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Chapter 1: Prologue of a Disaster

-At the Mariejois-

The Mariejois, the so called home of the cruel World Nobles, the people who call people that is not in their created level a lowly commoner, the castle was in noise as an angered Noble shot a wanted poster with his pistol

The gun shot was heard from the entire castle , fearing that someone is brave enough or foolishly enough to attack an sacred area hundreds of heavily armed guards rush to the site where the noise was heard

They soon saw who it was: Saint Charloss, he was firing at a poster of none other than Monkey D. Luffy, the one who given him the punch of a life time. Immense anger and rage can be seen in his face as he continuously shot the wanted poster.

His gas tank on his head was being filled with condense air as he breath heavily, then his sight was soon put to the guards witnessing his rage.

"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU LOWLY GARBAGE?" Charloss yelled on the top of his lungs before pointing the gun to them

One of the guards try to reason with him but they soon find out that it was a bad decision as he was quickly shot by the angered lunatic, after that all of the guards run away from him fearing to shot by the noble.

"Straw hat! How dare you hit a God! We Nobles are the Gods of this world and we own everything!" He again yelled at the poster before him

After several shots he then run out of bullet and called his butler which soon came hiding behind a tree shaking from the event that just happened.

"Give me more bullets I want to pierce more and more hole to this lowly peasant" He proudly spoke to his butler

Charloss pick up the reloaded pistol from his butler but before he can resume his shooting he heard footsteps coming closer to him

"I said get out of here you lowly garbage" he said but the man continue to walk closer to him

Without hesitation Charloss shot the man in the head but the bullet just pass right through him and hit the wall behind

"Whose their? Charloss asked the man

The man step closer to be seen , he was carrying a picture of Luffy and Boa Hancock in War of the best were Boa was defeated by Luffy with a sumo move (MAD: Actually it's a hug)

"Admiral Akainu your finally here" Charloss spoke as his anger was quickly replaced by joy

"Yes your highness I brought some picture of Straw Hat Luffy' s whereabouts and here are some of it." Akainu spoke

Akainu handed the pictures into Charloss' hands were he took delight seeing the pictures were Luffy was in pain but we was surprise when he saw a picture of Boa Hancock.

"Who is this beautiful woman over here?" Charloss asked the admiral

"Sir that is The pirate Empress Boa Hancock and she is the so called most beautiful woman in the world" Akainu said causing Charloss to drool in his mouth

"I want her" Charloss said to him causing shock to the Admiral

"Her? But she is a pirate sir and she has the ability to turn people into stone!" Akainu spoke trying to reason with the Noble but to no avail

"So what if she is? I am a world Noble we are Gods and we get what we want!" Charloss spoke with a angered voice

The admiral just lowered his head to him as he said "Yes you're Majesty"

"I want her to became my wife and I want here now!" Charloss commanded Akainu who had no choose but to agree

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