Wolfenstein: Eyes-Only

Hi, guys. Anime Borat here with another ad hoc fan fic, this time it's Wolfenstein. Ad hoc, as in, this was made patched and spur of the moment. What we have here is all the intel presented in Return of Castle Wolfenstein(including Ras El-Hadid from the PS2 version). I've made this just to keep my head in. What you will see right now is just part of it -at least what I was able to gather. I'll ever the rest as soon as I can edit.

Disclaimer: RTCW and the most of the material presented in this fic is property of id Software. No copyright infringement intended.

Andrews Airforce Base
2350 ECHO(Eastern Standard Time)
November 15, 1954

The nighttime rain pelted the staff car I was on like hundreds of buckets of water thrown at us every minute. Angry, diagonal sheets of it where driven by erratic winds, obscuring further my vision of the darkened world outside of the car. Me, and my driver impatiently waited for the MP at the gate to check our security pass. Although it was an inconvenience, it was minor and necessary.

It's 1954, the Soviet intelligent apparatus, the KGB and GRU, have sent agents all over the world and implanted some in our backward, sometimes years in advance when the former used to be known as the NKVD. Here at home, the Red Scare is in the air, courtesy of Senator Joe ' McCarthy, Joe the Redbaiting Asshole as my buddies put him, who just recently introduced it into the US Armed Forces, believing the Pentagon to full of Soviet agents.


How could that man have the nerve to slander the Army's name? While I'm not familiar with the details, I do know it had to do with some asskisser* of his in it.

The guard, drenched by the rain, came to us and handed over our security pass. He poked his head into the window and said, "You're good to go." He turned to me. "Sorry for the the delay, sir." He saluted me. I saluted him back in return.

He then motioned for gate to be opened and we slowly drove through. I looked out to the window to see the entire airbase. It was all but darkened, except for a few lights around the area. Nothing can fly in this weather, except for radar and the F89 Scorpions, jet night-fighters that can take down bomber formations at night.

I stopped at the administration building, where I stepped off, glad to at least have some temporary relief from the goddman weather. Inside, finally got a cup of coffe while my pass is once again being scrutined. After that I boarded a jeep to my final destination.

We finally stopped in front of a large warehouse at the end of the base. I was expecting it to be dark but it was illuminated by floodlights rigged on the building and cordoned off from the rest of the base with armed MPs and dog patrols. Me and my escorts dropped off and we showed our passes to guard at the door.

"Good evening, Harkins," greeted my superior, General Carrington. Carrington had been an OSS officer during the war. He was promoted to general during the Korean War. He is now the Deputy Director of Intelligence, tasked to help archive all the intelligence gathered by the OSS during the war.

"Good evening, sir," I greeted back as we shook hands.

"There's something I need you to look at." He motioned with his hand. "Follow me."

I followed him through the warehouse, already a beehive of activity with the mass of archivist like myselft milling around the shelves, sitting on tables to sift through papers and putting down notes in their journals to help them with further research. He lead me to a dark corner of the place, with a table lamp and some boxes nearby.

"You're the right man for the job."

"Yes, sir," I replied. "My specialty is Nazi occult and advance research activity."

"Ah, I see. We've known a lot about the Nazis but little about their... 'other' activities, don't you agree?" He turned to the boxes. "This was just sent to over us from our British friends, when a mansion that used to be one of our billets was cleaned. There's so much raw data that needs to gleamed into formed into a comprehensive file for future study. I'm confident in your abilities in this matter." In truth, there was so much intelligence collected from the war and so diverse was its nature that a number of specialist have to be called in to help in the archiving.

"I am prepared, sir. Thank you for briefing me."

He added, "You can sleep in the base if you want. I can have a change of clothes ordered for you."

"That would be fine, sir."

"Okay, let's cut the chitchat and get to business. Call me if you want coffee or anything." With that he left. I took my seat and turned on the lamp. With a pen knife, I opened the taped box, lableled OPERATION RESURRECTION, and unloaded all its contents: files folders, envelopes, diaries and journals, etc. They gave me a notebook and pencils to help me in my quest turn all this printed gibberish into a file. I opened the first enveloped in my hands and I felt a cold shudder on back. What I was looking at, I realized, was the most unbelievable intelligence coup in the history of the world.

Raw Intelligence - Part 1


(Ras el-Hadid)


To: General Von Stauff
From: Major Gerhard Wechsler
Subject: Assignment

My Dear General,

While it pleases me to be off continuing service to the Third Reich, I feel that my current assignment does not befit an officer of my training and experience. I did not spend two years at the Lichterfelde Academy to be relegated to babysitting a bunch of archaelogists. With the Africa campaign going as poorly as it is, I believe that my skills could be put to better use on the battlefield.

I appreciate your consideration on this matter.

Major Gerhard Wechsler
Ras el-Hadid, North Africa


To: Captain Olaf Schaap
From: Major Gerhard Wechsler


In the interests of security, I have hired several of the locals to assist us in keeping a watchful eye throughout the village. Their knowledge of the area will be invaluable, and they should be able to alert us of any potential situations with the local community. Even though they will be working for us, you and your men should keep a close eye on them.

Major Gerhard Wechsler
Ras el-Hadid, North Africa


To: Nazi Staff
Village of Ras el-Hadid
From: Major Gerhard Wechsler
Subject: Duties

It has come to my attention that many of the soldiers under my command have been neglecting their duties. While this is not a battlefield, I must remind you that as a soldier of the German Army, you are required to perform your duties with the same diligence that you would if we were engaged in combat. Any further reports of failure to perform assigned duties will result in court martial.

Major Gerhard Wechsler
Ras el-Hadid, North Africa


To: Afrika Corps Dig Crew
From: Lieutenant Mehler
Subject: Dig Safety


Use extreme caution at all times within the tomb areas. Many dangers and traps abound, and some areas are prone to collapse without warning. Keep watch of your surroundings at all times. Our team has suffered several tragic losses which could have been prevented.

Lieutenant Karsten Mehler


To: Afrika Corps Dig Crew
From: Sergeant Schluter
Subject: Misappropriation of equipment

During recent inventory checks, we have discovered several pieces of broken excavation equipment. It has been brought to my attention that some of you may be using the broken dig tools for sporting activities. Under no circumstances are dig tools to be used for any other unintended purpose!

Sergeant Thomas Schluter
Quartermaster, Africa Dig

Corp Book


Location: Village of Ras el-Hadid - N24 55' 24 E33 42' 18

The village section consists of mainly sandy area, leading to a rocky highland in the west which contains the ruins, tombs, and airfield.

The village has an adequate water supply. Your men should be able to confiscate enough food to sustain the research team.

Ras el-Hadid is a small Egyptian village, far enough from the Nile to be of little interest to the Allies. The ruins area is close to the west end of the village, and a distant airfield lies beyond the rocky terrain of the ruins. The airfield is suitable for both the Ju-52 Junkers cargo aircraft and the accompanying Me-109 fighters. Supplies can be ferried into the village by an access road leading from the airfield.

A large portion of the inhabitants appear to have fled to larger cities in the area. your small occupying force should have little trouble subduing the locals. You are authorized to use any means necessary to control the remaining local population.

Intelligence reports indicate that the Allies won't have enough forces in the region to mount an assault on your location in the event that they become aware of our activities.

Professor Werner Schmidt and his team of archaeologists have been tasked with recovering a pair of ancient tablets that are of great interest to the Third Reich. You have been assigned to ensure that they are located and delivered toGermany as soon as possible.

The ruins area leads to a labyrinth of tombs, which remain largely untouched due to superstitions held by the locals. The tablets should be located deep within the tombs. Your equipment will include a portable lift that should aid in the movement of men and materials into the lower tombs.

Part 1


Interrogation Report - March 17, 1943

Subject: Unknown
Interrogator: Doctor Zee

Very little information was divulged by this subject. He was subjected to 77% standard current before expiring. We did discover a cyanide tablet hidden in a compartment of the subjects boots. This discovery leads us to believe that he and his accomplice are allied spies, although we have not determined at this time which agency they may be working for. I believe that I will achieve better results from his accomplice.

Subject time of death: 15:35


To: All watch personnel
From: Major Jurgen
Subject: Alert status

As you are all aware, the SS Paranormal Division has had tremendous success in their recent archeological efforts near the village. However, Oberst Helga von Bulow is extremely displeased with the level of security at Castle Wolfenstein and the village near the excavation sites. I cannot stress how important this operation is to the Reich.

Two spies were recently discovered attempting to infiltrate the castle. With this in mind I caution you; any breaches in security determined to be cause by watch personnel will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

Major Wilhelm Jurgen
Security Officer, Castle Wolfenstein

Part 2


To: All Tram Car Maintenance Supervisors
From: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt

A recent investigation into the causes of tram car fatalities has uncovered a typographical error in the Quarterly Cable Tension Adjustment Procedure. The following line, AN ALLOWABLE ERROR OF + OR - 500KG should now read AN ALLOWABLE ERROR OF + OR - 0.5KG. It is believed that this correction will lead to a significant improvement in the future military record of all military tram cars.

Wolfgang Ungeschickt
Deputy Reichsminister, Office of Industrial Safety, Berlin


To: All Tram Car Maintenance Supervisors
From: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt

After the latest tram adjustments there have been reports of a rattle in both the upper and lower tram motors. Please investigate this situation and fix any problems that arise.

Wolfgang Ungeschickt,
Deputy Reichsminister


Office of Industrial Safety, Berlin
To: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt
From: Tram Car Maintenance Supervisor

After investigation, I could find no problem in either motors. I am convinced that any additional issues stem from the earlier accidents due to improper tension adjustments.

Bernhart Ulshtat,
Tram Car Maintenance Supervisor
Ramguard Station

Part 3


To: Shipping and Receiving
From: Oberst Steiner

The replacement V2 liquid fuel rocket motor is expected to arrive shortly. It is essential for this shipment to be fully staged and delivered to Component Integration immediately upon receipt. Because of last Thursday's unfortunate incident, time is now extremely critical and delays will no longer be tolerated.

Oberst Walter Steiner
Commanding Officer, Reich Special Projects, NW District


To: All Radar Watch Commanders
From: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt
Subj: Radar Operations Safety Report

An exhaustive study undertaken by the Ministry of Safety's Radiology Department has shown no correlation between moderate doses of microwave radiations and increased incidence of skin and blood disease. Also, all rumors attributing vomiting, diarrhea, and hair-loss to such exposures have proven to be completely unfounded.

It is the opinion of the ministry that current procedures in effect for radar operators are well within acceptable safety limits. We do not, at this time, recommend any changes.

Wolfgang Ungeschickt
Deputy Reichsminister, Office of Industrial Safety, Berlin


To: All Maintenance Personnel
From: Major Vorsichtig
Subject: Unauthorized use of equipment

Effective immediately, the practice of brewing coffee in the MkII Sequential Fuel Purifier is strictly forbidden. AS anyone who witnessed the events of last Thursday can attest, the presence of even the slightest impurities within |the condenser vessel can lead to a violent chemical reaction.

Anyone found in violation of this policy will be dealt with in the harshest manner imaginable.


Major B. Vorsichtig
Acting Safety Officer
Reich Special Projects, Maintenance Div.

To: All Area Commanders:
From: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt
Subject: Ladder Safety Project Results

I am pleased to announce that since the implementation of Reichsminister Directive 174 - the mandatory introduction of safety cages for all ladders residing on military installations - our survey has shown an astonishing 75% reduction in ladder related injuries and fatalities. I cannot begin to relate how important this statistic is in light of the current manpower shortage we are facing.

Let me caution all of you against lapsing into a fall sense of complacency. Only through your unwavering diligence can this project achieve such a continued level of success.

Wolfgang Ungeschickt
Deputy Reichsminister, Office of Industrial Safety, Berlin

Kobra Experimental Rocket Plane:


Prelaunch checklist: The following procedure must be completed prior to initiating launch sequence. It is the responsibility of the Control Room Watch Commander to ensure these steps are performed without deviation.

1) Elevation - the Platform Operator will elevate the rocket to the fueling position.
2) Fueling - Upon completion of elevation, the Fueling Operator will initiate fueling.
3) Tower Clearance - Upon completion of fueling, the Launch Tower Operator will open the tower doors.

Only after verifying the successful completion of these steps will the Watch Commander - with proper authority - initiate a launch sequence.


To: All Control Room Watch Commanders
From: Oberst Steiner
Subject: Backup Launch Tower Operator

Due to the failure of our maintenance department to successfully resolve the reliability issues, which continue to plague the Remote Tower Door Actuator, it will still be necessary to employ a Backup Launch Tower Operator during all launch operations.

To prevent a repeat of last week's unfortunate incident, I am issuing the following standing order: The Backup Launch Tower Operator shall - at all times - carry a functioning communications set and shall not - under any circumstances - leave the vicinity of the Tower Door Manual Override. Hopefully, this situation will be correctly shortly and will not prove to be beyond the capabilities of our existing maintenance personnel.

Oberst Walter Steiner
Commanding Officer, Reich Special Projects, NW District

Part 4

Venom Tech Manual


GP-VG MK2 (Venom Gun)

7.92 mm (Saboted light armor piercing rounds required for proper feed)

Electrically operated, locked breech system with six barrels and bolts; rotating bolt heads with dual locking surfaces.

Feed Mechanism:
Gear driven feeder/delinker with two-piece hinged hatch with standard GPMG disintegrating links.

Cyclic Rate:
2,000 RPM.

Operational Specifics: The GP-VG MK2 Venom Gun is electrically operated and utilizes a locking-breech system with six barrels and six bolts. The barrels rotate counter clockwise and fire in turn when they reach the 12' o-clock position. The breech mechanism features a rotating bolt head with two locking surfaces (similar to MG34 GPMG).

The bolt subassembly features a helical tang on the bolt head which mates with a helical groove on bolt body. Rotation into the battery is clockwise with the bolt rotating around the firing pin holding entire bolt assembly together.

The bolt head itself locks into recesses in the rotor (the main structural component of the gun) while the barrel interfaces with the front of the rotor. A roller on top of the bolt subassembly, moving in an elliptical cam path in the receiver housing, drives the bolt forward.

Venom Gun schematics

A flat dwell profile in the cam path holds the bolt locked briefly until the bullet has traveled past the muzzle and the pressure has dropped to a safe level.

Pins in the bolt head interface with the cam surfaces on the firing pin and cause the striker to rotate with the head.

After the extraction and the ejection, the bolt has completed a 360-degree cycle and is positioned to pick up another round. All six bolts repeat this identical process in sequence.

Original Design Problems and Construction

The six barrels are held to the front of the rotor by an integral interrupted flange on one side of each barrel that requires a 180-degree turn for retention. All of the barrels are prevented from rotating out of their retained positions by a barrel clamp which mates with four flanges on the front of each barrel. This clamp is held in place by a single bolt.

Originally a 1/4 inch steel bolt was threaded to a self-locking nut. This nut all too frequently wore so badly that the clamp was shot off the gun. We now use a 5/16 inch bolt screwed into a castellated nut, locked in place by a cotter pin.

Off-center firing pin strikes were also a major problem in the beginning. As the bolt head moves forward into battery, just prior to rotation it looses all alignment guidance, which was provided by machined lobes on the rotor. This allowed the bolt head to wander off-center, resulting in off-center firing pin strikes. We have recently manufactured a new rotor which holds it's tolerances much closer than encountered on the original version.

The feeder/delinker represented the single greatest problem in the original design. Whenever a belt restriction occurred (a rather common event) the belt would slew sideways while entering the delinker and one of the stripper teeth would literally pierce the cartridge case, resulting in massive stoppage. As the feeder/delinker components were encased in a solid outer housing, only by removing the feeder/delinker system from the gun and disassembling it, using a pry bar to force the gears around, could clear the stoppage. This was a major project that took at least 20 minutes.

To alleviate the situation we have installed a hinged hatch on the feeder/delinker housing for easier access. Since it's a two piece unit, the hatch also permits placing the belt by hand into the proper position for firing, just like a standard belt fed machine gun's top cover (in fact, the hinged locking latch on the hatch was taken directly from the American's .50 caliber Browning machine gun's top cover).

Final Analysis:

We have recently completed 3 separate 100,000 round tests with the improved GP-VG MK2 Venom Gun. The results were phenomenal. There was only one stoppage, which was cleared in a matter of seconds. As directed, the Venom Gun is ready for deployment and is the most precisely directed and most devastating small arm weapon currently available anywhere in the world.


To: All Trainyard Loading Supervisors.
From: Leutnant Shosshund.
Subject: Priority Shipment.

A priority shipment of Swiss Chocolate is due to arrive on the 0900 supply train. This shipment is to be delivered, intact, to the SS Senior Officer's Mess. Extra guards will be detailed to prevent pilfering.

Leutnant A Shosshund
Logistics Coordinator
Reich Special Projects, Kugelstadt District.

Part 5

To: All Specimen Caretakers
From: Hauptmann Shmutzig

The three cases of cholera reported in the outer guard compound have been, unequivocally, tracked back to improper disposal of specimen waste material. In future, anyone found dumping specimen waste in the local water supply will be severely reprimanded.

Hauptmann Vernor Shmutzig
Operations Officer, Reich Special Projects, Norway


(Ras el-Hadid)


To: Sonja Fleischer
Dear Sonja,

I hope my letter finds you safe and well. Work progresses slowly here, but I expect that the scientists will find what they're looking for soon enough. It doesn't look like we'll have any trouble here in Egypt. I should be back home to Germany soon."

Tobias Metzger


To: Major Gerhard Wechsler
From: Oberst von Bulow
Subject: Arrival


General Von Stauff informs me that you have expressed displeasure with your current assignment. The future of the Third Reich may very well hinge on the success of your operation, and I won't have you undermining my authority by attempting to go over my head. Your total disregard for the importance of this mission and lack of results leaves me no option but to fly to Egypt and ensure the success of the mission myself.

Oberst Helga von Bulow
SS Paranormal Division

Part 1


To: SS Oberfuhrer Blavatsky
From: Oberst von Bulow

Completed preliminary survey of excavation site. Evidence strongly suggests Dark Knight entombment. Request immediate dispatch of extraction team. Will await your orders before proceeding further.
Oberst Helga von Bulow, SS Paranormal Division


To: Major Jurgen
From: Secretary Giereg

I wish to call your attention to Reichsmarshall Directive 197 which explicitly states that all art treasures, artifacts and miscellaneous valuables, acquired during wartime, are to be turned over to the Minister of the Interior (Reichsmarshall Goering) for proper disposition. Be advised that any violation of this directive will be treated as a serious criminal offense.

Dieter Giereg, Special Assistant to the Reichsmarshall, Ministry of the Interior


To: Secretary Giereg
From: Major Jurgen

I am well aware of Reichsmarshall Directive 197, however I admit to being at a complete loss as to why you should consider it necessary to remind me of it. We have always been operating within full compliance of the law and all such items not deemed essential to the current project have been swiftly forwarded to the Reichsmarshall's office. Let me assure you that absolutely nothing has been withheld and that no hoarding of any kind has been taking place here.

Major Wilhelm Jurgen
Security Officer, Castle Wolfenstein

Part 2

March 14, 1943

From: Professor Zemph
To: SS Oberfuhrer Marianna Blavatsky

Dear Madame Blavatsky,
All the early indications are positive. The talismanic seals and bindings are indentical to those found in the Dark Knight tomb at Holstein. If I were to venture a guess at this juncture it would be that we have definitely uncovered number three. Finally, after all these years, | | we may be very close to concluding phase one. Conditions here are far less than favorable. Already we be difficult meeting our timetable while exercising necessary precautions. I will keep you informed as necessary.

A. Zemph

Zemph's Journal

March 9, 1943 9pm
What an amazing day this has been. I can still hardly believe it. The remains of the last Dark Knight have finally been discovered. After all these years I feel totally vindicated. What will Strasse and the other skeptics have to say now, I wonder? Otto and I will be joining the advance team at the dig site. We leave tomorrow morning on the first train. With any luck we should be ready to begin the Life Essence Extraction by this time next week. I must remember to pack an extra wool scarf.

March 11, 1943 11pm
Arrived this afternoon. Travelling for two days straight. Everything finally unpacked. Wave-guide on Number 2 Reduction Set damaged in transit. Will have to cannibalize spare. Colder than I expected, even for this time of year.

March 13, 1943 9pm
Conditions here are impossible. Generators are unreliable and decent voltage regulation is non-existent. Two days wasted on constant recalibrations. I Hope we can make up the lost time. Going to be close. I feel my Bronchitis acting up.

March 14, 1943 7pm
Very upset with how things are progressing. The work is getting sloppy. Everyone in too much of a rush. Ignoring precautions. Certain corners just cannot be cut. Those old mystics were far too clever for that. Helga is the worst offender of all. And she is supposed to be overseeing us! Doesn't she remember 1939? Does she want another disaster like the Holstein dig? I think this place is affecting her. I know it's affecting me and I don't just mean the weather.

March 16, 1943 5pm
Total disaster! Just as I feared. A premature breech of the outer seal. All Hell has literally broken loose! It's 1939 all over again, maybe even worse. Three team members missing - including Otto. I don't hold out much hope for them. Also, I just heard two spies were captured. Can things possibly get any worse? I feel awful.

March 17, 1943 3pm
Unbelievable! We just barely contain one disaster and now she speaks of going after the "Dagger of Warding". This, of course, means breaking the inner seal beyond the crypt chamber and unleashing God only knows what. This is completely outside the scope of our mission and jeopardizes everything. I plan to make a full report of her conduct to our superiors. Is this woman really a disciple of the great Marianna Blavatsky? Too bad none of the high priestess' wisdom rubbed off on her. We are scheduled to begin in six hours. I'll be happy when it's all over. I think my cold is getting better.


To: SS Oberfuhrer Blavatsky
From: Oberst Von Bulow

I have incredible news. Our team has just uncovered evidence of an even older burial site within the church ruins. I believe this could actually be the Tomb of Olaric, fabled weaponsmith of Ancient Thule and founder of the Legion of the Dark Forge. If this is the case, then contained within may be the long lost Dagger of Warding, one of the most coveted relics in all of Thulian lore. What a glorious discovery this would be for all of us.

Oberst Helga Von Bulow, SS Paranormal Division

Part 3


To: SS-Oberfuhrer Wilhelm (Deathshead) Strasse
From: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler

My Dear Willy,
My compliments on the amazing work achieved by your Advanced "V" Weapons Division. Clearly, the success of this project has exceeded all expectations. Also, I've just read the lastest test reports on the "Kobra" rocket plane. Suffice to say, I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Unfortunately, I am not nearly as pleased with your performance on another project. Make no mistake; OPERATION RESURRECTION is currently the Reich's single most important undertaking. This is especially true following the Extraction Team's successfully recovery of the third Dark Knight. I expect no less than a maximum effort from you at all times. I sincerely hope it will never become necessary for me to remind you of this again.

Yours fondly
H. Himmler


To: Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler
From: SS Oberfuhrer Strasse
Subj: Report on V Weapon Readiness

We have just completed the final testing of our Series III V Weapon. I am pleased to report that the A9 rocket has proven more than sufficient for the delivery of a biological payload to London. A shipment of the latest generation, mutated Bothrax D virus from my Germ Warfare Team in Norway is expected to arrive within four days. Steiner assures me of full operational readiness by no later than the second week of April.

Respectfully yours
SS Oberfuhrer Wilhelm Strasse,
Commanding Officer, Reich Special Projects

Part 4

To: SS-Oberfuhrer Wilhelm (Deathshead) Strasse
From: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler Willy,
It saddens me to hear that you have declined the invitation from the Paranormal Division to attend the upcoming ceremony in Paderborn. You will be missing out on a rare opportunity to witness a momentous event. I had hoped this experience might provide you with new insight or, at the very least, cure your lingering skepticism. I see that, once again, I am to be disappointed.

I have always considered you one the most valuable contributors to the Reich. Were it not for your continued obstinacy in this area, there would be no limits to the support I would give you. I urge you to reconsider. It is not too late.

H. Himmler


Author's note: *Reference to the Army-McCarthy hearings. The Army accused chief committee counsel Roy Cohn of pressuring the Army to give preferential treatment to G. David Schine, a former McCarthy aide and a friend of Cohn's. McCarthy counter-charged that this accusation was made in bad faith and in retaliation for his recent aggressive investigations of suspected Communists and security risks in the Army. I know it's incorrect but I'm conveying the thoughts of Harkins the archivist. See you again soon.