Let me ask you, if you had the chance would you leave this world we call earth? Would you leave everything you have behind now and live a completely different life?
Would you live in the world of Rayman, a carefree world that is as crazy as it looks?

I would. I would leave behind everything. I'm 18 years old 6 foot 8 inches tall with brown curly hair, and my life... it isn't bad. But it isn't good. I live my life doing nothing right now, nothing but working hard to ensure a bright future.
In this world, I don't see much to love about it. It has been devastated by war, greed and death for thousands of years, and I don't foresee it ever stopping until this planet is destroyed completely.
While, like I said, my life isn't bad I would leave it behind. Rayman's world, life in the glade of dreams, is a lifestyle I would enjoy. Even if I had to work to ensure I had a place to sleep and a meal in my stomach each night in that world, I would still enjoy it more then Earth today. The thought of a world with friendly people, no crime and almost no real problems whatsoever is something amazing indeed.
Even though there is trouble every once in awhile. Let's face it, evil always finds a way.

Today I get my wish, I become a member of the glade. But not as a human...

I woke up in bed like any other day, winter in Florida. Why did it exist? I hate the cold weather, I hate the warm weather too. I just want it balanced. Ugh.
Glancing at the electronic clock, I saw that it was almost 1 pm, another half day spent in bed again. Nobody to wake me up, my mother wasn't here. She was out of town for a few weeks.
Getting dressed was always a pain, warm night close shed and the cold of the house welcomed me for a brief moment. I really hate cold weather, and now I have to go outside? Again, ugh.
No mail, as usual. That's the problem with living in a town in the middle of nowhere, there's nothing to do. I can't go swimming, the lake behind my house is freezing and infested with grime and alligators. Plus, the old fence we put up is a pain in the neck to open and close. I could always play some video games, but those have been losing their luster lately.
Life is just boring now, I understand that you can find happiness if you try hard enough, but it never lasts though you wish it could. If only I could escape to a world where happiness was easy to find, and easy to hold onto. But, that'll never happen.

Well, I guess I could play some Rayman origins. I need to beat that. "Shit, what'd I do with the wires?" I thought to myself as I looked around my living room for the power adapter. I finally found it and went to plug it in, as I did a huge spark burst from the socket. "Holy shit, that's never happened before..." I said out loud, even though nobody was around to hear it. It doesn't matter though,
I turned on my Xbox and started up the game... only the screen didn't change. It just stayed at a black, empty void. I banged on the top of my xbox a bit before I hit the power button and restarted the game. Once again, another black screen with nothing happening. Although, I waited a little bit longer just to see if anything would happen. And I was in for a bit of a shock, I know that now.
The only thing I saw on the screen was a blueish looking creature, I remember them being in rayman origins... but what were they called? Antitoons? I think that's what it was. I got up and walked over to my TV and tapped on the screen, that was probably my big mistake. It got the antitoons attention like it was actually alive, and it reached it's hand out to me. "Heh, never seen this in the game before.
Must be some sort of opening cutscene that I missed." I chuckled to myself, however I got a huge surprise when the antitoons hand reached OUT of the TV screen and grabbed my shirt. "What the hell is going on?"
I shouted before I felt strong force pulling me into the TV, expecting to smash into it I covered my face with my arms. But I felt more like I was being pulled into a void, endlessly falling.
"I hope this is another dream!" I shouted as I was falling deep into a black void.

As I fell into the void, I felt a powerful force take hold of me. That's when all the pain started up. It felt like I was being crushed in a trash compressor, the pain was so intense that I fainted shortly after.

A note from me: Yes, I did use details from my actual life to describe my situation. This is also my first story written in first person, so please bear with me a bit.