Climb Every Mountain

*I went to the Sound of Music Sing Along and just had to write something about the Sound of Music. The one thing that makes me mad throughout the whole movie is that there is no scene where they tell the children they are getting married. So I've decided to add on. Some things are from the movie and they could be wrong, I don't remember the exact words…sorry!

The meal itself was uneventful, well for the children at least. Maria and Georg continued to look at each other every so often. Brigitta tried to hide her smile as she noticed the secret glances between her Father and Maria.

"I heard you children came to visit me yesterday afternoon" Maria tried not to laugh at the nervous looks the children were giving one another.

Georg also tried to ignore the glances that were exchanged between his children. "So that's where you were!" He tried to act surprised. He knew they had gone to see Maria at the Abbey. "You told me you were berry picking!"

All of them started to talk at once and Georg simply laughed at their worried faces. They were obviously afraid that he would be angry.

"Are you angry, Father?" Marta asked from beside him.

"No, I knew where you were. You children aren't very good liars" A twinkle in his eye made the children relax. Maria smiled at the exchange between the family, soon to be her family.

Before Maria or the Captain noticed, everyone had finished eating. Georg placed his fork back on his plate and looked around the table, his eyes finally stopping at Maria. "How about we go outside? I noticed that I was very beautiful out today" 7 heads nodded and Maria smiled. They all stood up and followed their father out to the porch. They sat down and smiled in anticipation. Maria walked over and stood near Georg, but tried not to be too obvious "Children, I -we- have an announcement" He nodded toward Maria and everyone except for Brigitta looked toward their governess.

"What is it, Father?" Liesel asked

"Well, as you know, there is no longer going to be a Baroness" The 7 children all tried not to smile at this and looked down at their laps, once again, except for Brigitta who now had a bright smile on her face.

"Yes, you told us last night" Louisa commented

"Well, Fraulien and I were talking about this last night before the storm." 7 eyes looked at their father curiously. "I'm guessing you have noticed that Maria and I have become more…friendly since she has returned"

"It's only been a day, though" Kurt points out

"Yes, but some of you" Georg looks at Brigitta and smirks "Have noticed some things, and I would like to explain it" He leans against the porch and looks at his children. "I have called off the engagement with the Baroness because it seems as though I've fallen in love with somebody else" His eyes flitted over to Maria and he motions for her to come over to him. She obeys and then she feels his arm wrap around her waist.

Liesel was the second (After Brigitta) to understand and she instantly stood up and hugged Maria. "Oh, Fraulien! This is great!"

"Wait, what's going on?" Marta asked as the older children ran up and hugged Maria.

"Well, sweetheart, Fraulein Maria and I are going to get married" Gretl and Marta squealed in delight and ran over to their governess.

"Fraulein Maria! This means you can stay with us forever!"

"I do believe that I have to go back to the Abbey though"

"Why?" The Captain and his children asked

"To tell them all what happened, of course! Reverend Mother was in fact the one that told me I had to look for my life. And now I've found it" Maria smiled at her future children.

"May we go with you, Fraulein?" Marta asked

"Of course!" Maria exclaimed, bending down to Marta's level "I would love for you all to come with me" Maria straightened up and smiled at Georg. "Well, if it's okay with your father"

All of the children started begging and finally their father sighed "Okay, okay. We'll leave once you're all ready"

The children cheered and ran back inside. Maria smiled at the man in front of her and he wrapped her in a hug.

"Well, this ought to be interesting" The Captain smirked

"You have no idea" Maria blushed


Maria, the children, and of course, the Captain stood at the gates of the Abbey about an hour later. Maria held her breath as she rang the bell. She smiled as she saw Sister Margaretta walking toward the gate.

"Good morning, Sister Margaretta" Maria greets brightly. Sister Margaretta must not have realized it was Maria because she seemed to quicken her pace as she heard the voice.

"Good morning, Maria!" She replied. Georg guesses this is not one of the nuns that hates his fiancée. "What brings you here?"

"I have wonderful news that I must tell all of you!" Sister Margaretta opens the gate and she allows them in.

She smiles "And I'm guessing these are the von Trapps?" Maria nods and they all followed Sister Margaretta. "I'll go talk to Reverend Mother. Wait here" Maria feels so odd being told to stay in a spot. This was her home for years and now it's like she's a guest.

She grinned as she saw Reverend Mother walking toward them. Maria stepped forward, meeting her halfway. "Good morning, Maria"

"Good morning, Reverend Mother" Maria steps to the side and gestures to Georg and the children. "This is Captain von Trapp and his children"

Reverend Mother smiles at them, trying to hide a smirk as she sees the Captain. This reminds her of something and she turns back to Maria. "Maria, child, how is your issue?"

"Oh, it's not an issue anymore! That's actually why we came here today"

Reverend Mother smiles softly at Maria. "Oh and how was this issue resolved?"

Maria steps back and grasps Georg's hand "Georg and I are getting married"

Reverend Mother grins at the two and notices all of the children grinning as well. "Well, Maria, I'm very happy for you"

"Thank you, Mother"

At that moment, Sister Berthe walked over. Maria let out a tiny gasp and out of habit, dropped to the ground and started to kiss the floor. Reverend Mother and Sister Berthe simply chuckled at the poor girl and the Captain and his children all glanced at her, wondering what on earth she was doing.

"Maria" Sister Berthe says softly and Maria looks up with wide eyes."I'm not here to get mad at you" Maria blushed, but sighed in relief as she got up. "I was just wondering why you were here"

"Oh sorry, Sister, I guess it's just a force of habit" The Captain and some of the older kids understood now. Maria was troublesome, wasn't she?

"It's quite alright, dear" Sister Berthe chuckles.

Maria turns red and nods softly. She opened her mouth the respond, but suddenly the bell rang, signaling that someone was at the gate.

"I'll be right back" Sister Berthe smiled and then walked over to the gate.

"She used to be the one that reprimanded me the most. So, I just got used to kissing the floor whenever I saw her coming, just to save time" Georg chuckles and grasps her hand.

Reverend Mother smiled at the two of them. She knew that Maria had not belonged in the Abbey; she knew that she belonged where she could be free to be who she wanted. And she could do so at the von Trapp Villa.

Sister Berthe came back with a troubled look on her face. She was walking at a normal pace but worry was etched on her face. A man followed her and once Maria and Reverend Mother caught a look at him, the quickly looked at one another.