"Are you alright?" I heard a feminine voice ask me as I shuffled to my feet. "Ugh. Yeah I'm ok..." I managed to stutter as I turned around and shot a glare at the moskito, who simply shrugged in return. I turned to see where the original voice came from and saw Holly Luya floating to my right.
"I don't think we've had the chance to properly meet, I'm Holly." Now, I'm a gentlemen. I don't mean to sound full of myself, it's how I was brought up. I reached out to shake Holly's hand and noticed that the one she wasn't using was used to hold down her skirt. I guess I have a reputation now.
I looked around a bit and saw that the area I was now in was completely covered in sand. Must be the Desert of Dijiridoos. "Welcome to the Desert of Dijiridoos!" Holly said with a cheerful smile, I was dead on. "Ah, so I guess this is my first stop for today then." I said as I dusted myself off, I hated sand.
"Of course, if you'll follow me I can show you around a bit." Holly said as she gestured to the rest of the desert, I turned to the moskito and told it to meet me on the other side of the desert. It let out a sigh and began to take flight. I quickly turned and followed Holly deep into the desert.

It seemed like it had been hours as we walked and talked, and I was dieing in this heat. "Ugh... Listen Holly, I like talking with you and all but I'm dieing in this heat. Is there somewhere we can just sit and rest for a moment?" I asked as my foot steps felt heavier with each step I took, this was a pain.
"Oh, uh sure. There should be an oasis around here... ah there it is!" Holly exclaimed as she pointed to a small oasis out in the middle of the desert. "Are you sure that isn't a mirage?" I asked jokingly, she probably knew it wasn't. "Of course not, I know this desert like the back of my hand." Holly said as we entered the oasis.
I noticed that a lot of the plants here looked like quite a few instruments that you would see in the real world, then again this place has Dijiridoo in the name. So of course a lot of the desert would have to do with musical instruments and the likes. The water felt cool and crisp as I put my hands in it and scooped some up. "So, what exactly are you the nymph of Holly?" I asked as I took a sip of the water. "I'm the nymph of music, which is why I live here in the desert of dijiridoos." Holly said as she plucked a strange looking plant off of one of the bushes in the oasis.

Holly folded her legs and placed the plant in the center and began to play it like a bongo. "Well that's very interesting." I said as I got up and walked over to examine the plant, it looked just like a green bongo drum. "There are so many amazing things in this world that you'll see." Holly said as she blissfully played on the plant.
She was quite good, but that's why she's the music nymph. "Wow these are some gnarly plants." I said as I looked a bit closer at all of the plants in the oasis. "Heh, I love all the plants here. I've learned how to play so many different instruments thanks to them." Holly said as she continued to play on the drum-like plant.
"Hey, Holly." Holly opened one eye to look at me when I called her name, I had a serious question to ask her. "I hate to ask you this but... does Betilla hate me now or something?" Holly seemed a bit surprised at the question I had asked. "Well... she's really not happy about the stunt you pulled yesterday." I groaned at that answer.
"It was an accident, I barely know how to control whatever kind of powers I have! Heck, I said sorry I don't know how many times, she punched me AND I said sorry to her again just before I came here!" At this point, I was ranting. I usually do this kind of thing when something gets me really peeved.
"Listen, just give my sister time. Believe it or not, she's one of the most hot headed of all of us. I mean, we all just went through a lot and she's very untrus-" Holly slapped her hand over her mouth before she could finish. She said something that was obviously not for my ears. "So she doesn't trust me eh? Looks like I wasn't hearing things after all." I said in a quite depressing tone as I kicked a small rock around. "You mean you heard?" I looked up at Holly and explained what had happened. "Well, I was getting my bearings around the snoring tree I noticed a hidden room where I heard all of you talking. I didn't get very far into your conversation for two reasons, one, I don't like eavesdropping. And two, the grim reaper pulled me aside and gave me a lecture about the Dead Door." Holly looked a bit confused at that last part. "Oh sorry, I mean I played charades with him." Holly giggled a bit at that, at least she doesn't hate me. At least I don't think she does. "Hey Holly, let me ask you something. And I want you to answer me truthfully, you're answer won't hurt me no matter what it is." Holly frowned at this remark, she knew what I was going to ask I'm sure.

"I want to know how YOU feel about me, we haven't exactly been talking for very long, but I also haven't blown up your skirt by accident." I said with a blush as I scratched the back of my head. "W-well. I don't know if I can answer that yet. You seem very nice, just a bit shy." Ok, that sounded like an honest answer. "Heh, to be honest with you, I'm only this shy around girls." Holly smiled a bit at that, I don't know why but something about shy guys seemed to make girls... act different. Maybe it's just my imagination. I looked around the oasis a bit when I found a plant that looked a lot like a acoustic guitar and plucked it off of it's perch. I strummed the strange vines and heard a sound that sounded exactly like a acoustic guitar. I really didn't play much, but it was worth trying. I sat down next to Holly and began playing along side her as best I could, it didn't seem like I was doing a bad job. But it wasn't that great either. "You have talent, but you need a bit more practice." Holly said as we both finished playing. "Well, I'm sure you know how to play right?" Holly nodded at the question and I continued, "Well maybe I can come back some time and you could give me lessons." I said with a smile, and Holly agreed with a bit of excitement. "Oh that'd be great! I'd love to teach you how to play an instrument! You can come back any time you want and ask, I'll always be ready!"

Wow, she was REALLY excited about that. I looked up at the sun and saw that it was about halfway up in the sky now, I should probably break it off at this.
"Well listen, it's getting a bit late. I think you should head over to Edith's place." I agreed with that at least, we trekked across the rest of the desert where I met up with Moskito, who had been waiting patiently for me. I said my goodbyes to Holly and said that we should meet up again soon, I really did like hearing her play. Moskito was anything but gentle as we flew towards our next destination; Gourmand Land. "O-ok Moskito, you're going to give me a lesson on dismounting now r-right?" I shouted as Moskito dove towards the icy glaciers of the Gourmand lands, I could have swore I heard him let out a snicker as we got ever closer. I could see a red dot, which became much more clear up close that it was actually Edith waiting rather impatiently for us to land. Just before we got to the landing area, Moskito pulled another "prank" on me and bucked me off. I hit the ice hard and slid for who knows how long before I felt my head slam against something solid.