Chapter one: Ice Queen

The bell had already rung, and a new day of school was about to begin. The students were gossiping, just like any other day, and talking obnoxiously loud. She just sat in her seat, obviously ignoring her ignorant classmates, and looked out the window. Her hands were placed neatly in her lap and her legs crossed prettily. She didn't care what her peers were saying; usually it was about that club that was full of menaces to society. Even thinking about what was going on in that club made her want to cringe in disgust.

How can such high ranked families let their children participate in such an ungodly distraction called a club?

She'd never know.

"Okay class, settle down into your assigned seats," he glanced over at the matching boys that flashed their sensei a dazzling smile, "and open to page twenty-three; begin to read as I take role." The elderly man took a seat in the black leather chair that was pulled into an old, oak desk. All the students, grudgingly, opened their books and flipped to the page mentioned by their sensei. It was quiet; she could distinctly hear her table partner breathing with that noisy wheeze.

Today, they were assigned an English essay to read called, Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson. So far, the wording was complicated to translate and the author seemed like an arrogant weasel.

"Konoe Amaterasu?" She blinked indifferently at her name and raised her hand quietly, "Here sensei." He glanced at her and smiled lightly. Everyone gave her that smile, and she hated it. Her parents were widely known for their booming industry company, and her mother's side quest that she called her 'Modeling Escapade'. She felt bad for the other students that had parents that were wealthier and even wider known. She glanced down at her book once more, flipping through the pages aimlessly.

"Okay class, who'd like to try and translate this section?"

There was a collective sigh that escaped everyone's mouth except for a valiant few, who didn't looked bothered with the question at all.

Amaterasu, after a few moments, rose her hand and stood up from her seat. Her chair made an annoying scrapping sound against the floor, and many of her peers flinched at the noise.

"Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.
Accept the place the divine providence has found for your the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events.
Great men have always done so, and confided themselves childlike to the genius of their age, betraying their perception that the absolutely trustworthy was seated at their heart, working through their hands, predominating in all their being.
And we are now men, and must accept in the highest mind the same transcendent destiny; and not minors and invalids in a protected corner, not cowards fleeing before a revolution, but guides, redeemers, and benefactors, obeying the Almighty effort, and advancing on Chaos and the Dark." Her translation held no emotion, and her tone was as of a monotone. Everyone looked at her, either impressed or distressed, maybe a mix of both.

"Thank you Miss Konoe, please take a seat." Amaterasu forced a smile at her sensei and seated herself quietly. Her table partner, Ken'Ichi Doi, whispered her a 'that was good' and she didn't take the time to reply back. Her Father had told Amaterasu that the Doi family wasn't an asset for their company, or their family name, and they didn't need to waste their time on befriending them in anyway. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Ken'Ichi glance down at his sweaty palms with an embarrassed frown.

"Ne, don't you think Miss. Konoe is cool?" She heard sheltered whispers from behind her. Usually she didn't need to pay attention to what others said about her, but she was truly interested since the one who was speaking was a young girl that had transferred into the class earlier that year.

"Oh, Konoe Amaterasu?"

"Of course." Their hushed whispers became quieter as their sensei handed out a pamphlet for their essay they needed to write.

"In this class we refer to her as the Ice Queen."

"Ne, why?"

"There was an incident during her middle school years that made everyone dislike her."

"What was that?" Several ears were glued to the conversation as the young girl spoke.

"Well, you know Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin?" The other girl shook her head vigorously and said: 'how could I miss the gorgeous twins in our class?', "Well, when we were in our last year of Middle school she totally, out right disrespected them. Called them disgusting, to their faces! and then continued to go on how their family was despicable."

"What? Why? There had to be a reason; she doesn't seem like the kind of person to just say that, and so outlandishly too!" It was a harsh whisper, probably one that surprised the other girl since she stuttered out her next answer.

"They were making fun of her and how emotionlessly she was."

The new girl huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, "That just makes her an ugly person." Amaterasu shrugged her shoulders although she felt a slight pang in her heart as the words left the girl's mouth. Once the class bell had rung and everyone was leaving the classroom, Amaterasu went up to the girl that called her an 'ugly person'.

"Excuse me," Amaterasu said, her monotone voice seeping out, "May I know your name?" The younger girl spluttered out an answer, embarrassed at being approached by the girl she just called ugly.

"Aso Kou, Amaterasu-san."

Amaterasu put on her fake smile, the one that was sickly sweet that it made most people shutter away.

"You know Kou-san," Amaterasu started, "you shouldn't call other people ugly when you are yourself; putting others down won't make you feel better about yourself." Kou stood there, shocked by what her older classmate just told her. Amaterasu didn't wait for an answer as she left the classroom, carrying her book bag next to her.

Amaterasu forced a smile as she passed her classmates and peers; she needed to make some sort of good impression on the respectable people at the school.

"Ah! Princess, you brought a friend today! What is your name milady?" The golden blond placed a chaste kiss on the palm of Kou's hand, and her face heated up in embarrassment.

"Aso Kou, Tamaki-senpai."

"When you speak my name is sounds like a hundred silver bells ringing harmonically on the wind!" Tamaki said dramatically as he kneeled in front of her, a certain gleam in his eye.

Kou would've flushed and turned away, but Amaterasu's words rung in her head. Instead, she sat down quietly next to her friend that had introduced her to the club in the first place.

A few hours into the club, Amaterasu's words ate at her, and she gave a sigh of depression; should she apologize to her tomorrow? She didn't mean for her to overhear her and Saya's conversation! It wasn't her fault she was eavesdropping.

"Is something wrong Princess?"

Kou looked up at Tamaki, "No Tamaki-senpai, I'm fine."

"I can see something is bothering you Princess, why don't you tell me?" He grasped her hand tenderly and kissed her hand once again, "I will make it all better, I swear to you."

"It's just something that Konoe-san said..."

Saya's ears perked up at the mention of the Ice Queen, "What did she say?"

"Well, essentially she called me... called me ugly." Saya frowned and the other girls gasped in reaction spouting out 'THAT'S NOT TRUE' and 'YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL.'
Tamaki grasped her hand tightly and smiled affectionately, "You my Princess are the most beautiful creature that has graced my presence, you all are!" Tamaki said quickly as he handed each one a rose and danced in a tiny circle.

"You all are lovely, beautiful Princesses!"

There were loud shouts of 'KYAA~' and 'YOU'RE SO KIND TAMAKI-SENPAI', almost all of the girl's attentions were on him as he handed out flowers.

The short, brunette boy on the opposite side of the room looked at the twins, "Isn't Konoe-san in our class?"

"Yeah," the twins said in unison, "she's a complete bitch, but don't worry Haruhi, we'll protect you." They both slung their arms over his shoulder and squished him in a side-ways hug.

"Get. Off. Of. Me." Haruhi said patiently, waiting for their arms to leave his shoulders, "Now."

Hikaru smirked and leaned down next to the boy's ear, "Not a chance in Hell Haru-chan."

Kaoru leaned down towards the opposite ear and breathed into it lightly, "Exactly."

"You devilish twins get away from my poor Daughter!" Tamaki cried out, rushing towards Haruhi and bringing him into a hug, "Don't worry Daddy's got you now."

"Is that suppose to make me comfortable? Get off of my Tamaki-senpai." The boy pushed the boy away from him and watched as he slumped into a dark corner and drew circles on the ground.

"My Daughter doesn't love me."

"She hates me."

"She loves those incestuous twins more than her Daddy."

"Shut up Senpai," Haruhi said as she stared back at the twins, "Now why does everyone hate Konoe-san?" The twins told the same old story they told everyone, and of course; what's a story without a few embellishments?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm experimenting with different characters in the Ouran High setting. Hope you enjoyed, and leave a review if you want.