Summary: Omake for RaF. In the year between receiving the Vongola training rings and being sent to the future, training wasn't the only thing Tsuna and his guardians did. One weekend, Tsuna has a (study) date with one of his classmates and due to a certain pineapple head, his aunts find out about it and decide it's time to pay their adorable nephew a little visit. What could possibly go wrong? Warning: Overprotective stalking siblings. Two-shot.

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"…what did you say?"

The brunette looked innocently up at his siblings, who had all frozen with forks halfway to their mouths, staring at him with eyes as wide as saucers.

"I can't go to the movies with you guys tomorrow because Miyu-chan and I are going to the library?" he repeated uncertainly, starting to feel a little nervous.

There was one more moment of silence before complete chaos erupted.

"No! Don't leave me, Tsu-chan!" shouted Mukuro, tackling the brunette into a hug and crying dramatically. "I'll be so lonely without you!"

"Haha! Congratulations on getting a date, Tsu-kun!" chirped Takeshi happily, clapping him on the back.

"Che. She's not pretty enough for Nidaime," said Hayato sulkily.

Kyoya remained quiet, already planning all the things he would do to this "Miyu-chan" if she made his baby brother upset.

"I hope you have an EXTREMELY good time, Tsuna!"

Nobody noticed as Chrome sneaked away from the table to make a private phone call.

Elena was blow-drying her hair after just having gotten out of the shower when her cell phone rang.

Without checking to see who it was, she pressed the talk button and held it to her ear, saying, "Hello?"

"Mother…" was her quiet reply, and the blond smiled widely upon recognising her daughter's voice.

"Chrome, dear, it's so good to hear from you! Are you doing well?"


"Are you eating properly?"


"Are you doing okay in school?"


"Was there something you needed to tell me, sweetheart?"

There was a moment of silence after she asked her question, and she was about to ask again when her daughter finally spoke up. "Tsuna is going on a date!"

Elena blinked once upon hearing this, not really processing the information, then her eyes widened and she let out a bloodcurdling scream. "OH MY GOD! When?"

"Tomorrow," replied her daughter.

"Great! We'll be there as soon as possible! Bye for now! Love you sweetie!"

Just as she was hanging up, the door to her room was thrown open, and Daemon, Knuckle, and G rushed into the room, looking around for any sign of intruders.

"What happened?" asked G.

"Why did you scream?" inquired her husband.

"Did someone attack you?" questioned Knuckle.

Letting out a small squeal, Elena explained to them, "Chrome just called."

Immediately, their expressions became even more alarmed.

"Did something happen to the kids?" asked G worriedly.

"Our little Tuna fish has a date!"

That night, Tsuna was ushered off to bed early by his brothers and was shaken awake first thing the next morning by his three aunts.

"W-wha-?" was his intelligent reply when he saw the three women standing over him. "When did you guys get here?"

"No time for that!" said Bianca.

Sylvana pulled him out of bed and gently pushed him towards his bathroom. "Go hurry and take a shower or you'll be late!"

"What? Why? I don't have to leave the house until one!"

"One?" asked Elena, worried. "That's just barely enough time! Hurry and go take a shower!"

Letting out a disgruntled sigh and heading towards his bathroom, the brunette wondered how they had found out anyways.

Immediately upon getting out of the shower, Tsuna was kidnapped from his room by his aunts.

"W-where are we going?" he asked as they pulled him, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, out of his room and down the hallway.

"To my room!" replied Elena, who seemed to be the ringleader of the three.

"Why?" he gasped, trying to get his breath.

"To play dres– I mean to help you get ready for your date!" explained Sylvana with a mischievous grin.

"It's not a date!" shouted Tsuna, but unfortunately, nobody listened to him.

Throwing a bundle of clothes into his arms, Bianca pointed him to the bathroom. "Change!" she ordered.

Sighing, the young heir turned to do what he was told, knowing that he wouldn't be able to change their minds.

Once he was out of sight, Bianca walked over to the bedroom door and opened it to let all six children listening in fall to the floor in a tumbled heap.

"Ahaha, hi, kaa-san," said Takeshi sheepishly.

Instead of reacting the way they had expected her to, the petite woman merely smiled and bade them all come in and telling them to take their seats before handing them each small white boards and markers.

When all the kids looked at her quizzically, she replied with, "Rate his outfits from one to ten."

Their eyes lit up like Christmas trees, and they all nodded their heads enthusiastically (except for Kyoya, who just responded with a small nod).

At that moment, the door to the bathroom door opened, and everyone's heads turned to look at the little brunette.

Tsuna was wearing a pair of white skinnies and a baggy orange t-shirt with a cute little teddy on it which emphasized his petite frame and somehow made his big, innocent brown eyes look even bigger.

The twins' boards went up, both showing tens, following right after them was Hayato's board, also ten, and so on. The total for the outfit was sixty; a perfect score.

The three women scrutinized him and finally, Sylvana shook her head, saying, "The t-shirt emphasises on his innocence, which, while we find it adorable, may be a bit iffy. Girls at that age want someone they can rely on."

And thus, Tsuna was sent back with another outfit. The next time he came out, he was wearing a pair of cream coloured slacks, a sweater vest, and a pair of non-prescription glasses.

This time, it was Kyoya's board that went up first, showing a ten, followed by the twins, and so on. The grand total was sixty.

"It definitely gives off the feeling of being reliable," said Bianca slowly, "but it also gives off a kind of big-brother feeling, which is a big no-no; he'll fall into the 'friends' category. We need a different type of reliable. Go change!"

Letting out a small groan, Tsuna went back and re-emerged a few minutes later wearing a pair of artfully ripped black skinnies, a black tank-top with a skull on it, and multiple rings glittering on his fingers. There even seemed to be an earring twinkling from his right earlobe (since when was Tsuna's ear pierced?).

Again, the boards went up, this time Hayato was first. And once again, the total was a perfect sixty.

"Hm, I don't think so," said Elena. "While it's true bad-boys are quite popular, Tsuna's personality is pretty much the complete opposite and if he shows up at his date wearing that, it'll look like he's trying too hard. Our little tuna fish is the innocent type, so we need to play that up while still showing him as the reliable type. I think going sleeveless is a definite must, since it shows his muscles. And maybe we should try shorts…"

Another pile of clothes was thrown into the brunette's arms, and he turned back to the bathroom looking disheartened.

When he came out a few minutes later, the women all perked up, thinking they had found the perfect outfit, and a quick look at the kids' white boards confirmed their thoughts. The total for this particular outfit was…nine million?

The outfit Tsuna was wearing consisted of a pair of black high tops, a pair of red plaid shorts, and a black, sleeveless, bunny-ear hoodie.

Immediately, all three Vongola women squealed in happy voices, "Perfect!"

"The bunny ears show that he still has the heart of a kid," started Bianca.

"But the fact that it's sleeveless shows the muscles on his arms…" continued Sylvana.

"…And proves that he can use force when necessary."

"The shorts also show off his muscular calves," offered Mukuro.

"And the plaid that the shorts are made of complements the hoodie," approved Hayato.

"But his messy hair says that he doesn't care too much about how he looks," offered Chrome, whose personality changed completely when it came to her favourite past time; playing dress-up with her little brother.

Kyoya nodded approvingly, and Takeshi laughed his agreement.

"Tsuna looks EXTREME!" shouted Ryohei, summing up everyone's thoughts effectively.

Nodding in approval, Elena rushed her nephew out of the room. "Now go eat a small breakfast!" she shouted. "You can't be tired on your date! But you have to leave some room for dinner with the lucky girl! And make sure you don't get any food on your clothes!"

Tsuna groaned quietly as he made his way down the stairs. He was never going to tell his family about his any future dates ever again!

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