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Chapter 12

Once Callie was alone, she sat and stewed in her thoughts. Arizona had been paged 911 and had to take it. The worst was about to come. Callie's father was going to disown her and her mother would just watch as he did so. Lucia was always Carol's little lap dog. Anything he said she went along with. Even her sister Aria knew that. Aria was a few years younger than Calliope, but both the girls knew how their parents were.. When they were younger they'd go to their dad and ask him something and he'd say no, but they couldn't turn around and pull the 'ask your mom card' because it didn't work. Whatever Carlos said, Lucia agreed with.

Her leg had slowly begun to heal. She wasn't hardly in pain at all. She flung the covers off and decided that she'd take this alone time to go take a shower. She covered her healing leg up with plastic wrap and then headed to the bathroom. She moaned in delight when the warm water ran over her. All she could think about at that moment was how much she'd like the hot blonde pediatric surgeon in the shower with her. What she would do to her. She shook out of her thoughts when she heard a knock sound at the door.

"Calliope." she heard a familiar voice. "It's your father. I'd like to speak with you please."

Callie blew out a breath and quickly finished washing. "Be out in a minute Papi."

Carlos sighed and sat down on one of the chairs in the room while he waited for Callie to finish whatever she was doing in there. As soon as she was dressed in a new gown and out of the bathroom he motioned for her to sit down.

"Yes Papi?" Callie asked. She knew exactly what this conversation would be like though. She had been dreading it ever since she watched her father storm off, cursing in Spanish.

"I will say this once. Are you sure this woman is who you really want to be with?" he asked her seriously, his brows arched up and a worry line on his forehead.

Callie nodded her head and averted her eyes away from her father. When she was little she'd do the same thing and he'd always ask her to look in his eyes when he talked to her. Even now she knew she'd better do what her father told her even though she was a grown ass woman.

"Yes Papi. I love her." Callie started, before she could say more Carlos grunted and threw his hands in the air.

"If that's the way it's going to be. You are cut off. I will not support you while you are living this disgraceful life." he spat and stood up, knocking the chair over backward when he did so.

"Seriously Dad?" Callie spat back, standing up out of the hospital bed. He spat something back in Spanish and she did the same. This went on for what seemed like forever until Lucia stepped into the room.

"Calm down!" she spoke gently to her daughter and husband. "Let's talk about this rashly."

Callie and Carlos did not listen though. They kept yelling and screaming at each other until a nurse stepped into the room, interrupting them.

"Excuse me sir. I think you're going to have to leave." she paused glaring between Carlos and Callie. "Now." The Latina woman's arms were crossed over her chest and a firm foot placed on the ground. One eyebrow was raised and a frown marked her plump lips. Carlos looked the same only older and well manlier. "Sir. I don't want to have to call security. Please leave."

Carlos looked at the woman and muttered something in Spanish and then turned around and glared at Callie one more time. "Cut off Calliope. Goodbye Mejia."

Lucia just slowly shook her head before leading an angry Carlos out of Callie's hospital room. As soon as her parents were gone Callie threw herself backwards on to the hospital bed and started crying. Was this really how it was going to be? She loved Arizona. She wasn't about to give up on the best thing she'd ever had just because her father wanted to be an asshole, but Carlos Torres was Carlos Torres and he was very set in his ways. It would not be easy for her to change his mind, or her mother for that matter.


Arizona skated to a patients room on her heelies. She was happier than she'd ever been in her life. The beautiful Calliope Torres had just told her she was in love with her and nothing would wipe the smile that was on her face off of it for one second. She had been paged 911 for a patient of hers that had stomach cancer. He had only been meant to live for three weeks and she'd kept him alive for almost a full year now. He was brought in because he started coughing up blood and his temperature kept rising rapidly. She'd checked on him and reassured the mother that it was just part of the chemo and that he'd be okay. She told the mother that she'd do whatever she could to keep her son alive and that's what she intended to do. She took care of the tiny humans that was her dream career and that's what she was doing at Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital.

"Well hey there Blondie." Mark stopped her as she was wheeling to the Attending's lounge to get two coffees. One for her and one for Callie.

"What's up Mark?" Arizona asked. She tried to treat him with respect, but honestly the man was a pervert and he grossed her out.

"I heard what Callie did for ya. You're a lucky woman. You know that?"

Arizona smiled brightly, her dimples pulling. "I know. You know what else Mark?"

Mark rose an eyebrow and followed her into the lounge and over to the coffee machine where he himself filled a cup of coffee. "What?"

"She told me she loves me. She's in love with me." Arizona beamed.

Mark shook his head and chuckled. "That Callie. Always falling head over heels." The man raised an eyebrow though and set his coffee cup down, glaring at Arizona. "I swear to God if you hurt her you'll be needing one of my surgeries on your pretty face because I'll mess it up."

Arizona laughed at this and set her own coffee cups down. "Oh please, You could try." she grinned.

"All joking aside Blondie; She's been hurt enough and I don't want to see her go through that again." Mark warned.

"Yeah. I get it. Trust me. Hurting Calliope is the last thing on my mind." She grabbed the full cups of Coffee and turned on her heel. "See ya later Mark."

"Okay. Give Callie my love." Mark shouted behind her. Arizona ignored him and kept walking.

When she got to Callie's room she noticed the brunette was turned on her side. It looked to be like she was finally getting some rest, but then Arizona heard a sob come from her. She set the coffee cups down and jogged over to the bed. A warm hand reached out and softly touched Callie's shoulder.

"Callie. What's wrong baby?"

"My dad." She managed to choke out. "C-cut me off." she finished.

Arizona didn't know what to say, but on instinct she crawled into the hospital bed with Callie and snuggled up behind her, wrapping her arms around the Latina as tight as she could. "Oh Cal. I'm so sorry baby."

The Latina woman rolled over and faced Arizona, tears falling from her big brown eyes. "I- I knew he would." she chocked out through sobs. "But I don't care because I" she continued to cry. "I love you." she finished before burying her face into Arizona's neck. She felt comforted there like nothing in the world would hurt her ever again.

"He'll come around Callie. Parents usually do. He loves you. He'll realize what hes done. Everything will be okay. I promise." Arizona said comfortingly, hoping it would work.

"Arizona. I love you." Callie said once more brought her eyes up to meet the blonde surgeons. "Your worth it."

Arizona smiled softly and brought her lips to meet Callie's. She kissed her a peck at first, but Callie wrapped her arms around Arizona's waist and brought her as close as she could get her. They quickly got lost in each-other. Arizona traced Callie's stomach with her fingers and made their way down to her thighs and then ran over the heat that was in between her legs. "Mmm" Callie moaned once she felt where this was going.

Callie grabbed Arizona's hand and urged it into her panties. "Make love to me Arizona." Callie whined in a husky voice.

The blonde slowly slid her hand into Callie's panties and ran her finger over her smooth lips, causing a deep moan to escape Callie's throat.

"Uh, Sorry to interrupt the party but someone's here to see you Callie." Mark's voice sounded at the door, causing both Callie and Arizona to jump. Arizona's hand shot out of the blanket and both of the women wore rosy cheeks from embarrassment.

"Hi Callie." a familiar voice sounded and her sister stepped out from behind Mark a huge smile planted on her face. Arizona frowned though; She was so close to having sex with Callie. Damn it.

"Aria!" Callie nearly jumped out of the bed, but winced in pain when she forgot about her leg. "Aria. What are you doing here?"

Aria grinned. Arizona noticed that Aria was a young Calliope. They looked so much alike that it was ridiculous. Wow she was beautiful. "I came to see you. Duh Cal." the younger Torres beamed as she walked over to her sisters bed and threw her arms around her.

Arizona got up from the bed and Callie whined because her warm girlfriend got up, but focused on her sister. "I'm so glad to see you Aria. You won't believe what dad did."

"I heard." Aria replied. "What an asshole."

Arizona cleared her throat, and crossed her arms over her chest. Mark still stood in the doorway too, a big grin on his face. "Do I need to go so you two can chat?"

"Of course not baby." Callie said. "Aria. This is my girlfriend Arizona." the Latina beamed motioning to the blonde.

"She's very pretty." Aria complimented to her sister. "You're very pretty." she told Arizona.

The blonde peads surgeon chuckled at this and jumped when she heard her pager go off. "Damn it. 911 again. The same case. Gotta go Cal. I'll be back later. I love you." The words came out so fast Callie hardly understood her, but she heard enough.

"Okay. I love you too." she said quickly as Arizona nearly ran Mark over and skated out of the room in her heelies.

As soon as Arizona was gone Aria sat down on the bed next to her sister. "I can't believe you jumped in front of a bullet. What a dumb ass. You love this woman don't ya sis?"

Callie nodded her head and beamed proudly at her sister. "I do. I don't care if Papi cut me off. He could take away all my money and it wouldn't matter because I have Arizona. She makes me so happy. I would give up anything for her. Even my life."

Callie blushed, embarrassed that she was telling her sister all of this. She usually told Aria everything, but she hadn't really told her about Arizona, not a lot anyway. She wanted to wait until it was really serious to say anything and well she guessed it was now since she jumped in front of a bullet for the woman. Now that was love.

"When you get out of that hospital bed" Aria grinned her brown eyes shining. "We are all hanging out. I gotta get to know this woman my sister jumped in front of a bullet for."

Callie smiled sheepishly and threw her arms around her sister's neck. "I'm so glad you're here Aria."

"Me too." replied the younger Torres girl.

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