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Sixteen Candles

~He liked sleeping next to her~

Cilan wasn't expecting anyone at his restaurant. Cress and Chili were exhausted, so they went ahead and gone to bed. He was alone… In the dark. He had lit sixteen candles in various areas of the restaurant. It may have looked like some kind of cult, but this was not so. He was meditating, peacefully.

Iris, who had been hiding underneath a table, crawled out when she smelled the cinnamon-scented candles. She thought maybe Cilan had made something out of cinnamon, but this was proven wrong. "Mmm." She sniffed. "Cinnamon candles!" she whispered. She noticed Cilan just sitting there, lying down on the floor.

She sat down next to him. He didn't even notice she was there. She watched his chest rise up and down and his eyes move beneath their lids. He was sound asleep.

Iris thought that the candles were a dangerous thing to keep lit when he was asleep. One by one, she blew them out. The moonlight guided her to the resting teen. She lied down next to him, wrapping herself around him. "Mmm… Cress, I like it when you do that…" he mumbled in his sleep. Cress? Why was he thinking about him? She pushed the thoughts out of her head and fell asleep next to him.

Cilan woke up the next morning with Iris by his side. It didn't surprise him, though. "I like sleeping next to you…" he whispered in her ear. She didn't respond, which wasn't surprising either, since she slept so damn heavy. He wrapped himself around her, holding her tightly. "…I love you, Iris." He smiled.