So this is my first fic ever. And it's bad. And cheesy. But enjoy!

"Shay," a voice whispered. His eyes remained closed, but he knew that was the voice of Dean Thomas. "Seamus."

"No," Seamus grumbled, turning over under the covers. Ah, so that's where his headache went. His head started pounding, but he tried to focus on being asleep rather than awake at noon.

"Seamus Finnigan, you have been sleeping for over twelve hours, and we're going to Hogsmeade without you if you don't get your fat arse up in the next five minutes," Dean said loudly, shaking the covered body on the bed in front of him. Seamus moaned and clutched his head "I don't give a damn about your bloody hangover."

"Dean, I swear on my life I will shove your arse up your face," the Irish boy mumbled as he turned onto his back, pinched the bridge of his nose and opened his eyes. He saw his best friend's head hovering directly above his. "You woke me up to go to Hogsmeade?"

"Yeah, I figure you'd want to get pissed again," the taller boy smiled. Ah, there was that smile. It was the classic Dean smile that reminded Seamus of the day they first met.

"I'm not going," Seamus said, stretching out his arms and legs. "fI drank enough last night to last me a few weeks. I think I reached my lowest point when I was drinking three Firewhiskeys at once."

"Yeah, then you took your pants off and went down to the dungeons. I had to chase after you before Malfoy killed you...or pounced on you..or something," Dean laughed, moving to sit on the bed beside Seamus.

Seamus closed his eyes again, trying not to remember the night before. Then there was pressure on his lips. And that wasn't a hand. Yeah, those were the lips of one Dean Thomas. Okay, this was happening. Seamus opened his eyes, and then the kiss was broken by Dean running out of the room, tripping over his best friend's pants on the way out. The Irish boy sat up and shook the covers off of his upper body. The footsteps returned and Dean appeared in the doorframe.

"I'm not going to Hogsmeade either," Dean stated with a small smile playing at his lips. Seamus smiled and let out a nervous laugh as he ran his hand through his messy hair. "I mean, I'm not just some floozy."

"Good," Seamus grinned.

So it was very short, but there's more to come!