AN: WARNING! Dominant Jacob! This O/S contains lemons! If you do not like lemons, you should NOT be reading this story! You have been warned!

It had been two weeks since the newborn battle. The preparations for my wedding were in full swing and I was ready to start living my life as the future Mrs. Cullen. I was doing everything a bride to be would do; creating a guest list, picking out dresses, cooperating with my obsessive compulsive wedding coordinator, everything. I was insanely, deliriously, incandescently happy. So why was I always thinking of Jacob Black?

He haunted me. Ever since the kiss on top of the mountain; where strong arms enveloped me and a searing kiss sent waves of electricity through my body. Where visions of dark haired, russet skinned children ran through my mind. He haunted me ever since I saw him bandaged in his bed, after risking his life to save mine; where he declared his undying love for me, and I trampled all over his heart. He haunted me.

I couldn't shake him. Even when I thought that I pushed him from my mind, he was always in my subconscious. I had awoken every night these last two weeks, dreams of warm bodies, sweet smiles and sweet love making filled my mind. There wasn't a night that went by that I hadn't dreamed of Jacob Black. I had never been more grateful for Edward's inability to read my mind. He wouldn't like it if he could read my thoughts; especially because Jacob consumed them all night and day.

I was driving out to Newton's to give my formal resignation today. There was no reason for me to keep the job. After my honeymoon, I wouldn't be able to interact with normal people. Truth be told I would miss my humanity. I was giving up a lot for Edward; my family, my friends, my life, my….Jacob. I sighed and shook the disparaging thoughts from my mind, dismissing them as nothing but pre-wedding jitters. I didn't realize how deep in thought I actually was.

I had driven several miles before I realized I was going in the wrong direction. It wasn't until I pulled in front of the little red house, that I realized exactly where I was going.

To say that I was shaken up was an understatement. I was completely dazed and confused. I sat in my truck, motor running, still not knowing how I ended up here when my door was flung open. There stood Jacob Black in all his denim-clad glory, glaring daggers into my soul.

"What the hell are you doing here, Bella? I thought I asked you for some time? Did you honestly think two weeks was enough? You can't just show up here like this!" He fumed.

I was at a loss for words. I just stared at him blankly.

"Answer me, Bella!"

I openly gawked at him. I took in all his muscled glory. His beautiful russet skin stretched tightly over muscles, it always reminded me of steel wrapped in the smoothest silk. His cutoffs hung low on his hips exposing the delicious V that led to his manhood. My tongue darted over my lips involuntarily. All of my dreams and visions weighed down on me in an instant. Seeing him here in front of me sparked a primal desire inside of me. I wanted him. I needed him.

His dark eyes, that always seemed to pierce straight through me, analyzed me from the inside out. His jaw flexed; anger still marring his perfect features. I needed him to forgive me.

"Jake." I whispered; the plea evident in my eyes.

Hearing his name on my lips changed something in him.


My eyes locked onto his and I threw caution to the wind. I leapt at him with a newfound amount of grace and poise that I had never experienced in my life. He caught me effortlessly; my legs instantly wrapping around his waist. I covered his lips with mine. The growl that emitted from him vibrated straight through me and down to my core. He inhaled deeply and hissed; snatching his lips from mine.

"Bella, what…"

"Shhh." I said placing my finger on his lips.

"I love you, Jacob." His eyes sparkled with understanding. He crashed his mouth against mine. Before I knew it, he was off and running. We crashed through the front door of the little house; kissing along the way. I pulled away to take a much needed breath.

"What about, Billy?" I panted.

He nipped at my bottom lip, soothing the burn with his tongue as he suckled at it. I moaned at the feel of his mouth against mine. He pecked my lips sweetly before answering.

"Gone. I've got you all to myself." He growled.

Suddenly, I was nervous. Jake chuckled.

"You aren't scared of me, are you Bells?" He smirked, a mischievous glint in his eyes. I shivered.

He walked me into his bedroom, kicking the door closed behind us.

He tossed me unceremoniously onto his small bed. I felt a mixture of excitement and anger at the way he was manhandling me.

"Jake! What the hell?"

He growled; masculinity exuding from every pore on his body.

"Take your clothes off."

I gaped at him.

He growled again. That was quickly becoming my new favorite sound.

"I said, take them off! " He snarled.

I moved swiftly, making quick work of my clothes; my jeans and t-shirt hitting the floor with a soft thud. I laid before him in my pale pink bra and panties. My body quaked with lust and anticipation. This new forceful Jake turned me on beyond belief.

A soft rumble reverberated through the room.

"Do you know how long I've wanted you, Bella? Do you know how long I've wanted to see you this way; wet and pining for me?"

I watched as he stroked his manhood through his cutoffs.


He chuckled darkly.

"I know you don't."

He moved over to the door, making sure it was locked; effectively cutting off any escape.

"What are you doing here, Bella?" He started unbuttoning his pants. My breath caught in my throat. He pulled his zipper down excruciatingly slow. This person before me was not my Jacob. This was a man. A man who knew exactly what he wanted; and at the moment, that happened to be me. The thought sent a current of heat through my body that pooled in my core. My stomach clenched as a fresh coat of slick wetness drenched my thighs.


"Mm-hmm?" He licked his lips, his cutoffs falling at his feet.

"I don't know. I-I just started driving and…I ended up here."

"Is that so?" He started stalking toward me, his boxer briefs showing the tent he was pitching. His hard on was massive. My mouth watered at the sight of him. I immediately grew weak in the knees.


"Do you want me, Bells?"

I shuddered and nodded.

"Prove it."

"I…How?" I wanted to show him. I needed to show him how much I craved him.

He smiled.

"Come here."

He crooked a finger at me and motioned for me to come to him. I crawled toward him on the bed stopping at his waistline.

"Pull them off."

I hesitated before pulling them down his hips. I was face to face with the most beautiful muscle I'd ever seen on the human body. I gasped; suddenly nervous. I was, after all, still a virgin.

He smirked.

"What's wrong, Bells?"

"I'm- I never…n-never um..."

"I know. I can smell you."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up his body. He dipped his head into the crook of my neck; inhaling my scent.

"You smell so sweet. Untouched. All mine." He growled.

There goes my favorite sound again. I melted against him. He pulled my face to his and kissed me roughly; all teeth and tongues. I broke away, gasping for breath.

"Jake, please."

"Please what?"

"I need you."

He smirked.

"Lay down."

I did as I was told, looking up at him as my head made contact with his pillow.

"Spread your legs for me, baby."

I complied.

"Mmmm…you smell so good."

He got on the bed, moving between my legs; bringing his face down to my lace covered sex. He inhaled deeply; his eyes darkening in result.

He looked up at me and smiled. "You're still wearing way too many clothes."

He ripped my underwear from my body.

I moaned.

"You like that, huh? You like when I'm rough with you, Bells?"

I nodded frantically.

"Good." He ran his tongue lasciviously against the lips of my bare pussy.

I threw my head back in a mixture of pleasure and surprise. "Ohhh."

"I'm gonna taste you, now Bella. Be a good girl and cum for me."

He began his assault on my body, flicking his tongue over my clit. I felt like I was being tasered.

"You like that, Bella?" He suckled at my bundle of nerves.

"Oh! Yes, Jake! Yes!"

He lapped at my center; gently nipping between long licks. I shuddered against him as my stomach clenched, releasing my juices which he devoured greedily.

He eased a finger into my opening. He moved his finger around seemingly searching for something.

"Ah. There it is." He moaned. He applied pressure to that secret spot inside of me and all brain function ceased.

"Aaaah! Oh god, Jacob!"

"Mmm. I want you to come all over my tongue, Bella. I want you screaming my name when I take you over the edge. Scream for me, baby."

He eased another finger inside my tight opening; scissoring his fingers, trying to open me further. The edges of my vision blurred as I reached my climax. Jake replaced his finger with his tongue, driving it deep inside me; gulping down my release as if it was the very essence of life itself.

"Mmmm." He growled. "So gooood."

I ground my pelvis lecherously against his face; wanting more of the sense of euphoria he was invoking in me. My body convulsed as though it was being hit by a million electric currents. I felt his hands running over my body.

Much to my disappointment his face left my core. He crawled up my body, kissing me hard; my juices all over his face. I was almost ashamed of the sense of excitement I felt from tasting myself on his sweet lips.

He pulled away; a smirk prominent on his strong features.

"That was just the beginning babe. You belong to me tonight."

"Yes!" I agreed eagerly.

He chuckled darkly.

"Lose the bra, Bella. Unless you want it to go the same way your panties did?"

"Well…it was a matching set." I gasped in surprise as the words left my mouth.

"Oooh…naughty girl."

He pulled me to him; making quick work of my bra. I moaned.

"Mmm…so responsive." He said as he pushed me back down to the bed. His fingers ghosted over my flesh leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake.

His fingers roamed down the soft flesh of my belly and roamed further down to my slick folds.

"So wet." He said as he rubbed my clit. He positioned himself on top of me; stroking his length against my saturated heat.


"What Bella?" He said as continued rocking into me. "Hmm? You want me to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours?"

"Yes. Oh yes!" I whispered.

He started inching his way inside of me. He stopped abruptly; the head of his cock was inside of me.

"Say please."

I was slightly taken aback. "Wh-what?"

"You heard me. Say please."

"J-Jake I…"

A swivel of his hips had me moaning.

"You want more of that?"

"Yes! Oh god, yes!"

"Then. Say. Please." He growled.

"Please! Oh, please, Jake! Please fuck me!"

He growled.

"Mmm. Trust me, I will." He smiled down at me. "You better hold on tight. This is gonna hurt."

I grabbed hold of his shoulders as he pushed his way inside of my warmth. I hissed as he broke through my barrier. He stilled his movements, waiting for me to adjust to the intrusion on my body.

After a moment the pain subsided and the feel of his warmth combined with the new fullness I felt inside my body was driving me insane. I needed him to move.

"Jake, please."

He nipped at my lips.

"That's all I was waiting for."

Jacob pulled us into a sitting position, the new angle making both of us moan. My legs wrapped firmly around his waist and my feet planted against his muscular ass as he started to grind against me. My body moved against his wantonly; the familiar dull ache of my arousal was building with a promise of euphoria not so far behind. He bent his head, angling it toward my breasts. He darted his tongue out over my hardened nipple before capturing it in his warm mouth. I threw my head back in ecstasy as he continued suckling at them. He reached his free hand between us and started to caress my over stimulated bundle of nerves causing me to buck against him.

He moved his mouth from my breasts causing me to whimper at the loss of contact. He moved his hot mouth to my ear.

"Cum for me, Bella." He whispered; a soft growl rumbled through his chest.

As if on cue, my inner walls began to spasm. "Such a good girl." He cooed.

"Aah! Jake!" I started to collapse against him.

"Oh no you don't."

He said as he pulled us from the bed; staying completely sheathed inside of me. He walked us to the door, pressing me firmly against it. He placed his warm hands underneath my thighs, planting them on my hips; spreading my legs wide open. Without warning he slammed into me. I cried out as he drew back slowly, only to repeat his harsh thrust. He slammed into me over and over. I moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"You like that, Bella? Huh? Tell me that you like it."

"Oh God! S-so gooood!"

He chuckled darkly.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." He answered cockily, resulting in another gush of wetness from my body.

He moved mercilessly within me. His breathing coming in short pants as he neared the point of ecstasy he'd brought me to more than once tonight.

"Oooohh shit, Bella!" He grunted as he released inside of me. I cried out my own release as his hot seed coated my walls. I wrapped myself around him, clinging to him for dear life.

He walked us over to the bed, this time gently laying us down as he peppered my face with kisses. He moved to my side, pulling me over to him. I draped my body across his chest.

"Wow. Jake that was just…I…"

"Yeah. Me too."

I snuggled in closer to him and he secured me in his arms.

He sighed.

"I knew you would make it back to me."

"Yeah. Me too."

My phone buzzed in my pants pocket, effectively disrupting our euphoric moment. I ignored it. I knew who it was without having to look at the display. I knew my future had disappeared, because now and forever, it would be tied to a wolf. My wolf. My Jacob.

He rubbed my hair and kissed my forehead.

"You can call the leech tomorrow and tell him the wedding's off." Apparently he knew who it was too. "Like it or not, Bella; you're mine."

He growled.

Yep. Definitely my new favorite sound.