Chapter 8

Jordan glared at her angrily, his fists clenched in tight balls, as if he was trying to restrain himself from lashing out at her. "Who are you to tell me that? You're nobody, that's for sure. You have no idea how I'm feeling on the inside. You know what, Sabine? I just thought about something," he smirked evilly. Sabine really hated seeing him like this. It scared her just the tiniest bit and she was worried about what he was going to tell her. "You're not worthy of my love. I feel sorry for Ethan, because you're his girlfriend. I wonder if he really knows the real you?"

That left Sabine feeling pretty darn speechless. And it left her curious too, was she really like this to Ethan? She had been in sort of a daze for the past several months and she couldn't seem to remember how she had acted. No, there was no way that she was like he explained. He was just jealous. But no matter how hard Sabine tried, she couldn't seem to get this out of her head. It bothered her a great deal, more than it should have. "What is that supposed to mean?" She asked bitterly, raking a hand through her thick hair.

"Nothing, it means nothing," Jordan hissed, as he tried to get past her, but she had him blocked. She wasn't about to let him get past her that easily. He was going to explain himself, whether he wanted to or not.

"That doesn't sound like nothing to me! You're not going anywhere, until you explain yourself." So, she didn't know why she was so determined to hear this. It couldn't be very good news. They weren't a couple so it shouldn't have mattered—only, it did. Just let it go, Sabine. This shouldn't concern you. She scolded herself.

She could tell that Jordan would rather be anywhere but there. "I don't have to explain anything to you. You're not my girlfriend. Or have you forgotten that?" Sabine grabbed hold of his arm, willing him to stay. "Why do you care so much?"

Sabine sighed, she hated feeling so weak. Couldn't she be happy with Ethan? Of course, she had to go and make things way more complicated than they should be. "I'm sorry," she murmured, looking at the tiny specks on the pavement, at her feet. "You probably think I'm a horrible person and I don't blame you in the least bit. You're a good kid," Jordan opened his mouth in pretest, probably to tell her that he wasn't a kid, but she stopped him before he managed to say anything. "But that's all I can ever think of you as, and you have no idea how very sorry I am for having to hurt you like this, because I know you don't deserve to be treated like that. So, don't you see why it could never work between us? People would think that you're my brother."

"So, then let them," Jordan spoke up, in a harsh tone. "Do you really think that I honestly care what other people think about me? No, I've stopped caring for a long time now. Sabine," he whispered, moving closer to her. She swallowed several times, trying to get the frog, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere, out of her throat. "You don't have to say anything now," he gulped. "Just think about it, please? And I mean really, truly think about it. Don't give it some half-assed job and just forget about it as soon as you leave me. Will you at least do that for me?"

Without thinking about it, Sabine nodded. It was like her body was moving without her making it. It was a very weird feeling. "Okay," she muttered, still not really all there.

"Good," Jordan told her, leaning in even further, if that were even possible. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her lips. It was warm, so very warm. Before Sabine knew what was happening, Jordan had leaned in and kissed her on the lips. The kiss lasted for several minutes. She had never had a kiss like that, even from Ethan, who was much more experienced. It was almost as if Jordan was a pro at kissing, like he'd kissed several girls, but that was just insane. No eleven year old could be that experienced, right?

Finally, they pulled apart. But what really and truly confused her, was that she didn't want the kiss to be over. There was a small part of her that knew that this was wrong of her to feel like that, but it didn't seem to matter. She couldn't help but wish that he were kissing her again. Not knowing what else to do, she tried leaning in again, to kiss him. But unfortunately, Jordan stopped her and pushed her back ever so slightly. The really confusing part was that, that simple movement really annoyed her. Wasn't he the one who wanted to kiss her? Yet here he was, blocking her from doing so. It made no sense whatsoever.

Jordan chuckled at her as she did that. "Easy there girl, one step at a time."

One step at a time? No, she wanted all of him now. And by golly, she was going to get it, if it were the last thing she ever did. "No, Dammit! Come here you silly boy. I want to kiss you again." Seriously, what had gotten into her? It was only a few moments ago that she was trying to get him to see that he didn't love her. Oh dear, this was not a good thing.

Caving in and giving her what she so desperately wanted, Jordan kissed her again. It felt as if Sabine were melting and the only thing keeping her upright, was Jordan's arms. "What the hell is going on?" A voice rang out, quite angrily. Sabine knew that she should have recognized it, but she didn't, nor did she care that he was angry. It was as if no one in the world mattered any more, just Jordan.

"Go away," Sabine murmured, breaking contact with Jordan's mouth just long enough to say that, and immediately, resumed the kissing.

She felt a sudden jerk to her shoulder, and she was, to her dismay, ripped away from Jordan's arms. "Get off of her," he told Jordan, and Sabine then suddenly recognized the voice as Ethan's. The next thing she knew, Jordan was lying on the ground, his hand clasping his nose, where blood was now trickling down from it. What the crap had just happened? Sabine wondered, very confused.

She went to help Jordan up, but was roughly stopped by Ethan, who pulled her up to her feet and pushed her back, keeping her apart from Jordan, which oddly, bothered her. "What are you doing to him?" She shrieked, tugging on Ethan's arm.

"Teaching this boy a lesson," he growled. "He needs to know that he can't just up and steal other people's girlfriends, right from under their noses. Nice people don't do that to each other." Ethan let another punch hit Jordan in the gut.

That's when something changed inside Sabine. It was like she was set free from some sort of spell, like she could breathe again. Suddenly, she was repulsed by herself, like how could she have been so weak as to fall for something like that? She couldn't help but hate herself for doing what she did. She had to get Ethan off Jordan, before he seriously hurt him, which may already be too late. There was a glassy look in Jordan's eyes and he was barely moving. "Ethan, stop!" She shrieked, pouncing onto him, hoping it would stop him from beating on Jordan, any more than he already had. "You're hurting him. Stop!"

Thankfully, Ethan stopped and turned to face Sabine, she then was afraid that he was going to strike her. Well, better her than Jordan. Sabine couldn't help but quiver at the sight of his eyes, which scared her. She had never seen Ethan like this. And to be honest, she never wanted to see him like that again. "Oh, so you love him now?" Ethan asked, his voice saturated in disdain. You could hear the hatred in his voice, reminding her of nails scratching along a chalkboard. Definitely not a sound that one wanted to hear ever again.

"No, of course not," she told Ethan, trying to assure him that it was he whom she loved, but after this, she didn't know what to think anymore.

Ethan turned his attention back to Jordan. Her heart literally stopped beating. She was so frightened that he was going to kill Jordan right there. But he stunned her, by not hitting him again—thank God! "Get up," Ethan seethed. He grabbed Jordan by the shirt collar and pulled him off the ground, when Jordan hadn't moved quickly enough. "I said get up. You listen to me when I'm telling you something. You should be grateful that Sabine was here. She may have very well just saved your life. Now, get the hell out of here! Go, fast. I don't want to see your face ever again. You may not be so lucky next time." Not saying another word, Jordan fled the balcony, not even looking back at Sabine. The poor boy was probably too afraid to do anything other than what Ethan had told him to do.

"Don't you think that you're being just a little hard on him?" Sabine asked Ethan, more annoyed at him than ever.

"No. I probably wasn't harsh enough. That boy needs to be taught a lesson," he hissed.

"Ethan, come on. It didn't mean anything, I swear." There was a small, tiny part of her that wished she was still kissing Jordan. No, no, no, get that thought out of your head. He's too young, and you're with Ethan now. Sabine could only hope that her little pep talk would work. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be working. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop thinking about Jordan and the way his lips felt against hers. Stop it!

"It didn't mean anything, huh? Then why were your hands running all up and down his body? Tell me that! Sabine, he's just a boy, for crying out loud." She knew that! That's why she told him that it was never going to work between them.

"I know that, Ethan. That's why I told him that he and I were never going to happen."

Ethan crossed his eyes in confusion. "That's what the kiss was? 'Cause I don't think he understood the message."

"I honestly have no idea what happened. One minute, I was telling him that he didn't love me, and the next thing I knew, was that we were all over each other. It was like he had put me under some sort of a spell. I promise you that's what happened," She could only pray that Ethan believed her, but by the look on his face, made her believe that he didn't. Come on Ethan, you have to know that I will always love you and only you. Again, she wished that she were a telepathic. It would make conversations like these so much easier.

It still looked like Ethan was having a hard time believe her. "How can I be sure? I feel like I don't even know you anymore, Sabine." Ouch, that was a slap in the face, and it hurt like crap. She didn't like feeling this way and wished that things could be back to normal, before Jordan got in between them. Oh, Jordan, why'd you have to go and mess things up? She thought bitterly. "You've changed and you don't even know it," he mumbled, stepping around her.

No! Ethan couldn't leave her right now. She was pretty sure that she was going to go crazy if she was going to be by herself. "Please, don't go," she begged, holding onto him for dear life. "Tell me what I can do to make it up to you?"

Thankfully, he turned back to face her. His face wasn't as harsh looking as it was, for which she was grateful. She didn't think that she could have stood it much longer—him looking the way he did. "Be here with me, really be here," What was he talking about? She was always with him. "No more little stunts like this. Promise me that you'll cast your depression aside. You have no idea how much it kills me to see you so depressed. Step out of line, one more time, and you're out. I can't keep feeling like this Sabine, it kills me every time. I'm not some kind of superhero who can keep coming back from the dead. Because, as hard as it is for me to say this, that's what I feel like whenever I'm around you."

Sabine's heart broke slightly, as he said that. It was a wonder it could break anymore, seeing as it was already ripped to shreds, after everything that's happened. Yet, here it was, breaking even further. But, she was going to try, and really try to be there from now on. She only hoped that Ethan wouldn't change his mind. "I promise, Ethan. I really do. I want you to promise me something in return." She knew she didn't have any right to be making him promise her something after everything she's done, but she went on anyway, hoping and praying that he would listen to her, and not ignore her, like she so feared he would. "Promise me that you'll never leave me," Ethan nodded and he leaned in, kissing her fervently. Sabine than realized how much of a fool she'd been for acting like she did. She promised herself that it would never happen again.