Chapter 1

Arizona Robins, head Ped's attending of Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital skated

through the hallway in her heelies, taking into account that there were people hurrying by her. She skidded past them, a smile on her face returning to a patient that she'd been taking care of sense they merged Seattle Grace and Mercy West into one hospital. "Dr. Robins?" the little girl stirred and raised her head up from off the bed. She was a cancer patient, stage two leukemia to be exact. The partite blonde walked over to the bed, and laid a hand on Katie Marin's arm. "You feeling better today?" asked the sweet as can be Ped's surgeon.

Kate nodded. "Do you know when my mummy will be back?" Kate asked hopefully. She was only six years old, and Arizona had told her parents that they needed to take a break, that she would watch her through out the night. Hell Arizona barely left the hospital anyway. Might as well make something of her time. "Yes, sweetie. She should be here any minute." Arizona's blue eye's shone and it gave the little girl hope. "Do you need anything? Another pillow? A different cartoon channel?" Kate shook her head. "I'm fine Zona." she said, causing Arizona to almost let a tear trickle down her cheek. She had a softness for children, and when they called her by her name it made it even worse.

"Okay sweetie. I'll be back to check on you in a little while." the blonde surgeon said before turning on her heel and going to exit the room. She heard a grunt from the little girl, and quickly turned around just in time to see the little girl heaving and it landing all over the floor. Her stomach turned but she walked over to the bed, and grabbed a wet rag, wiping the girl's face. "You okay now?" she asked, and the girl simply nodded. Throwing up was normal for cancer at this stage. The girl was dealing with chemo and radiation at such a young age, but her parents wouldn't let her stop fighting. Hell the six year old was ready to give up already.

Arizona pressed the button to page a nurse to clean up her mess, and looked down at her pager that had just started beeping out of no where. "Crap." she cursed out loud and turned around to make sure Katie hadn't heard her. "I'll be back later sweetie." she said one last time before turning around, not even noticing the puke that had spattered on the floor, and slipping in it. She tried to balance herself, but she fell anyway, flinching and gasping in pain when she heard something in her arm crack. "Shit!" she cursed out load, not even caring any more if Katie heard her or not.

The nurse had made it in by this time, and ran over to check on Arizona. "Geez. Dr. Robins are you okay?" Arizona looked up and glared at the nurse. "Um does it look like I'm okay? I think I broke my arm." The nurse apologized and helped Arizona to her feet. "You okay Zona?" Katie asked. It almost broke Arizona's heart. "I'm fine sweetie. Rest now." she told the sweet little girl. "Get me Ortho." Arizona ordered, and the nurse did as she was told. "Clean this mess up while your at it, before someone else gets hurt. Thank you." she softened up and apologized to the nurse. It wasn't her fault, and she didn't like when people didn't like her, so she made nice with her.


Callie had just settled down into an on-call room to rest for a little while. She'd been on call all night, and just needed to shut her eyes for a minute. The exhausted Ortho Attending had been handling break after break today, and it was enough to put her down a little. She was usually so strong, but after what Erica Haun did to her she was more emotional. She let a tear fall down her cheek and closed her eyes ready for sleep to take over for as long as her doctor duties would let. Hell she was a rockstar Ortho surgeon and she didn't get many breaks.

As soon as she closed her eyes, the brunette Latina's phone started buzzing in her ear. "God damn it!" she cursed out loud. They really didn't let you sleep around here did they? She sat up and looked at the pager. She was being paged to the peeds ward. "What the hell?" Callie asked herself, not certain why they would page her for a break this time of night. Had to have been a Dr who'd gotten hurt. She sighed, forgetting about sleep and jogged to where she was needed.

Arizona Robins had taken a seat out in the waiting room, holding her arm which was hurting really bad at that point in time. She'd wanted to go to the bathroom, but she was afraid if she stood up she'd pass out from the pain. Arizona wasn't your normal, everyday average peds surgeon though. She'd grown up with a military family, and brothers. She knew how to be strong. She knew how to handle pain.


"Dr. Torres over there." a nurse pointed to a woman in scrubs who was sitting in the waiting room. She looked like she was in horrid pain. Callie couldn't tell the extent of the injuries from where she was standing so she got a bit closer. "Hey. I'm Dr. Torres. I'm going to look at that arm." When the blonde looked up at Callie, her breath caught in her throat. Arizona's blue eyes pierced into the Latina's chocolate one, and Callie almost lost her breath for a second, before shaking her head and regaining her composure. "Dr. Arizona Robins." the blonde said, wincing in pain as she stood up.

Callie walked to a room, and Arizona followed behind. "Sit. I need to look at your arm. Take your coat off." Callie ordered and Arizona did as she was told, wincing in pain as she did it. She did it though and Callie was able to look. "Damn." she said once she saw what the blonde had done to herself. "What happened to you?" Arizona blushed slightly, and avoided eye contact with the brunette. She had truly never seen someone so beautiful in her life time. "I uh. It's kind of embarrassing." Arizona laughed nervously.

Callie sighed uncomfortably. "I'm sure it's no worse than anything else I've heard." she said. Arizona hung her head down low. "I'm pretty sure it is. I was taking care of a sick patient and I slipped in puke." Callie tried everything in her power not to, but she burst out laughing and then apologized. "Sorry, man. That sucks." she said trying to be sympathetic. "See, told you it was embarrassing." Arizona replied.

"Wait a minute." Arizona had just realized something. "Dr. Torres. Your Calliope Torres. Head of Orthopedic surgeons." Callie beamed as she always did and smiled down at Arizona who's blue eyes were shining bright as ever. She was obviously intrigued by Callie. "Don't think I haven't heard about you too, Arizona Robins. Head of Peds." Arizona blushed and looked away from Callie. "Guess so." she replied.


About thirty minutes later, Arizona's x-ray's came back and Callie pinned them up to the wall. "Looks like your left radius has a severe break. Nothing we can't fix with a cast." Callie said. Arizona looked embarrassed as Callie took down the x-rays. "I was sure it was something more than that. It really hurts." the blonde told the beautiful ortho doctor. "Breaks hurt Arizona. Can't be a tough girl all the time." she stated, her eyes locking onto those blue ones of Arizona's again. God, every time she looked at her she wanted to melt. Stop Callie. Get a fucking hold of yourself shit! She cursed herself.

"Says here in your chart you're not allergic to Vikoden, so I'm going to give you that, and something to take away the discomfort. Would you prefer it in a shot, or by pill?" Callie finished. Arizona took a moment to decide. A shot would work faster, and she was in a shit load of pain. "Shot." the blonde finally spoke up. Callie swallowed the lump that was forming and walked out of the room for a moment to get the supplies that she was needed. When she came back, Arizona had already pulled down her pants and exposed her hip where she needed the shot.

Seeing Arizona's skin, made Callie heat up, and butterflies the size of Texas swam around her stomach. This woman made her nervous for sure. Her hands were shaking, and she did her best to stop it. She didn't even know this woman, and already she was making her nervous, and her heart skipped a beat every time the woman looked at her. Geez Callie, snap the hell out of it. She scolded herself. "Ready?" Callie asked, holding the needle in hand. "Ready." Arizona stated, gasping as Callie shoved the needle into her hip, and stuck a band aid on. "That should start working any minute. Why don't you lay up here and relax?" Callie said, helping Arizona onto the bed.

"I'm going to go get the stuff I'll need to set your radius back into place. The meds should be kicked in by the time I get back." Callie said, as she sped out of the room, hurrying as fast as she could to get away from the hot blonde. "Jesus Christ." she said out loud to herself, and nearly ran right over Mark Sloan who'd been looking at charts. "Sorry." she gasped. Her cheeks were hot and Mark could tell she was flustered. "Okay Torres. Who's the hottie?" Mark questioned.

Callie shot daggers at him. "I don't know what you're talking about Mark Solan." she answered. "Gotta go." she spat as she jogged away from him, heading to get the medicine. She didn't want to deal with her best friend either at that moment. IF she told him, he'd only be perverted about it, and as much as she loved him she couldn't take that right now.


Moments later Calliope Torres had made it back into the room. Arizona looked to be a lot more comfortable. Callie set the stuff next to Arizona's bed and took her arm gently in her hands. "This might be a little un comfortable." Callie said as she looked into the other woman's beautiful eyes once more. "The pain medicine should make it a lot less painful." she said, sorrow in her eyes. "Just do it." Arizona replied. Callie nodded, and placed her hands around the break. "3.…2" SNAP. Arizona yelled out in pain, but it was gone quickly. "Shit!" she cursed. "Sorry." Callie apologized sincerely. Arizona could only nod, because she was fighting back tears.

Arizona could not stop staring at Calliope Torres the whole time the brunette was working on putting her cast on. She hoped Callie didn't look up and notice her staring, because boy that would be embarrassing. She was so beautiful though. Arizona had never seen a more beautiful, inelegant woman in her life time. She wanted to spend more time with Callie, but she wasn't about to break any more bones to do so. "Okay, all done." Callie said, as she looked up from the cast. "It will heal fully in about 8 weeks." Arizona shook herself out of her thoughts, and realized Callie had noticed her staring. The brunette stood up and grinned at the blonde, showing her it didn't bother her at all.

"Will I be able to go back to work?" Arizona questioned, obviously paranoid about not missing work. "Yes. Just be easy on that arm. Don't strain it, and if I hear you do, I'm going to not only tell the Chief you're not working. I'll break the other arm. Got it?" Arizona nodded her head. "Yes ma'am. Doctor Torres." A smile crossed Callie's face as she walked toward the exit of the room. "Get some rest Arizona." she said before turning and exiting the room, leaving a baffled Arizona in her wake.

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