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Valentine's Day was quickly approaching and one could probably smell the love in the air. Unfortunately, February 14th fell on a Friday that year, so the students couldn't spend all day in Madam Puddifoot's love shack of goo and mush. This didn't stop Dumbledore from decorating the entire castle with red roses and hearts made out of vine.

Seamus found himself curled into Dean's side as they sat on the couch in front of the fire in the common room. Dean slung his arm around his shoulders and drew him in closer. "You get so cold in winter," Dean smiled, placing a kiss to the top of Seamus' head. "Do you want my coat? It's warm." Seamus shook his head and nuzzled his head into the crook of Dean's neck.

"What are you doing for Valentine's Day tomorrow, Hermione?" Neville asked, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen upon the Gryffindor common room. Hermione looked up from the book she was reading to answer.

"I'll probably go to the library," Hermione replied, closing her book. She looked around the room to make sure that Ron, Lavender and Harry were not present in the room. "Ron's too obsessed with Lavender to do anything with me. And Harry will be with Ginny, right Gin?"

"I guess," Ginny answered with a shrug. "We can't really go anywhere but I'm sure he'll take me to do something around the castle. Maybe we'll sneak out of the castle to go to Hogsmeade." Ginny sighed and smiled and sank back into the armchair she was seated in. "What about you, Neville?"

"Luna said she has something planned," Neville told them with a shy smile. It was quite embarrassing how red he could turn whenever Luna was mentioned. Seamus hoped he didn't look like that whenever he talked about Dean, which was quite often. "Seamus? Dean?"

"Mm, nothing," Seamus responded, resting his hand on the middle of Dean's chest. "We have all our classes together, so there's not much time spent apart, aye?"

"We don't really need to do anything together," Dean added with a shrug. "Valentine's Day is about love, and we both know how much we love each other. There's nothing else we need to do or say." Dean's eyes flickered around the room and he swore he could see a smile on Ginny's face despite the dim lighting. Seamus peeled himself off of his boyfriend so he could tumble off the couch and onto the floor right in front of the fire. "What the bloody hell are you doing?"

"Mm...'s warm," Seamus mumbled as he curled into a ball and let the warmth of the fire heat his face and body. Dean rolled his eyes and moved off the sofa to join Seamus on the ground. He laid down next to him and turned him so he could rest his head on Dean's chest, which he gladly did. The fire was still hitting his back, as it was still hitting Dean's face. "'re warm."

"You're tired," Dean chuckled, wrapping his arm around his Irish boyfriend. "I refuse to sleep on the floor. I also refuse to carry you up to your bed."

"But...warm," Seamus yawned, kissing Dean's clothed chest.

"Just let Seamus sleep down here, Dean," Neville suggested. "He obviously feels comfortable around fire and he doesn't seem to be willing to move. It's getting late."

"Seamus, I'm going to leave," Dean whispered. "I'll see you in the morning, alright? I love you." He placed a kiss to Seamus' cheek then slowly pushed Seamus, who seemed to already be asleep, off of him so he was able to stand up. "Goodnight, everyone."

Seamus opened his eyes. He vaguely remembered wandering up the stairs to the dorm in the middle of the night, which would explain why he was lying in Dean's bed wearing only his trousers. He turned his head to the left and saw his perfect boyfriend lying with his perfect back facing him. Everything about Dean was perfect to Seamus: his hair, his skin, his teeth, his voice, his grades, his art, his arse, his modesty, his passion, his everything.

The light coming in through Seamus' side of the bed hit Dean's back in a way that made his muscles seem so much more defined. The Irish boy's eyes trailed to his lower back, which was unfortunately covered by the blankets. He was glad the expanding charm worked on the bed, allowing him to admire his boyfriend instead of being pressed right up against him like he usually would. Seamus soon let his curiosity get the best of him and grabbed the top of the blanket, slowly pulling it lower. Dean never usually slept in the nude, so Seamus was confident in pulling it down past his arse.

"Bloody feckin' hell," Seamus whispered. He looked at the skin above Dean's briefs and noticed two perfect dimples, one on each side of his spine. "Foirfe." He didn't know why he had never noticed them before; he'd seen Dean naked plenty of times throughout the years. Maybe it was a new coming-of-age type of thing, or maybe Dean had been working out more. Whatever it was, it was driving Seamus crazy. He already salivated at the sight of the dimples on Dean's cheeks - face cheeks - and now the ones on his back were there to further deteriorate his mental stability.

"What?" Dean asked, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He stayed facing away from Seamus but reached around to feel his bare back and arse. "Where'd the covers go? 's cold." Dean's hand landed on Seamus' which was on top of the blanket. "What?"

"Happy Valentine's Day, love," Seamus whispered, inching closer to Dean. Dean turned over to face Seamus and batted away his hand so he could pull the blankets up and over himself.

"Why are you in my bed?" he asked sleepily, his eyes half closed. "Not that I'm complaining, but I left you to sleep on the floor last night."

"I woke up in the middle of the night an' you looked so adorable in yer sleep so I had to join ye," Seamus said with a wink. "Besides, I thought it'd be nice to wake up to me boyfriend on Valentine's Day."

"Shay?" Dean asked. Seamus quirked an eyebrow up in response. "What's a fehr-fey?"

"Foirfe," Seamus corrected, placing a hand on Dean's jaw. "It means perfect. I was looking at yer back dimples." Dean moved his hand to run his fingers over the dents in his back. "Gives me something to look at when I can't see yer face."

"Would you fancy a shower?" Dean asked as Seamus removed his hand from his face. "It's early yet, yes? Nobody should be in the washroom at this time."

"Shower? As in...together?" Seamus asked, his eyes widening a bit. Dean smiled brightly and nodded, moving to sit up and stretch his arms out. "Yes, please."

The hot water began to flow out of the shower head and onto Seamus' back. His hair was instantly drenched, causing some of it to hang in his eyes. Dean stood awkwardly out of the water's reach with one hand grasping the opposite shoulder and the other attempting to cover his crotch. Seamus, on the other hand, was rinsing his hair with both hands and swaying his hips around.

"Well don't just stand there, mate," Seamus said to Dean. "Come on, while the water's hot." Seamus took a step forward so the water was only hitting his legs, pried Dean's hand off his shoulder and dragged him into the stream of water. Seamus grabbed the bar of soap and began washing his arms and thighs. Dean scratched the back of his neck and looked down at the ground. "What? It's not like I've never seen your dick before." Seamus grabbed Dean's wrist and pulled his hand away from his crotch. "Oh, no! A cock! Whatever shall I do?"

"Oh, can it, you lousy git," Dean said with a glare as he grabbed his bottle of shampoo and squeezed some into his palm. Seamus watched as he rubbed his hands together and then lathered the shampoo in his hair. He let the excess product run off his hands and down the drain before rinsing it all out quickly. Seamus put one hand on the back of Dean's neck and dragged the fingers of his other hand up and down his smooth chest.

"You smell nice," Seamus whispered as he kissed Dean's collarbone. Dean giggled and placed his hands on Seamus' back.

"I would hope so," Dean retorted, kissing the top of Seamus' head. "You're not so bad yourself. You still smell like smoke though." Seamus rolled his eyes and turned the both of them so he could push Dean up against the shower wall. This resulted in an amused-sounding mewl from Dean, followed by his lips being crushed by Seamus'. "You're"

"How can I not be when there's a gorgeous, naked man in the shower with me?" Seamus asked as he slipped his tongue inside Dean's mouth and moved both of his hands between the wall and Dean's arse. "A gorgeous, naked man with a flawless arse." Dean hummed and grabbed the other boy's arse as well.

"Not as flawless as yours," the taller boy mumbled as Seamus started attacking his neck with his tongue.

"Equally as flawless," Seamus smirked. Dean tried to think about anything but Seamus and the hot water and their bodies pressed against each other. Those thoughts were causing blood to rush down there and they had both just got out of bed with not nearly enough energy to do anything about it.

"Shay?" Dean asked, squeezing the appendage in his hands to get his boyfriend's attention. Seamus stopped and looked up at Dean quizzically. "Do you...Do you think we could skip Transfiguration before lunch and come back up here? Not to the shower, but to the dormitory?"

"Who are you and what have you done with the Dean Thomas I know and love?" Seamus teased with a smile. "You hate missing class."

"I- I know," Dean nodded. "I just thought it'd be nice if we could...Err, I thought we could maybe...Well, you know..."

"Know what?" Seamus questioned. He moved his fingers upward to circle them in Dean's back dimples that he was quite fond of. Dean bent down so his lips were right next to Seamus' ear.

"I would really love to shag you, Seamus Finnigan," he whispered, causing Seamus to shudder. "I hope you don't protest."

"I've dreamt of shagging you since third year, Thomas. I don't believe I'm going to protest," Seamus smiled. He grabbed the bard of soap and backed away from Dean slowly. He rubbed it in his hands until the lather was covering both of his hands. Seamus set the bar down and began washing Dean's arms and chest, pulling him into the stream of water again so the soap could be washed off. After thoroughly rubbing and washing every nook and cranny of Dean's torso, Seamus took a few seconds to wash his own cock and balls with the soap which Dean gladly used to do the same.

"I'm glad," Dean told him after putting the soap back. He wrapped his arms around Seamus' neck and held him for what seemed like an eternity. Seamus turned the water off with one hand and kissed the part of Dean's chest his face was resting on.

"Breakfast?" Seamus asked, looking up at Dean. "I'm starving." Dean chuckled and nodded as they both grabbed their towels and wrapped them around their waists.

"Dean!" Seamus yelled, snapping his fingers in front of his best friend's face. "Dean, Potions is over. Hello? Dean! Feckin' hell, mate." Dean finally blinked and turned his head to look at Seamus who was already standing up. "Let's go, aye?"

"Uh, yeah," Dean nodded as he stood up from his seat. Seamus grabbed his hand and guided him out of the classroom, despite a menacing look from Professor Snape. "Sorry. I was thinking."

"Bout what?" Seamus asked, looking at Dean with a smile. Dean shook his head. "Dean, we don't have to do this if you don't want to. Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean we have to do anything special." Dean looked at Seamus and sighed.

"I'm just nervous, that's all," Dean said. They kept a comfortable silence until they were out of earshot of their fellow students. "I mean, what if I do something wrong? What if I don't last that long?"

"Dean, I don't care if ye explode the second you get inside me. That's really not what matters here," Seamus told him as he gave his hand a squeeze. The couple came to the base of the stairs and began to climb them slowly.

"Wait," Dean said, stopping on the fourth step. "Me inside you? I thought it was the other way around? The more experienced one shags the less experienced one?"

"Well, we're goin' to Hogsmeade tomorrow and I think you'd want to be able to walk without feelin' any pain, aye? Dean, there's plenty of time for that, but I think right now it'd be best if we went with my suggestion," Seamus told him as they continued walking.

As soon as they entered the portrait hole, after much arguing with the Fat Lady, Seamus grabbed Dean's hands. It took a few seconds for Dean to make eye contact with his boyfriend, but once he did, he was greeted with a gentle kiss. Seamus still wasn't sure if Dean was going to back out of this, even though he was the one who suggested it. Oh well, you couldn't blame the man for being nervous right before his very first time.

"Dean. Do you want to do this?" Seamus asked him with a serious tone. Dean let go of Seamus' hands and paced back and forth in front of him.

"Well," Dean started. "Considering you look absolutely delicious right now, I'm going to have to say yes. And also because you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. And I love you. Those might also have something to do with it." Seamus giggled as Dean kissed him. He walked backward until Seamus was against the wall by the stairs, like how he had Dean pinned against the shower wall that morning. After a good minute or two of snogging, the two were making their way up the stairs to their dorm room. Seamus locked the door behind them and put a silencing charm on the room.

"I'm so...happy...that I get to do this with you," Seamus whispered as he held Dean's hands yet again. "I mean, it's not me first time, but it's the first time that actuallymeans something to me. Because I love you. A lot." Dean smiled warmly and kissed Seamus, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt in the process. "And ye look like a Greek statue when you're naked."

"I'm glad. I think you'd look better with your clothes off, Finnigan. Get on that, yes?" Dean asked with a smirk. Seamus loved his confidence, which must have been fueled by the fact that he wasn't the one getting something shoved up his arse that day. They helped each other take off their shirts, both glad that they decided not to wear jumpers that day. After kicking off shoes, they both landed on Dean's bed.

"Your bed? Are you sure?" Seamus asked. Dean let Seamus roll on top of him and kiss and lick at his neck.

"Of course," Dean smiled, moaning when Seamus sucked on the sensitive spot right below a certain part of his jaw. "It'll create a fond memory, you know? So every time I lie down to go to sleep, I'll remember today and how I fucked my beautiful boyfriend on my very own bed." Seamus whimpered and shifted his weight so he rolled off of Dean onto the bed. Dean unbuttoned and unzipped his own pants, pulling them down the slightest bit before doing the same to Seamus'. "Hard already?"

"It's hard not to be," Seamus grinned. He kissed Dean's cheek before pulling off his pants completely, leaving only his boxers in contact with his skin. He grabbed the front of Dean's pants and tugged them down to his ankles. "You're hard, too." Dean smiled and nodded, catching Seamus' lips in his when he turned back to him. They both inched themselves closer to the head of the bed and Dean rolled on top of Seamus. Their erections were pressed right against each other in a way that made Seamus moan and bite at Dean's shoulder.

"You don't have to bite me," Dean whispered. "You can be as loud as you want." This resulted in Seamus smiling and kissing the place he had just bitten. Dean shifted his weight to the right of Seamus and reached toward the drawer of his nightstand. He had to move halfway off of his boyfriend to reach it, but he finally pulled it open and grabbed a small bottle, along with a small square packet.

"Aren't you a prepared little guy?" Seamus laughed. He pulled Dean back on top of him and kissed along his jaw.

"Little?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow. Seamus narrowed his eyebrows and smiled, tugging at the waistband of Dean's briefs, which just so happened to be a deep red with gray lining. Dean allowed Seamus to pull his underwear down to right below his balls.

"Definitely not little. Buachaill mór," Seamus whispered as Dean squirmed out of his underwear, which subsequently fell to the ground below his feet which were hanging off the bed. Dean raised an eyebrow once he realized that Seamus had been talking in Gaelic again.

"You have no idea how much that turns me on," he whispered into Seamus' ear. Seamus rolled Dean off of him so they were both facing each other while lying on their side. He was surprised he could even think properly when Dean was naked and hard right in front of him. Naked, hard, and leaking precum. His mind was in another place but his hands were pulling off his shorts like there was no tomorrow. Dean grabbed his face and pressed their lips together, slipping his tongue past Seamus' lips and tasting the tongue he loved so very much. "Shay? Is this going to hurt you?"

"Yes," Seamus answered honestly, grabbing downward to stroke himself a few times. "But that's why you're going to prepare me first, aye? Here." Seamus reluctantly scooted away from Dean so he was sitting against the pillows at the top of the four-poster. He motioned for Dean to lie down in front of him, which he gladly did, despite his legs having to dangle off the end of the bed. Dean smiled mischievously and licked at Seamus' balls, resulting in the shorter boy to arch his back and moan. "Fuck." Dean grabbed Seamus' cock and continued licking his balls, despite Seamus desperately trying to hand him the bottle of lube. "Jesus fucking Christ, mate, please." Dean rolled his eyes and brought his tongue and hand away from his boyfriend's nether regions long enough to grab and open the bottle.

"Uhm, what do I...what do I do, exactly?" Dean asked, examining the bottle in both hands. He had brushed up on a few key points when he was at home during winter holiday, but he was still painfully inexperienced and nervous. Seamus leaned forward and took the bottle out of Dean's hands. He turned it over to read the label and brand name, gave a nod of approval and reached for one of Dean's hands. Dean stretched out his right hand and Seamus squirted a reasonable glob of lube onto his middle and ring fingers.

"Spread it all over yer middle three fingers," Seamus instructed him. Dean laid his head on Seamus' thigh, which was resting at a diagonal with his foot hanging off the bed. Dean began slathering the lube on the fingers that Seamus specified. It was cold and wet and shiny and felt like a lotion that Dean would sometimes use on his hands when they became dry from painting for so long all at once. He looked back up at Seamus once he was done. "Now..." Seamus shifted his position so more of his back was on the bed instead of resting against the pillows, allowing Dean easy access to his arse. The darker boy took his index finger and traced it around Seamus' hole, causing Seamus to sigh happily. The sigh turned into a soft moan when Dean pressed his finger against his arsehole, not yet pushing inside. Dean kissed Seamus' inner thighs before pushing the tip of his finger past the ring of tight muscle. Seamus' face contorted and he clenched around Dean's index finger.

"Sorry, does it hurt?" Dean asked, rubbing Seamus' left side soothingly. Seamus immediately thought of the last time he had done this. He had a good run with Blaise Zabini for about two weeks in September, in which they would shag every night with Seamus usually on the receiving end. Before that, he and Zacharias Smith would shag every once in a while during the beginning of fifth year. Seamus had even considered hooking up with Lavender Brown after the Yule Ball, but he thought it through and realized that girls are icky and he could wait for a nice boy like Dean, or maybe Dean himself.

"It...It's been a while," Seamus responded, exhaling deeply and opening his eyes. "A little bit further." Dean complied and pushed his finger a little bit more into Seamus. He decided to wiggle his finger around a bit, which made Seamus' mouth drop open just the slightest. "All the way in, please." The taller boy nodded and did as he was told, pushing his finger all the way into Seamus, who moaned and closed his eyes again. "Ah, guh. Feckin' hell, yer fingers are long." Dean smiled and kissed Seamus' balls again. He moved his finger out the slightest bit and back in, trying to get a feel of Seamus' arse. He turned his finger every which way and pulled it almost all the way out, only to push it right back in again. "Tease."

"But you love me for it," Dean said quietly with a wink. He repeated his actions a few more times before pulling his index finger completely out. He pressed both his index and middle fingers to Seamus' entrance. Seamus nodded, and Dean barely pushed both fingers in, just so only his fingertips were enveloped in the warmth of Seamus. The faces Seamus was making were enough to make Dean cum right then and there, but he knew he had to wait, for burying his cock inside Seamus would be a much better experience. He knew Seamus was ready for more when he opened his eyes, so Dean pushed his fingers inside until he was two knuckles deep.

"Ah, fuck, Dean, your fingers feel good," Seamus muttered after he closed his eyes tightly and grabbed his knees for support. Dean pushed his fingers all the way inside and repeated his actions from before once he felt Seamus relax a little. "You can go faster, Dean, you won't hurt me."

"I just want to savor the moment, you know? Pardon my poor vocabulary, but you look absolutely hot right now," Dean smiled, working his fingers faster in and out of Seamus. Once he crooked his fingers, Seamus moaned his name quite loudly and moved to stop Dean's hand from fingerfucking him.

"Dean, inside me, now. I need your cock inside me," Seamus pleaded. Dean pulled his fingers out of his boyfriend and stroked Seamus' cock to get the excess lube off of his fingers.

"Are you sure?" Dean asked hesitantly. He thought Seamus would want a third finger to prepare himself, but when Seamus nodded, Dean couldn't argue. He grabbed the condom packet and tore it open quickly. After tossing the wrapper on the ground, Dean stared at the condom for a few seconds. He didn't quite understand how to put it on, but he hoped he would get it right on his first try. Dean rolled the condom on after taking a second to make sure he wasn't putting it on backwards. He didn't like the idea of something blocking his cock from Seamus' inner walls, but if it meant that both of them were safe, it was worth it.

"I love you," Seamus whispered. Dean let his cock rest next to Seamus' and kissed him gently. "This is goin' to hurt, considering you have the biggest dick I've ever seen. But it'll feel good, trust me. You just have to go slow at first." Dean nodded and pondered for a second. He scooted back until he was able to get off of the bed and onto his feet safely. He grabbed Seamus by the waist and dragged him forward to the edge of the bed. Dean was glad the beds were somewhat higher than a normal bed, because this allowed his cock to be perfectly level with Seamus' arsehole. If someone had asked Dean a few months ago when and where he would like to lose his virginity, his answer would definitely not have been "during fourth period on my bed with the sun beating down on me through the window" as was his current situation. He didn't mind, though. He was about to shag his best mate and the love of his - rather short - life. He couldn't complain.

"I love you, too," Dean replied at last with the head of his cock pressing at Seamus' entrance. He ran his hands up and down Seamus' torso and then let his fingers wrap around the other boy's throbbing cock. They both took a deep breath as Dean pressed his head gently into Seamus. The Irish boy bit his lip hard and threw his head back. "Shay, you canmoan or scream or do whatever the bloody hell you want. No one's here, no one can hear us." Seamus spread his legs open further and nodded. Dean moved his hips forward until the entire head of his cock was inside Seamus' arse.

"Fuck, Dean," Seamus moaned, grabbing the blankets on the bed and clenching them in his fists. Dean could have sworn the room was spinning, but he figured it was just the intense feeling he was getting from having the Seamus Finnigan's Irish arse clenched around him. Whatever it was, it made him jerk a little bit into Seamus, causing the other boy to yelp.

"Oh my God, I'm so fucking sorry," Dean said despite loving the feeling. "I didn't mean to-"

"Dean, shut the fuck up, would ye? It just hurt a little, I'll get used to it," Seamus told him and he pulled Dean down by his arm to snog him. Dean wasn't sure if Seamus meant that he'd get used to it right then, or that he'd get used to it over the course of their relationship. The latter of course meant that they'd shag again, but Dean shook the exciting thought from his head and focused on Seamus' tongue in his mouth. "See, it feels bloody fantastic now. More, please. I need more of your cock in me, Dean Thomas." Dean moaned and returned to a full standing position. He placed one hand on one of the bed posts and the other on Seamus' thigh before pushing his hips forward even more.

"Merlin, Seamus, you're so tight," Dean panted, gripping the bed post for support. He ran his other hand up and down Seamus' thigh as he gave the moaning and panting boy a chance to get used to the length in his arse. "I love how you look with my cock in your arse."

"Fucking hell, Dean," Seamus moaned. He was squirming uncomfortably, but the look on his face told Dean that he was somewhat enjoying it, and that's all he needed to know. "Dean, I want all of ye inside of me, fucking me." Dean was pretty sure Seamus was just delerious from all the sweat and sex in the air, because forcing the other half of his cock inside Seamus would be like...well, there aren't many analogies that go along with gay sex. Dean opened his mouth to say something, but Seamus interrupted him. "Yes, Dean Thomas, I want all of you inside me, right this moment. Slow and steady. Please, I need you to fill me up, Dean." The way Seamus kept saying his name made Dean actually comply. He leaned down again so his lips were at Seamus' neck, at that one spot below his ear that drives him wild.

"If you insist," Dean whispered as he began to suck on Seamus' neck. He reached down to grab his cock and slowly, ever-so-slowly, began to push the rest of himself into Seamus.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck," Seamus moaned as Dean's cock made its way deeper into him. It felt like something was ripping him open, and that something just so happened to be his boyfriend's rather large cock. Dean persisted until he reached the hilt, then stopped to give himself and Seamus a few seconds to get used to this.

"Oh my fucking fuck," Dean panted. He had never experienced anything like that before; not even the feeling of when he first fell in love with Seamus could compare to this. He was so ready to blow his load inside Seamus right then, because being balls deep inside another man's arse kinda did that to a person. But he managed to hold off long enough for Seamus to start responding to his surroundings again.

"Just...Just stay like that," Seamus whispered, sounding strained. "Please. For a minute." Dean nodded and kissed all over Seamus' shoulder, trying not to move one bit. The pain that Seamus must have been in kind of scared Dean. He hated seeing people in pain, especially those that he loved. Less than a minute passed by before Seamus' eyes fluttered open and he opened his mouth. "Fuck me, Dean Thomas." Dean let out a surprised moan before returning to his standing position with one hand on the bed post and one hand on the hot, writhing mess in front of him. Dean slowly moved his hips backwards so he could pull himself out of Seamus before pushing into him again. "Fuck." Dean was actually doing it. He was actually shagging a boy for the very first time.

"Ah- oh, fuck, Seamus," Dean moaned softly as he began thrusting at a steady pace in and out of his perfect, Irish boyfriend. Seamus reached for his own cock and started to stroke himself, which fueled Dean to pull further out and slowly push himself all the way back into Seamus.

"Oh fuck, Dean, just like that," Seamus panted. Dean was fucking him at just the right angle, causing his cock to hit Seamus' prostate every time he thrust into him. "Faster,please." Dean happily complied and rolled his hips into Seamus a bit faster, grunting with every thrust. Everything was starting to flow; when Dean would pull his cock almost all the way out, Seamus would push his hips upward to meet Dean as he slammed back inside of him. Dean could hear his balls slapping against Seamus' arse, which pushed him closer to the edge. "Dean, oh, Dean, I'm gonna-"

"Fuck, Shay, I love your tight fucking arse," Dean moaned as he noticed Seamus stroking his cock faster and faster. "Ohhh, Seamus, fuck, I'm gonna cum." Seamus bit his bottom lip and clenched around Dean.

"Me too, love, oh, fucking hell," Seamus panted. "I want you to cum inside me, oh, Dean,fuck." After thrusting a few more times and hearing Seamus cry out his name as spurts of cum landed all over his belly, Dean finally exploded.

"Shit, love, ah- oh! I'm cumming, Seamus," Dean moaned quite loudly. He thrust into Seamus sporadically as he came, saying his name over and over again as he rode out his orgasm. "Fuck." Dean shuddered as the last bits of cum shot out of his cock. He withdrew his softening penis from his boyfriend's arse and tossed the condom in the rubbish bin next to the bed before his legs gave out and he laid next to Seamus.

"Wow," Dean mumbled, still out of breath. He turned his head to look at Seamus, who still had a dazed expression on his face. Seamus finally turned to look at Dean, and smiled before moving to kiss him. Dean turned onto his side once Seamus pulled away.

"I second that," Seamus sighed happily. "That" Dean didn't really have any words for it, either. He was surprised that either of them lasted so long. "I don't think I can move."

"Sorry about that," Dean offered with a small smile. Seamus turned his head back to him and rolled his eyes in response.

"Don't be sorry, Dean, you were feckin' amazing," the Irish boy told him. Dean smiled and inched closer to Seamus so he could rest his hed on his chest. "You're the cuddling type. I like that."

"So are you. Even if you won't admit it to anyone else," Dean retorted. Seamus was able to grab his wand off of the nightstand where he had put it, and muttered a quick Tergeo to clean the mess on his belly. "I love you, you know that?"

"As I love you," Seamus whispered, kissing the top of Dean's head. "Thank you. That was brilliant. More than I could have ever expected."

"I thought I was going to be terrible," Dean admitted. "What with it being my first time and all. But I'm so happy my first time was with you." Seamus wrapped his arms around Dean and rubbed his back soothingly.

"You're just great at everything," Seamus told him as his fingers trailed down his spine. "Art, school, sports, talking, shagging..."

"You've made me this way," Dean told him. "I've told you before, you've made me who I am today. And I love that you love me. I like knowing that somebody actually wants me. It's nice."

"Well, get used to it," Seamus said. "I'll love you till the end of time." Dean closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Seamus' heartbeat through his chest. "Dean?"


"Thank you for loving me," Seamus said quietly. Dean's vision became blurred and he knew a tear had fallen from his eye before he could stop to control himself. He didn't understand how someone he thought was so perfect could actually feel undeserving of love.

"It's my pleasure."