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IPOV (Isa)

I cuddle into my mommy and daddy as the wolves play out in the salty water. My Embry was trying to dunk Jakey when I decided that I wanted to go play as well. Mommy had me in a tree green bathing suit and I wanted to go have fun like the boys. They always got to play more than I did.

"Mommy?" I tugged on her shirt lightly. She was talking quietly with Kimmy about the upcoming bonfire this weekend. I loved our bonfires. Uncle Billy told us the history of our wolves and how the tribe came to be. I could listen to him for hours and not get tired of it.

"Yes Honey?" Mommy's voice was calm and care free. She needed days like this. The boys made her stress, or at least that is what she called it.

"Can I go play with Em in the water? They are having all the fun without me," I pouted slightly, making my lower lip stand out and widened my eyes. I knew mommy couldn't resist the wolf cub eyes.

"Sure Hun. Be careful though, I don't want you hurt," I hugged her hard. My mommy was the best.

"Thank you Mommy. I'll be careful. Promise. I won't leave Embry's side!" I quickly gave her and daddy a kiss on the cheek before I took off running towards the water. My wolf still was trying to dunk Jake and I knew that he didn't know that I was coming after him.

Paul looked over at me and smiled. He could tell what I wanted to do. I mouthed the words 'Help me' hoping that he could come and get me without Embry noticing. Paul nodded and made his way to me.

"Climb on Isa, we'll show Embry who's in charge," I giggled at him as I made my way to his back. Paul made sure I had a good grip on his shoulders before he started to swim towards my wolf.

As he got closer to the fighting pair, I had to bury my face in his back to keep from laughing. The water splashed up over his big shoulders, chilling me slightly. Paul's wolf kept me warm with his heat though.

Once we were close enough, my big brother pulled me around his body so I was in his arms.

"You ready Isa? I'll get Jake after you attack Em. I don't want him to accidently hurt you," I nodded and got ready for Pauly to launch me towards my wolf. He counted quietly in my ear and on three he threw me at my wolf.

I howled as I flew through the air and landed on Embry's back. I latched on tightly to his neck so I wouldn't fall off as Paul wrestled Jake into the water. I couldn't help but laugh loudly.

"Isa! You scared me," My wolf said as I made my way into his arms. I giggled and snuggled myself into his chest, making that weird purring noise again. Embry joined me, hugging me tightly.

After a few more hours of playing in the sun, the wolves decided that it was time for us to go home and eat dinner. This made me really sad, cause I liked having the big fire parties. Apparently, it was too windy and dry outside for us to have one.

Embry had me in his arms, carrying me to the house. We chatted through our brains and shared pictures of our day. My wolf showed me the trails he took through the woods when he was on patrol and I showed him how all my big brothers played with me. He even told me how they thought that Seth was about to phase.

"Seth will make a great big brother," I tell Em excitedly. I already had Paul, Jared, Jake, and Quil, but another wouldn't hurt.

"I know he will, Isa. Seth is a pretty fun loving guy and I think he would make a good big brother too," My wolf nuzzled my cheek and I started making the purring noise again. Embry purred back and I knew that his wolf was happy. I curled myself into his chest tightly and buried my face into his shoulder. My eyes closed slowly and the world disappeared around me.


We were almost to the house when I hear my Isa's breathing even out in a peaceful sleep. I knew that she was tired, but she was refusing to admit it at the beach. A smile grew across my face as I look down at her sleeping form. She is perfect.

I slowed down a little, so I didn't shake her too much. She needed her sleep and I didn't want to be the reason why she doesn't get enough of what she needs.

After a few more minutes of walking, the house came into view. I walked up the stairs as carefully as I could then opened the door to the roar of the wolves. Everyone was talking and a few of my brothers were wrestling on the floor. I hugged Isabella closer to me and made my way towards the kitchen, where I could hear Emily and Sam at.

I was almost to the door when someone knocked into me hard, sending me and Isa to the floor. My arms tightened around her and I tried my best to land on my back. My side hit the ground first and I curled myself around my Isa, not letting her hit the floor or take any of my weight. I gasped and most of the air left my lungs. Quickly, I roll onto my back and look at my Isa to make sure she was ok.

Her eyes opened slowly and she looked around sleepily. "Why are we on the floor?" Even her mind voice was sleep and sluggish. I tried to answer, but the breath still hadn't returned yet. I couldn't even answer with the telepathic bond.

My Isabella woke up quickly when I didn't answer her. Her face contorted in anger and she wiggled out of my grasp. She got up and looked around at all the boys with a scowl on her face. They were in for it.


I was happily asleep in my wolf's arms when I was suddenly wakened by a hard thud. My body hit something hard and I opened my eyes slowly. Looking around, I saw the shocked faces of Paul and Jared. My wolf was on the ground, I was on top of him, with a look of shock and worry on his face. Confused I asked him why we were on the floor. When he didn't answer, I knew something was wrong and my brothers were what caused it.

Quickly, I get out of my wolf's arms and stand up. I wasn't very tall, but I could be loud. These boys hurt my Embry and they were going to pay for it.

"What did you do to my Embry?" My voice was quiet, but you could hear the anger in it. Paul looked scared, but he came over to me anyway.

"I'm sorry Isabear, me and Jared were wrestling and he pushed me into Embry. I was trying to stay away from him so you could sleep," Jared threw an angry look at Paul for telling in him. My scowl turns towards him next.

"YOU were the one that hurt my wolf!" My voice was louder than the last time. All the wolves whimpered slightly at the high pitched noise. That didn't stop me though.

"I'M GOING TO HURT YOU BACK!" I screamed loudly, launching myself at Jared. As I flew through the air, my body suddenly got really hot and I could hear something snapping. It didn't even faze me. Jared looked pretty scared though.

Landing right in front of him, a growl comes from me. My body crouches down and I bared my teeth at him. People were talking loudly around us, but I didn't look over to see what they were saying. I had locked on my prey.

"Isa, look at me baby," A voice says right by my ear. This causes me to pause for a second before a snarl sounds through the room. Jared was starting to back away from me.

"Isa, calm down. I'm fine. Come here my Isa. I need you," Embry's voice flows through my head, comforting me slightly. I give Jared one more glare before looking around for my wolf.

I found him a few feet from me, sitting on the floor with his head turned to the side slightly. Something inside of me found this pleasing and sad at the same time. Embry shouldn't be scared of me. That same thing told me to crawl on my belly over to him. I listen and do as I'm told, not wanting to scare my mate.

"Please don't be scared of me." I whimper through our link. A sad look crosses his face, before he sits up straighter and motions for me to come closer. I smile and stand up straighter and start to dash towards him. A bright smile fills his face as I get closer and closer to him.

That was when something slammed into my side, knocking me to the ground. Pain fills my thoughts and a loud whimper comes from me. I try to move, but that just causes me to cry out.

"Isa!" Embry yells out loudly. That's when I notice someone is on top of me. It had to be the person that knocked me over and hurt me. Something inside of me snaps suddenly and I'm struggling to get up while trying to bite the person on me.

After a moment, my teeth find their skin and whoever it is cries out and gets off of me. I try to grab their ankle, but Embry is there looking me in the eyes causing me to freeze.

Everything around me disappears and all I see is my wolf. Mostly his eyes. Then it's like everything I used to be attached to before, gets cut. All the strings that had lead to my mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters all go away. The ones that are already are connected to Embry, get stronger and more appear. He is my everything now.

"Calm down Isa. I'm here, I won't let anyone hurt you," His voice is soothing and calm, making me relax. I try to crawl over to him, but the pain returns and I collapse back onto the floor. Embry wraps his arms around me and places me into his lap gently.

"What hurts? Show me baby," He pets my head softly and that weird purring noise starts to come from me. I open my eyes and go to rub my tears away only to find that instead of hands, I had paws!

"Why do I have paws!" I look up at Embry with wide eyes. He laughed and started to purr loudly, trying to get me to calm down.

"You're a wolf."