Part V – Summer Lovin' With Laughing Rocks.

Warnings- OOC-ness with some Cameos, even some names is mentioned throughout this chapter.

A perturbed blunette had given a staggering sigh with utter determination and poor demising pain coming from her left ankle. Somewhere in this cruel, cruel (kind of pretty…but cruel!) world, was a group of rocks laughing at her poor degrading luck; tripping on three rocks on her way over to the beach was not a good way to start a day, especially if you accidently grab a Spanish book and deal with lazy conniving friends who were all up in her love-life because she was a bit hostile when it came to relationships. It was aggravating and she was pretty much open for black mail but today was proving to be the worse day Levy had ever dealt with. The sun was cooking her pale skin and it sizzled like oil and water.

Levy had also began cursing a butt-load of words that even parents had to smack their kid's ears to prevent the horrifying vocabulary from reaching their innocent and oh-so-young ears.

Levy flinched at every step she made, she can already picture the X-ray of her ankle just wanting to split open like fragile glass. The terrifying image of her leg bleeding like some sort of massacre and possibly amputate it had made her eyebrows furrow horror and disgust. Never was she fond of blood, especially if it was to come out of her. But lord have mercy— it was very, very hard to walk in such heat with a sprained ankle, and just thought of it made her wince in every step, hell she couldn't even stand on her left ankle! Levy tried her best not to limp like some monkey struggling to stay still in gravity, but it was too much!

Deep in her mind she was stressing deeply, her fingers wanting to just get her phone and cancel the supposed date of Gajeel inviting her to Mavis's small trinket shop, but to no avail she would not let the opportunity slide so easily. This was something she didn't want to miss, and if she did, the guilt would never leave her grave, along with the failed attempts of her other bakery treats that didn't come out so well.

The small woman moaned as she leaned onto the a magenta brick wall of some strange building that she had now come to realize its existence; however it didn't take long to recognize the pearly white steps, edgy black and white tiles below the gates, and purple framed windows, including the strong aroma of delectable pinecones and coconuts emanating amongst her. Her glossy lips had parted as she gazed over the building in awe, to be in front of one of the most infamous apartment complexes of Mermaid Heel was practically an honor anyone. Only females came to reside in this place, since all five women amongst the Mermaid Heel group were strictly against the opposite sex. However, other than the place being one of the most expensive, extravagant apartments in all of Magnolia, Levy hadn't really appreciated.

Levy had long gone considered signing up for other college spaces than something like this. A dorm sounded pretty nice and comfortable, it would also be a better way to introduce herself to new people instead of being cooped up in her bakery all day long. But afterwards she realized that most of her close friends go to Magnolia U, and the Fairy Tail program was booming with success that even such idiots were unexpectedly doing well in the school. So being…Levy, she decided to stick with the choice of being a Fairy Tail member no matter what. Plus, she heard rumors that Evergreen's Library is free to reign over, especially if you're a Fairy Tail member. To think of all the books she can read…just thinking about it made her nosebleed.


After a few minutes of wiping the excess blood oozing out her nose and teary eyes, the young adult gulped before rubbing her goose bump infested arms while her bright brown eyes wandered to the expensive lounge through the glassy entrance of the luxurious apartment. Well, this was a sign that she wasn't so far from the beach, if anything she were only a few meters away and she would spot her destination in a couple of minutes, practically five minutes or less to be exact. Now what got her limping like a deranged animal was the thought of actually facing the red-eyed vagabond with piercings all over his large body. Because knowing her stupid self, she would go all goo-goo-gaga and would get lost in those cherry red eyes while he would probably snicker at her from the thought of her in a wheelchair.

Levy took out her cell phone and gulped at the text message over and over again—thus the reason on why she tripped plenty of times today; seriously, she had to stop assuming that she was multitalented. Adding a few more curses at the pebbles and rocks in her head, she took a peek at the phone and felt her lips curve with some sort of victory. Today is the day she won't hold back any feelings whatsoever! Today is the day she would try her best to not ogle him like some desperate gold-digger dying to catch some rich guys attention. Nope. Not one teensy-insy bit would she try or hint any of that. And again, today is the day Levy would prove him otherwise, and she will make him feel the worst most unbearable pain for letting her deal with confusion, worry, and…well..more worry for the last few weeks.

Now…exactly how would she do it was the question.

….Well…she didn't really have the time to plot the whole thing yet but she would acknowledge the idea for now. And that's exactly why she was barking out nonsense on how to avoid being all nice and sparkly like she tend to be every day in her family café. That, and she were struggling on how not to blush in front of her supposed first love. If anything, she would blame it on the aggravating heat wave— the sun was proving its usefulness today. And if he complained about her being some grumpy, irritating female? Then she was on her woman days going through the horrific phase of ordinary mood swings and cramps.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. That's how it would be from this day on.

…Okay, only Gajeel should be able to deal with her excuses, it wouldn't be fair to the rest of her friends and strangers she would meet in the future.

Pearly brown eyes began to stare at the palm trees swaying ahead, dancing to the rhythm of all types of music, but mostly rock and pop had boomed out through the Caribbean smoothie stores and small shack shops. The water seemed cool enough to make anyone's heart melt. The clear water was there, surfers already waiting for the waves to rise, and the white sand was clean to the point where there was hardly any trash or people littering around it.

Tenrou Beach.

The only beach in Magnolia that made it a little overloaded with all types of people, especially in the summer. Most colleges from the faraway areas of Fiore would take over and start fights and competitions with the other competing colleges. What pretty much sucked about it was that in this very beach, everyone was bound to know each other within seconds. Either your reputation was good or bad, even average; everyone simply has to know who you are. It was like a herd of animals wanting to eat each other, and most of the quiet ones were pretty much the herbivores of the situation. It's sad… but a very true story indeed.

Purple bright sandals meshed against the white sand underneath her feet; it felt soothing yet it burned from the amount of heat since the sun was practically baking Magnolia. Her brown eyes turned sullen at the dreaded feel of hard pebbles piercing beneath her small dainty feet and pedicure toes. Levy swore she had had enough of rocks today, especially when she tripped on a few coming over here. She limped slightly as she held on to a metal rail, part of her wanting to give her poor leg a break, the other wanting to head home and place an ice pack and watch unfunny television shows all day long.

One of the most places she hated was of course, the beach. It was one of those places that made her feel a little…uncomfortable. Only because there would be times when others would make her feel like some butt-naked model. Many would look at her as if she grew something disturbing on her forehead and most of the college and teenage boys would roam their eyes at her like some lost little lamb stuck in a forest, and they, the blood thirsty wolves, were starving. It was truly, and most utterly, degrading to the point of no return.

However, there would be plenty of times when Cana and Lucy would make her feel unbearably stupid. It was like only she could witness such horrifying events while the rest of the group is just out and about doing their own thing. According to the eyes of Lucy and the rest of her big-breasted friends, some would think she was hallucinating because of the heat or because she needed to keep herself busy with boyfriends and such. And because of that, Levy was surprisingly forced to go out with some guy who was pretty much a nice boy who would do anything for her.

But just like the rest of the collection of her ex-boyfriends, going out with her friends was a problem. A big one. He would mostly pay attention to breasts whenever Lucy spoke, or would make perverted suggestions and leer at others whenever he thought she wasn't looking. Now, of course Levy wasn't fond of that happening, and it wasn't like she loved him or anything, so the good thing was that she hadn't dealt with heartbreak for the first time. Another good thing was that she didn't let him get away with that either. Turns out Cana can get very protective and shockingly manly whenever she was drunk with no signs of soberness hinting their ways towards the brunette. All in all, he got the life beat out of him. Not literally, but still.

Ah, back to what she was talking about. Well, in all honesty, Levy McGarden was always self-conscious about her body.


Although it was a pretty obvious answer for many, and for others, confusing as well.

Truthfully; Levy had grown up in an environment with women who were either big breasted with curvy voluptuous figures or young ones who hadn't gone through that kind of stage yet. Any female she could think of had perfect bodies. Cana, Lucy, Evergreen, Erza, Sherry, Ultear, Mirajane, Juvia, even little Meredy had something going on! The only female Levy knew that didn't have a body like that was the small neighborhood girl Wendy. But c'mon. Wendy could get away with it! The girl is already trending on the age of thirteen. But unlike Wendy going through the dreaded puberty phase, Levy already had, and not much changed.

At times like this, Levy wished she didn't have such an unattractive figure. Surprisingly, Cana would always tell her how much she loved the woman's body; and it always happened in the summer for some odd reason. The bookworm didn't know why Cana adored her body. It wasn't curvy and busty like Lucy's, nor mouth-watering like the rest of the woman in Magnolia.

Her body was just…just there.

"I love your body Lev.."

"You're too adorable Levy!"

Oh there was more, plenty to last a lifetime, but Levy didn't feel like listing them at the moment. Dreaded heat wave, sprained ankle, emotional overdrive, yeah, she had plenty of excuses to not list how much females adored her body.

Levy didn't want to be adorable.

She wanted to be something other than cute.

Levy wanted to be in the category with her beautiful friends.

Sigh. What Levy also didn't appreciate, was the fact that she was no doubt, nothing like her gorgeous friends. Not even a little bit. They were all gifted with long wondrous legs, vibrant features, bodies that would put professional models to shame, and that made her envious whenever she went out with them. Thus she always avoided going out with them. They cause too much attention; men would gasp, glance and drool…it was completely embarrassing! Especially for her because most of the time she felt like the shadow following behind them. Unnoticeable and always end up feeling the third wheeler in the trip.

Unfortunately for her, Mother Nature did not like Levy at all. If anything, she hated Levy with a passion. And of course Levy didn't know what genes she possessed from her mother because her parents had died in a house fire while she was visiting her grandparents at such a young age. Her late grandmother said she looked more like her mother, round face, chubby cheeks, definitely like her mother. Sometimes her grandfather would say that she claimed the hair color from her father, including the large sense of intelligence and brown eyes. It was an on and off thing that didn't really affect her because Levy pretty much knew how to move on. Not many did, but she was strong at heart and she knew it.

A long sigh flew out her mouth. Levy was badly craving for some rocky-road ice-cream or a cold strawberry-banana smoothie. Honestly, what was wrong with this society nowadays? What happened to the nice guys that would always fall for the personalities other than their voluptuous bodies? What also happened to the guys who would never cheat on them either? It's always looks, looks, looks, looks, and if not looks, then bodily features. It was the same thing, over and over again; an endless cycle that could not be prevented from happening, no matter how hard she tried.

Well… screw the society. Levy was proud to say she had chubby thighs, small breasts, a narrow waist and an intelligent mind to boot. So sucks for the men who were staring at dimwitted bimbos all day long!

Oh who was she kidding? With Magnolia's large amount of perverted men, there was no doubt she would end up…forever alone. Or if not, she would end up with an old pervert for a husband who would no doubt make her life a living hell.

Levy began to cooling down slightly because of the wind that (surprisingly) came out of nowhere. Her eyes were staring to see if there was a blonde and a brunette near where she was standing—sometimes being right at the entrance can help you spot plenty of people. Levy covered her eyes a bit to gain some type of shade to find her two friends. Knowing those two, they would be not too far from where she was standing. Cana didn't like to be so far from the small Caribbean bars, and Lucy liked to be closer to the water because of the cold soothing air. So they should be around the middle area, possibly far enough from the trinket and gift shop sections. With a quick glance of the ocean, she continued to steadily limp passed the sand and onto the boardwalk that led her by the stores. Grasping the rail tightly, she ignored the blatant stares of random teenage boys glancing at her with such desirable intent.

Something in her gut told her that she rather suffer the heat in her house then come outside looking like a cat in heat, according to most of the boys here. Maybe sticking to jean shorts and a white tank-top was a really bad idea after all; but she couldn't help herself, it is incredibly hot outside.

Levy's side-view vision had clearly spotted the small Tenrou Island Gift Shop & Treats. The sign alone had her love organ pounding so hard that she thought the cage of her ribs would just break open and give up on her. Just thinking about Gajeel was enough, seeing him in person after all these weeks just made her want to wish she never existed. The bookworm took a long moment of the inhale-exhale session; to try and calm her heart from pacing so quick and so deep. With a light sigh and a stretch of limbs, she became herself again and held the estranged rail with all her might, this alone had her knuckles and fingers going numb. Levy was not going to show any signs of fright or anxiety in front of him. She would listen to what his words and hope to the heavens that he would not look as attractive as he always did.

A dull expression ran through her as she stared at the outfit she was wearing. A white tank top that was no doubt witnessing her lacy black bra, "So that's why I'm being stared at by pervs.." She muttered in her mind. Not only that, she wore jean shorts that were slightly ripped at the hems exposing more of her creamy flesh, and purple sandals with bright colored toenails. Wearing something as simple as this, Levy dressed as if she lived right across the street. Tch, to her, the way she dressed today was like a crossover event between a hippie and a hipster.

Yeah, she was a total fashion wreck when it came to things like this. But can you blame her?

Ah, there it was… Tenrou Island Gift Shop & Treats. A place she wanted to just die and pass out in.

"Okay, okay Rogue, another one..what if…like, we were aliens and like….we peel off our skin and stuff." Levy couldn't help but hear the two obviously stoned guys leaning by the fences. One blonde with spikes and the other one raven-haired like Gajeel's. Levy could see the other one who was possibly named Rogue shrugged plainly while the blonde one was staring at the trashcan as if something just transformed out of it.

Rogue seemed to have trouble breathing as a fit of coughs came out his mouth, Levy couldn't witness his expression, though she snuck a peek at the sly grin forming his lips. "That could be so true. What, the restaurants were our spaceships or something.' And our hometown is in some, giant microwave or a bird's nest..."

"Dude. We're going to be so rich when we grow up."

"Facts man. Facts." A high five was heard within the duo.

Levy couldn't help but laugh wholeheartedly at the horrid conversation about aliens and microwaves; apparently, both of the men were so lost in their own imagination that they hadn't heed any attention to her; just looking at the scene reminded her of Lucy and Cana's drunken days, but worse. As soon as she thought about the female duo, they began to pay attention—not to her, but an Officer Elfman on duty, spotting for any illegal smokers and drinkers at the infamous beach, both men began to break into a sprint, making it even more obvious that Elfman began running towards them for no reason.

Her stomach grumbled slightly as coffee shaded eyes followed the running boys and ended up ogling at the large Taco truck that was booming with business as always. She hadn't eaten anything at all today but ice-cold water. She placed a small reminder in her head; before she arrives home she would remember to buy one from Alzack as soon as she got the chance. Shaking her head she turned towards the gift shop that stood tall and colorful as always. It took her a few moments to realize that the infamous Gajeel Redfox is currently occupying the store and is probably waiting for her arrival while breaking her friends Jet's fingers by the second.

Permanently sucking up her courage, she checked inside the small window that was plastered in the front. She ignored the strange glances from others as they accused of her being some type of female stalker or some yaoi fangirl; her eyes roaming to find one person who asked her to meet her there and was surprised to find Droy speaking to the young owner, Mavis Vermillion, and they seemed to be having a serious conversation on who won the game last night. Of course, it was just like the little tomboy to engage in conversations about wrestling and other sports, but that was pretty much all she knew about the young girl. And Jet on the other hand seemed to have a death wish as everything that came out his smart mouth made the man of her dreams aggravated to the point where his fists were turning white. It made her curious on what Jet was saying, though she pretty much knew Jet had a smart mouth whenever it came to protecting his friends, but Levy didn't know if she would be able to avenge his death this time around.

Inspecting more of the place, Levy noticed that Mavis had changed her ugly shades of golden and black to a bright Caribbean green and blue with floral prints around it. It seemed like something a tourist would wear during his vacation— but Levy didn't mind, she had a thing for bright colors that were noticeable and upbeat like her personality.

Taking a long calming breath she continued to watch the kids pass by and run with their bright balloons. The round bubbly thing made it look like it was the cure of all things 'lonely' and 'anxious' and today, she hoped that something good would come out this day; or she would buy a whole bunch of balloons and just fly to-who-knows-where. The petite woman wasn't in the mood to go listen to a whole bunch of interrogations from her friends and what Gajeel had to say. Breathing from her nostrils, she counted to three and pushed the door open as if it weighed a thousand pounds; practically catching everyone's attention as it slammed against the wall.

Levy became a little startled to find familiar crimson eyes on her instantly. The uncomfortable rise of her skin crawling had made the pit of her stomach increase by her throat; the urge to throw up all her anxiety sounded good, yet terrifying. And for some odd reason, she didn't approve the way how Gajeel was practically inspecting her head to toe like some picky fashion police not liking her outfit not one bit. Levy quickly averted his cherry orbs as soon as she felt her heart blow up into some type of seizure. To keep herself a little sidetracked from the man, she had come to admire some of the walls that were literally covered in posters of strange looking sports, different college teams, and some Greek houses imprinted from left to right.

Levy waved kindly at the young girl who was currently residing on the counter, betting five hundred jewels on Droy's little deal. If only he knew that Mavis was a swindler at this kind of thing.

Green eyes washed over her with a bright smile, her golden hair swaying with every movement, "Levy! How are you my dear?" Ah yes, she had forgotten that Mavis had a habit on speaking as if she was older than everyone else.

"I-I'm fine, and you?" Levy felt the hairs on her neck straighten permanently as his staring was starting to melt a hole on her back. Great. Now what the hell happened to her I'm-going-to-make-his-life-a-living-hell-and-I'm-not-going-to-show-any-nervousness-around-him plan?

The small blonde paid no heed to the older teenagers that were currently arguing on which cheap plastic water gun is better. Mavis had waved a hand to her, motioning her to join the cashier with a small lecherous grin. "Perfect so far, it seems the almighty Droy wants to lose all his money to an intelligent female who's smarter than most, don't you Droy?" The man named Droy scowled while placing the rest of his money onto the wooden counter before throwing a small smile at his long time best friend, he hugged her quickly while stealing a nervous glance at Gajeel who was no doubt infuriated that everyone had stood away from him, except Jet who seemed to be begging for a black eye.

Black, permanent eyes spoke that he was worried on what the man wanted with Levy, Droy even began to sweat with a melancholy appearance as he spoke about him missing her if she was to die in the hands of the red-eyed man, but Levy nodded in reassurance that their relationship was quite harmless. Though Droy had come to ask her questions like 'Do you owe him money?' or 'Is he blackmailing you into doing things you don't want to do?'

Droy rubbed his gel like hair and whispered, "I seriously have some bad vibes comin' from this guy..are you sure you'll be alright if we left you alone with him?" His voice dying of desperation. Levy gulped strangely to the point where she almost choked. Droy made it seem as if she was sacrificing herself to some beast so she could save her people in some kind of village tradition.

The small woman rubbed her arm uneasily while staring at the floor as if something just popped out and started dancing in front of her. She tried to smile; really she did, but the extra pair of red eyes practically observing every nook and cranny on her body was making her sick to her stomach, just thinking about if he realized the nervousness emitting around her was noticeable or not, the searing heat of her cheeks had fully scarred on her face naturally, Droy's question constantly repeating in her head. "No, I'm not going to be alright if you left me alone with him." She would say, but kept that murmur in her isolated thoughts. Levy nodded with a strange gulp.

Droy spoke again, his eyebrow raised while the spicy hint of cologne danced around her nose. It was tickling her nose and the scent made her want to sneeze altogether. Cologne. Levy wasn't fond of perfume, especially when men would literally bathe themselves in it. "Levy?" Droy asked with a curious hint on his waxed eyebrows, "Are you okay? Do you seem to be having a fever or something cause' your face is super red…" His tone had come out more of a statement then a question, though Levy still gasped in response.

Everyone stared at her; even Gajeel raised an eyebrow at her weird whimper. Levy gulped while ignoring Droy's anxious expression, she answered softly while trying not to crease her forehead in excruciating pain. "I'm…fine, just..feeling a bit under the weather," Her brown eyes stood occupied as she overheard Jet barking out nonsense to Gajeel, who was currently looking over them by the some old movie posters and comic books at the back section of the store. Levy's mouth twitched, remembering a few months back when he saved her from freezing to death in the large freezer of her shop. His eyes were deadly from irritation and possibly, something personal that shouldn't be mentioned of. And from the looks of it, Jet really…really needs to back himself away from him.

Levy ignored the strange shiver in her spine, the molding feel of someone watching your every move was a little disturbing to deal with constantly, especially if that man was Gajeel. "Ah, come to mention it," Mavis's tender voice reached her ears, her lips forming a grin. "Levy, dear, are you and your boyfriend staying for the fireworks?" Mavis intruded as she counted the money, not even sparing a glance at the shocked Droy and a blushing Levy.

Droy's tanned face turned into a dull purple at the mention of Gajeel being her boyfriend. Levy on the other hand was blushing a deep crimson while taking small glimpses at Gajeel who seemed to have warmth rising on his cheeks. " he blushing?" Her mouth parted in a 'O'. Droy had suddenly gone into a temper tantrum."BOYFRIEND? He's not her boyfriend!" Mavis grinned while Levy turned flustered at the thought of him being her boyfriend. The image was too much to bear that she almost caught fainted.

The small woman shrugged plainly, "Why of course he's her boyfriend, can't you feel the tension in my store…and both of you overprotective mongrels are ruining their date!" The blonde female smiled with wide eyes as she cashed in the plastic water guns from the two teenagers, "I simply don't understand how both you and Jet are upset. The man was simply asking if you knew her, however, I'm still confused on how he threatened you."

Droy's face dropped, "Intimidating and threatening is the same thing! Plus, you promised you wouldn't tell!"

Mavis smirked from a distance. "I don't believe in promises," The female stared happily at her large piggy bank that she took out from her drawer, the bills and quarters were sticking out, making the large pink pig look overstuffed. "But," She smirked as she rubbed the glass pig, "I do believe in money."

Levy looked at both of them, distraught and confused that they made it seem as if they were the innocent ones being bullied and threatened. "Of course, it's just like you guys to be this upset.." She said underneath her breath with an outrageous sigh while folding her arms across her chest. "To make this clear..Mavis, he's not my boyfriend." She ignored the satisfied look on Droy, while a blush was tending to her cheeks. "He's a costumer who's actually saved my life…and is considered a very important acquaintance of mine."

Jet had already waltzed into their conversation with a brand new black eye that seemed to be throbbing painfully; yet he showed it off like it was supposed to be some sort of award or an accomplishment that many weren't aware of. The bookworm bit the inside of her cheek as it seemed a better way to control the urge of smacking herself on the forehead in aggravation. This was truly too much. And just as she predicted, she almost snickered at Jet's bruising eye but had kept herself calm as she spotted Gajeel leaning on the wall with his eyes closed, listening to the conversation as if it was some soft radio music.

"Oh…" The two men stared at her with a weird yet silent understanding.

Levy's right eyebrow soon began to twitch; it took seconds for both of her friends to recognize her unleashed temper. "But…" Levy hissed like some poisonous snake. "That does not mean you can threaten him and embarrass my love life! Both of you guys need to learn how to mind your own business and stop being so overprotective of me! Like it or not I do not need your approval on whom I choose to associate with!" The red-headed gulped while the raven-haired man stared while the cold sweat appeared on his forehead. "You guys even lied to me about him threatening you—Jet you so deserved that black eye!" All eyes stared at her plump red face, her cheeks puffed up; resembling a squirrel who was saving up food for hibernation.

Silence had danced between the four. Well, not until Gajeel's deep laughter rolled throughout the room, causing Levy to turn back into a flustered puddle of goo. She had never seen him laugh before, and she had to admit it was pretty nice to hear and see him smile like that. Levy confessed that she wanted to see more of his kind features brought to life as amused crimson stared into her chocolate doe ones and had given her that evil smirk she had come to know...and love. Mavis had soon joined in afterwards but ceased when new costumers joined at the cashier, a scowl etched on her features as she mumbled something about firing Zeref, her new employee who was currently visiting the hairstylist to get rid of his natural bed-head hairstyle.

Levy smiled faintly while covering her mouth in amusement; Levy had her moments like that with Lucy as well.

Her smile had vanished as she heard familiar footsteps that were heard throughout the small trinket shop, Levy's heart was in a waging war with her ribcage. It kept on going like this as soon as she felt his presence right beside her petite frame; which made it much, much worse indeed. The bookworm tried not to gape at him but she couldn't help it. It was all there, the metal studs resting on his sleeve, at the feel of his black shirt hugging every muscle and bicep.

Oh how she wanted to be that shirt so bad.

Gajeel had turned completely smug. Immediately, he grabbed Droy's phone off the counter, his eyes widened at the ferocious speed. "Hey! Big guy, my mother's not going to be happy to find out that you killed my phone!"

A conceited smirk tugged on his lips. "Wanna take its place?"

Droy had went silent as all his tanned skin went white at the image of him being split in half by Gajeel's strong hands. Levy ignored the question on how Jet had passed out on the shelf within the sand shovels and buckets. Levy stood shocked as his long hair seemed so tempting to touch, though when he turned to her, her heart skipped a beat.

"Phone number. Now."

His voice sound just as soothingly deep as she remembered, the strong sensation had vibrated on her spine and his large body had practically shadowed hers, "No." She said, though part of her wanted to kill herself for such a remark, did she want to be the new Jet or something?

He raised a pierced eyebrow, his lips turned into a line of grim while his body turned fully towards her, "No?" His deep voice made her want to regret being alive.

The blunette simply felt a flow of confidence flow through her veins, "I said no. Not until you explain why you've been avoiding me." She said timidly yet couldn't help but gaze through the window with folded arms.

"Avoiding you? You thought I was avoiding you?"

Levy scoffed with a roll in the eyes, "What else can I think of? I'm surprised I still know your name after all these weeks..." Her expression turned hurt as her lips automatically formed into some childish pout, Levy ought to be ashamed of herself for acting like a spoiled kid in a candy store. "Where exactly have you been…? And you inviting me here isn't helping anything, least you could do is head to the shop—at least give me a sign that your alive and well.."

Gajeel averted her gaze, unknown heat running on his face. "I'm on a two-hour break..those two idiots began talking about their love for you so I asked them if they knew you. Carrot-top took it the wrong way and started interrogatin' me about our relationship." He ran a hand through his hair before staring at her, "I haven't been avoidin' you…I've been busy saving up for money, Fairy Tail is practically raping my paychecks because it's a private academy… I came a few times to the bakery.. but, whenever I went, it was closed." Was it her or did he just throw an accused glare at her? "What also took time was finding an empty dorm. Fairy Tail's a bit overcrowded and I have three annoying roommates who won't leave me the hell alone." He grumbled beneath his breath, yet made it clear enough to understand.

Levy had stared incredulously, thus raised an eyebrow at the vagrant. "You're not lying to me…are you?" Her timid voice echoed the gift shop.

Gajeel's forehead seemed to crease from the approaching migraine, his fangs shone brightly as he gave a gruff reply, "Do I look like a liar to you?"

The whole entire store stood quiet while all that came from Gajeel's mouth was a feral growl. The type of growl that had all of the preteens running out the shop right away.

The blonde child gaped at the door with large disappointment; her eyes turned a little aggravated at the pierced man, "Great. There goes all my money." Mavis sighed deeply as she turned around heading to go get her phone. It seems Zeref was simply taking too long with his pineapple haircut.

Levy stared with folded arms, the bookworm curiously wonder, "So…" She began uncertain, "Is this your way of apologizing?"

He raised a studded eyebrow, all three shining brightly at her as he gave a gruff reply. "Who said anything about apologizing?"


Yeah, he was definitely one stubborn idiot.

As soon as she let his answer sink in her mind, it was now Levy's turn to raise an eyebrow at the attractive man. Her lips had gone firm while her wild hair framed her innocent yet grim face. "Care to explain to me what this is then?"

He hadn't answered. And from the looks of it, it looked like he wasn't even planning to answer at all to the small baker. Gajeel had stayed quiet long enough to the point where she practically daydreamed for two whole minutes. Then it took a little while to realize that Levy was starting to get tired of seeing his 'I-don't-want-to-eat-broccoli' face expression, though it was pretty cute how he seemed to resemble some child not wanting to be punished. After another thirty seconds of silence and a little mumbling due to Mavis yelling at Zeref in the background, she continued to wait with no answer coming from the large man. Afterwards, Levy sighed. Not liking to be ignored or unanswered without a good reason. Staring at him, (without blushing, surprisingly) She began to walk towards the door, while limping slightly. She felt his eyes watch her every move, and this time she could care less about it. Her possessive friends had also come to stare at her as if she'd turn into some type of deformation. Instead, her face turned red in anger, her small dainty fist clenching in irritation.

Droy began to stammer, "W-Wait Levy!" The blunette had turned around with a bored yet hurt expression, though that expression had never held strong for quite long—it had a limit like the rest of her emotions. Fearing that she might break into tears in front of him, she faced the wooden door like it was a fateful event, before her small hands could even grab the handle; something large grabbed her wrist and stopped her from moving. Blinking constantly to remove the tears in her eyes, she heard his voice, a warning one. Including the erupted growl that made everything vibrate in the shop, including her bones.

"You two. Get out. Now."

Gajeel must've had an instinct that both of her friends were going to deny because as quickly as Jet could even say a 'No', he threw both of them a murderous gaze that had both of them shuffling out the door like no tomorrow. Levy's heart skipped a beat as his warm hand slowly tightened on her wrist, her face heating up at the unexpected contact. She turned around leisurely, swallowing the large strand of saliva that suddenly clogged up her throat. Her mind continued to chant the words on and on.."Don't look at him, don't look at him, don't look at him, don't look at him, don't look—"


She looked at him.

And those sweet bloody irises were vibrant than she had ever seen them before.

A large pang hit her chest and a small tremor ran down her spine. Levy's heart was blossoming at the strong sensation of his hand, trying to ignore the bolt of electricity shocking her veins. Her breath hitched, she had somewhat prayed that he didn't feel it from the pulse appearing from her wrist.

He grinned and Levy fully turned crimson.

"Gajeel must've felt it."

His lips then turned into a line as he glared at her from head to toe, Levy witnessed his eyebrow twitching as he averted his gaze from her once more. Levy thought she was going blind at the faint pinkness attacking his face. This made her want to hug the large man who seemed like a cute teddy bear to her, but not until he apologized for making her go through hell.

Gajeel reached his spiky tendrils with his hand before staring down at her. "I don't like to apologize.." His voice; full of complaint as both crimson irises were lidded with a look she had never seen before. "But…I'm sorry for not showing up as promised." He grumbled and it seems that his tanned face went flushed immediately. Levy tried, she did, but just staring at his face darken by the second had her bursting out in laughter.

Gajeel looked at her roughly; Levy could tell he wasn't fond of being teased at. But Levy could care less, she was happy and from the looks of it, she can tell he knew it too, since it was practically coming out of her like perfume.

The bookworm nodded while feeling another pitch of heat burn on her cheeks, her lips stuttering, "Ga-Gajeel…my hand.." She stared at it and watched her own limb drop back to her sides.

Gajeel had looked aggravated for a quick moment before muttering a 'Tch' underneath his breath, he folded his arms across his chest and Levy had stared at him plainly before nodding with a smile.

Levy beamed happily that her mind seemed to go haywire and she couldn't control the words that she's said afterwards, "You should live with me." Levy had felt her head go empty at the sound of her voice.


The pierced man looked at her with such a skeptical expression that Levy couldn't help but turn her eyes away from him. "What did you just say?" He asked, his face leaning closer that got the blunette's blush to deepen tenfold.

Her blush had turned into a heavy bubblegum pink to the point where it reached her ears and had flushed entirely by her collarbone; her fingers were having a war with each other as she stared onto the ground. " had said something about struggling with your dorm room.." Levy threw a weak smile. "I-I mean, if you want too..My Grandfather has an extra room with most of his fitness workout equipments, and… I can always fix it up to your appeal. He won't mind you at all, at least I think so." She blurted out ignoring the strands of hair standing from his gaze, "Just what in the world are you saying Levy?"

Droy opened the door; they must've obviously heard the conversation between the two and Levy felt bad because both of her friends looked heartbroken, however Jet on the other hand seemed quite furious about it. "Levy…you can't be serious, he's a total stranger! Just imagine what he could do to you while you're asleep!" He said while holding his black eye.

Droy groaned while shuffling to his feet, "Please, seriously think about this Levy—"

"Fine." Gajeel had said sternly while staring her down.


His pierced eyebrow's furrowed in aggravation. "I said fine." He grumbled with a delightful grin that displayed his fangs, purposely terrifying her friends, "I'll live with you." His arm wrapped around her shoulder and Levy felt her knees cling together, "Just promise to feed me again like last time."

Levy ignored her flushing state and had rolled her eyes at him, "What a complete show-off.."

Jet had raised an eyebrow, "Waddya mean feed you?" He glanced at Levy than faced Gajeel with one eye throbbing very badly, "Levy never fed us before!"

"Sucks for you then. She makes a great apple pie.."

"Guys please—"

"You're only saying that just to make us jealous!" Droy folded his arms, "Right Jet!"


A shrug, "Not my fault you never got 'fork-fed' from your long-time crush."

Levy threw a look of plea at the older man, "Gajeel! Stop teasing them—"

"You fork-fed him? I want to be fork-fed by Levy!" Droy yelled.

Levy raised an eyebrow at both of them, "He didn't know how to eat an apple pie! It's a pet peeve that bothers me ok?"

"Psh, how can you not know how to eat an apple pie?"

It was then a few hours later that Levy had come decided to buy a fan instead of attempting to fix her air conditioner. Levy had also come to realize that Gajeel was going to move in with her in three days.

And Levy had also come to realize that Gajeel had given Jet another black eye, practically making him blind for two weeks straight.

Oh well, she had other things to worry about. And the main cause of her random heart palpitations was coming to live with her.

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