Chapter 9: Lost At Sea

The famous Don Krieg lay cold in the sandy chores in front of Luffy who had made a new name for himself to hide his true identity from the world government for the sake of his beloved friend.


A moment of the straw hat captain's jumping follow next as he is still a child at heart.

"Um... Luffy?" Makino poked the now jumping Luffy

"Hancock fainted." She added

"I guess we should wake her up."

Luffy grab the unconscious woman by the shoulder and began to shake her like she was a bottle of milk shake.

"WAKE UP! Wake up Hancock!" Yet not even that manage to opened her closed eyes. Luffy proceeds to slap her faced *PAK!* "WILL YOU WAKE UP!" but still her eyes remained closed.

"Well any ideas?" Luffy asked

"Luffy how about you kiss her like you know how heroes do to their princesses in a fairy tale." Coby suggested

"OK" Luffy then slowly alined his lips an inch away from her's. Coby and Makino could help but to smile while Helmeppo tears up because of jeolocy.

Pure silence came fort while Luffy press his lips to the woman, it was his first time to do that to a woman.

"Woah, that felt... good like ... meat." Luffy pulled away

Hancock slowly opened her eyes in front of him now grinning at her.

"Luffy did you kissed me?" Hancock blushed at him

"Um I guess so-" But Luffy was stopped the moment the snake princess pressed her lips to the straw hat captain's.

"Luffy if you want more all you have to do is ask and I'll give you a lot more." Hancock said seductively while her fingers run across Luffy's cheeks.

After that scene many villagers gather to the site, luckily their disguises hide their identity well. Hancock knowing that it would be best for them to leave before another scene occur she suggested to take Don Krieg ships as a vessel to return to the Grand Line.

"Good bye you two." Makino bid

"Well it's been well Makino and thank you for the new clothes." Hancock spoke

"Yeah I know it does suit you well like Luffy, you two are made for each other."

"Really?" Hancock's eyes sparkled with joy

"Yes I never seen him this close to a woman before so please take care of him well but I guess I know you will"

"I will, I will be both his shield and his heart."

And then they left, leaving Luffy's childhood villiage and friend behind.


Hancock made a quick survey in the ship ensuring no unwanted persons to stay, Luffy in the other hand dashed at the kitchen eating at his heart content.

The moment of slumber soon came as Luffy about to enter his room which the captain's private room Hancock had placed his shoulder around Luffy's arm.

"Luffy can I sleep with you?" She said her face flushed red

"Huh?" Luffy tilted his head

"I mean we won't do anything dirty or... it's just that... I want to be with you always."

"Ok" Luffy yawned

They lay to the bed side by side only an inch apart, Luffy snored but Hancock didn't mind it instead she find it cute, for her Luffy her love is everything she is willing to do to make sure his safety and his happiness.

Hancock brought her arms bringing them around her love smiling as she do so.


A lound noise of metal banging to one another was heard waking both the two from their slumber. Hancock was puzzled she ensured that there are no one else left in the ship to begin with and she also did a search to make sure so who ever this is he/she came from the sky or the sea.

Taking a moment to Luffy and Hancock run to the source of the disturbance, it was in the kitchen Luffy activated his second gear instantly adding incredible speed to his body. Hancock sided by him making a growl while as she did.

Steam was coming out of the rubberman's body so does his willingness to face the intruder.

"HEY BAKA!" Luffy yelled aiming at the intruder and without a second later he landed a powerful punch in the inturder's face.

The inturder dropped to the floor but Luffy and Hancock paused on what they saw.

The intruder was wounded but it wasn't Luffy who made those wounds to him but someone else, he had scales and gills, he was a fishman, he is Saw Tooth Arlong.

"Arlong" Luffy clenched his fist. Creating a low growl while taking his fist to the air about to bring another blow to the injured fishman.


MAD: That's the ending of Lost Legacy but don't worry the sequel is yet to come, but for one last time I would love to say THANK YOU all and may God guide you.