Percy and Annabeth were on their way back to camp. They were returning to Camp Half-blood, their camp. They heard loud yelling from a clearing not too far from the borders. Loud thumping sounded as well. They kneeled behind a bush and saw 3 males. One was a shaggy haired orangette with amber eyes, sitting in what looked like a school uniform of grey pants and unbuttoned grey jacket with a plain white shirt under it. Next to him was an albino, with pale white skin, snow colored matching hair, and eerie gold on black eyes. He was dressed in black skinny jeans, a black tanktop and had a spiked dog collar on his neck. The albino had something in his hand that looked strangely like a laser toy. Lastly there was a male with blue hair that looked like he just woke up and didn't bother to brush that was running around the clearing after a red light in jeans and a unbuttoned red plain shirt, nothing underneath to showcase his abs. He had ocean colored eyes and teal panther markings at the corners of those eyes.

"Shiro…is there any reason you are using a laser light while we have no idea where the hell we are?" the orangette growled.

"Bored" was the albino, Shiro's respond.

Shiro moved the light so it was on a tree, near Percy and Annabeth's hiding spot. The bluenette jumped at it, just as the light was moved back to the ground. With cat-like reflexes, the male bounced off the tree and to the ground, back on all fours. The albino found this hilarious. "You have to admit our Grimmkitty loves this game" he snickered.

"I will never understand this…" the orangette whined.

"He's a cat, King…" Shiro laughed.

"I thought he was an Arrancar" the orangette stated.

"He is…but he is a cat still…a cat Arrancar I guess" Shiro explained.

"But" an argument was about to start. Shiro jerked the laser light so the red light was on the middle of the orangette's forehead. The orangette realized too late to be able to move before he was tackled by the taller male.

With a loud squeak, the orangette squirmed under his attacker. The bluenette started teasing the younger. Finally the orangette smacked the taller and slipped away. He took the laser light from his companion, slipping it into his pocket. "I can't believe I always end up stuck with you two…immature perverted idiots" the orangette snarled.

"Calm down Ichi…we haven't killed anyone yet" the cat-like male snorted.

'Ichi' just glared at his companions. "Why don't we find out where we are and then we can go home…I figure we are in the Human world" the blue haired male continued

'Ichi' blinked. "Grimmjow…since when are you smart?" he asked.

Shiro fell back, laughing while Grimmjow looked offended. "Oi, I have always been smart, asshole" he snapped.

The orangette laughed. "Temper temper" Ichigo scolded playfully.

Annabeth shifted to get a better look at the males. But Grimmjow heard the rustle. He whirled around, eyes bright at the sign of a fight. Ichigo blinked, surprised. He stood up. He saw a black haired male with bright green eyes and a blonde girl with grey eyes at his side. "…Hello?" he asked.

The two looked at each other, speaking in English. "Are they human? They don't really seem to be" Percy questioned.

"I'm Human" Ichigo stated in English.

"Are they aliens?" Shiro asked, still speaking in Japanese, the only language he spoke and understood.

"They appear to be humans" Ichigo replied in his native language before looking at the caught couple. "I'm Ichigo by the way, these are my…friends Grimmjow and Shiro" Ichigo added in English.

"Grmjaw? Sheo?" Annabeth blinked.

"Learning their names is a bit hard" Ichigo sighed.

"You said you are human…but what are they?" Percy asked, pointing at Shiro and Grimmjow.

"…Ummm…how to explain this" Ichigo muttered.

"We have seen and heard of a lot of crazy things…just tell us" Percy stated.

"…They are dead beings that fed on human souls and filled with anger and sorrow, called Hollows?" Ichigo tried.

Percy and Annabeth had matching shocked looks on their faces. "May I try explaining that again" Ichigo muttered.

"They are what?" Percy asked.

"They are deal beings…most of their kind feeds on human souls and are filled with anger and sorrow…but they aren't normal Hollows…nevermind" Ichigo gave up.

Percy and Annabeth continued to stare at the 3 males. Suddenly Shiro jumped on Ichigo, pulling him into a choking hug. Ichigo squirmed on the ground, trying to breathe. Grimmjow snorted. Percy and Annabeth just looked more shocked.

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