions are gone then".

When Tenten heard that she said "yea I notice that to when we had our kunochi only class that you got more into it then and took over then".

After hearing that from both Naruto and Tenten made Hinata blush but say anyways "I guess we could try that since I'm up for anythingbas long as it makes me calmer".

With that said Tenten went up to Hinata and pulled her into a heated kiss while Naruto took off his shirt and his swimtrunk showing his 12 inch long and 3 inch thick dick to the girls who broke apart to look at naruto's equipment.

When Naruto noticed they were both staring at him he said "Well if your done staring at me can we get started since we going on in 10 minutes?"

After hearing that they both blushed for staring then Hinata asked "So how do we want to do this then?"

Naruto was the one with the answer "Well put a towel on the groung then Hinata lay on top of it with your legs spread, then Tenten get on your hands and knees with your pussy's are grinding against each others."

When they heard that they did as he said, but they added a bit more to it by grabbing each other breast and pinching the nipples of the breast, while giving a deep passionate kissing with each trying to domiate the kiss. While they were doing this Naruto had gotten on to his knees and was lining up with their pussy's. Before doing what Naruto had planned he grabbed his cock and went from the bottom of Hinata's slit all the way to the bottom of Tenten's getting a moan out of both of them. After Naruto did that a couple of times he lined his dick up and thurst it inbetween their pussy's rubbing against their clit and their slits. When Naruto did that it caused both girls to scream into the kiss they were sharing and grind hard against his shaft. Naruto was thrusting between the girls pussy's for a couple of minutes before he felt the need to cum. Hinata and Tenten were about to cum as well felt Naruto start to thrust harder against them showing he was about to cum, when they notice this they broke their kiss and moaned out in pleasure while grinding harder onto his dick to push them and him over the edge. With the added pleasures that the girls were doing Naruto didn't last much longer before he came onto their breast covering them in his cum. When they felt Naruto's cum hit theirs tits it was the final straw to push them over the edge and came onto his dick. After the girls came Naruto pull his dick out from between their pussies and watch them clean each other tits of his cum.

After finishing her snack Hinata said "that hit the spots lets get out there and finish our match so we can finish what we started here".

Tenten agreed and said "i couldnt agree more but why wait until we get back to one of our houses we can just continue what we started here in the ring after the match". After they agreed to that it was finally their time to go onto the stage for their practice time. When they came out of backstage door they were shocked to see the room packed full of people gathered around a pool of KY jelly cheering for who was just got done.

When they were able to see it they saw it was Anko and Iruka with Kureani and Asuma walking toward them with all of them covered in KY jelly.

When Anko saw Hinata she stopped and said "We got them warmed up for you so I hope you don't get stage fright here or you won't make it through your first match."

When Hinata heard that she replied "don't worry we'll put your show to shame" with a confident smirk on her face. When Anko heard that she just smiled and walked on toward the dressing room to take a shower and get back into her normal clothes. Hinata continued down the stage with Naruto and Tenten toward the ring.

Once there they all steped into the ring with Naruto as the ref, and Hinata and Tenten on opposite sides of the ring ready to get the match started.

When Naruto gave the sign to start the crowd roared as Hinata went on the attack on Tenten by charging her head on. When Tenten saw Hinata coming at her she slid one leg back and waited for Hinata to get close to her and when she did Tenten sided stepped her while grabbing a hold of one of Hinata's arm and pulled it behind her back while Tenten's other arm went around Hinata's neck holding Hinata still.

When Tenten got in this position she leaned into Hinata's ear and said "this is a simple move to immobile a person by having one arm behind them and your other around their neck it limits their options they are able to do, also if you wanted you could use one of your legs and put your knee between their legs and rub up against their pussy to make them bend a bit more." With that said Tenten moves her knee between Hinata's legs and begins to grind it against her pussy causing her to moan in pleasure and arousal.

Tenten did this for a couple of seconds before she said to Hinata "there is a way to get out of this hold by sweeping out my legs and leaning back and landing on top of me will usually loosen the hold and give you a chance to get out of the hold." After Hinata heard that she tried it out and found out that Tenten's advice was on the mark and that by doing that Tenten had the breath knocked out of her and she loosened her grip on Hinata's arm and neck.

When Hinata notices that she rolls off of Tenten and then moves to her legs and wraps her legs around Tenten's in a figure four leg lock. Tenten is impressed that Hinata knew about this move and if she hadn't of had Gai as her sensei she might not have known how to get out of the hold. Before she got out of the hold she said "not bad Hinata I figure this would be a good move against most people, but I'm not like most people." With that said Tenten rolled to one side taking Hinata with her and reverse the hold on by switching the way she is facing. Hinata gave a scream of surprise on being countered before grimacing in pain with Naruto coming over to see if Hinata wanted to continue the match.

But before Hinata could say she was going to give up Tenten let up the hold and got distance from Hinata who remained on the ground in surprised.

When Tenten saw Hinata's face she said "What's with the look it wouldn't do for me to beat you that fast and not get any practice in would it?"

When Hinata heard that she stood back up and said "I guess your right it wouldn't do for us to have that would it but don't take it easy on me."

Tenten just smirked and started to circle around Hinata. Tenten made the first move this time by making a faint of going for her legs when she was actually going for a tackle to the midsection. After Tenten tackled Hinata she moved to where she had her legs on Hinata's chest and around her right arm then pulled her arm down into an arm bar hold. Once more Tenten had Hinata in a hold that she didn't think she would be able get out of since she felt the pain from her arm being pulled by Tenten. While doing the hold Tenten said "Well Hinata you didn't want me to hold back on you so how do you like my arm bar since I haven't met anyone that has broken this hold."

Hinata knew that what Tenten said was right since the pain was clouding her mind but she still had to try and get free. With that in mind Hinata shifted her body to the right before she moved her right leg up and put it under Tenten's head before pulling her head upwards. When Tenten felt Hinata's leg under her head she was shocked with how flexible Hinata was before her head was forced upward to the point of pain before she released Hinata's arm to move her hands to remove Hinata's leg from under her head.

When Tenten let go of Hinata's arm she rolled to her left getting out from under her legs while pulling her leg away from Tenten's arms. With the space Hinata had gain by rolling away she regain her footing and prepared for what Tenten was going to do next.

Tenten got up slower than Hinata with a smile on her face when she said "Well I don't know why you thought you needed help Hinata you doing great I could see you win the whole thing."

Hinata smiled back at Tenten and said "Thanks Tenten that means a lot coming from you I thought I could win a match but with your help I know I'll have a better chance of winning it all."

With that said they both move toward each other and lock up into a hold with Tenten winning and hip throwing Hinata onto the ring face first. Before Hinata could get up Tenten sat on Hinata's lower back with her legs between Hinata's arms and body with her leaning for and pulling back on Hinata's head. Naruto moved to Hinata and asked if she wanted to give up. Hinata looked at Naruto and nodded her head that she gave up, when Naruto saw that he called the match in Tenten's favor.

When the crowd heard that they broke out cheering for both the girls and what was about to happen since they knew about the contest. When Tenten let go she offered her hand to Hinata to help her up which Hinata took.

When Hinata was up Naruto said "well Tenten you won so we're at your mercy so what do you want to do to us."

Tenten put her hand to her chin in thought before she decided on what she wanted. "Ok what I need is a double dildo here so I can fuck Hinata with it while Naruto you will get my ass."

When the staff heard that Tenten needed a double dildo they rushed back stage and came back with it being 18 inch long with it being 2 inches thick and handed it to Tenten.

When Tenten got it she said "Alright Hinata I want you to lay on you back with your legs spread open for me." Hinata did as she was told and laid on the ground with her legs spread open, when Tenten saw that she moved onto her knees and rub one of the heads against Hinata's asshole before forcing it into her. Hinata was surprised that she put it into her ass but before she could voice that Tenten lifted up her lower half of her body where just her upper back and head were touching the ring with Tenten holding her legs with the double dildo sticking straight out of her ass. With Hinata in that position Tenten moved one of her legs between Hinata's legs before she engulfs the other end of the double dildo into her pussy. When Tenten felt the dildo enter her pussy Tenten gave out a moan before bending her knees getting more of it into her pussy while pushing more into Hinata's asshole causing her to moan as well. After Tenten did this a few times Hinata started to lower her ass down then raise it back to force it deeper and harder into Tenten and herself. Once Tenten and Hinata got a rhythm with each other Tenten looked over to Naruto and between moans told him to get started fucking her ass. With that said Naruto moved behind Tenten and when Tenten lowered herself onto the dildo Naruto thrust up into her ass in one go. Tenten eyes open wide and she gave a scream of pleasure from the filling that having her pussy and ass full before she felt Naruto lifted her up pulling both his dick and the dildo out of her pussy before he dropped her back onto them fully before he started fucking on these at a fast pace. Tenten lasted in this position for a couple of minutes until she came onto the dildo in her pussy with a scream of pleasure that silenced everyone watching and taking part in the show. When Naruto heard Tenten scream he stopped fucking her ass and pulled out while holding her steady so she didn't fall from her orgasm. While Hinata did little thrust up into her pussy to make her orgasm last longer.

When Tenten came down from cumming she gave a kiss to Naruto for holding her up while saying. "Thanks Naruto for doing that for me and since were almost out of time how about I give you a blow job while Hinata gets a couple of shadow clones to finish her off." When Naruto heard that he made 2 shadow clones for Hinata who helped the real Naruto pull Tenten off the double dildo before pulling it out of Hinata. When they pulled the dildo out of Hinata the Naruto's had gotten on each side of Hinata's lower body with the Naruto on her front holding her legs up in the air before he went all the way into her pussy with the other Naruto not far behind going in her ass in one thrust.

Over with the real Naruto and Tenten we see Tenten being held upside down while she is giving a blowjob while Naruto is eating her out in a standing 69 position. Naruto lasted less than 2 minutes from Tenten's blowjob and fucking her in her ass before that before he came into her mouth but after the 4 shot of cum her mouth was full so she pulled him out of her mouth where he finished the last 2 shot's onto her face. While over with Hinata she had just came for the second time from the double penetration, when Hinata came for the second time the feeling of her clamping down on the Naruto's cocks forced them to cum into the hole they were fucking quickly filling them and overflowing past there dicks. When the Naruto's pulled out a stream of cum came from both of Hinata's holes, with all the people watching cheering and the real Naruto and Tenten helping Hinata up. Once they got her up they waved to the crowd before heading back into the dressing room to get dressed and go back to Naruto's and Hinata's apartment.

While getting dressed Tenten said to them "well Hinata I think you have a chance to win every match you are in before I helped you but with my help I think you can win it all."

Hinata blushed when she said that and replied "Thanks Tenten I'm glad you could help me for this and I bet we could get a pool or something to practice on for when were at our apartment."

Naruto hug both girls with one arm and said "we can do that planning after we finish up the rest of our night when we get back to our apartment." With that said they finished getting dressed before they went out the backstage door before heading to the apartment to finish the night at.

Here's a new story I'm doing since I ran into a road block on how to make the story go on without having to redo the whole thing so this idea came out of doing the redo of Naruto and Hinata messy fun.