A/N: And now the pay-off; this is where the 'M' rating comes in. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

"Who you are is beautiful." Dave pulled her closer, kissing her fiercely but briefly before looking at Emily. It was a look that said he wanted to give JJ everything she needed, and that meant Emily as well as himself. It was a look that said he desired her as well.

"How can anyone know you and not like you, Jayje? Not want you?" With a few spoken words the decision was made for all three of them. For the second time that night JJ had opened a door and invited her in. Emily trusted almost no one, but she trusted JJ completely. There wasn't a person who knew more about her than JJ, or a person to whom she owed more loyalty. Even if this wasn't something she wanted for herself, and she did, she would have done it for the woman who had risked everything to keep her safe, and sane.

"Let us show you how much." Rossi was never one to procrastinate once a decision was made, and tonight was no different. Before any self doubt could make itself known he pulled JJ onto his lap, initiating a kiss between them. Emily couldn't take her eyes off them as she lowered the bottle of Jack and the two remaining glasses to the floor, out of their way. It was just the three of them on the bed now, with nothing between them but the clothes that they wore. Those would be taken care of soon enough.

"When you do that I stop thinking. I don't want to think tonight, not any more." Thinking meant remembering, and bodies of dead little boys. Not even the alcohol had drowned out all those visions. JJ shook her head as if to shake out the thoughts she didn't want.

"No more thinking tonight, JJ. Just feeling." Emily looked over JJ's shoulder at Rossi, nodding slightly. Nothing had to be said between them. They both understood that as much as the evening would be enjoyable for the both of them this was about JJ. She was always so careful to take care of everyone else on the team; it wasn't often that she allowed them to see what she needed, and to give it to her. Tonight what she needed was to give up her control, and to lose herself in pleasure. Emily tugged her own shirt off and tossed it in the floor before settling behind her friend, chest to back, lips seeking out the sensitive skin of the other woman's neck.

"We're here for you tonight, Jen. If anything's too much or not enough, if there's anything you want us to do or touch or kiss all you have to do is ask."

"I've never done anything like this before. I don't know what to do, or say." She looked down and found that the hand covering her breast was small and pale, with nails painted an opal color. Emily, who was finding just the right places on her neck to make her shudder. Or maybe it was Dave's thumb slipping under the waistband of her yoga pants who was doing that.

"The answer is the same for both questions. Just do what feels right and say what you feel like saying. Don't worry what it sounds like to us; we trust you as much as you trust us." Emily remembered her own first experience with sharing a bed with two other people. She wished she'd trusted them like she trusted JJ and Dave.

"I want..." She took a breath, finding it hard to forego that filter between her brain and mouth that said 'careful, people will judge you for what you say.'

"Anything, bella." The elastic band on her pants was tugged down lower, revealing her hips and the top of her underwear. His fingers traced the newly exposed skin.

"I want to see you kiss. You and Emily. You've kissed me and she's kissed me, but I want to know what it's like to see you kissing each other." Maybe she was supposed to be jealous at the thought of the man she was in love with kissing another woman, but it wasn't another woman, it was Emily. Emily, who she could still feel against her back and still taste in her mouth. Emily, whose presence was still such a gift after so many months of thinking they might never see each other again.

"Are you sure?" Emily's voice came from just behind her, so close to her ear that Emily must be almost leaning on her shoulder.

"Did you enjoy it? Watching Rossi and I kiss?" Voyeurism, her brain said. She told it to shut up; this wasn't a profile, it was her life. There was nothing wrong with curiosity.

"Very much so. If I hadn't been turned on already I would have been then." There was no lying between them, not tonight.

"Then trust me to know that I want the same thing." She pushed away from Rossi a little, putting just enough space between them that she could see both of the other people in the bed. It was the first time she noticed that Emily was no longer wearing a shirt, the paleness of her skin only broken by the plain black bra. She'd seen Emily in a bra before, but never had her eyes lingered over the way the skin was whitest just at the curve where it vanished into the bra, paler than her own skin. Never had she thought about what it would be like to push the straps off her shoulder and kiss the skin where it had been.

"We trust you." Rossi kept one hand on JJ's arm as he leaned forward, touching fingers to the back of Emily's neck to draw her closer. His first kiss was barely a whisper, his second the flick of his tongue against her lower lip. Emily opened her mouth then, no longer able to deny her curiosity. She was aware of JJ watching, but after the first seconds it no longer made her cautious. JJ wanted this, and so did she. Dave did as well, if the way his tongue swept into her mouth was any indication. He teased and nipped and guided the kiss until she couldn't breathe any more and had to pull back.

"I'm beginning to understand how you got three women to agree to marry you," she teased, rather than admit just how much the kiss had affected her.

"Hey, I have other qualities. Most of my wives were just more interested in the qualities of my portfolio." There was no discomfort in the statement; at the moment he couldn't even remember the names of wife number two or wife number three, not with the taste of Emily in his mouth and the feel of JJ's skin against his fingers.

"Oh JJ and I only want you for your money too, Rossi," Emily joked, knowing that he would know it wasn't true. They cared about him, no strings attached. Emily also didn't have to worry about money, and JJ was in the running for person least likely to marry for money.

"Speak for yourself, Em. I want him for his body." Alcohol was a wonderful freeing thing.

"No one ever wants me for my brain," Rossi lamented with an over exaggerated sigh.

"You'll have to learn to deal." JJ had had enough of sitting back, as arousing as watching them had been. She tugged at the bottom of his sweatshirt. "I really think it's time for this to go. Please."

"Since you asked so nicely." He pulled it over his head, tossing it to the ground not far from where Emily's shirt was.

"Finally." For all the nights that they had slept in the same bed there had always been shirts and often blankets between them. This was the first time she'd been able to run her fingers over his bare chest, to feel the toned muscles, the coarse hairs, the warm skin. In the sometimes absent minded way of drunken discovery she drew circles with her nail around one nipple until he shuddered and covered her hand with one of his own.

"Only one of us is still wearing a shirt, Jen. Seems to me that's still one shirt too many." He ran a finger down the side of her neck to the place where just a hint of cleavage was visible above the v-neck of her shirt. Emily moved both her hands against JJ's back, raising the bottom of the shirt as she went, kissing one shoulder blade when it was revealed.

"We want to see you too." Emily eased the shirt over JJ's head. As Dave took the material from her, Emily's fingers traced the spine down to the clasp of the bra, freeing JJ from that was well.

"So perfect." It was hard to tell who had spoken, as Dave cupped one breast in his hand and covered her shoulder with kisses and Emily tasted the length of her spine with her tongue. Fingers and lips and tongues all joined in the exploration as Dave and Emily and JJ began to learn each other's bodies.

Somehow Emily's bra was on the ground as well, JJ's tongue working the newly exposed nipple into a hard pucker. Hands, she wasn't sure whose, ran through her hair as she sucked lightly, then harder. Their legs were all tangled together, twisting as they moved but somehow always managed to keep JJ in the middle.

"Still doing alright, kitten?" Rossi asked as he massaged her muscles, fingers digging deep into her shoulder blades to release the tension of the last days, weeks, and months. JJ nodded, but the moan was more reassuring.

Emily had spent the last few minutes in a less rigorous but still relaxing massage, rubbing JJ's stomach in gentle strokes. Now, though, her confident fingers slipped past the elastic waistband of the pants, tugging the material down a few more inches. Her tongue followed the same track her fingers had been working for the last few minutes. JJ didn't think too much of it until there was a spark of sensation. Her eyes sprang open. "Emily."

"Shhh. No thinking, remember?" Emily canted her head back enough to see JJ's face, not lowering her eyes as she nudged thin lacy panties to one side and eased one finger into the warm wet flesh she found waiting for her. The moment she found the sensitive bundle of nerves the blonde's eyes flickered closed again. Another pair of eyes were wide open and watching her, deep brown eyes that took in every thing she was doing as her hand moved against the already pulsing clit. There was no jealousy in Rossi's look but there was undisguised hunger. She looked back at him, her gaze just as unblinking and just as aroused.

"She needs this," he said in a low whisper. His hand slid from JJ's shoulder to wrist, brushing against Emily's hair before moving back up JJ's stomach, coming to rest on one breast. His chest was molded perfectly to JJ's back, feeling each ripple of muscle as the woman in his arms began to writhe and whimper. For the first time that day she really was just feeling and not thinking. "Let go, baby. We've got you."

"We've always got you." Emily's fingers moved faster, a driving rhythm designed to push her over the edge. She could feel the tension of muscle wound almost too tight. "Come for me, Jayje."

"I..." JJ's back arched, her body pressing even closer to Emily. Pale eyes looked almost black as her pupils dilated. Her lips, in contrast, were a stark white as she bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as she came.

"That's it," Rossi crooned as he held her, JJ's body trembling against him as the orgasm coursed through her body. She was still shaking as Emily eased her way up, head resting on the pillow and a hand resting on Rossi's hip as they cradled JJ between them.

"For a crappy day it sure is ending on a better note," Emily commented. She was aroused, physically, but emotionally content as she touched her lips lightly to the woman facing her, a woman who looked far less troubled than she had an hour ago. It was an accomplishment she was pretty proud of.

"Who said anything about ending?" It had been years since Rossi had found himself sharing a bed with more than one person, and never had the experience been with two people who mattered to him in different but equally important ways. His future, he hoped, was with the blond who trusted him so much she was limp in his arms, but Emily, and her happiness, mattered to him too. His hand rested on JJ's, and without hesitation he guided their combined fingers to Emily's most intimate entrance, exploring the wet heat they found there. "Emily needs a little relaxation too, don't you think Jen?"

"Mmm hmmm," JJ agreed with a hum that might have seemed like she wasn't aware, except that she curled her finger at just the right moment to send a shock wave through Emily's nervous system. JJ opened her eyes slowly, a smile growing as she caught the other woman's reaction. "Hard to hit that spot by yourself, isn't it?"

"God, JJ." Emily moaned, then moaned again at the touch of a tongue to her neck and a hand to her thigh. Whose tongue and whose hand she couldn't really tell, and didn't really care.

"Everything's spinning," JJ muttered as her hand dug into Emily's shoulder, trying to keep from floating away. She felt so light, yet at the same time anchored as she never had been before. Dave's fingers were woven against her own, their pointer fingers moving as one as he led the rhythm in and out of Emily's body. Emily's hand cupped her breast, someone's leg covered her own and there was a voice begging her for more. Maybe it was her begging them for more.

"Please." Emily, when she bucked hard against them, did not have the same restraint that JJ did. It was lucky that they were in the last room in the hall, the space next door vacant since it was assigned to Rossi; there was no one to complain or come running when Emily screamed.

"Two down," Emily whispered once her voice started working again. The comment was followed by a pointed look; never one to shy away from things the look was followed by a finger caressing his hard length.

"One to go," JJ added, just because it sounded right.

Emily shook her head. "No reason it has to be limited to one."

With a strength that was surprising considering that all of her bones had melted and were yet to reform, Emily tugged JJ away from Dave, encouraging her to roll over. Lips were too close to resist; tongues slid together as the women explored each other. Mouths weren't the only thing to be explored when Emily's hands wandered down, a single finger confirming that JJ was more than ready for a second round.

"I bet you've imagined this happening quite a few ways, but never with me in the picture." Emily had to laugh; she was sure that her friends had at least kissed before tonight, and was still surprised that they hadn't. So many firsts in the last hour.

"I like the way things are happening," JJ assured her friend, knowing that jokes were a common shield when Emily was uncertain about things.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Not tonight." Rossi's body was pressed against JJ, but it was Emily he kissed. JJ, caught between them, barely even breathed. Hours ago she was cold to the point of freezing, and how it was hard to even fathom what the word 'cold' meant.

"Dave." They were still savoring each other when JJ whimpered. Emily had been right; she had imagined many times what it would be like to be with Dave Rossi. Now that they had shifted gears so radically she didn't know that she could last much longer, despite the fact that she's already come once.

"Tell us what you need, kitten." His lips against her shoulder muffle the words as he leaves a mark that will bear witness tomorrow to tonight, but she knows what he's saying.

"You. This. I need to feel everything." She reached for Emily's hand, joining the two of them together as she waits with drawn breath.

"Not everything, Jen. Just this. Just us." His hand covered the two smaller hands as he sunk into JJ's willing body, driving out everything else. He did not hurry, despite the urgency in her voice. They'd been building to this moment for hours, months, years. When it came, finally, there were no muffled voices or bitten lips; there were shouts of ecstasy, whispers of gratitude, and even a few tears.

Soon after there was sleep, for this one night free of nightmares. For one night, at least, the three bodies tangled together granted each other a reprieve from the memories of five little boys and the shattered families they left behind, all the broken families that haunt their sleep.