Title: Make a Note
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Summary: Commitment comes on a notepad. Happy New Year Ansop

Make a Note

Their relationship was at a crossroads. They loved each other but fights were too regular for both of their likening.

"What do you want from me Ziva?" Tony screamed as another fight erupted.

"I do not know," Ziva shouted back.

"Yes, you do," Tony replied. He was sick of Ziva hiding from him. "Tell me Ziva,"

"Something permanent," Ziva replied, her voice suddenly small. She walked to the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

Tony kicked the couch in frustration. Both he and Ziva had spent far too long avoiding commitment and the hurt that came with it that they did not know how commit.

Ziva let the water cascade over her. She thought about their fight and nothing else. She punched the wall in frustration. How did she let Tony do this too her?

Tony sat on the couch channel flicking. As he channel flicked he found The Peacemaker on. He remembered telling Ziva about it when she first came to DC. He suddenly thought of all the movies he had told Ziva to watch. He grabbed a notepad that had been taken from work and began to write them all down.

Ziva walked into the hallway dressed only in her bathrobe.

"What are you doing?" she asked. Tony handed her a piece of paper.

"These are all the movies we have to see together," Tony replied.

"We have to see all of these," Ziva enquired. "There are over one hundred movies here,"

"Yeah that means one hundred movie nights," Tony replied. Ziva suddenly realized what he was doing. His movie list was his commitment. He was promising her one hundred movie nights She leaned into kiss him and in the process she took the list.

"I am adding to it," Ziva replied.

The movie list would never end.